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E:16 Special Episode in Remembrance of the Fallen From 9.11.01   NEVER FORGET

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E:16 Special Episode in Remembrance of the Fallen From 9.11.01 NEVER FORGET

"Hey there, podcast listeners. Ken Anderson here. Just wanted to reach out and say thank you to each and every one of you before we start this episode today and thank each and every one of you for listening this show took us nine days to get the 500 downloads. And then in the last 16 days, we've we've acquired an additional 500 down low, so that's right. We've had a thousand downloads as of the first NFL. Season or kickoff for the season. So thank you very much. I appreciate everyone that listens. And as a token of my appreciation, what I'm going to do is I'm going to offer 10 t-shirts with our new red white and blue logo and all you need to do to qualify for the t-shirt is send me an email to Semi-Pro Gridiron rent at gmail.com. Tell me how you heard of the show. And if also teach me how you listen, so whether it's you know, Google or Apple or Stitcher or you name it? However you listen and then also I'll need your T-shirt size and then I'll run this page through the rest of this month. So on October 1st, I'll announce the ten winners. I'll come on the show here and announce the ten winners before the next podcast that podcast that week then would also do is I'll reach out to you and obviously I'll request your mailing address as to where you'd like to teach your scent. So again, we got this is a really great episode this week three strong strong strong messages. But I wanted to say reach out and say thank you personally to each and every one of you that have listened to the show continued to make this show girl. I really appreciate your support. Enjoy your NFL Sunday and now down to this week's episode. You're listening to Semi-Pro Gridiron ran where we talked the semi-pro off all the time all the time football podcast dedicated to you the semi pro athletes coaches team and fans and you're welcome. And now your host in Henderson, Well, right welcome back to another just send my opinions from Britain joining us this week for another Edition going to be a little different addition this week for a few different reasons. Number one. You can see I'm rock on my Dallas Cowboys in honor of the NFL starting this week. We won't get much into that other than you know, we had the we had a little game last name and you know, the Chiefs dominate the Texans 3420 and the rookie running back by the way went off. So he had like a hundred and 30 some-odd yards on. I think Seventeen touches so good for him. So Chiefs looked up again this year. So as far as what else we got them show today. We have our first repeat guests back. He's back as a guest and that's going to be an honor of Alta a recording it is nine eleven. So I don't know if I want to say it's an honor of cuz there's more in more in remembrance of an appreciation of the soldiers and the dead Firefighters and the police officers and everyone else who went up and didn't didn't come back. So we're going to have a little bit of a different feeling if you will, I guess for the TV show. Also I'm playing around with some new technology. So we're using a different streaming system. This gives me a little more control and we'll quick in my editing on my end. So I'm selfish on my end. But hopefully the the product is I like the sound of this a little bit better and I do like the ability of what it can do for me to speed up my editing as well. So in the future if I decide I want to do more than one episode a week that will definitely help me do that now so, you know, cuz right now it's taken a few hours to do some editing and if I can speed that up, I'll definitely enjoy that but wage. So without further Ado let's get into this week's episode again. It's in remembrance of and in honor of the folks that gave their all to protect us here at home. So without They do let me introduce back to you once again, and he's been on the show multiple times. But this is a second time as a guest my mentor my buddy. My bro Han my right-hand man Jekyll and mr. David Wolfe Parker. Hey, Kenny good to be back brother. I do buddy. Welcome to the show. And as you can see first thing that's new for those of you that are watching is we have an honor of nine-eleven. We have the 911 memorial behind us off for those of you listening on The audible podcast we basically have instead of having a black screen behind us. Now. I have the ability to have a back screen and I have the memorial up there at the night thousand where it's you got the two blue Towers basically extending into the night. So again, this is for all those you know, that lost their lives from that event took really and what followed after so I didn't think anyone better to invite on the new Wolfman cuz you came out of retirement because of this absolutely did. Yeah. It was simply a billion came back on. Yeah, absolutely. So let's we're going to we're going to end there but let's just real quickly. The other thing I brought will van is long as he's doing a few things. He's got a lot of stuff going on. So let's talk about in let's talk about what's coming up. All right, so not what's currently out, but let's talk about your next Thursday. Project we're going to kind of go in reverse order, right? Cuz I want to finish I want to finish with forgotten truckers. So first thing let's talk about that. First thing you got coming up due in October month. Okay on about October 1st. We're going to launch a new podcast a website called Grand family adventure see my wife and I we adopted our two grandsons after we lost our home daughter-in-law to a heroin overdose in November of 2019 and my son had to go spend a little time for his actions. So we have adopted the boys are now eleven and suck when we got them. They were in a in a rough place and nobody can prepare you for that phone call that comes and says will you take your grandchildren when the state takes them from their parents and then the adventure began we literally got launched into a series of background checks and hey, what are you about? They what do you do and hate? How did this happen? You know the state comes in we live in Colorado there from Utah. That is inspect everything background check the whole nine yards. But who is there to help us who was there to tell us? What was the next or at least give us some insight nobody then you gotta all things you gotta deal with not just emotionally, but mentally my wife and I went from what we call the empty-nesters to the big messrs or you know, as being a retired twenty two years and the armor guy we re-enlisted for a second Tour of Duty as parents. So here we are in our fifties and Beyond in retirement age and we're raising children children again, so the grand family adventure podcast is do to fix share everything that we've learned from taking kids or in the bottom 8% tile of their weight kids that couldn't read and they're nine years old to flourishing in school weights right health is great. The oldest one reads a couple of hours a day on the weekend. He loves reading and when we first got any couldn't read 10 words, so it's just how we went through. At how to support other Grand family seat in the United States was over seven million grandfamilies. What is a grand family? It's real simple. It's a grandparent involved in raising the children so it could be like my wife and I where we have our home in the kids live here or it could be the sandwich families. We've got the grandparents the kids and the grandkids. There's just a million things. So the podcast to share everything we've learned everything. We've been through trying out with some other people and on top of that we're going to be inviting people onto the show to tell us what they went through what they've learned and so we can build a community wage sure you can go on the internet Kenny you can jump all over it and there's ten thousand web sites, but they're going to give you what I call the Reader's Digest version of what you need to know. So we're going to try to bring the Wikipedia version would make sense. Well absolutely makes sense. And you know don't know if I ever shared this with you before but when I was young so before my mother remarried, I was maybe 3 ish we Act We lived with my grandmother. So we we had my mother moved in with three boys one was basically a an infant newborn just about again. I was probably about three maybe two and a half three and then my older brother would have been you know, you're gonna have two years old to me and we lived in my grandmother for a little while until my you know to my mother remarried but I'm you know, it's and I remember that and again I was young I was real young, you know, and there were certain things. I remember I don't remember every day obviously, but you know, there's a little things I remember and appreciate that so I can imagine that you're both ways having you to actually adopt them and raise them up to adulthood and again, as you know, I'm adopted when my mom remarried he adopted us and I've been nothing but appreciative of that situation. He took us from and brought us into and you know, I'd be a completely different human today if it weren't for him so, you know, and and I can say I know you as a person I know your wife. I know that club. People you are your morals and and you know and your personalities as loud as your personality is it I think it's going to be great for those boys and they're going to be you know, they're going to they're going to be a lot of thousand times better for it on the end of it. Thanks, I think so too. I mean, it's you get a couple of moments every now and then that'll melt your heart. Like when the oldest one looks at me and says, thanks for adopting Grandpa. And now I know I'm safe or when I'm laughing my butt off because he's channeling his inner Freddie Mercury, right? It's just it's just an adventure really is I can't I can't wait to share this with people and hear other people's stories cuz like you Kenny I'm adopted so I mean, this is three generations on one phone call, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. So, you know, that's you know. The good news is they're not alone now, right? Not not just children, but the other grandparents that that I'm sure cuz I'm an empty nester and I'm I'm really starting to enjoy it, but I know that if something Ever happened to page where I had to take over her children, you know Lord will and she she has him that I would be pulling my hair out because going from you know, I think we talked about this before going from gnome children, you're going from zero to a thousand miles an hour like that, you know, so there's there's gotta be days where you wake up you look at pegging a lot. The hell do we do wage and and you really, you know, there's people that don't have any what if it's a single grandparent what I don't they don't have any or what if there's a grandparent and one of them has a disability and there's a zillion ways to go with it that to have another person or a community to lean on and say how the hell am I going to get through this? Right? Well the price off could give anybody who's getting ready to be in that in it been in it for a while. My wife and I did is we went to a counselor. We literally went to a marriage counselor and I remember getting them. Sitting on the couch and the couch like okay, why in the world? I don't understand. Why are you to hear both you filled out the paperwork you both rated your marriage as a 10 why you here? And we literally looked at her and said listen, we never raise kids together. We've never been parents together. We want to make sure that we can handle it. We can communicate we can stay together as a united front to help these boys. So if you're in any way the situation any kind of grand family situation get a learned friend get a counselor to help you out because there are definitely some things that are going to change my kids, you know, my kids started showing up around Seventeen eighteen years old. I'm fifty-three turning 54. It's a different world. My kids didn't have iPads. My kids didn't have half the stuff that these boys half and it's nothing makes you feel older than going to your grandson and going high work this iPad. Listen, I didn't even before that. What page was like, I don't know. Maybe she was five years. And I'm like what and she's sitting on my lap and I can't figure out where right the computer and we used to jam the tunes and goof around and I couldn't figure something out. She goes. Give me your daddy. Let me page and boom three clicks. Boom. We're back to normal. We're back to business and she was like five years old. Yeah, what the hell so yet, you know throwing technology into it at the rate and which it's amplifying. Oh, yeah, and especially now with the whole covid-19 still going on. It has fast-forwarded millions and millions hundreds of millions of people across the world fast forward of them into the internet get in get out. I mean, it's pretty much. All right people, you know, people are getting groceries people running clothes people ordering medical supplies people order in dates, you know, I'm saying they're just ordering their order and everything online now so every I order groceries the other day, I'm actually thinking about doing it tonight to master the first time I and I think ours ours doesn't deliver but ours has to pick up thing. So I'm going to end up end up doing that. So no super salad wage. Just what make well there's always the super salad buddy. All those are you don't know most of you don't know through my diet, although by the way, I'm down to 26 to 25. So but through the diet I sneak off and cheat. My cheese is a super salad super sad. So and I've actually had that super salad cuz Peg and I spent a week with you down there in Texas you sure did and I appreciate you guys coming out and it was so super. We actually celebrate his supercell to a couple of times so long so back to Grand family. So it's coming October 1st, right? I don't want to assume what the website names going to be or assume what the podcast name is going to be. So why don't you give it a wash officially? Well, you know, it's going to be grand family adventure. No es grande family adventure. Com. And the podcast going to be the same name Graham Family Adventure. It can't be an ass because somebody already owns that one see I already screwed it up. I had I had to ask in their life. So, you know, let me let me get that quick little fix and that's that's a good thing about doing this here Bam Bam. We could we can hit the band button. We can hit the show button Grand family adventure just like that. S is gone. So I know what I would really like Kenny know to be awesome is if one of my first guests on the podcast maybe in the first couple of guests on the Cod podcast would be proud of who were either on Gridiron rant or listen to Gridiron ran. This build a community. Shall we we shall we shall so listen, that's a call that's call out to you with a viewer. If you're listening if you're viewing on YouTube, whichever one of the podcast that y'all are listening to Please reach out. Let let you know. Let's see if we can make that come to fruition. Let's have one community help the other if your grandfather grandparent grandmother out there and you need some advice or you are helping raise your children reach out. You can reach out through, you know, you can email me if you need to at Semi-Pro Gridiron rant at gmail.com or Wolfpack. What's a good way to get do you have a email yet through that website David at Grand family adventure.com. There you go. Even more direct and just in the subject line put put them on show and then put from Semi-Pro go down rain or just put, you know, put up put from from Gridiron rant, whichever one you don't have to put the whole length of the name of grand families a grandparent. Hey, if you grew up in one there you go to talk to you to tell us what it was like to be that grandchild raised been a grand family. That'd be awesome. Especially. I mean, let's hit the trifecta here. Let's have a little wage. If I can get a semi-pro football player who's a veteran who grew up in the grand family to come on the show Trifecta right there. That's a hat-trick. Listen, if there's one out there. I'm I'm not add to it. If there's one out there. I will get a t-shirt made with my logo on the front and I will put your logo on the back. That's right. All right, so I will do that with the first person that reaches out to Wolf that hits the trifecta hit him with the trifecta again, but so raised in a grand family veteran semi-pro football player. That's a milk girls. Don't care how long you served don't care what branch is served in but if you grew up in a grand family you served in the military and you played Semi-Pro ball. I want to talk to you. There you go. So now hath me logo on the front his logo on the back and I'll have a swag bag. So it's going to have a shirt and I'm working on a couple of other goodies. I won't tell you what those are but once they come out. I'll make a swag bag and the first person to reach out and mention the show to wolf dog. And at that you get a swag bag. All right, so super salad in it and get some coupons if there's you know, there you go down in Texas. Yeah, there's anywhere. No, they do not they do not advertise on the show. That's just a free plug right there. Hey you go. All right. So that's that's one down. Like I said wolf got a lot of stuff going on. Okay. So the next one that has is as you may or may not know he's not only has been in the car business not only has he served our country not only has he been a semi-pro National Champion coach, but he's also ran off. Successful bars. He's taken a coffee shop and turned it into a multimillion-dollar restaurant. So he's come out with something else which I am going to stop patting him on the back for that one real quick. And I am going to let him take a little bit more about the the next thing. Well talked about putting a guy in the spot. So I do have a podcast it's based off of a book that I've written know. You can't buy it because I'm not using my podcast as a way to sell the book page of the book is hashtag attitude Shield. I have a website this attitude shield, And in this I talked about how to build yourself an attitude Shield how to take the power out of words and energize yourself how to have the ability to block all this crap that you see all the time, but I came on the oldest of seven and I grew up in a family where I got hand-me-down clothes now, I don't know how the hell you pull that off. So I came from dirt and I learned over years of making stupid decisions and just screwing everything up, you can think of how not to do that and how to keep this thing going in the right direction. So attitude Shield is a mindset where I help you rewrite your operating script changes. The things you like if you want to change by how you talk to you? So you most people are so screwed up nowadays. They're listening to everything on social media. They're listening to everybody who's a nay Sayer or is it like a a a still still now? Some of the power I get is from within word. So it's an acronym somebody tricked into a loser lifestyle. They're the people that people are getting advice from home or we have a cancer. It's called bad people in our Inner Circle. Listen, I've been broadcasting this podcast now for almost two months and I've just scratched the surface of what you should do what your mind a literally came from dirt to whatever level you want to go. I have had a lot of fun. I've helped a lot of people. I've met some of the most amazing people in the world and all I'm trying to do is help other people understand that you have a superpower you absolutely do within you to be anything you desire to be and you also have another superpower. And that's super power actually is demonstrated in Kennedy and not candy and Ice relationship. And that is the ability to look at a person and see them for who they should be. And when you apply these thoughts together with their attitude Shield you can impact people's life beyond anything. You could ever imagine not too not just your own but everybody you're in you know before you know it you're taking your head off and giving it to money and now he's a semi-pro Champion coach having a podcast doing this whole thing. Is that am I taking credit for it? Absolutely not I planted the seed because I recognize the greatness attitudes held helps you see the greatness in yourself and the people around you and then have an impact on them. So turn into the podcast and I'll teach you how to do it. I appreciate those kind words, but let me let me ask you this. What what drove you what made you roll out of bed one day and say I need to do this. What what happened in your life Something. I'm assuming something had happened that kind of shook you a little bit and said I need I need to share this knowledge in this ability with other people. Well what literally made me go from just writing about it and sharing with my inner circle was a loss of my daughter-in-law when she died in a heroin overdose. I decided that it was time to stop getting ready to get ready to do something and I looked at her life and I looked at my son's life and I seen that they were not active participants in their life. They were just sort of floating along on a tube in the River of Life and hoping it would take him to a great place. They were in a bad bad place and it made me really start looking at everybody around me and I started to notice that most people are just growing old that house has become these really big coffins that you're just waiting to die in so you just downsized when you croak and I notice the page at the end of their life where there was combat my daughter-in-law any of this stuff ever says man. I should have done that. They always talk about what they did do and too many people are sitting around not doing anything. You know, the bucket list is to me is I don't have a Bucket List have a do list get moving and when you listen to the way people talk Kenny drives me crazy, like what people say, but I would say to them so why don't you go do what it is you want to do, I'm afraid I'll have to oh stop slam on the brakes. Why would you start a sentence with the word? I'm afraid. Why would you step forward to knock yourself back? I mean, we don't people don't understand they're not listening to the words that they're saying and they're staying broke now, whether that's financially broke mentally broke spiritually broke broke within their families broken in some way shape or form just the word broke sucks. It's it's all about how you talk to yourself. Listen. I'm going to throw you a quick nugget out of attitude Shield. I hate the word goal. I can't stand it goals suck. It stands for go out and lose. How about we change the word goal and use the word Target see a Target. You can go after a Target. You can hunt down a Target life gets in the way. You make an adjustment. You keep going forward, um a person who sets a bunch of goals and fails because the energy in the word sucks. So all this thing's I lost friends in combat daughter-in-law all these things that went bad. I just see no choice, you know, I went through a big bankruptcy with a multimillion-dollar corporation do a whole bunch of things about crazy at the same time, which opened up the door for the boys to come so I don't begrudge it but I literally had people who know me would come to me and Thursday. Are you still smiling? How are you still laughing? How are you still such an upbeat? Nice guy and I'm like, how are you not and they're like well, but all this stuff happened and I'm like happened that's passed Dance. I'm fog. Now and the future because everything we do now is Paving what's going to happen in the future. I agree. I know you from way back when you were going to build a house with a certain young lady. I know you back when you were in a car that you would almost rolled the wheels off. I have watched you over to fifteen years of friendship change your entire life by just the way you say things in a way you treat people watched you do it you're in a perfect example of a man with a strong attitude Shield. Most people can't even handle half the stuff. You've been through brother and you're still smiling and here you are on Semi-Pro retire rent and you're sharing Amazing Stories. So I'm talking about we all have an amazing story. It's got to be shared but most people too busy being scared. Don't be scared, you know, don't be scared you away. Don't be scared. Don't be afeard folks. Don't be over here dear coach, so, you know, so again, I appreciate the good words and I can bring him on here to Pat me on the back. I promise you it's just and and I didn't know that job. That's what started it all I didn't know that your your daughter-in-law's passing is what started off and so, you know again, you know, thanks for sharing some personal stuff in that little Soliloquy their butt off. You know, it's What's the truth it is a truth, you know, and I think for me at least in and I've yet I haven't filed attitude Shield yet. And then when when it comes out, I I will be all over it. I promise you that but wage for me attitude shows been out for a month. I know it's been I'm saying I haven't haven't been on it yet, but I will be done. I've been forwarded. I just haven't been on yet my last month with my new jobs been a little bit crazy as you know, so, yes so good. But as far as you know, as far as I go, I mean honestly we all lose right. I mean we do lose money. If you can't for me if I can, you know, get on a soapbox for a minute. Go ahead. If you can accept failure. You weren't ready for Success right page in the reality is you can't allow getting kicked in the dick or in the balls or in the knees or in The Shins or whatever other part of the anatomy. You want to reference keep? Down listen, you're right. I've been down. We've all been down. But you gotta get up. I mean, what's the choice? What other choice do you have? You know, you're going to you're going to curl up into a ball and and and and not do anything. No, you can't wage there's other I got goals and we should all have goals. I'm sorry targets. I had to see I learn I'll learn well, we all should have targets issue really can't if you the beginning and not good. I promise you if you change that word if you kick the word goal out of your mail, and we tell you what it's hard. It's hard to stop saying the word goal. It really is because we've said a 27 trillion times in a lifetime, but when you kick it away and you start saying Target you get a different package. She you get a different focus. It actually happens. I'm not talking just from me. This has been done for a lot of people I have what I call the attitude Shield team and I've watched them change. These are people that have said they let me try your stuff off and we worked together and they really changed right and it's most people are so busy being negative that they don't understand what they're doing. They are sent how they're crushing their own world, right? And by the way, hashtag attitude Is one word it's a brand but you're right you did on the money. You know what I mean? You you started building your Shield when you took over as amazing single father for page watched you build it all those years. Most people aren't building one man. They're just they're living in the past which sucks and what is the 3/4 of the word pass ass you're living on your ass because you're not moving forward. You're not doing anything because life beat it out of you if you think about it brother for sure. Yeah. We just 34 35 year old human being today gave up on their dreams. They're now living in a cubicle scheme of some kind whether it's a car dealership or a talk radio show or or an office somewhere. They've just woke up. They don't they don't want they don't see themselves with the Ferrari. They don't see themselves with the big house. They don't see themselves on a float with their family on a Monday. You know what I love having 6 Saturdays in a Sunday off. The best time to go grocery shopping is Wednesday morning. Everybody else is a work. That's his that's his that's his work week folks. He has 6 Saturdays and Sunday each week. So he that's that's what he told me. It took a couple of days of realize that when you kept saying that at my house, I'm like what I was like what but it was that change for sure. Like I talked to people all the time. They're like man, it's Monday. I got go to work and I'm like, would you break the bondage connected to your words? There is no different day Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, stop putting negative energy into this bullshit. This comes out of your mouth because if you're if you're literally go to work, but then when you get to work you like oh you going to be here? Well, that's going to Echo across your life. I love how people act like the ripple effect of their life never splashes back on them. I don't care Kenny. Maybe you can hover above water two feet drop a rock in your life and get a truck roll. Yes what the water splash back up and it's in defeat standards are too busy listening to memes on Facebook. They're too busy listening to all the nose and the naysayers. My second or third episode is how to spot a naysayer and I tell you what naysayers suck so back to you. Yeah, you know surround yourself with energetic people now, they don't need to be organic is Wolf and I but you know surround yourself with people that have people that have targets unit both know we're we're not everybody's cup of tea my man so odd, but, you know surround yourself with people with targets and they don't have to be the million dollar house. They don't have to be the lambo. They don't have to be, you know, making a million dollars a year. But Greg it's something that is compatible to what You want and what you're willing to give it all but nobody dictate to you. What success as you decide what success is for you and you go get it. You hunt that Target down exactly. And if and if the people that you thought and this is going to hurt guys. This is going to hurt there's going to be people you thought should be in your group and there's going to be projects you want to do you want to succeed on and they're going to tell you know, and they're going to tell you and your attitude Shield will get you going yes or what and there's and there's times where you say you might be a friend but you'll be a friend on this occasion and you won't help me go towards my next goal. I still have friends that I communicate with but when it comes to talking certain goals, I leave them out of the conversation and I'm sure they do the same to me, you know, it is what it is. So that's that's a good mindset. Can you gotta protect you gotta protect your dream, you gotta protect your success, you gotta protect where you're going by filtering out the people that are going to protect you from, New Jersey. You know, it's my favorite comment in the world. My best friend's cousin's girlfriend's Uncle whose grandmother smoked cigars is fenced the back. She has a neighbor who drives an orange fan who went to the man who used to work for the skin divers Roto-Rooter and he said that's a shity song idea exactly. Exactly. Oh boy. So what I want to do real quick is again, I'm going to play with my new toys here for those of you on YouTube watching. I'm going to I'm going to try this for the first time those of you on the podcast. Basically, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to try to I'm going to try to bring in the website Oh my goodness. Look at that technology is amazing. Now if I just don't screw it up folks. So this is his website. This is the attitude Shield all one word website. That's just fancy little logo up there which isn't believe or not. It's in the form of a shield folks. I know tough to imagine but it is pretty cool website has wolf man's beautiful mug weather's nice silverish. He's the song wolf on the Silver Fox wolf hair going on, right? They're nice website. I'm going to take a look at it tonight when I have a little bit of time going to go over this so Wolfman appreciate you sharing that with us. Let's get to yeah, they have the heavier stuff now so so this third This third Adventure will call it I guess. partly sparked by him Well, obviously his life but another part I sparked it said set it in motion was when I first interviewed him on our first very first podcast. Am I watched we did it. We did a hanky and I did a we did a pilot. I guess you'd call it that we never put on YouTube. It is on the podcast, but it's not on YouTube, but that was just like a demo. So the first real episode after we interviewed he called me up within minutes and he said I've got an idea. What do you think so wolf tell us about what what the next while its currents the one you started with right off. What's what's going on with that one. Tell us what that one is. Well, you're right it did start because of what you and I did you interviewing me. And then you also allow me to co-host with you on a show. But over the last fifty years. If you don't know I spent twenty two plus years in the Army 61 months over the big pond lost a lot of friends made a lot of friends, but I've noticed over the last few years cuz it hit me hit my life personally own soldiers suicide. So Soldier suicide has got to stop going to end it got to prevent it got to cut it out 22 veterans a day or taking their life and every time you read about these veterans every time I read about these people every time you talk to one of these people and then they check out they all have a similar thing and that is a lost connection. So veterans rent Rattle and Roll is open to any veteran out there that served no matter what it was who it was why it was or when it was I don't care if you deployed I don't care if you put on the uniform you're an amazing human being as far as I'm concerned and I'll give a damn what anybody says. Veterans right round roll is exactly that I want you to come on my show. I want you to Rattle your sword. I want you to tell people what you did and then I want to rant I want you to rent if you're pissed off about something in your time to wash off if you if you're happy about something talk about it rent. I don't care how long you talk talk about your story shared that story that important story and then of course the roll on the floor is the role last part is that funny stuff every buddy who's ever served has a story to starts out with no ship there. I was right every one of us has a story some of them are so funny. I have interviewed people and the strings are so funny. I started crying I was laughing so hard the goal here is to build enough videos on YouTube enough podcasts out there that maybe that veteran brother or sister is in a bad place. Maybe Lord willing to find their way to Veterans Rattle and Roll the listen to a broadcast and they'll find a reason to keep going to find a reason wage. Keep fighting they'll be able to relate and make a connection in that way long-term goal is huge. But right now it's just an interview as many veterans that are willing to come on listen wage. I know it's hard. I know it's scary. I know it's not very comfortable and you're probably looking at me right now or listening to me going. I didn't really do anything the thing about just interviewing Special Forces Rangers. This is everybody. I don't care what you did. Hey, I was in the Infantry for 16 years. The last six I was in Mobility three-quarters of the people that are here that word right now in the military even know what the hell is this is I was stuck on Brigade and above staff. Okay. We want to hear your story helped us make connection help us and prevent stop put it make this go away. Listen, we've only lost and I'm not downplaying at all, but we're we're what six seven thousand soldiers have service members have lost their life since nine-eleven. You know what? I did a special on this morning and I apologize should actually have these numbers. I should have an S and I have the respect in my heart and I apologize. So I'm wearing the shirt. I'm wearing do not give into the war Within. But we're losing twenty two a day. It's almost nine thousand people a year more of us are raised our hand and said I do solemnly swear to kick the crap out of whoever the trouble the kids drop out of office are not are losing our connections these guys back here these people they stopped 22. It's right here, please if you're in a dark place Reach Out call the VA hotline call. Someone came out on Facebook look up veterans rent right on Roll. Listen to the 15 plus interviews that's growing every day. And hey, if you're listening to Kenny and you're a veteran, please come on the show your storage your story might be the one that stop somebody from joining the 22. Sorry get so fired up about a candy but this has got to stop the veterans are some of the greatest people are countries. They stood up and stepped up special think about it Kenny today is the 19th anniversary of nine-eleven. That means there are men and women in uniform today who weren't born when the towers went down. Somebody's got to be there to have their back when they take the uniform off and that's what veterans ran traveling roles all about. Never apologize for your passion, huh? That's that's what separates you from. A lot of people. They're they're afraid to show their passions and public. So, you know number one. Thanks. Thanks for doing what you do. You know, we've all we're all touched by veterans wrong way or another whether it's one of my best friends being the Wolfman whether it's I had two uncles that were in Vietnam. I've had you know, we all have somebody we know I played ball with italy-based and this is not a hyperbole. It least a hundred soldiers at least at least that many and that's been that's probably I'm probably off by a Thursday. It's at least a hundred. I've I've played under three coaches. That are were actively in the military while I there were my offensive coordinators it one time when you and I were reading live together both the offensive and the defensive coordinator me and Dave. Yes, we were not only both active-duty senior ncos him and I are in the same company and deployed together. We used to sit in Iraq and right Play books for that team and then of course we lost him on May 12th 2005. Everybody's been touched. I read a I read an article the other day that there are so many of us even though it's such a small amount of us that actually serve but you're within three people of a veteran at all times somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who's a veteran. You're only six people away from knowing everybody on the planet six six levels of influence, but when it comes to Veterans you only three levels away at a maximum. Most people know at least five veterans. Yeah. Like I said, I know three just rattling off I played for three, you know direct influence. I you know, tune the family direct, you know Childers. I know I'm not alone on that. So folks again, we're going to use a little technology here, but Please make your voice maybe hit play. It's got my intro and it's boom boom. Boom. Boom. There's a play button on this thing. Yeah, somewhere down below that microphones a little play. But with her, I don't know if the sound will come through or not. But let's just hit play Let's just hit play and see what happens. Placing a plane. Here we go. There it goes. Nope, so no sound coming from there. So well, I'll figure that out. Maybe that's something I can do in the future. It's gotta be some way to have have some sound in there. So but with that being said so so folks again. If you if you scroll down a little bit Kenny, yeah, buddy. Hold on just a little bit. Stop right there. Can you find me in there Kenny? I'll give you a hint. I'm not short. Oh there you are right in right in the back with your sunglasses on that's right. All right. Forgot way before I grew all this. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So that's two thousand and five Bravo Company 431 infantry of the tenth Mountain division Camp Justice and Kata Mia Iraq, and those young men are my heroes. They were some and are some amazing human beings. I think that was honored their leader. I think the mall and think obviously anyone who's listening to this that's served lost someone that served think think think you all home. So I offered a swag bag for the trifecta obviously do the same for the first person that hops on Veterans Iraq Rattle and Roll and rant Rattle and Roll with mr. Wolfman David Parker. So obviously he will do you offer a separate email for the veterans rent rattled and roller you want to get a hold of David at veterans R R I decided I didn't want to spell it all the way out. So veterans were off. All right Rattle and Roll or if you're of Spanish descent, it could be so whatever works for you. You can either or you can fax or either one works. All right, $1. That's right. Exactly. Right. So listen, I know it's it's a it's it's it's a tough week different show. Yeah, especially, you know, it's a different show it was you know with Football starting this week was the topic but this obviously took a look at this. That's right. There's a championship team Syracuse. Championship ring Kenny with her head coach head coach Kenny Anderson. Well, thanks buddy appreciate that too against Japan of extra bucks. But you know, you know the realities it is a you know, it's a tough. It's a it's a tough topic especially with everything else that's going on wage. And and with that being said, there's one thing that is kind of a if you want to call it a motto. I don't know. I don't know if a nine eleven has a model but it has kind of a wage, you know, it's a moniker maybe maybe that's the number one. Yeah so which I think we're slowly turning into let me tell you what happened. Yeah, so, yep. that's my fear and that's kind of what I was getting at is with everything that's going on right now election year and all the political stuff which we don't get into on the show, but with everything that's going on guys want to point down. It's on the screen don't ever forget man. Never forget. You may not have lost someone directly that night or that morning. I should say. But we've all probably lost somebody. As a side everybody knows somebody or at least to buy said your two people away from a veteran. So there's there's somebody in your inner circle that knows somebody. You don't know who knows somebody that has fallen because of the war on terrorism exactly exactly, right? So So I'd like to do is just take I don't hope it doesn't sound corny, but I would like to take an 11 second pause and just say, you know in remembrance Jinx for everybody. Again, thank you. Thank you all that served and that juicer. So Wolfman want one more topic that we have. Like I said, you're busy man. So let's let's get into. the book I call it a book. It's not really a book. It's more of like a Memoirs I guess of yeah, that'll be over a hundred Pages. This is more like a t another part of me that Rattle and Roll. Yeah. So let's let's let's jump into that real quick. So I wrote a pamphlet whatever you want to call it. I wrote I wrote notes in two thousand and three months when we went into Iraq. I was at Fort Drum 10th mountain and I volunteered to go on a mission because he 10th Mountain was supposed to go into Iraq via turkey and that didn't work out so they took some volunteers to go over there and I decided because everything got food Bard so fast and I'm talking day one food barred that I better write out all down. So every Sunday until I'm done I read from that journal. I read from those books about what happened to a group of us that I've called The Forgotten Tucker's we were literally a group of 15 trucks with two people Each truck to basically got left to figure it out on our own while it wasn't a really long period of time we're not talking years here. We're only talking a few weeks. Think about what it felt like, you know right out of the book where in Iraq were like two hundred miles into Iraq hundred fifty thousand miles we get to where we're a bunch of people that don't know each other. We've been putting this trucks and told to park over there. We make a little circle. They tell us they're going to come get us when they're ready and we make a little guard roster off. So, you know, cuz you're in a war zone you need to make sure that you got somebody covering your back. Yeah, and the people that aren't on guard get an app. I got woke up a few hours later in the evening by a private club. Jugos they left us, What are you talking about? A stand up on the back of the truck? And there's nobody there's not a US military service person truck vehicle 10th nothing for as far as the eye can see in the desert. They left us. Now. Let you off the hook. The only left just for a couple three hours which is only six hours too long, but the book talks about how that kept happening and what kept happening to all these soldiers and the things we went through not because I'm trying to get credit for being who who are gung-ho Rula Rula. I'm just trying to share a story is all about making that connection with because veterans my brothers and sisters you wore the uniform. I went through some crap too and I'm sharing personal stuff to let you know that I care to let you know that there's a reason to keep going in the Forgotten trucker have had their problems since this mission one did commit suicide several others did go ahead and get out of the military and have had some hard times because of some of the stuff off. I'm not blaming it one hundred percent but forgotten truckers is another part of veterans rent Rattle and Roll. Those episodes are on Friday. You can look it up on YouTube and dimensions rent around on Roll. Then you'll get a podcast look for veterans Rattle and Roll. It's the Sunday special edition of Forgotten truckers and it's only going to be like three months of Sundays long. But if you're a veteran and you hear me, you're going to be like, holy crap. That was just that was wrong. That was dumb. These guys got screwed and if you're not a veteran, you're going to be like, holy crap you mean it's just took like Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Holy crap, right. I just it fires me up because We all went through something in the military. We all went through something as personal or not truckers is personal to me is very personal to me because nobody gave a damn for quite a while about us off imagine being on the side of the road and Iraq and nobody will give you a fuel not going to spoil the Memoirs for you. I'm not going to I'm just going to let you know if you want to hear about it look up veterans rent Rattle and Roll and click on a forgotten trucker episode. Back to you Kenny. Well, thanks I wanted to and there is the first write the book will be available after I go through all of it online and it's not going to page. It's just going to be an ebook. You know what I mean? And the money that if if I raise any money forgotten truckers, I'm going to use it to support veterans rent Rattle and Roll. Awesome. Well, you know again appreciate you sharing that cuz wolf actually when when he came to visit we were we're we're on my walk. I dragged him in the wife along took her to go go for a walk. Now. They do their own walks too, but I dragged him through my neighborhood and we did a walk and he was telling me some of these stories and I'm like dude you gotta you gotta do that. You gotta share my mind. You gotta tell the story. You've got a you know, allow the Layman to also hear the story some of the stuff's incredible that you would think that something that is what what what she thought of as a well-oiled machine by the Layman right? It's the greatest military in the world. We would think that things like this wouldn't happen. So often it's a you know, it's that's the military. This is not how are you this is saying hey, this is what happened and it all got food Bard and we all made it home right and wrong. Is going to say that it's when cuz I listen to you read it the other day one of the episodes and you put a you put a a humorous out. First of all, yeah spin first of all the way you read it your tone of voice is different and it's a little more you have that humor. Type of I don't even have to worry it is but the humor humor comes out of your voice basically as you can tell that it's not it's not a you're you're not you're not bitter. You're not talking smack. You're not talking shit. You're not blaming anybody really? You're just telling the story at least in the episode I heard and and there's humor breaks. You know, you'll take a break. You'll tell a little story. You kind of you kind of you know bus ball so so for the Layman who I you know, again hasn't had that military experience. It was it was easy to follow I used to listen to so I don't mention anybody by name right? Maybe cuz that's that's not my place. I'm not trying to embarrass anybody, you know them a little bit more information maybe on a couple of the the crazy. I mean if you earn any of the episodes you're going to be blown away. I mean the US are here's a funny one. The US Army has an issue nude the oldie green blanket that says us on it since I went to basic training in Nineteen Eighty-Four. I haven't seen it my Army Career here. I am in two thousand and two three getting ready to go. Iraq and they give me a packing list. That's you know, here's what you're taking with you the war. Oh and you're OD green blankets part of it. Where did this list come from? Korean War era handbook. I'm not in that that's how I knew the one of the reasons I started writing it all down and when they said, oh, you can't go to war with it with your weapon like what so yeah, listen to talk shows because there's some funny stuff. There's some things that make you go. Wow, that was crazy. But there's a lot more things that make you go thank goodness, right? So so listen folks again, you know, listen listen in to his and I forward it so it should be you know, if it's if if you go to you go to Facebook and you go onto my page and rant, you know, I link I share from there as well. So, you know, we're out there trying to share as much as we can. So, you know get an inside look of you know, what was going on Wolf man's head. Uh in his surroundings when when he was over there. So for three different points, I talked about it as the man who wrote that book tired dirty and pissed off and then I talk about it as a senior NCO Club looking back at it going. Wow. This should have happened in that should have happened and then I look at as a retiree going Circle. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know Wolfman, I just want you know, appreciate you coming down here and I know we've planned this for a few, you know over a month now. I knew I wanted to do something a little bit different for yeah for nine eleven. We didn't talk much football at all today, which was kind of the plan and you know, I'm glad you shared your thoughts of coming Adventures, you know, again Grand family adventure attitude Shield all one word. Don't forget the hashtag in the front there a veteran's rent Rattle and Roll and your forgotten truck or story. So we appreciate your spending, you know, you know nine-eleven with us doing a show with me. I appreciate your service through all these years. I appreciate it brother and appreciate your friendship through all this so and for all again. All you current former and soon-to-be soldiers, you know, we we appreciate everything you've done everything that you've sacrificed everything that you will do and everything you will sacrifice off to keep us the greatest country in the world. So Wolfman, I appreciate you and we'll talk to you soon. All right, buddy. All right. Remember the flag waves not because the wind blows, but because the the bridge a veterans keeps it moving love that C. Thank you for listening to this week's episode of semi-naked Gridiron Ranch. We hope you enjoyed the show for more episodes. Please check out the website at ww.w. Semi-Pro Gridiron rant sprout.com off to reach us directly, please email us at Semi-Pro Gridiron rant at gmail.com or follow us on Instagram at Semi-Pro Gridiron rant. Thanks again off. listening song song song song song three, New Jersey

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#63 Ole skal gjre Boris frisk med akevitt!

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#63 Ole skal gjre Boris frisk med akevitt!

"Do that all pulled costs. Pope cost of Man Yochelson Dean. Podcast even our listener sick. Leave it all them. Look sure debock. Hey y'all common. Tell a knee episode of limit. Them pulled costs may close org looked here. Who Said Daddy are dealing Sunday? Your cult assist up the shouting All slow that thing prolonging gone country also be glossed at that big summit on Costa Kumla Medoff US Navy. They're all mid medical liberty. It's a quantum often on the talk at the boss. That's awesome This Nausea de Paul at g mail dot com defense facebook twitter instagram youtube or instagram knocked. Till on us all dot for an VATI LIBERAL PROTECT VINKO. Nia talk the talk but antics machete dog a decent year at St that they see that if the cruelty that Ma'am will be taught in Sauk some last put on the Medi Cal knew when registering McDonnell eggleston who sat on their core. All the add on the Yeta lingle L. Portal's publicity's the To bucket I felt a salesman here. That's UH Now about the total tool Montreal will tell by the Photon donor. If insulating the poem meeting Sativa Mild Off Overseas Goatee in Europe of the Lusa LX scripted called Florida Alexis Kissidougou thunder smaller Man Shakya along the wall and all that is from tacitus mood. Will they would It'll totally off of long Really close in Taylor National Park Before is going to be in top top multi media List soil off them all the faulty to snow sex also dubious Murder Gordon immed-. But he'll now the successor chagall them saw Coleman In the Atta exhausted I know how to pool beseech doorly form that week. I walked up to veto. Allston gators have any any Was All I have for Something also the deal. They're fully Assault Middle Law isn't the amid. I ended storm which tatum The among us Mutate Law McMaster At all so Not Old at this off into the At all All Tiga motorists system that they needed will be feel little for multiple. Tim Bigger Him. They had found tossed escude also called medal. Emt The good old law enforcement holden the Get the go back merely out then commercial mum MTV Pool Table also afforded guide and that suck then this optimally legal. Give it to in a minute. Also call mushroom only salk some well the move causing interest of Easter Lewis firmly on the neo. Somebody quit on on the ATHOL savvy to now open. I'm inside of the gets dot The law slip dock sanders silo soil to the average. Some top sock of almost disrespectful to us all eat another call sock and also not so look if initially throw civil do leak val proceeded to them more neither. Muhtar own meme throw Eddie adding all vans in the adding saw them. Nikki bottom lead us to the Honda. Monica Vada Profane Process Associated Seeda Young Palm Authority. Would Free Year contacted? I would not know how A photo about norm John Stolman smartphones. Giving it'll be coming when Bill Ryan Hamas deleted folder also non-socialist Mitford And so Etiquette will men Of People Malta Nogales legally similarly unsold Melissa Smith. Sooner suboxone among other thing in those Shooter Deputy Needle School from the guide. Them NATIONAL PARTY GALA. Van On it all day on some. Bob Remember their mother for. We bought a talk. Did get hurt. The NOEL THEY WENT. There is some King of the obvious manner me up on the podcasts Moscow's Knucklehead I'm would them skirt from the DOT. Flavored went podcastone. Autobahn so momentum through door. He Ekondo optical comedy skit postive all nor Guay intrical Bloomberg law was a corporate kidney cells and saw that event for audio. We could do for her. Your for an enormous anthony mandate smell late though. Your doctor forever done the idea of the Knicks. The next week after the show on for new one percent of I didn't Fox terrier Bloomberg's Kefala Valley posted. Some example L. scooted are the sure but since also more that could invite him pushed him yet. If my I would on the awesome in Manama Bahrain. London for concerned about the vity tonight in the men's skipped some little. Pull them out. Amelia events. Excuse someone saw him in the NFL numerically. Auburn szucs seat open new. It so they'll do. Ponder the cloud sponge Lang Lang pull the frontal system is on sutter. Are you up to the missing system? Malts at DAV is Newell boomer. Born August sir. Will Dunbar no sculptural not loved the DVD all done uncles out smut and they are killed on. Celinda old opted There or not the most Taken though that is yet so laying on. I'm sure it also I al. Noor Matter Stalled Sokaia Moon on Suppler Shlapak Yeltsin yell at the Melbourne Padma Tech the DVD slayer ecology Mielke in the ball angled them saw removed materials settlers common at all right if according to arm and the debris your please start the year on call it man the claw because see the located for example all of these meals born hall getting Musonda. You're not the The attempts go top. Lieutenant I typically been unopposed. Kaufman THEM INTO SOME TIM O. In between Delta but do apropos over Auburn szucs. Also in the Schuch. Dr Boris Johnson. The shoe can issue calligraphy. Unlock paint and see what the hell to do them. In the Senate laborious Comments along the along nor Warner Missile Silo Whistle. Em Lean Yorkie to avoid said on some All something not not the young Bamenda Law. It'll tell so. We can among into song immense. Get on that ident- caught so A adding Nyein some you'll Downing Street Also suddenly had long hair. It can also spent mobile mansell-mario Do my heart. For the advocates nuxhall numb see the Scene for from the Atlanta Union spill does without their thank God the Get them. They're so modest does not carry the brunt on water the Maharaja survey of some north vs abided Meltsa Videla's On the in the air. Don't they are nestled throughout the central Tweet so You kick Middle Eastern time also Miles in poem local emergency room also thanked the OUGHTA be more Cop Car no so that really thinks my I'll get it though so the Iowa Some pity slow medicine. If often the hope on the foreign immortal the house how always and manslaughter for Ao presentable. Despite audio and amend the autumn soclean how the x chromosome former Mehar me of kinetic immune fish for underwater sleek excrements muscle then then hunter shunt fraternity Kauffman Ministry collateral for the whole Patten Ultimo declares memos see that I saw the combat and the e e e e Solo. The beats somewhat car. Mesa bitch known tank garnered. I'm the book the Angolan. It mccollum look on some even short because of a feminine sexy certitudes months. 'cause the Mother did use meniscus. Venkov inherited your disc of santee Mangano Conifer lancs All my the Kelly thought the nurse Said Skating NBA's Malik The on Silvo Shelter Month Aka influx fun for groups meet the started Nonfiction the Tude. Many I'm also it gives me around six patch Mendelssohn overhauling the Got It did. They'd be multifold Give rule some poles by Nestle way demanding it on this. Was that up the skull. Did you get in Many MVP ethic come out of the coma if they go over. Poor Poor American politics beneath teams are not going to put out the modem extra phone on silent and evacuees angrily am news sky. Hooton fees Dobra STOSKOPF in stock footage from Finland are on high alert smart on the scene. There hominoid logs Edens Humpty taller hardships. Ethnic National May Nabila. But they've always been launched story log dip accumulatively Logano so Honolulu. Competitive Helsinki Some texted at amendment is history up to the end of open. Woman assured Lugarda stood Schmidt food. Mr Were Tanks. Take this combat. I think the how many Logan Oregon man at the air. The WHO IS TOLEDO MCCONNELL? Also this alerted on many. Call my Nassau. You'll they ought to be. Alton misled the BS cups politics Footer ultimately I've yet divide up about mccollum no hint thirty stone skin Ideologue in the Lloyd. Not The most that old faulted the whole day. I will email though they assign them. Man I wake on this call vodka. Also that you'll be by the funds that the snappy me I picked up golf until installed solely Isis Scott Hall you'll put more Mehta had the consolidating indelible. Bledsoe young thing is also the naked again I e also A muckleshoot volunteering ticket economics. over goals a also walk-in among the Renault. Let the League in some Hagen Soviet-nazi Only the Opportunity Jens Atari anything for you own defeat Kim you're producing other DVD Gilead come stimulating They abided with men doughty Steve nissen fouls activate Thought the Sir about this little SNOOTY MISSILE MR D. We don't have metal compete industry in Zimbabwe or paddle although iphone iphone comb semester to new. So all that. They're not the decision to discover up on balconies. Sell the auditions. It's my ass veterans from Motel Circuit Spanish up Up lipoic Lisa fiscal transistors hawks. Who Does the dog Shanto Got Bernie? Sanders struck safronov compen- Numerous homes competent material. Leeann tweeden either leave A. Us saw Wwl Biden Mottram. Wouldn't go data on EIB SNOWDEN THE Would nobody stole Visconti's will not be Sessoms SO Monday convicted. Or they are hardy. We saw the from top forty year. Also typically set up the Visit them Tom for for Goal do hall that in Semester. In order that men committed -nificant so model fulsome sipple said some medicine Thank Game Oh woman is the animal. allows evil smear civil suits though society while the doll sleep the aluminum Player Biden through vetted rush the Euclid on Biden Alzheimer's for Biden. Luke sold both Ambi- for I talk to from. Cu Demerit looks to me My Long Mama Burdensome Skim mound vehicle for the off the field stemming from two Norman also leave all saw the league over Brigham Mulmino more Local anger not knowing victory in the in the world is thought. Reagan poor poor on seeing the presidency sold on Small Suda fucked David Against E. V. Is crucial now that The events to Ci you saw. I clocked on both feet of Allama so that we can drag a snow snow all donkey Kong Ballots Skeletal V. Demi on there yet. The though the auditees spunk data at liberalism of Terminal Dogma. Let influence silence of Italy Their book shut for all the at the border for but also time for the news on man now demented Ruta. They WanNa know you might be foreshadowed on the Gordy. Four Taylor Present Company. Heo knocking you mean like not so I come unto me. Numb predict Shnell. They are of the Biden top food. Big Time This quake atop Swami they for the docket a chat lifted Ottawa in L. E. Upper pulled costs conman. The date also Mikulski Diva Cantata. Why shouldn't the some on the date though mostly we're gonna Toyota so so hard Land all good Langat in Mr Wolf. Maximum speed at the marketing table. How'd for home also eat those Down to is that the super peaceful death so let's go to construct flocked met NUSSLE. Dog lipold cost hint theon in flare-ups dish machine at bent you home swift all their company. Let me syncing our tail to do that. Cetera Brooke Yana forcing supporter petite programmer sticks For well fuck numerous number thirty two foot because the more humane property for say Mendez till Mr Wolfman. The stories potable committing well. They're you're at the uptake on the hot hot air it's not this horrid laterally toolman. Vr. Putting Louis we'll say veep on special law new older well don't in Denison desma pummeled. The concept avoided had so then liberal talk pulled. Costs am the ESTA store. And get new. Social Distancing Tweeden there manvier. Thank you healthy poor ECON Sutton. Yester- Will Soho let at naval qualitative muscle lean muscle? Do Whatever your heads at. The Dow Suite isn't so when the into specific mental disorder or someone but normally I'm not he has it at all so alcohol by the Jackie Buddy if it met the the The the by the some fifty leader search Will the guilty knaw only Photo mostly Santa me that Gab. Aw into sunk close to minimum men of Metadata thought you'd Gigabit all thinking thraw default on the money given come rookie. Utah forcing South Either inside Clocked up the than malted memorial. Ratto falls among out to the top or potato led by the euro. Had Leo Geoghegan City. Tarot until matt go knock of staring at the rock litter. Ucla Feinstein's rating For the the bengals fear will fungus up to apple award on forget hardly clogged also. Really Henderson may not may not have you been down to open the air propulsion Amongst Tokyo sedating air last night apparently new all constructed liberal and they are going to believe it all under Donald Scorza Luna sooner and Ado Con Vip SAVALL KUNA police from offensive and see to VIPs sam-soo knee and see to see talk. Say Dog will. If you're not gonNA let the lung it over on Lomas. Play him truce and talk for the buck liberalism. Podcast the PODCAST. Utah's liberalism the saddest store. Please or do we double Nipples Furloughs theon also facebook instagram youtube. That's also in NATO.

Wwl Biden Mottram DOT Auburn szucs TIM O. mccollum Montreal US Navy instagram Costa Kumla Medoff Europe facebook Yeta lingle L. Portal Medi Cal Utah Nausea Knicks Bob McDonnell eggleston Yester- Will Soho Dr Boris Johnson
Episode 379 - Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

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Episode 379 - Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

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Slash WHM enter our promo code WHM at checkout again, that is twenty dollars off your order. Simple contacts. On today's program, it's alien vs predator call in requiem in Japan, Stevens said actress, Kevin, Eric, Cisco, and we hate movies. Hello, everyone. Well, going to we hate movies that retuning into our fine program as always like we set up top. It's a VP Colin requiem from the grand year of two thousand eight directed by the brother Strauss God. And you see this credit brother just can we just put our names, please? You know, the Coen brothers of the Cohen, brothers, that's fine. They're even opted for Joel and Ethan co. Yeah, yeah, but, but even, yeah, the brothers is always a thing that you might call them like outside of the film a little bit. Absolutely. That's how they're spoken of like. But I would just one of the Cohen, brothers to the news. Pretty nice. Oh, I went to the brothers. Strauss. Writing fairy tales. That's the thing they would. I visited the brother strikes and the dock of the woods. I went over to Colin and Greg's house. Air. It is all too Greg Strauss film by Colin and Greg's. Hass gotta tell you man plan poker with the Cohen's. I'd like that. Oh, I mean we take you for everything. Yeah. I mean, there'd be some black comedy in the middle sort of good Netflix show for them. Tim. Blake Nelson? Yeah. All right. I'm out. Hey, Steven, do you wanna hear about how I was going to play the leader? No, I don't. I mean, I'm sure it doesn't even talk like that. That's, that's. I actually got to interview him one time at work, and he was actually a pretty sweet. Do those also the night I fended Sam Waterston that's going to happen. It happens all the time. You guys see the trailer for the new brothers Cohen movie. Yeah. Yeah, it looks good. He looks good in it. Okay, good. Yeah, I don't know. It's getting poor feedback. We'll see. Yeah, wow. Was not well received at the Venice film festival, but I don't know how did Elian vs predator requiem do the Venice film. It didn't play Venice, but one, the palm Dory. Ken. Loved of the Golden Lion. Exactly. For those unaware. This is the sequel to alien vs predator, better known to some as a VP, which didn't episode on if I'm not mistaken somewhere in this library of hundred years. Good hot cast EPs. Now that movie is about predators aliens stuck in a spaceship that's buried under a mining town in ant Arctic appear amid yet. Oh, right. The pyramid there in a pyramid scheme. It's the predator dupes of Bunge aliens known alien. You're going to get rich. All you gotta do is kill these humans. Then timeshare at Arctic hot new planet earth. Everyone's talking about it. That's right. Because I forgot where he brings all of his. They're like they're like ancient alien. Yeah, forgot about that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's great. This movie I gotta tell you it's way better. Yeah, I think it is as well. Some people disagree. It's okay to disagree, but none of them are in the room. AP requiem. Yes, the fuck. Does that title mean it's a song for the dead of the aliens versus the predator songs in this there are a lot of dead is also the one thing they must have crammed that graveyard scene. We called it requiem. We gotta have at least a graveyard. That's kind of my favorites, too graveyard. Smash. It was a graveyard smash for me, man. I was like, this is a smashing success of seen. Could we get anyone in this movie. Like, let's just get any one. Listen when your big as actors, Steven pass, who's a huge theater guy, but like reached as far as rescue me, and then he had a failed TV show after eskimo that was on NBC the name of which escapes me. But the basic concept was he was a doctor, but it was it was a medical doctor what it was also a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Really? Yep. You put him in a like as a muscle head with sort Sinaga and sabotage. You could give those roles. Get me get me fucking Bruce. Campbell would be something maybe even Jeff Fahey I'll I'll take a Jeff Fahey. This was two thousand eight Jeff. Ahey I believe was yet to appear as captain Frank lupus on loss. For some reason, I was like, rowdy Roddy piper would have been great. Why God? Yes, I'm an awesome hoax. They're even at that point. Let's let even at that point he's a hat him, but he's, he's. Had all that Xena more. I would like it to be eight, an alien name brother. If you cut around all the poison sex, Zeno more bad a hook in. No, their blood is, you know, putt around the poisons act brother. You gotta clean shit out of your react coming acid. Only love brother h. age. The reason Chris, the hulk stir would be a bad choices. He's become such a parody of himself. Hey, if I starring AVP requiem I can still use the n. word onset, right brother. Is that okay? Even get like John Leguizamo like literally someone wore Mickey Rourke would have been great. The skeleton of Mickey Rourke lows two thousand seven that was his. He was like, when was shit, when was the wrassling probably around eight. Yeah, so right about to happen. DVD was way. And he's like, well, in one movie, man, I could fight fucking aliens and breaders the other movie I could be wrestler, oh, plane, forty in this. Darren has been asking me, but I think we have pinpointed that these movies all the predator movies they need beefcakes. I need to see a human beefcake. You know, we had Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura mud bunch of beefcakes. I Bill Duke. He's a beefcake in that first second movie. We get Gary Busey building in those tight fucking khakis. Danny Glover's the beefcake the other two gentlemen, byu, see and Paxton like the lean meat a little bit of that. The psychological beefcake like he's really like, he's got a lot of. Yeah, guess what? That's the first last time. Anyone is going to say that about me, how were they checked me into the asylum, they put on the rubber stamp day that said, psychological code word. That is, you know what that's like, I and I hope never dies. But when I want when I when I want one, one eulogy of Gary Busey to say psychological garb, you see with psychological beefcake who starred in started the the buddy Holly story with comedy center. One of one of our patients is a psychological beefcake try to guess which one I think you'll be pleasantly. That the last VP film didn't really have anything either into the beef department last. Bees are not lethal. We should say that there isn't. We're doing this. Also. We're skipping predators, which I feel like I'll never see. I saw some of it on ever seen it. It's better than this. It's it's an alien planet and Laurence Fishburne. They're running alien land Adrian Brodie as well. Yeah, I saw Toko grace. I can't tell you about it. I think I green out. I've been there might have been with you, do I think so fucking tag team that movie screen to everything the the predator the predator came out last Friday and I got a same in these predator. The the the predator titles have been fucked up its predator one predator too. Then you get predatory our doing new product, the buddy and you'll Andrew, you wanna put on predator and he's like, what are you talking about? My head would explode even know where to begin. We already struck down this legislation. It's not gonna happen. Predator four Steve's writing businesses though, because this is fucking bullshit. All these titles, what a colon and a subtitle, that's the case you call them over to show you. I haven't seen it yet. I know it's outta ready, but I did in light of hearing some piss poor responses, skipped it at the Toronto film festival. I'll probably get to at some point. Yeah. Yeah, see. I'm so excited to see it. We're recording this right before it comes out for full transparency and our government here on weei movies, so I will see it, but I'm yeah, it'd be bad. I've been the controversies clearly weird and. But I still really wanna see what you saw. You wanted to see predator. I couldn't hear you. Did you say the predator or predator or did you cut off predators by accident? I don't know. He wants to get numbers into movie titles. You just gotta go by the years, stewed predator eighty seven or whatever. I can't figure out why this Robert Rodriguez movie is back in theater. On a second. Rodriguez predators was Nimrod tau Rodriguez produced because it's Nimrod atoll or whatever. Don't worry about it. Everybody was talking about Robert Rodriguez. Don't even worry about it, but I just want to bring a fact that Steve complained about the idea. No, I'm still I'm still hammering ahead. Sure. You said you complain about saying predator eighty seven yet you say Batman eighty nine to me ten times a day. Yes, that's fair. But that's just saying. All right Senator right said with Evie bam in one or does the Adam west film count is great film counts for nothing and fuck all bring the legislation back to your committee back another day. Just say there's some old man. Well, well, mother, the ARL Schwarzenegger movies back in theaters. I saw the predator. That's that's the one. I think your whole thing has to go back to formula by the way. I think we should also mention movie well yet to get back to this film for second we are talking about the uncut version. Oh, right. I'm guessing for violence and not for brilliant fucking dialogue. So this movie picks up right with the last one ended, which is right. The last shot. The very last shot is a Dale, which we're calling the prevailing, which wacky all kill ourselves. Now that on the is that in the in the trivia? Yes. Yes. Read about that. Yeah. So it's the chest Burster comes out of a predator's body at the opening of the film. It was, I guess, the titular predator of the last VP is scar act hopefully stop. I can't. I suffer another movie of naming I know at the name of this predator. And it's so annoying to tell you which one the prevail, Ian, the one, the main, the main on this film also, by the way, why is it prevail? Ian. Why can be like Zeno tour Zena tours. That sounds like he's got a horse legs or he's he's zender. He represented predator district. Like why? So you're telling me that throughout all aliens history. I've been seeing what would be a Zena more mixed with human. Okay, I understand that. Yeah, but can like, can they like lay an egg and a deer? Can I see. Zeno more threes, third, dog, predator sort of. I don't remember predator dog alienates in the third aliens. Yeah, no, there isn't. This movie where there's an alien situation because there's a dog that fucking. Yeah, but you're right? Yes. Thank you. The fincher move in the fincher movie. Dog rips apart and then there's a, it's a different alien because it's the idea that acts like any other. Yeah. So this movie's way smarter than I thought the predator. I mean, literally, it's just an alien with those those choppers a little bit. It's pretty much the same thing. It's got better posture than Zeno, and that's it probably does better with -nology if you if it had the chance, it looks like a bobblehead though yet it's among its funding head. That Mellon does not meet the rest of the bodies. Totally. Chris. Irish, you could see by a large headed prevail, Ian, not being able to hold its own headway, which is pretty delightful and accurate. I, I was kind of surprised it didn't happen. Here's the to subservient aliens that needed polls to help this fucker walk around. Here's the thing as much as I'm a guy and everybody at home knows this. I m a stickler for practical f. x. whenever possible, he was the mound. That was stickler for practical. But here's the problem in this movie, a lot of the Zeno more and I guess the prevail Ian included here. They are clearly too much just people in suits. Oh sure. Running around. Like when you get these Zena more that are running around onto legs like like they are and there's not much like mystery you're literally seeing the whole thing. Yes, that's listen. It looks like eight good and expensive, but nevertheless Holloway Augusta, the the two originally. Alien movies. You barely saw u totally alien and aliens. It's always quick shots. You see the arms like, oh my God. What are the dimensions of this kind of makes it scarier. So this thing bursts out and it like there's a doctor, there's a predator doctor Dr. Doctor Prentiss a lot of standing desks in this. I, I'm kinda surprised how do Jack? They're not people look at their Cav muscles. That standing desk dude look at their complete lack of hemorrhoids. That's no sitting for these guys. Autopsy and something else, and he gets attacked. Technically an alien, but I guess you know if we're dissecting your local coroner, I guess, is doing alien autopsies all the time because we are aliens to other beings. That dude. Oh, no, speaking of green and out. Yeah, really not to get all Neil degrasse Tyson, dude, you are one took over the line sweet Mary with that comment. So true. You're right. We're technically we live on space, comma, listen, we're just stardust, man. It's right. Oh, Jesus cool thing is exploded. It's scattered across the universe eventually life star deform at eventually, Chris on a little blue dot called earth. They made a VP. History, the tree of life version of the behind the scenes of illion versus predator. Requiem dot dinosaurs, alien vs predator. Zeno more inside of a dinosaur. You gotta, dynasty diagnose, you know more is something that is exactly something q. magic just Bracco or as and then just a fucking chest bursts of this, wouldn't they be able to eat a fucking. Rounded, some like some. Some those dinosaurs are stupid, like maybe a raptor. You just you just literally picked the smartest known dinosaur to say the dump dinosaur, even acid, spitting one sores. Yes. Oh, wow. Maybe way a seconds. Xena morphs come from from dinosaurs or maybe Michael Crichton made it up. I don't know. Maybe what happened was. Dinosaurs coexist only life exists on earth. Gotcha. Dinosaurs happened. Jesus hung around was pretty cool, and then the is source guys. We're getting this Jesus guys talking too much fly the space moon. And they make they, they interbreeding eventually evolve into Zena morphs and they come back the night. He came back, wow, you know what? All of this is coming together lawlessly. So it's no other life in in the galaxy, except for earth and the predators were some other people. Driving school, man, the predators of any money money, the missing link and the sasquatch. Do that. I should like start talking further way and they evolved. I don't have anything. Cool. Call the police call the police now. Okay. Eric, Eric, tell you. He's just going to Email the rest. All right, for the purposes of this podcast and conversation going further, I will believe in outer space aliens and all that. Perfect. Thank you so the this predator prevail makes work of all these predators. We do see some prevail, Ian vision, which I guess, let's you know that it is kinda half-and-half because it is thermally vision. Don't know what this fucking thing looks like. Yeah. Yeah. Like I still like I can remember what the predator looks like. I remember what the I don't remember, like a blob thing. You know what it kind of looks like a muscular sweatier version of Sweden's from the Muppets. That's what the prevail, Ian kind of a little bit. I had to do. He does any here was the other thing. I thought that those dreadlocks we're tied into the helmet situation just like the predator vision. No, I'm totally missed remembering the hall thing, and so he makes sure of everybody. Some, there's the the ship is going down now down to earth, which this movie just like that. First one starts with the predator ship breaking down and he calls a triple a. or something instead of like, dude, you're fucking, do your self destructing dude. That's what you're famous for. Exactly which we don't get a single time in this movie. We get a little later too. Yeah, it does go off. Yes. Okay. I didn't think this was a calling AAA. I thought there was a dude monitoring that was, oh, we got a breakdown because we get in the first five minutes of this movie a glimpse, just a sneak peek at the predator home world. Oh my God, white unimpressive. I just love like, yeah, I just love the way that they paint this predator as like this old timer coming back to the games, coming out of retirement. It's like one last Lord. Help me back on my. I think it's a predator who's sitting around listening to a police scanner. Oh, no. The galaxy seven went down. Guess back in the gave you, you can tell if you when he gets up to get his gear walks past a coffee table in his all in predator language. Like I notice second notice notice. Like he's on hard tiles, all the fucking photos of Nancy predator little Jeannie predator. He checks his answering machine before he leaves. It's a message from like fucking funeral home. That's also talking about bills. Because those two, though the wife and son are definitely dead or the predator. Divorce lawyer Schill from the second wife. Oh, yeah, dude. Exactly. We do not get a much of the predator home world. It's just like a boxy planet. I wanna know what's going by the weird thing with this predator specifically like he is the protagonist of the film. By the way, his name is wolf. But how do you know that it's on the IM behind. I note from Wikipedia. Like those are real where these people getting these from. I'm going on record. It doesn't have a best buy. Oh, Circuit City. Only. Media play. It wasn't. We've had a nobody beats the wiz for ten centuries, and that's the way it's going to stay. I do think they would believe in physical media. Yeah, you're like not like streaming dudes all more analog, Doug that cool little, you know, I don't care how good your internet connection is. You're not getting the resolution that I am. This is true or k. I'm putting in. This this triangle shape disk and it's gonna play this crazy pornography predator. What happens? You know what happened? Oh my God. So this ship crashes in the good old United States of America hall planet. What are the actually Candida? Oh, it's Canada film. Oh, well, the the film is set set in Colorado the Colorado shit, gunners Ed dude, fuck that messing around town of gunnison. It's another way character doll. Amazing. That's who you could afford for this. You can afford Bryant tops. Well, yeah, that's van Damme would do it. He was in that first movie as the he's he's desperate enough duties. Unlike universal soldier, nineties, these aliens predators, I'll get them put. Yes. And punched. But in the ballers. He talks less and less as the movies go on. So I feel like he's keeping quiet during most of the, he'd be a Dallas. Yeah, that'd be awesome because it's like you're just waiting for van Damme to do something and he's not saying shit the whole movie. And then at the end, he just freaks out and starts killing these guys. I love it. But yeah, they crashed. There's a father and a son who were hunting I, I saw this me last night for the first time, and I always heard good things from, I believe everyone in this room Larizza cool movie. And then this kid gets a face hugger and I'm like, oh. Which is why I think we rated higher than anything else is not that anything else of the last movie is because this movie goes for child death. Absolutely. In like the first fifteen minutes, this kid's getting fucked over. Excessive child danger at. Put this on. You see that face hugger get dear old dad, and you're thinking, oh my God. Now I'm gonna see this kid grow up and it's going to be his revenge. Oh, shit. Yeah, it wasn't. He's he's dead aliens in his belly. There was a, what do you call the dad's arm gets melted off at some acid happen? Yes, it gets a little bit of like drip going because he shoots the face huggers. Oh, not in my house. Mother folks damn ground. This will be my last words. Oh, yeah, dude. He's a guy would love to see get throat fucked by an alien that would be wonderful. Cat scratch fever my ass. What if this kid by the way, bring another? What if this is John? Connor? Who knows? Oh, well, yeah, what she's a VP that whole thing to natural just Mary it to the Terminator. So that lie not where you were already marrying it to drastic park a little. So you know, like the government seized Dutch my God. That man is just that's beefcake Arnold, right? So they make him into robots to fight a Muslim. Well, yet if the Terminator like the model of the Terminator was based off of Dutch Jess. That's pretty great. That's fucking killer. We're like, we're still getting the kinks out of it. You know, Dutch always used to say, I need a vacation now. The fucking Terminator say it doesn't make sense. The t nine hundred that we've never seen, which is actually Carl weathers. That's excellent. Oh, yeah. So yes, we kind of get into the protagonists, Stephen Pesquera who comes back from prison. He just didn't three years hard time. We're over some. You know, you never find out, but the sheriff does like you got a lot of guts coming back here after that stunt you pull. I think he burnt down an orphanage. Three years, how bad could it have been as my question, something. That's a least murder, right? I mean three, three years. White guy. Yeah, that sounds like mergers clean cut, white kid like that. I mean, you can get out in a year, probably a good behavior, maybe homicide manslaughter. Maybe they probably they probably got it down a little bit cars stuff. Probably hoops doodle do drink the whole bottle deal. Oh, a sick Dewey, which turned into something much more of John OT's is the the sheriff and that they used to be running buddies, I guess were is he's cop? No, I think they were just buddies back in the old days. Oh, man, I can't believe you're a cop is a lot of people can either kind of thing. Oh, where do I know John Ortiz from most famously he's in American gangster. He's in Miami vice. He's really in big in that. I guess it must have been Miami vice. I haven't seen gangster. He's in a bunch a ton of stuff. I mean, and you know, they're trying to reactivate him into the decided we do. We're. It's it's an a tapestry that we get to see the whole noun here. Oh, yeah. This shit like an opening musical number to tell us all about this town. A hell of a town liquor stores up and the meth lab is down as exactly there's, there's got to be nothing to do there. We cut to a pizzeria. We meet David Hornsby of always sunny fame, rickety cricket who's like the manager of a hut type John's, oh, we do get Papa. John sign later we do. They work at pub Ajan but Papa John's exists in this town. That's interesting. So we have the Papa John's signed, but these these fuckers work for like pizza to go later more crawls out of the sewer and he's in pursuit by wolf Mr. predator there is a giant Papa. John's son, yes, wow, I missed it. I think I have my filter on my TV where it gets all Papa. John's shit off my screen. Now, does that cover Peyton Manning to? I would pay so much money never to see. Pay him to die. That's. What's weird is when you put this Papa, John's filter on Peyton Manning talking to himself. Doodle, the date. Where'd everybody go? Insurance peach. Oh, do you think the arm is my best friend? Someone was watching aliens kill in me. Someone was someone Domino's was watching nonstop paint man in commercials because that's what television is in the United States. If you don't know if you live outside of the continental United States and they saw his insurance commercials, right? Disney, like nationwide. And then they saw right after that the pizza commercials. Pizza insurance. Interesting. A lawsuit is coming at you looping all all kinds of things tonight. Rated or code off. Oh. Versus predator versus Peyton Manning. Yeah, rob boys, you're you're in store for a little bit of the rocket stasis soup, Eliezer pointer. You got on me. Three laser pointers. Wow, he must be rich. I, I don't remember was Brett farve cut or uncut. Famous for sending out dick pic. Yeah. Oh, I don't remember the dick. Did they release the dogs or someone's got it somewhere. The proposals Wrangler jeans, commercials. Yeah, you can see that bulge in those Wrangler 's. It would Tony romo's taken off his sketchers. Maybe I could make out the outline. Tony Romo scheduled conversion. Do this with all men in all commercials from now. Derek cutter, not treatment is objects. Eric's is Soma. These pants Lille too. Hey, you got any bag your genes for remain. I can't do commercial with addiction outline has it is Papa John. Mr. Papa John. Could you sling a peach into my mouth? I'm say. So, yeah, we, we, we now pizzaria finally and like read the uptight manager. He takes this kid who happens to be seen pest Qualls brother to tell them to go deliver pizza. That's kind of what's happ-. And so it's, it's this dude. Ricky, I believe is his name in this guy is like, man, I, I can't go to that house in rickety crickets. Like you are a pizza delivery driver. Let's move on with the scene and we find out of course, it's like some Bobo, babe. What are they doing? It's the middle of the afternoon. They're just sitting around eating the pizza. Oh, that's yeah, you're both, right? There's working. We'd while coming up with a killer idea for a podcast because that's the weird thing though is like when we get into this house, what's your name? Becky? Jesse. She's like, oh, hey, Ricky come on in and there's four other people like in the living room, and they're all just sitting there literally doing nothing like there's no television on there's no underrating necklace. It's just like five teenagers sitting in a dining room like just staring. When do you think the pizzas gonna get here? That'll be something can't start recording too. That's for sure guys. It's a podcast about pizzas. We can't start recording until the pizza gets here. So we so Jesse has this boyfriend. Oh yeah. And the this whole crew of like idiots. And you know what? One thing the eighties always. Got right. Was the boyfriend asshole. Boyfriend was always a beefcake. Yeah, this guy is a little pudgy little league. Dale Dale semi pudgy has got like the shaggy hair, but this is the gotta remember would not in Reagan's America. This George W Bush's where we built a smaller back. God, the masculinity of the Bush era star little rough of. So she's like, hey, man. Come in here. I'll pay for the pizza and like we have this terrible, fuck and kitchen island Brown ever. It's a real two thousand seven house and this down. She's, she's like, you know, blah, blah, blah. Those don't mind about those guys guys are jerks and he's like, yeah, I know. And they have a romantic. My favorite part of the scene. They just have a romantic scene. Like, you know, they're gonna get together. He leaves and they close up on this woman's face who it's like for a little while to show that she's like thinking about whether or not she wants to be romantically involved with this guy. It lasts forty seconds and she's got nothing going on. It's just like her eyes are like looking at the guy holding the light looking at the guy above the camera, looking at the director cut. She's not great. We can't get out of the scene without one of those bro Hemas in the living room, making a sausage lovers. Joe nice somebody's making jokes about hero hero Ricky sausage. Sausage Dale to was his Shelby. Dale Dale? Yeah. Oh, you must want chubby day. Oh, man. I'm just Dale. I am just Dale. The pizza delivery by Ricky. He says, like, oh, well, at least I now I now know who ordered the sausage lovers. Sausage lovers. Pizza's not really a thing, right? There's meat lovers if you put sausage lovers on a menu and was pepperoni sausage, maybe some other weird sausage and I would. But any I love sausages. What I'm saying is so much sausage on a pizza. I think the thing is, meat lovers is a thing that's like copy written by pizza. Yeah, pizza is the pizza chain that has the meat lovers. Got a trademark just get light. Well, then you adore or something. Yeah, I'll have one meet adore. What did you say the media door? Because you say that again? I would like a large Meador meteors here, Jeff. I shouldn't have let you name the fucking menu at the pizza matador for meat. Overturn all these trademarks because it's gotta be like Buster Keaton short films or something like they're just public domain. Now. Meat lovers, public domain. Everyone loves meat. There's too many. Meat and pizza for that. Like you get like a plate of chicken wings in front of me. Technically at that moment, I'm a me locker. Exactly. So whatever this kid gets fucking punched in the stomach, then kicked a bunch of times, and then they throw his keys in the sewer. Oh, do the fucking clown is down there. Go get your keys Georgie. Don't make fun of fucking pizza selection ever. Again, we actually do get people living in the sewers in this movie, and I any was lives now. I, I will stop doing that offense. You never stop. The scary clown showed dead dad. Payton. Zeno more do show up and they because they, I guess they burst out of those hunter, the hunter and the burst out of the hundred. Their turn into the, we do see the kid get actual, the chest Burster certainly do. And I was like, man, Christmas, come early. And then they like they, they attack people that live in the sewer. Yes, because remember this takes place in the United States and reap nuts. We love it. Listen, how else are we going to produce? Judd's, dude, you feed people living in the sewer. I think this, this is a perfect place, beacon pizza pizza already in the movie. We're in the sewer. Let's bring in the ninja turtles. You know why. They could speak and and enunciate what their goals are because I have no idea what this predator is doing. This movie, no idea, no clue will. His whole thing is like he's going to hunt down the guys who killed the Tuesday, got a wet. A win that you got away Jennifer Gardner. I'm sorry, he's too subtle for you. Steve as his performance is more just general turtles. Turtles crank can give them a jump start on his on his fucking ship from the techno Drome jumper cables out? Yeah, eating pizza. We're we're, we're karate kick and things. It's all there. All of this would be great because you think about this when we have a lot of versus sing going on with the fight scenes in this movie are weird because it's just do things go on like. Exactly. Well, both the predator and the aliens would slaughter the teenage mutant ninja turtles and eat splinter of its Leonardo's. Like I feel like they would go all it would be like Donatello does machines, dude. I mean, he might configure some though. No, this acid is burning through my throat. Like actual turtle soup is what's going to happen because he'll do shredder would like join up with Zeno morphs or the tonight sausalito drying Lord equal. That'd be awesome. Communicate with. They are also from mansion. Right. Makes sense. Zeno morphs with every someone in that in this crossover thinking, they're in good with visine amorphous, and the predators is like that line in Jason x where that professor is like, it's okay, just wants his machete bag. And then like the offers are absent Schroeder stand-down, look, the flash cards are working. Oh, they're not working. The the predator does come down to investigate this crime. I think because I don't know. Is he a cop? Is he. He's out of retirement. Eastwood predator. Wants to contain the aliens. Neal is it's a whole. At the beginning that whole predator ship is wiped out. Yes. So I think maybe it's a thing where maybe he used to be a crew member their baby. Oh shit. Maybe he's like Gary Sinise and Apollo. Thirteen of get to go on the mission because they he Ed fucking whatever. That's. I don't get a bread exactly. Do only go rescue them. I watched that couple of weeks ago by the way. Excellent. Hangover movie politics. Oh yeah. It's like four hours on Vuk in tean and you're not going anywhere and. And so he's investigating doing this this weird thing. And I don't know what this is. He has these blue vials of like acid or whatever. This is new predator tech that erase. He's like tampering with evidence, I guess. Do you gotta call Mr.? Wolfman is he's going to totally erase the whole scene, just clean it right up. I just, yeah, I don't know. It's it is incensed like something. It's like Mark Furman redder. Still Eric's joked. Oh, yeah. No, no spacing out for a second. Predators is like throwing gloves all over the ground. Yeah. Like, oh, this HUD drugs, auto. Hundred kid wasn't killed by a alien. No, it was a professional athlete. Yes, yes, I am. I'm also a good predator, but I'm racist against white people because I'm setting up Peyton Manning AVP VP, dude, AVP MVP. From there. Alibi. I was on a flight to Chicago, no. Mob brother had moving. So, yeah, he's he's racing evidence that I don't know why is is not gonna be any investigations, a man in black, like the idea that we're trying to keep it away from, like I think human, the prime directive. We can't. We can't fuck with that humans because you know they're not ready to know this shit. So just get rid of the evidence years way. But under. I need. You know what? Like we're on the predator planet. He gets this call. He, he needs to go to the high council of predators and like there's subtitles. It's five minutes of sometimes it's stupid as hell, but at least I can go. How about this? How about this? He is explicitly told by the predator high council. He is not to go to earth and try to fix this. Then this predator. He fucking steals a spacecraft. Yes, right. And all of a sudden it's all waiters. Who authorized opening cargo bay seven at the dude, fuck and drives it through the door with sunglasses down to worry about is it would consider. Yes, only os. To the dangerous? Yes. That predator is not authorized for a fly by why exactly if this, right and Jackson body armor can't cash. If this movie just had the guts to just be a little fun. Humor. You can have shit like that and listen, here's the thing. Everybody would eat that up if a predator drove through fucking cargo bay doors, stealing spaceship while danger zone play. Highway to the will be awesome. Is smoking a cigarette. The answer to all those questions would just be why not or or make it like the group of brothers like it was the first predator was his older brother. And he's coming back and I would love to the printer high council. You could see like what older predator looks like fat predator. Yeah. Just like in Star Trek. Six. When the Klingon high council committee condemns Kirk to death hanging with like a cube gavel. I was going to say this, why always appreciated seeing things like the Klingon high council because they always had old ones, fat ones. All right. There. Vulcan's because they're too disciplined but affect Clinton everything every science fiction shit. You know, none of old ones and fat ones because when I as a regular human walk around, I see nothing but old ones and fat exact. They're everywhere. Don't tell me they're not out there. So add to the body count of this cast by introducing a war veteran. Oh, right. What in the world. Her beleaguered husband played by Sam Trammell from true blood, and they have a daughter, and this is when we were getting really tired of the war in Iraq. Eleven years ago. Remember that this war is going on way too long, and it was eleven years ago. Yeah, that's interesting. Yeah, it's the longest war in our history. Well, it turned out to cheat and even know it, but she left the Middle East to come home to find war had followed her. They're not count, alien betters do not. That's really more law enforcement issue. She came home to find her town gets nuked by the government. At the end of this movie. We do back on the ship really quickly like he, he kills some alliens he'd he, he makes them go with this blue, go away juice. And then he does do the self destructing to self-destructing. I feel like it's set up in the first movie. It feels like the only way to activate it is with a sick predator laugh. Like that's like the vocal command code. Like you do that. You do the bleep loops. You do have triangle half triangle. But wait, that doesn't commit suicide, though he does. He sets it off and he runs and then he jumps. And then to my surprise, not a regular explosion, this is my friends an implosion which is like holy shit. They have implosion technology. If I had implosion technology, they would call me the implosion guys. I'd be doing it. Fucking predators anymore. I would make it so that everyone knows them across the galaxies implosion ocean Nader's. But wouldn't you want to be like the imploded then? Yes, imploded that's better. You can make a killing. It may be relevant now, but like twenty years ago you go to Vegas and implode all those old. Casino your of great, right? Yes. I mean, like this woman the that it's just like we see that her daughter doesn't know her and like, you know what I mean, like it's yeah, she's favoring the the father. I thought I like they really go heavy on it though because I thought like it was a step family situation when she comes back. Do you have a step? How are you grown human with stepfamily. But like I. Look at the at the thing? Yeah, the night vision goggles and she's like, you got these for me. And I was like, that's like something you like like when you're back from business, just felt really back from business or war business. But it's a, it's a level of family drama and like characterization. I don't need immovably that as far as I remember is titled alien vs predator colon requiem keep that shit out of there. I just want to these skeletons walking around getting killed by aliens. It's also not like they have like a big moment where the like talking or anything. It's them running for their fucking lives for most of the fuck and movie. But it's just it's so obnoxious that she's getting a home from war. You know what I mean? Like we're putting a stamp on like when this is taking place in a way that like this movie doesn't need to do. This stamp is the last twenty years. All right. It's a big swath. They knew that at the the, what do you call there? So the John Ortiz's investigating what happened because now the hunter and the kid are reported missing the whitest freaking out. She comes to the local diner. I gotta tell you this place. I would love to all you kidding me out because you know what I think it is a grand slam. It's a exactly because it's clearly like a bar that has bar food like lunch until dinner, but you go in there early, they'll give you coffee and some grease -ly ass eggs. Don't even worry about it. Sounds like breakfast at a bar. Absolutely. I did that when last time we were in Portland, my wife and I found a bar that serve breakfast eve was there. Oh, yeah, police, holy shit. If you didn't tell AVB. Andrew versus breathless. Joe, I would bucket knows dude, Pichit Fitchet. Produces in the room, you're going around, you're eating breakfast and people are fighting, you did and then we call, there's a bonus show that you guys could host a talkback show and it's called AVB requiem at. It's me calling in from the bathroom. I see. Yeah, like what's the, what's that situation? Is there are there nuggets or is it fucking liquid. Right? Yeah. Yeah, you're Charles again the last time I got fooled by those in Chicago, just a few months back. So yes, John not ghost to the woods. He there's a search party kind of thing. We're looking for where these people are the the predator by the way is so he's doing all this stuff. He, he's doctoring all this evidence left and right. He runs afoul of this cop that sees, oh shit. I can't go down for this yet. God, it's houses dude, and he for some reason he doesn't. He's got some weird rules. I don't understand. Like if you kills a an alien or is trying to get rid of a predator, that's fun. But if he kills a human, he has to skin it. Established in the other films. Steph's point. He's not doing it to Zeno Moore's and Steve. I think I got an answer lined up. Okay. Skinning a human being fairly easy. Sure. I think the move though, like looking predator and look at Zeno morph man, that's like trying to take part of lobster. You're going to be there all day. Get those shells off. Like that's what it is a human. It's quickly pull it off hanging from a tree down master chef what your challenges is to skin a predator. It's very, really quickly extra shopping hubs. All right. Go thorax. Yes, very clean cuts. Right, Jamie. Let's see what you've all damn. Ruined the cut, the fillet, the flav predator. This is the most expensive beat you can have. It's an alien from space. What did I tell you? Stupid motherfucker. You cut around the acid sack round. Rounding, why am I in in this business? Could be on AVB God. He could be yelling at you as you're eating. Why are you doing this dip the toast of the yolk? You fucking idiot. Sounds like a pretty good move. Ooh, damn data's my favorite thing on those shows. He tastes on these damn. Damn is always bad. Yes, it wouldn't be tab. That's good capable. It's a little at the done. Oh. Now you're talking about and he's like being polite to like other. Ono master chef, it'll it'll be the American versions. He was like a raging asshole. Thinking of hell's kitchen. My friend. A whole different Gordon. My friends this week, it's a whole different. He's like to face to. I had to promise my parole officer. It would be a different gold. Let's give it a world. Looks like it's back to jail for me. I burnt the porta bellow and then he just he just stop. Start punching. He's punching. He'll get the Zina mov acid. Here we go. All right, predator. He did a good job. I'll just you've been cut tonight, but you could work in my kitchen time. Does he do. Are you serious. Come to be job anytime. Can I tell you the only Gordon Ramsay shit I've seen from his obnoxious empire of television shows is like when he's going into restaurants and like, oh, using bad watching nightmares. That's the probably the best of his empire. Yeah, it was literally a single episode is all I've seen this man, and it was fucking awesome. I gotta tell you it was the thing where some like disgusting, Long Island sports bar and. Gabu. I presume that this is almost every episode, but it's basically like the restaurant owner like crying and just like arteries. Over English bay. I was laugh. I laugh of it, but it was awesome too because the entire staff hated the owner, right? So they have a meeting one time and at the staff meeting, all these people are like, listen, Randy, ura, fucking bag. IDEX do. That's why this restaurant is failing. And this guy had no idea. It was kind of like when they cry on undercover boss, you are bad. The fry cook predator. So yes. So there's a great line around here because you'll leave. You mentioned we're getting this the search on for the people. Yes, there's a thing where like it gets the end of the night and John Heyman listen, it's two AM. We're gonna call it a night. We'll get back to it in the morning. And this guy is like we're not stopping and he's like, oh, it's late at night, like, and this guy goes, you know, around here, we take care of our own sheriff. Oh, right. Just like Jesus. Just go to bed lived here for two decades up third generation. This town, Earl, you're only second Huck you. Yeah, it's very pointed round here where you think I live mother fucker. He's like, you know what? Sheriff, what's that? Ortiz? Oh, I get it. I'll be over here. Taking care of our own for some reason Ricky and his brother have a Christian contest in this like a bad one act play record happened, man. What happened to you? Rikki. Oh this where he comes into the house and like the shades are drawn. There's garbage everywhere. Ricky don't live clean and they go down to the sewer. It's a sewer level now where the kernels of Reuss stork turtle Soroush turtles. On hover boards going through and fighting aliens in that cenex oath, right? Other totally ours, Ian awards in that game, he hopes somebody got sued at Kanana for that and more get the rat king. The s the back of the head. That would be lucky for the rat king. So he I just had a thought, you know, who could totally play the rat king who who's at headed noxious guy on the Walking Dead with the moose stash. You're asking? Yeah, the character's names Abraham. Yeah, whoever that Abraham, the racking like nobody's business toll order to get me to know cast members names on. I've been watching that show in six years. I'm just saying Jeff, de Jeff Denia. Yeah, that's it. That's all I got for you. Well, that's not the guy I'm talking that guy came in late two. Yeah. Who could care. Here's where in loser territory. Norman norman. Loser's question I will ask okay today. Good, good Uzun. No more good. It sad of his beer hood. Oh. Flesh. Question dead flesh. Don't we know what the scene more to sort of, you know, cook. I think it needs more than brain activity. I think so. I thought it was like it just needed like a little north head. I would love one stillborn more for it doesn't work out right pops out. I think that's what would happen in zombie would get up and walk. This psalm be would win that such nice. So if if Zeno Moore's ever invaded you the world, I think we should orchestrate a zombie outbreak to fight it. Yeah, because if we're going to die, we might as well all die and we might as well take down with it would actually be a pretty awesome visual zombie like shuffling along and there's a dead chest Burster looking like a flaccid penis just hanging out of its jets and he's just walking down the street. I was still pleasantly surprised seeing how this movie picks up at the end of the last one because that chest Burster is my favorite in all of these movies because he's the one that looks at the camera. Hello, baby on Iraq. Literally space ball's actually, literally space. And so they go down to the sewer. They do meet up some of what some of these Bs that have the homeless zombies or. Zeno more fucked up homeless. Zeno more well, the. Well, the. Homeless people were Zeno more. Take, make short order of these homeless people down there who are probably also veterans by the way just saying, this is where that dog came in, though. One of the homeless guy's has a dog. Yes, yes. And the Zina morph gets that fucker to they're all dead. We don't see that was my question to the kid Zena more. Would that be a smaller more of me run dish? I don't think so. Yeah. I think they just need that warm body history, all kind of just need a warm body from time to time. Got lace megs. So the the browser down on the sewer looking for the keys predator finally the versus. Really fucking up aliens. This. Doc to which is pretty awesome because don't the doesn't one like have the tongue headline shoot out into the other one or something. Lot of tongue head in this movie a little too much way too much. We're kind of like that's our fallback. Like anytime we have to quickly kill somebody, it's just like a quick like right through the skull and the drought was great about this scene or this sequence is. I think this is where the predator sets up a laser net on one of the, he puts both sides laser grid. He throws one of these things into it. Yeah, it's awesome. By the way unconcerned about the acid that's going to be flying all over the place. That was the thing designed. Remember if they are affected by acid in the first one, they burn because remember any isn't and at the because at the end of the first one, remember the predator like hilariously builds himself armor out of Zeno. The acid falls down the shell and it doesn't burn. He's like Sanjay. That's because so they have to build armor to protect themselves. But in this movie right cabin, he's getting fucking facial left and right. Slaughtering them old timer. You know he was listening to the police scanner, so he's used to getting squirted in the face and stuff like he's like, hardened to it. Oh, used to it, you know? Okay. So like as you get older, if you don't get fats the it hardens into a good. So times I wipe the blood off the seat. Sometimes it's ass. Sometimes it make friends with Peter Boyle in a coffee shop. We all hang out at what do you mean? You don't like this movie come on paid for the move. I mean, it's a foreign movie. Of they escaped the sewer like, wow, what was that? And this goes to work the next day. Nope, staying home and he meets up with Jesse at work it. She's a, hey, brecca with my boyfriend, I fired him. He's like, cool. This is. Who'd look, there's some stupid thing where like she's like, you're always staring at me and math classes a clock, and she's like, what? He's like. It's because the clock is near there and I wanna see what I get out of math class, and he's like, okay, hey, move. Like, you know, man wanting, he go swimming minute night. We'll go to this pool, bubble, blah clock. They get their, she's like, she stands she. She's very smart. She stands in front of a class. Takes off her robe to show her undergarments. Yes, very desirable to the teenage mind. She's like, you look at me or you looking at the clock. Oh yeah. It is time. Sorry. No, I'm sorry. It's the clock. I, I just wanted to see you next to the using o'clock Luke, how cool that Glock looks look out. Big it is that's a cool club snake. It. It's just a really great dichotomy you and the clock. There. It's you. I really love to talk. Just say, tick. Tock, Jackie. No, no, I didn't buzzer Jesse. But this is this obviously like she gets really Skippy outfit or just just lingerie setup for like I thought up by the bullies me to fuck with this kid. This is interesting that you guys both thought that because I think there is a film. Maybe we didn't episode on it where there is, oh, wait a second. Oh, I think it's coming to be. I think it's that movie. What was the movie? We did last tackler with jeans, evils, no trick or treat, Jeff, Gordon Inc Yash tricker treat. There's a come to the pool. We'll go swimming. Yes, and the dude rolls up and a ton of people are there, and he gets humiliated in some fashion, all my God. That's another great pool humiliation, yes, hat to hat. No good one. But so she's like, you know, in skimpy lingerie, the camera loves it and the brothers. Strauss love it. And the worst part is these dudes break in the u. loser start beat. Them up. She runs for her clothes. This camera follows her. Ask for like five bucks and minutes, man. Well, you know, here's the trivia about that. It's the worst thing in the world at forty three minutes. Jesse stripping down to her underwear at the school. Swimming pool is a nod to Ripley stripping out of her uniform in the final confrontation with Zeno more of an alien 1979. No, it's just an attractive woman undergarments, the nodded, this brother Strauss collective Boehner. It's not him owners. Damn. Damn, you know, I thought this was going to be an homage to aliens turned out. It was an Amish to Boehner's. You can come work for me last hump to see av av bonus heroes coming to see this movie heroes tonight on master film, he'll be three hundred firefighters coming to see your film. Heroes too much. Bona send it back. They wanted backdraft. You gave them voted raft. I don't even know what that means. This is a Bono ruler. Bona's for decades now was given to me by my great uncle. Voter, ruler, Dow on. Here's one of my favorite scenes in this, please. Thank you. My best drive drive drive drive. They find the cop hanging from a tree and he's been filleted, I'll predator. They take him to the fuck and medical exam resolve is this is the funk embezzling ever is the, you know, you have had a horrendous debt. When you can impress the medical. This dude playing the middle. He's fucking lives over the curtain and he's like, wow. That guy. Joe, not the new sheriff and like this dude, very smartly, like you are in way over your police call the FBI immediately. No, I got it. I got it. What do you got? What? What? Literally, the guy. Did we finish the sexy swimming is out. They're beating them on, they throw him in the pool and then an alien. You have one of those kids all get in the pool. Yes, everyone they say it's a fun fall into a pool, and then a Zena more flick jumps in the water and his kind of like swimming, like Chartres love to be in water. I mean the, you know, the very aquatic. Yeah, I got that the fucking like Cohn head, you know, it helps it go faster through the water know how easily I dry out in the sun. That'd be great. Like on top of a hot rock. Oh man Zena morph jerky, dude, humanity need witness. I need moisture. Okay. Stephen. You. It's kind of great though because he's just like this. This woman Jess is like no look. And then these dudes start getting decimated by this thing. Jess and Ricky and what's Gary Dale? Dale three of them make it out. One dude get's the fuck, and he gets he gets a little tongue through the head situation is now we've got an alien and a high school which I never thought I'd see, and I didn't. I mean, they didn't have mirrors at your eyes. Zinged damn. Oh, man. Let's talk about the ending now. I mean, this is kind of go, well, more stuff happens stuff. We cut to the the army lady and her her daughter, and she's like, mom, there's a monster outside, and the dad goes up to the window. There isn't, and then a fucking alien gets them, which is awesome because this movie came out the same year that true blood started, but mind like Sam Trammell, look, he's just dude. That was on a huge HBO show. So he's getting murdered right here. And I'd seen this only once before and I was like, oh, fuck what? A move, killing Sam. He's, he's. Also, you know he's fucking done for because there's a scene in a diner earlier where pass quail and the the veteran, the soldier. Like they like trade flirty glance, so right, and they're like, oh, are you? Okay, right. Kevin, we are all we are already setting up the bucket replacement husband slash father, don't even worry about money back to the diner really quick. The waitress one of the waitress is like the the wife of the guy who gets killed in the woods that she's very upset and she's waiting for sister to pick her up, and she has nice seen this shorter to cook is a well bick. We can always have your at our house. Oh, it's a nice scene. Like, you know, this guy's dead. He goes into the kitchen here. And she goes in there and she doesn't see anything. And then what follows her through a saloon door, which is a first for all of the alien franchise. Zero more opens a saloon Doria much like a cowboy didn't in Moses in the same way. It's tremendous. It is the why I recommend this movie Xena or fuses saloon door. And then this is also we there's a little bit of drastic parking happing happening right here because the Zina more like gets right down like next to this woman's phase doing like alien actually because it has the special ability which is not described or anything where it uses its mouth tongue to inside this lady's mouth and can impregnate her. Viscerally, if you're totally right, Steve MRs where I almost threw up because you see. And it's like they have the effective like the woman's throat like moving. And I was just like gag. Mount stuff was. I mean, it's very much like Tom and Jerry when he eats a piece of cheese and his whole body turns into a triangle, it's just it's very grows. So like she's pregnant and the parents of the predator Lian can one of its many special abilities. It can get a couple of aliens per body, which is interesting. Yes, yes. But at first I was like hydra aliens. Yeah. That was what was going on to three more. I thought that was happy. I was really headed more going through a saloon door with three cowboy hats. It's too much money can't do it. No, I need it. It's the dream. Listen, you wanna to Xena Marseille. Agley give that to you, but three man, you're Justin sane through a what? A loon Dr. Steve, having a midnight conversation with the ghost of Louis b, Mayer. It can happen. I can get the money. Put it all together, whatever. So the alien go to the hospital for some reason. Well, I, the power plant sequence which takes awhile. This is great because somehow the predator is aware of like, okay, if I knock out all the lights in this town. Yeah, it'll be some sort of fight or whatever. So like he fucks up this power station, and what's awesome is it's kind of like the predator versus the natural. All these lights are shooting down in slow motion to the predators, like fuck, yeah, firing that he does up. This movie is a dumb fucking b.'s Sifi Harvey, but that shot of like sparks lights falling around the predator. That's a pretty good shot. We don't know his backstory who could be retired baseball player, predator baseball. That's full contact. That'd be great to see. Right. Like what does that ball like? What does that look like? It must be a smaller animal. There's a bunch of spikes on it to somehow. Yeah, it's like, you know what? They play with the little spiky thing from Mario little spiky turtle. Yeah. Oh, never. I'll never play the game after my dad was into white socks. Oh, fuck due to predator. Steve. How about this? You enjoyed the prevail in coming through saloon door. Okay. How 'bout a million coming through cornfield. Oh, that's exciting, right? He walks out with shoeless Joe Jackson, right next to. It's just it's this pile of skinned bodies. He's like, why didn't you tell me to. Dude, I would love it. Right. So then like Kevin Costner's daughter falls off the bleachers and starts choking on that hot dog and the predator like walks over. Right. And then like he walks through the alien rather walks through and he like becomes like an old man. Right? And he just looks at the little girl just fucking tongue. Murder and Kevin Costner like Bilton underground pyramid? Yes. And the movie is called field of screams. Costner might do that. He's, he's on the downturn these days. He's got some show on the paramount. Oh, yeah. Awful. Is cowboy. I'm getting so old when I saw the. Eirik long Meyer. I don't need another one. I don't want you already have long Meyer Mike. I happen is a good. It's pretty good Starbucks on that, right? Yeah. Are you whittling chair while you watch that show or has I am wittling pipe, excuse. There's one of two ways is right. There's one of two ways to watch that show you're either wittling would or your fucking tanning leather while watching longmire. Well, some of you listen to some of you watch goofy Rambo cartoons while you drink water. Some of some of us drink lots old fucking Cowboys. Show. I'll whittle would as soon as I can pull the TV out onto the porch. How dare you mock what I do for entertainment my own home Kevin. So then we kind of go to the hospital. There's a lot of setup, weird hospital stuff, the fuck it, predator Elliott is walking around to refer little while. Yeah, I was waiting for that because listen, that's the thing, dude, all bets are off. You kill that kid at the beginning. I was like, come on newborn nursery, let's do. That's what I thought like in the back of my mind like this is a really good movie. If the idea is that like we're going to kill out there young population. Oh yeah. Like we're going to kill all over with. That's way too much. No, no, no way too much think. I don't know. This is a smart monster, whatever the fucking, but I will say all these little children shown in this scene little babies, dozens of them in this room. Yeah, do die at the end of the film when this is new. Yeah, that's the thing we should mention. Right? Steve says they get to the hospital, half of the cast does. There's a thing where they're like, okay, the only way out of the town is by helicopter. One helicopter is too far on the other side of town will never make it. The other helicopter is on the roof at the hospital, so they say, like, all right, we're going to go there. But John Ortiz and a couple of his other buddies are like, no, we're, we gotta go to the center of town. John Ortiz's Ben on the horn with the army. They're sending in backup. We just have to get to the center of town like the general told us the US government's never lied to anybody, which is a joke in the script. Yeah. So they split off and it's like Steven pass cow, Ricky Jess, rickety, cricket. And then like the the soldier, mother and daughter all go in a tank to the hospital and John Ortiz. A couple motherfuckers getting a truck at good hunter's wife, hunter's widow. I just want to clearly mentioned right before this. They're in a sporting goods store right face gets melted by. You're in this bully just fucking just melts really satisfy. It's what you want to happen to every bully. It's when I'm, I imagining this is missing the cut edition, but I don't know. Yeah, probably particularly brutal because it looked like I was going to get another fucking tongue kill. And I was like, no, don't you fuck in der. And then like the predator shootings him in the head. And then the alien the Guba comes? Yes, the goop comes pretty great. So yes, holies faces melted down. Also, who are these like two stones that run the store because the weird thing about this movie for the most part, it is towards the end it gets a little more indiscriminate. But you know who dies who's not gonna. Sure. Take a look at these two party animals exactly to party animals like, hey, are you stone like, yes, you're already dead. I'm not agreeing with you because there was one death. I was shocked by it happens at the end. Yes, yes. For the most part like, oh, these are the can't get it would rickety cricket gets in the thing. You know, he's not gonna make, oh cricket. Just looking them. He is anti making it too and credit. If you didn't know already just because you saw the numbers, like he says, like we have to protect the person who knows how to fly the helicopter. What is tied Cannock women. I that sex. Yeah, it was like that dude's not long for this world. So we get to the hospital by the way. The other thing is this general that John Ortiz is talking to you on the horn is clearly crooked and he's clearly gonna bomb this fucking town. We keep cutting the shots of like this general looking at blast radius apps and it's like, you know this much of the town. It's immediate destruction. This much town will burn this much of the town's going to have shit like flung at it from the explosion and thus will also be destroyed. And again, the general is played by Robert joy who by the way is nobody. I Meyer senior. He does look like a haggard, Seth Meyers, this guy, they wanted to add them Baldwin and Adam Baldwin said no internet toilets at no dude. When when the fucking internet toilet flushes you? That's a problem. I mean, that's a real problem. Let me ask you. Some producer could cause you show thing where there's a gay bar right before the nuke. If you could do that, I am in for this movie. I'm your Colonel. They really wanted like reprises role from new. Oh, I thought they wanted to reprise his role as animal mother. He secretly was not. Every movie he's in. He reprises role. I would say it'd be awesome if it was Carla weathers you don't actually see Diane parody arms get cut off. He's got no art robot arms to both get cut off. Just the one consult the Blu Ray tonight after you guys get the hell outta here, but you don't necessarily see him actually. That's true. Oh, fuck dude. Carl weathers with to like Jack's arms to lick robotic metallic arms, they'll be amazing. It would be some get Bill Duke with a hologram head. Oh my God, stealing from tank girl, though. Thanks how make the nuke, the ticking clock, make it known and then have like the government sending this one guy who dealt with them before you know, of its Dutch. It's Carl weathers. So just send me a beefcake. You're totally right over issued beef. How in any of these movies have we not had a reprisal of any of those because they offered no money at the, I guess so. But like, man, I feel like around that time though, Arnold had like, was he still governor news up until two thousand ten or was he okay. So I guess it was out of the question. Danny Glover will do fucking fit for I mean, ever was in contention, but I think probably money fell through or something like that. He needed that saw move you probably for nothing. That's true, right? I mean, so was Royal Tenenbaums. Oh. Yeah, yeah. Start of forever war. And. So, yeah, the they're in the hospital record get gets like mauled by a bunch of aliens pretty violently. It's not half bad, and this is the the kill that Chris was shocked by Zola's. I, I go. We're going on a corridor. It's it's the people who are left are Kelly who's the mom, the girl, Jess, Jess? Jesse, that it's the little girl, the little girl, her daughter, Kelly, her daughter, Jeff's who's the love interest for Ricky Ricky and the other guy, whatever his name is, and you're like, okay, I see what this is kind of this is our last cast and at a newer, this fucking thing comes and impales. Jess right now, it's pretty amazing. It's violent, it's really weird and it comes out of nowhere and like this. No. Because I was certain like they're making a and they're like the next generation of on probably Dow's is gonna, fuck and diets. We do have to say, Dallas sucks. You can't say Dallas such a stupid name. Is anyone out there name Dallas for being named down? No. I mean, it's a billion. Alien. Tom Scherz. Yes, you totally right. That fucking stinks. That, yeah, that fucking really stinks movie. Don't make me here, Dallas nonstop, and also your does the character that's built up to be cool ex-con kind of coming back to. Pass Dallas, Dallas. He's filled with references on top of him being named after scare it. Oh, totally says, when they're in the hospital, he says, we have to get to the chopper he yells get to the top when they're when they're on top. And Ricky when he's going to sacrifice himself, he says, get to the, it's exactly like the fucking. It's an unforgivable character, and I understand now why people don't like this film and he gets the predator gun and he's just using it. It's like, right. Well, I know how to use a predator. No, that you can't. It's like the side Ken and that falls off of Mr. Wolf. Harvey drops is predator called the wolf was because fiction really come. No. Now, listen here. Everybody you can't just be making shit up on. I'm putting it down his trivia, that's where is the site fucking sources. You get into a little bits of skull and brain out, and you're going to wash wash. Got a clean it all not enough. Predators taken trophies in this movie. Yeah, aerosol the fucking skull, clean human pelts. I guess my theory with that is this dude is like, oh, we're fucking alien outbreak. You our fucking seven thousand of those skulls at home. Then it gets down to earth and he's never fucking killed. The guy before. Fucking bring one health back. So I could fuck and turn it into leather while I'm watching longmire. The Frederick version of long mile. Oh, predator Cowboys. Horrible, al-qaeda. Kicked up. I'm never going to cook a baby. Again, don't the predators and predator to get like Ruben blatas like, don't they get his fucking skull. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. The cook and babies human human me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Question. I don't know if anyone knows because like humans are supposed to be like pork, so that means like you can't do like medium rare, right? You gotta do like all the way through to. I don't think you on that. Okay. You do other skin to be crispy this, you want to leave it right on the right on the put the broiler on at the end. Down the most of it for like the last twenty ten if you want, if you wanna do it really right. Then you take it out. You give another like twenty mins in the oven. Five do. That's the Zambia filet de do we need to talk with the pregnant women because this is another disgusting part of this mood alien. Like, I don't know. I feel like the last thing aliens should be doing is messing with pregnant women. That thing is this too much going on in there that there's just making out with babe. Possible. I didn't mean to get you pregnant with my babies. It's just it's so disgusting. He goes into this room and there's like four pregnant women narratives like hatch. Excuse me. Could you not can't shame me guess. Happen to like more disgusting because then their bellies explode and there's all these aliens coming out of it by the time, the human characters given his room, it is, it looks like a fucking slaughterhouse. It there is a mess. They do get to the roof. Kelly knows how to fly the helicopter. She squalls like, look, everybody. I'm going to rookie sacrifice myself because I'm the white guy. I think by the way, Ricky gets like shanked by an alien tail at some point. Yes, but they totally missed the heart. Yeah. So he's like, he's like, injured n we're, you know, we're fighting. He's like blasting everybody excellently with this gun. Yeah, the predator who you think is dead, he falls elevator. Shaft comes up. The last second starts merkin more people, and now it's finally the predator alien vs predator. You know, it's the big showdown. The big showdown big fight to the death and he like throws dentals weapons. He's all right. Let's do it, babe. I love that the predators just like, fuck this. It is go time. No weapons. End of Lifa weapon laps only dude slaps only like GoldenEye slappers well, no, and and like Gary Busey fucking aliens all teeth. Well, no, you know, the thing is what have. It does start raining, isn't it? The the predator whip at one point with that predator whip dude talk about king shaming predator whips, what happens? The why the predator does sort on guns and he's ready to take his own life really is she got a message on his little armband, competitor, high consuls. We know you're on earth firm. Your your pension is now discontinued click. You pulled pulling out of here breaking through that hall. You're fucking account council, sends them like video. It's fucking ex wife and son getting executed in the town square like, well, buddy. You have nothing left to live for now. That's crazy. One last go. Dish. Well, killed a sting. I'm kind of, you know, related to and save these people I could eat in ruled over. There's another bullshit part around here. Stephen squall takes out the last alien. This fight happens and he has a fuck you and shoots it in the head. But this is another case of this thing's head explodes. Where is the acid all over this? Absolutely. We have was this doesn't remember when this came out, was it released in as like, did have an option to see it in three d? No, because this shot, like when he says, fuck you, shoots the Zeno over the head that fucking skull comes up to the camera and then like falls back a little. I was like this supposed to be three d. o.. Badly made. So as the helicopters going off the Elliott the predator like he has, he's we'll claw takes removal by this and goes right through the alien and that kills both of them kind of thing. Oh, no. And actually the same time, the predator numb a whip tale, a tale. Aliens tale goes right up through the torso of Mr.. Predator wolf, right. As the helicopter was off by the way in the middle of town square John or teases the ios that a rescue covered or what man, there's a lot of Elliot's over here. It's so the coats are by the back, the dude visit bug in general is like, yeah, sheriff were about ten minutes out. He's like, okay, good. And it's fucking awesome because they look up when this the help gets there, and it's just they see this one stealth bomber and you can see the look, John Ortiz like, oh, fuck this dude drops to fuck and missiles on this town square. That's, but you know what? That's perfect because at least now he doesn't have to hear the toll GIS os. Incinerated. So it's a great way to wrap this up and realistic. The government, the government of fucking salt. This dirt dude, it's fucking Zeno morphs. Yes, you bet. I, I hope I vote for people because they will looking nuke town festival, no more. It's like the town. The dream catcher? Yes. So did he's too hard decisions? I'm sorry, look, look. This cannot come to me. Are we sure this isn't a Godzilla situation where the fucking nuke is going to give more powers to the alien. Look. We're not talking nukes cabin. We're just talking to couple of bombs drought that shit down. It looks like are they new house? Damn mean if it's an alien fucking epidemic? Yeah, you nuke you, but you wouldn't need to do that man. These things can be shot with guns, but we're America big, go big baby. Just one a bomb can't hurt anyway. So they because of the nuclear fallout they crash. They get picked up by the military, the military steals, they steal his gun. He's predator gone. Steven pass well had the predator. Here's a good hawk that shit on EBay, retirement fund, dude. Yeah. You have six days to bid on this alien firearm waiting for a twist or the military guns them down? Yes. Yeah, I had a bunch of insurance at all burned up actually had three houses come from jail. I did not come into. So the stinger here's really stupid stupid as fuck. It's Robert joy is this general who is like three lines and like he goes up to this woman who of the three lines are we'll be there in ten minutes, the pizza tracker. He goes up to this lady and he's like, here's the gun miss you Tani. WALE in Utah ni the company from alien franchise like, fuck and fuck you. Dude, we've never see is the only mention of you Tani and they even permit us. It's Alwaleed. Yeah. Obviously this has nothing to do permeate the it's clearly, but I mean like like you, right? It's a stupid thing to shoe horn in also because like it doesn't win. We alien. It's not like they have like Tom scare. It's not walking around with the fucking predator blister tub. Scared dressed of the predators. Thank goodness alien vs predator happened now I can. I can take make sure we're these aliens that fucking characters is walking down that Dallas pack of cigarettes. That's what he's army with. Maybe I can kill these aliens within nice towns vans. It's just so dumb and it's just like it's a clearly. It's a thing for the fans, and I think for the fans things are. Okay, sure. But not when they make no God damn sad. It makes us it's because the actually the last line is like, well, she's like, oh yeah, these things don't belong on this world. And then he goes, well, I guess they're not weighed for this world. Are they miss you Tani like, what are you even setting up? We're going movie that's going to be called space guns. Yeah, one for space. Hopefully go see space guns, you know yet one adult and one child disease based guy. I didn't see two guns still haven't. No, you don't. That's a Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. Oh, what was I thinking of with Ryan Philippian benishi away of pardon me, I will see. I did see. We'll see. No, I did see. Oh, it's okay. It's Christopher mcquarry. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, shed shit, bro. It's okay. Oh, is this the sequel the way the gun. Yeah, market is opened it up, play in Ryan, Philip pays carry. It looks like that pro works out dude, ironically enough, you say that you know who plays shooter in the USA series is Philip. Gavin. Oh, wait. No. You mean Mark Wahlberg movie with Danny Glover to bring it all back around the predators. Nice a little bit shoehorned, but I'll tell you we should call this show. I am funhouse should we should be failing? I have to. Funhouse fun. House. Good with my trivia. Website review works for me. And yeah, that's the end that can dumb, and it's not even a stinger. And that's like the end of the MU the proper end of this movie, I guess which also, you know what that reeks of though, that's a fucking sequel. We've talking flush the toilet at the box office didn't wait. Christmas day. This is an August. Fifth, if there ever was an. That's what that is that is cocaine decision. What that is that is, let's go, pig, motherfucker going Christmas fucking movies of the year. Was this a FOX film at FOX, put this out what fucking Duke test? What a blended, of course. Fuck it, of course, is the eight them alive. I mean, not rightfully but Christ one. Vying for an alien movie that makes no fucking sin. Now that you're saying that it's all rushing back to me and I remember ten years ago making fun of that decision. Fuck that's the movie that would anybody recommend it? Yeah, it's a lot of fun. A lot of cool debts. No characters to speak of that really matters. I would like some like interesting screen presences to bounce some of these fucking cool debts off of even Tom Atkins for Christ's sake paid do it. He would get the job done. But yeah, it's recommend for me. Yeah, light recommend. I could see this potentially being a hangover movie. Sure. If you're, yeah, it's a little loud. They do get the booms when they're coming in base, but other than that, I, I mean, yeah, toll recommended. I do think it's fun. I think it improves upon the original. I've got it by the way. I think this is it totally, right. This is better than AVP. We don't have someone trying to romance. One of these creatures. And it's not boring. Those the best crime baby p one for me is I found it pretty boring, and this is kinda nonstop insanity. Yes, it's too dark. I've read your comments. The film is very, very. But I, but it's I had a fun time watching it. So yeah, it's a fucking two hundred percent recommend for me, man. I saw this movie a few years ago. Unlike are off time. We played a show in Chicago, and there was some off time, and I just got a screening of this in and I was having fun balls that right after AVB. Probably was tell you the truth. Yeah, we're eating at the golden apple diner back. Surprised you didn't go Christmas day. Union dad. Did you did you that this Christmas. Christmas. Turkey's in that thing I would also I would say that this is a hangover movie. Why love it is it's just a slasher movie fucking alien Glebe clubs doing the killing like you put in Jason voorhees. It's just a fucking slasher. It's actually not really true to either franchise were the first ones trying to do both the same time, but adventure movie. This is just to your point slasher movie. It's not trying to do either. You know, I honestly think it would be a good hangover because you don't have to pay attention to Diddley ding-dong dick dude, there is nothing going on in his movie except cool kills and splendens and fucking prayed tech. I want more that predator home world, though that is a huge problem for me. I had a big like did you show me that? And it's like, oh, and then nothing happens in that a predator. Or you know, Netflix says a lot more invisible money. Whereas men that is a VP Allen's versus predator. Colon requiem directed by zebras trousers Colin at Greg, if you want more we, hey, movies, WHM podcast dot com. You can find over on the head gum network also. And for more content patriot dot com. Slash we hate movies. We gotta fucking Rokkas ready player. One episode Gillan this month, Star Trek shows animation damn nation. We're talking droid, Star Wars, colon droids, which is turns out to be a fantastic tune. So there's going to be an episode on that, and that's that. That's how our Star Trek show the nexus this month. We're talking about a taste of Armageddon for t. s. and we'll always have Paris for TNG shit. Oh, shit, romantic sexy episode. Finally, I get fucking Lehto most take this uniform off. Steve Zadek. What are we talking about for next week on the program? We're doing the remake of the stepford wives. Ooh, yeah. Four wherein walk in county. Right. Matthew Broderick, trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. So until next week with the stepford wives remake, I'm Andrew Stevens Zantac Chris, Kevin, Eric, Cisco, take it easy. That was a hit them put cast.

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