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"mr. quake whitehead" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

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"mr. quake whitehead" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"The travel and entertainment guys here to make you smarter. Tornado warnings all over the place and racy weather. You know, that's really nice of those guys to come down on a Sunday. Sit brought his family with him that was kind of neat and into it it shows. But you know, what it shows why they're having less trouble too in Sacramento because like you said it's about leadership. And so these guys are down here on a Sunday taking advantage of an opportunity to go on the air and tell everybody that they're you know, how things are going and stuff like that. And so that that's that's one of the reasons they're not having a problem is because they're taking their on top of it, and they're real proud of their workforce. Well, and I'm proud of the fact that there that people around the community are stepping up and are helping out a little bit. So that's a great thing. Mr. quake Whitehead is joined us in the studio now and you saw come from away. Also, I did about two weeks ago. Yeah. So what did you think it was one of the most? Dominique and extraordinary pieces of theater I've ever seen doesn't it. Make you wanna go to Newfoundland and meet those levels -solutely. Absolutely. Just. It was just a hundred minutes of nonstop surprises. I mean, it's a funny story because you know, how it starts, and you know, how it end. Yeah. But you don't know anything in between. And it was it was heartwarming and happy and sad. And. It was everything you want. But no intermission. So don't drink a lot of Kokubo before you sit down, and it will be I believe, and we talked to Richard Lewis is coming up next. And I was talking to Richard earlier this week about the schedule for next year. And he says it's already intact. And I was trying to get some getting to drop names or something any wouldn't yesterday word is a way as twenty season, which is going to happen in memorial auditorium downtown. They're about to redo the community center theater. The word is that deer. Evan Hansen and come from away or part of the new season. Well, and come from way has a very minimalist set. So it strikes me that that would go. Well, for the across the street thing where they may not have as many, you know, special tricks and stuff that they can do with the state, so a simpler stage although yesterday in San Francisco, I was telling Tom the turntable broke down that they were working on about twenty minutes before the end of the show. And anyways, they did a great job. We had a great time Clayton you are headed out on a cruise in Australia, which is what seventeen eighteen days. Good day mate. Yeah. I've been practicing that is that the eighteen days that include the the ten days it takes to get there and get back actually, it's only fifteen hours out of. Yeah, we fly down and change planes there. And we'll be down there. Almost three weeks a four day LAX three weeks. No, hopefully, not nearly three weeks. We'll be in Sydney for four days to kind of get our feet as they say and acclimate to the time zone. And then we'll begin a cruise that has a few ports on the coast to in Tasmania. And then most of its focus is on the west coast of. So it's. Fifteen hours you said from Los Angeles, fifteen hours. Okay. And you despite your your your status in United and anybody that you know, and stuff, you're you're you're back in the great unwashed section. I'm guessing I hope to be at the front of the great unwashed ic- so economy, plus sodomy fuss. But so you've got those few extra precious inches of of of legroom. But still it's a long flight. It's too full body rotations. I mean, you know, I consider eight hours to kind of be up you get up. You've got your morning and your afternoon, and then your evening and your night, and then you sleep for then you start over what are you doing to prepare for the flight? And what are you taking with you on the flight to help you get through fifteen hours? Well, I'm not. As I used to be. I'm fifty five. Now, I will confess I have invested in compression, stockings and compression shorts that I'll be wearing shorts for a while. This'll be my first time with stockings. We'll see.

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