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"mr. permi" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"The live at are. Ready combated motion to the far side. Book gives inside though, he keeps it himself across the twenty two fifteen. Store down the sideline into the end zone. Notre, Dan he and book even fooled Mr. permi- stir on that call thirty one to twenty one Notre Dame wins books. Now, six hours the starter. Three hundred forty three yards passing chase Klay pool had eight receptions for one hundred thirty yards. Hey, I'm telling you this. This is really looking good for Notre Dame. They've got a very very workable scheduled to get them into the college football playoff number five. Michigan trying to make a statement taking on number fourteen. Penn state. Can we all agree? Penn. State doesn't deserve to be in the top twenty five. Maybe we didn't know it before the game. I did. But now, you know it. Here's Jim Brandstatter on the Michigan IMG sports network. Tommy Stevens taken over trace McSorley, go straight back to throw looking. Now. He's going to bail out run. Now. He's gonna throw any throws an intersection Michigan's got the pick. Twenty. Jackson. Watson Michigan dominates now. Three loss. Penn State team. And after the game chase winner, which says there's no debate who the best team in the big ten is for the team to beat in the big ten. It's on a controversial statement. I just I think that's a fact at this point. And so we're going to get every everybody's best than. We welcome that. Because they're going to get our Stu I love that answer kid that is a great answer respectful and truthful Michigan wins forty two two seven shape. Patterson eleven of seventeen for one hundred and forty four yards two touchdown passes. Michigan's defense holding Penn State to one hundred and eighty six yards forced three turnovers. Unbelievable wolverines getting ready for Ohio State by playing Rutgers in Indiana. Big ten football the excitement catch it number six Georgia. At Kentucky for the SEC east championship on the line winner goes to Atlanta right down the street from my studios. I have a feeling you're going to know who won. Here's Scott Howard. And the Georgia BULLDOGS sports network. Second.

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