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"mr. rogers dr whitby" Discussed on Newsradio 830 WCCO

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"mr. rogers dr whitby" Discussed on Newsradio 830 WCCO

"Well she must be talking about the long awaited. Summit between administrator Trump and Mr. Rogers Dr Whitby doctor what he does Dr loose. Colonies here top one hundred eight the summit is? She in, a. Good at this you kidding Helen she's. Won several animals for. Her work Don't you mean these no I don't That must be? A, rush down Doctor Dr Whitby the summit between the doctor administrator and. Mister Rogers is about, the star so Dr administrator. Rump let me start with you All right Great, question is. Thank you we're asking such a. Great question I haven't actually asked one yet That I believe I asked for and I also requested this a long time, ago between me and Mr. Rogers people said that, people told me, it couldn't happen not a people but it. Did like so many of you I have seen the. Fantastic documentary about mister Rogers show I'm going to seek out his guidance and. Why this summit it's very simple I. Wanna be more like mister Rogers Dr Whitney Dr not now intern there's a. Guy in here there's a guy and he r who. Swallowed some money what should we do keep an eye on them and let. Me know if you see any change Okay okay are? We done with the interns interruption every ten minutes on the eights ladies gentlemen Okay ladies, and gentlemen you're. Looking live in, the shadow, of the big slide here at the Minnesota state fair satellite clinic. The. Big. Slide of course Representative of what is happening to this very episode of Minnesota hospital We want to welcome everyone joining us for this summit whether. You're watching listening, or yelling, at your Alexa since she can't seem to find three zero anymore Mr. Rogers, do you have an opening statement I sure did It's Day in the, neighborhood a beautiful day for a good. Neighbor won't you be? Mine Well she'll be Mike good. Neighbor high radio neighbors I'm glad we could, be together again We can try that some other time Mr. Rogers can we. Try one more time I get neighbors I'm glad That's. Good enough Now mister Rogers why appear? For this sans You mean summit No I don't You know I'm humble. To be, here dagger. Administrator your response? What's, humbled me We only, have so. Much time admitted But. It works either way what's humbled me We only have so. Much time anyway Question for Mr. Rogers is for advice it how I, could be a better leader Mr. Rogers any advice on being, a better. Leader for Dr administrator Trump stop tweeting Oh it was a beautiful day in, the, neighborhood Could you be mine? Would, you be my thanks for being good neighbours hey can? You, say tater tot hot dish on a stick I knew you could Wait a? Minute what, is it Chaplin said What is it? Chaplin said Four Showing Mr. rump Mr., Roger you boost will get it for, sure.

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