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"mrs america pageant" Discussed on X96

"The Sunday they also are taking so I think bars and restaurants who have stores you know stocks of liquor they're taking them but they'll take it back if you take it back to the if these restaurant owners and stuff they're not personal people yeah no yeah not not me like I had an open bottle of wild Turkey I'm not gonna take it back to the store so you would be a full but you know one other quick thing so here's how I know that things are still sort of normal I was driving back from Todd's house yesterday and I got a phone call and it was the tuck sido rental place where I had a tux waiting for me to host the Mrs America Utah pageant in Ogden this Saturday and die they said your talks is ready to be picked up well I I haven't heard from the Mrs America pageant people but I said to the tux rental place I'm assuming I'm not going to need backed back that event is not happening right now and I said even if the event is happening I don't plan on attending so now I am I haven't heard from them but I'm sure that they've canceled it was supposed to be a dog in high school well it's an arm yeah I have a gathering of yeah so but the touchy to rental place they were very nice they said I let me see you didn't you didn't make a deposit on it because you've done business with us before so we just said you know that's fine no one figured out also there's no refund and necessary and we're we're happy to cancel via the Texaco rental but they were you know if I needed it you don't have to be aware of such you know on the pandemic or the earthquake you're on our TV are you maybe I should have picked up but I would have had to go to log in to pick them now our weather traffic.

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