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"Benefit of around $540 a week. I'm Mitchell Hartmann for marketplace. U. S constitution is hard to change on purpose, And that means every amendment is the end result of a campaign of advocates come together to push through round after round of cajoling and Marching, eventually voting to change this country's founding document 100 years ago. Today was one of those moments when Tennessee ratify the 19th amendment. Making it the law of the land that the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. That's the actual text. A lot has changed about political campaign since suffragists were fighting for their rights, But a lot has marketplaces. Kimberly Adams first reported for us last year, hasn't Suffrage anthems like Daughters of freedom can bring to mind images of women in white marching for equality of hunger strikes and sacrifice. Korean McConnell He is a political science professor at George Washington University. We don't tend to teach about the suffrage movement as a major, well funded organization in American political history. But it wass the National Women's Party had hundreds of donors from all over the country. Joan Murray Johnson is author of Funding Feminism and says the group Wass recording gifts from 25. Cents a dollar all the way up to Mrs Alva Vanderbilt, Belmont's $76,000. And when wealthy widow Miriam Leslie left a million dollar estate to the cause in 1914, the suffragist did what interest groups in Washington due to this day. Hired a bunch of lobbyists to counter dismissive messages.

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