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"mr. michael moore" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"Com Studio. He insulted all police officers. Could tell you what my my daughter called me. My granddaughter called me, she said pop. Calls me pop. You know, she goes to university, Pennsylvania. Ivy League school. She's a senior. I said she went home in Pennsylvania. I mentioned that Call me if the debt Yeah. Oh, what would happen if they've been black? This isn't fair. They should be beating up white people that when they beat up black people So I said to my granddaughter. I'm gonna encourage the police start beating up white people more. I mean, honestly. Do you remember? Mr Michael Moore. Well after 9 11. Michael Moore gave a lot of speeches where he talked about How bad America is and so forth. And a woman wrote a column who attended one of his Lectures. I believe it was in the UK from that mistaken And he said something to the effect of, you know. If there are more black men on those planes on 9 11. This thing would have happened differently because they would have taken any crap. I'm paraphrasing. That's the same guy Michael Moore. Who goes on the Oprah Winfrey show when she had a show. Is that the reason that so many people have guns in this country because they're afraid of black people because they're racist. Don't have giant because Ah little Frankie Little Jimmy. They have guns because of Jamal. That's what he said. Same guy. Within wrists when he's in the UK and says, Hey, I tell you what, they've been more black meat on those planes. Everything would've happened differently because those black man, we're not taking any crap, they would have been passive. Aren't you? The same guy who just now said there's an unfair stereotype of black people being inclined to be aggressive, which is why people have firearms. Is this thing on Now, all of a sudden. Where were the police? Why won't they notified? Why didn't they anticipate this all legitimate questions? Why don't you ask those questions doing all these months when you're talking about billions of dollars in damage? City after city after city, Please standing down one mayor say, Hey, we need to make sure these protestors have space to destroy you. Remember that? Space to destroy Google. It They still let you Now it's where were the police? So now because it makes Donald Trump look bad, and, by extension, Republicans look bad. Now Democrats have rediscovered the number one responsibility of government, which is to protect people in property that do we discover the income. Not to force somebody who does not want to bake a cake for a gay wedding to do so. Not for reparations. Not to fight micro aggressions. The number one responsibility of government is to protect people and property and that was not happening during the summer. What were you saying? Well, these people are mostly mostly peaceful there, you know, who said that? The Peaceful protesters have to be quiet and People who said that You gave Excuse after excuse after Excuse Oh, my God. These trump voters. They're they're They're violent that that As I said, I watch a lot of CNN image and B he HASA you don't have to. And the day before this protest. Nobody was saying, Watch out. I sure hope both capital beliefs and those metro police make sure they eat their Wheaties because it's going to be violent tomorrow. Nobody was saying that Not the most staunch Trump hated was saying that So you had a stereotype, didn't you? Trump hated We're gonna be largely peaceful. Lanny Davis was a long time is a long time. Clinton lawyer Remember when Joe Lieberman was running for re election. Netiquette. He was defeated in the primary by somebody. He decided to run as an independent candidate because he's allowed to do so in the state. And Lanny Davis, This longtime Democrat long time supporter of Joe Lieberman decided to support Lieberman instead of the Democratic candidate who's named Let Ned Lamont he was even more left wing. And the big difference between the two of them is that Joe Lieberman supported the Iraq war in this guy, of course, did not. Lanny Davis this long time. Democrat. I mean, impeccable Democrat bonafide days, and he supported his long time friend. Joe Lieberman. And Lanny Davis wrote an op ed piece in The Wall Street Journal. And I'm paraphrasing. He said. I was shock. Fine the venom directed towards me by my former supporters. Death threats, he said. One supporter of Joe Lieberman, a lawyer had to stop supporting him because protesters threaten to protest his clients if he didn't disassociate himself from this effort for Joe Lieberman to remit to remain in office for six more years. He said. I used to think Lanny Davis did for years that my side have the moral high ground when it comes to smugness and vitriol and anger towards the other side, simply because of a of a different point of view. I no longer feel that way. I now realize my side is just as vicious. So Please don't give me this. Here's how the Republicans are. That woman approaches Joe Biden on the campaign stump. Goes into a tirade about how Donald Trump with illegitimately elected only put there because of the Russians. I didn't say squat didn't say, young lady, please. I don't like job. I don't like Donald Trump either, says Joe Biden. But come on. They're going to say the same thing about me if and when I get the nomination if and when I win. He didn't say that. He laughed. Ended on Tell her You want to be my running mate. We were all these statesmen. All these wise elders when Hillary for four years we're referring to this man as illegitimately elected. Where were you? Did you say anything? Are you upset? He knows he's illegitimately elected. I believe he knows He's an illegitimate president. Did you say anything? But now Donald Trump is undermining the integrity of our republic. Hashtag hypocrisy on steroids. I am Larry Elder. You're listening to the Larry Elder show. Stuck in Travis. We've got the answer. This'll report is sponsored by express pros dot com..

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"mr. michael moore" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

"We're waiting join next conversation. Text your comments to fifty five one hundred standard data and message rates may apply elvis duran and the morning. Show all right. Well we came up with twenty dollars. That's good let me bring it down for you. We've twenty dollars to give away with the free money phone gandhi and i. We're splitting ten dollars. Each putting in a fiber and in big money. Scary says wall doublet. Make it ten dollars. Now we've got twenty dollars is fabulous big money money jones so yeah so We're ready for the free money phone tap by the way. Let me remind you again. I want to remind you every hour. Today about elvis duran on demand. Our show is on demand for you can listen to it right now. It's in podcast for me. You can move forward past. You can bet you can go backward you anywhere you want on the show something you don't like maybe like what we're doing right now. A waste of time for some. They don't like they don't need money. So this is the chance. 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I have to use a children's ruler for such thing that like children. I like pets and you probably shouldn't leave home with your dog timer scary jones. I was reading in the morning show. And you've been in phone tapped all right guy. Jeremy did it and use the bashed yourself on the radio. Oh that creepy guy. That is crazy you know. Set it so well don't understand why these people continue to answer their phones. This is why. I haven't made a phone call since i don't know gerald ford was president scare me. I don't we don't need that in your in your life. Anyway great telemarketing. They're scary if you have an idea for phone tap. don't call us. we're not doing new ones one. One day we will all. That's the sign that we are recovered. Let's go talk to morgan from orlando online seven. Pay morgan. thank you for listening this morning. How are you morgan morgan. Earth to morgan Hallmark let's try this. Let's try morgan. Orlando and here. we go now. Hi there you are here you high mortgage and driven to work. I'm sorry never apologized for driving to work you. You're doing the heavy lifting right now. We will fit into your life Just that you drive but as you're driving let me just tell you You just one.

Jeremy twenty dollars michael oppenheimer ten dollars Ninety nine cents Today elvis duran thirty nine dollars twenty five minutes gerald ford ninety nine cents Orlando Eight hundred janelle Each michael moore fifty five today Earth morgan
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"mr. michael moore" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"W. Bush narrowly beats Al Gore in Florida. What do Democrats do? They object to the certification of the results during the very first session of Congress in 2001 share, now hands to the tellers. The certificate of the electors for president and vice president of the state of Florida. Mr President. The objection is in writing signed by a number of members of the House of Representatives, but not by a member of the Senate. Mr President, I stand for the purpose of object into the counting of the votes from the state of Florida as red. I am objecting to walk. To the idea that votes in Florida were not counted. Mr President arrive on rise on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus to object to the 25 electoral votes from Florida. It is in writing. It is signed by myself on behalf of my diverse constituents and the millions of Americans who have been distant franchise. Florida's inaccurate vote count. Now, of course, the Florida election went to the Supreme Court, which ultimately decided to stop the count. Interestingly enough 20 years ago Democrats were doing with Democrats do today, that is, they keep counting votes. They keep trying to find votes until eventually they can erase a Republican lead, while the United States Supreme Court said Nope. The count is done. There are Democrats. In fact, if you pulled, I'm willing to wager 50 to 70% don't believe that George W. Bush was a legitimate president and go back and ask him about 2004. How many Democrats still believe that voting machines in Ohio switched votes for John Kerry two votes for George W. Bush that's right for a second straight election. Democrats objected to the certification of the electoral college vote will report the objection way a member of the House of Representatives and the United States senator object to the content counting of the electoral votes of the state of Ohio. On the ground that they were not under all of the known circumstances regularly given signed Stephanie Tubbs Jones. State of Ohio, Barbara Boxer State of California. And, yes, Democrats with the signature of Senator Boxer were able to give speeches and object to the certification section today is raised because they're irregularities across this country with regard to voting. And we have a Congress have an obligation to step up to the plate and correct them. I dedicate my objection to Ohio's electoral votes to Mr Michael Moore, the producer of the documentary 9 11. We're here because not a single Election official in Ohio has given us any explanation for the massive and widespread irregularities in the state. No explanation for the machines in Mahoning County that recorded Kerry votes for Bush. Our people are dying. All over the world. Ah, lot from my stake. For what reason to bring democracy to the far corners of the world. Let's fix it here and let's do it first thing out that sounded exactly like the objections Republicans are raising today at least those who are raising objections to Dominion voting systems machines magically changing Trump votes. To bite in votes. I personally don't believe that there is sufficient evidence to make that claim. But what I can say is what I can prove, And that is that Democrats in this state and across the country changed election laws so that fraudulent ballots could and would be counted. There is ample evidence of irregularities, but now Republicans, raising the exact same objections that Democrats did in 2004 is unprecedented. It's horrible, horrific assault on American democracy. It will herald the death of the Old Republic. Not quite Especially since in 2016, representative Maxine Waters raised the exact same objection to the certification of Donald Trump's electoral college. Women Wish to ask, Is there one United States senator who will join me in this letter? No debate, no debate. Gentleman will suspend Thank you chair. The chairs previously ruled the signature from the senator's required objection cannot be received. That's right. Maxine Water is rose, even though she didn't have a senator to join her in the objection, So she was immediately gaveled down every single time Democrats lost the presidential election this century. They objected to the certification of the electoral college vote. Saying Republicans doing so today is unprecedented and awful and unconstitutional is a flat out lie. President Trump Likely to speak after this right here on the Dan O'Donnell Show. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S. Department of Veterans.

vice president Florida George W. Bush president senator Ohio Donald Trump United States Supreme Court Senator Boxer Congress House of Representatives United States Maxine Water John Kerry Stephanie Tubbs Jones Al Gore Congressional Black Caucus
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"I came across something in the last couple of weeks. During some downtime than i thought i would share for older folks that that appreciate the three personalities. I'm gonna mention. And i'll just take a moment because this is a diversion from the issues of the day but it was too much fun not to share it with you. It is frank sinatra sitting in the seats closest johnny carson and to sinatra's right Further away from. Johnny carson is don rickles and frank sinatra is bragging on don rickles and talking about that basically warning people to understand you. Think don rickles funny from his standup yeah no idea. And he's such a complete legend when you consider that. This is frank sinatra. Who is telling that this happened and what he did to sinatra. Anyway this this this was on the johnny carson show. Can i tell a story about this. Man did to me once you may have known heard about. This was true story. This is a long time ago. Long before don got married. I was eating dinner at a restaurant in new york and Sick with some friends and he came over to the table and he said frank. Do me a favor. He said i'm sitting with a very pretty girl and trying to make up. And he said i told her i know you and she really doesn't believe it. Would you stop by the table. I said all right. I've just about finished down express. And i finally went back and i walked by the table and i said how i don nice to see. See how meeting franklin on wednesday we will hear in response to senator ted cruz leadership that republicans need to let it go. Public need to let it go. It is it is for the voters and you shouldn't be objecting. Well here is. Here is some audio of democrats in two thousand and two thousand four objecting to counting votes in the electoral college. The chair now hands to the tellers. The certificate of the elect doors for president and vice president of the state of florida. Mr president objection is in writing signed by number of members of the house of representatives. But not by member of the senate mr president i stand for the purpose of the checked into the counting the vote than the state of florida as read mr president i arrive on rise on behalf of the congressional black caucus to object to the twenty five electoral votes from florida president. Thank you for your it isn't writing is signed by myself on behalf of my diverse constituents and the millions of americans who have been disenfranchised by florida's and accurate vote count. The is the objection. Signed by. senator. What mr trump mr president. I am objecting to to the idea that votes in florida. We're not counted will report the injection. We a member of the house of representatives and the united states senator object to the content counting of the electoral votes of the state of ohio on the ground. They were not under all of the known. Circumstances regularly given signed stephanie. Tubbs jones state of ohio barbara boxer state of california the objection today is raised because they're irregularities across this country with regard to voting and we as a congress have an obligation to step up to the plate incorrect correct them mr speaker and members. I dedicate my objection to ohio's electoral votes to mr michael moore the producer of the documentary. Nine eleven of all. We're here because not a single election. Official in ohio has given us any explanation for the massive and widespread irregularities in the state no explanation for the machines in mahoning county that recorded kerry votes for bush. Our people are dying all over the world a lot for my state for what reason to bring democracy to the far corners of the world. Let's fix it here and let's do it first thing out. Thank you very much stacey. Abrams has been the leader of those are all democrats by stacey. Abrams has been the leader of the left movement. To take georgia. It is a goal of theirs to expand into southern conservative. republican states and the recipe is race baiting. The black voters in the major urban areas although georgia has a number of rural farmers who were black with some debate over the last few days from from several commentators in the state as to whether those black voters might vote leffler up sorry might vote for purdue because of efforts purdue made With with some farm relief bills and things like that and i guess that remains to be seen rural voters behave differently than urban voters and that is also true for blacks although to a lesser extent than it is with whites and hispanics. But be that as it may when you when you look at the efforts by stacey abrams who ran for governor and then refuse to concede claiming that she had one in fact. We jokingly still call her the governor because she's never never said she wasn't she still thinks she's the governor. She's not the governor. She didn't win but the recipe is outraged. Black voters you have to. You have to gin up all the racism thing cheating which she has organization's behind her. Who helped to do this. And and you can see it in play. You can see it in play. There was a case that was brought in georgia over the last few weeks where they learned that the county registrar when somebody would move from their house in. Let's say their house was residents a in it moved to residents be. The allegation was that they stayed on the roles at a even though they're registered at be which would allow them to vote in the state using two different households where they're registered twice. So the case is brought before the court of stacey. Abrams sister barack obama appointee considering that her sister stacey abrams is leading democratic efforts democrat in the state of georgia. She has a conflict and she is supposed to recuse herself as ted cruz made very clear. These are the. These are the canons of of judicial ethics. Everyone knows did she recuse herself. Hell no she said this is exactly why. I'm on the bench so that i can help lay the groundwork for the democrat cheating. That case didn't get a lot of attention. Of course she ruled. She overruled the the objections and you can presumably now vote to different locations will think about that if you had.

don rickles johnny carson frank sinatra florida sinatra senator ted cruz ohio mr trump house of representatives Tubbs jones mr michael moore Abrams stacey stacey abrams georgia franklin don frank mahoning county senate
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"Dedicate my objection. Toe Ohio's electoral votes to Mr Michael Moore, the producer. The documentary 9 11. It's a double dose of crazy right there. You're mad Maxine Waters talking about crazy Michael Moore. All in the same. She's dedicating her objection to the vote, and he lives in the She's from California. He's living in Michigan, and she's talking about a lile. What's kind of morons do we have run in this joint? The scary part is that many of the ones that air in the 2000 and 2004 videos are still in Congress today. Oh, absolutely, Sheila Jackson Lee's and there She is the famous only Where's the hats? I think she's from Texas. She's in there Hey, like awesome, Cool, Same representation now the opposite side of the issue because it has to do with like we said Donald John Trump and their obsession with him. Maxine Waters is 97 years old in that clip in old four and she's had today she doesn't look a day over 92 dear. Not a day over 92 James T. Harris, the ringmaster. The conservative circus is going to join us next for the first time in 2021 excited to get caught up with the ringmasters coming up after Robbie she with the download. Let's talk about George a big election tomorrow to run off. Most of people have already voted. Some will show up to the polls tomorrow, but it's really for control of the Senate. There's two Democrats running to Republicans running. Republicans need to win one to maintain control of the Senate. Probably the best case scenario, but I don't know Kelly Lawford's race against War Noch is does not look like it's going great. Here's Here's how scary this is. We have a trust fund Socialist Running on Jonah's Sophie, and by the way, his daddy by the mega yacht from China, where all the Chinese dignitaries were there to dedicate you talk about being in bed with China and then war noch is has accusations of his camp. We're talking about child molestation charges and that he's running for Senate and is in good shape to potentially pull it off any last Fidel Castro absolutely off the rails. We have got no question about it. This edition of the Daleks brought you by Edelman Financial engines. Are you prepared for retirement? If not your photo? Ric Edelman calm you spelled it out. Rice, Delmon dot com Right now get you looking traffic here on 5 50 game. What if you're getting ready to head on home on Thomas rode in the West Valley. We have a closure Police investigation. Thomas shut down at 91st Avenue. Now 91st Avenue remains open. But Thomas is closed. So you're probably better off on Indian school right now. It's far as our freeways. Couple of Rex downtown Phoenix. One of those heading east bound I 10 at Seventh Avenue. The other one heading west on I 10 to 24 Street. I'm Lee Pal Traffic 5.

Maxine Waters Sheila Jackson Lee Mr Michael Moore Senate Thomas Seventh Avenue Donald John Trump Ric Edelman Edelman Financial Ohio James T. Harris Fidel Castro Phoenix Kelly Lawford China producer Robbie Congress Texas
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"Majority of this country don't the majority of americans believe in living wage of corey. Poll shows that right. There's a whole bunch of things like that. What else that are. Well you've been talking about healthcare this program and and you know that's like incredibly popular universal healthcare. You know that right. It gun control is popular. Yes that's like ninety percent wanted obama's gun control proposal didn't pass. There's all of things like that you know. How about being able to form an organization to bargain with your boss. That's real popular. You know how about you know. Living you mentioned the living wage raising the minimum wage that tends to be. There's all sorts of things free college. Yup americans think that's a good idea. Yeah yeah things are good ideas. Yep and but why are they not going to happen. Mr michael moore. They're not going to happen because Well because of this crazy situation that we've been talking about in that. I've been writing about all these years where you have a democratic party. That is not interested in those things anymore. You know that doesn't have a lot of sympathy for the working class As working class people there's not a lot of sympathy for them. Why because they didn't go to you know they didn't make the grade. They didn't get a gold star from their teacher. They didn't they didn't go to the fancy college And so they you know it's. It's very hard for a white collar party a party that is instinctively white collar in in its reactions to everything. It's very difficult for them to sympathize with such people and and they've moved slowly but surely moved away from those people and their issues and their organizations. I mean slowly. But it's but it's it's painfully obvious. Okay needs while the republican party. This is just a machine for for for making certain people rich and they will use the absolutely cynical and utterly You know there's no barrier that they won't try to cross you know there's no you know you know who they are. We know the is are..

Mr michael moore corey obama democratic party republican party
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"mr. michael moore" Discussed on Pro Business Channel

"We got VIP here our podcast theater today and I'm GonNa turn the reins over to none other than Mr, Michael Moore who is going to be running the run a show here today also that the background is none of the rich heart we're actually at his base, which is bigger than life as he is larger than life, right? So Michael Not Take it from here. All right. Thank you. Rich Man it is. Just as Michael Board, and if pleasure be on a visionary and influences podcast day, we have the chairman of NSA national with us today and we've just finished up rockstar day literally, and we were here rich heart studios. So they also rich Casanovas in the room and he's turning the reins over little but we're GONNA go about kind of the what's the pass? The President? What's the future look like for the visionaries of speaking because we rich heart is speaker. Our Special Guest Day Barry is from from Florida and it is just absolutely amazing. Know what the marketplace is doing today and working with entrepreneurs and business owners and thought leaders, we're GONNA get some percents perceptions and and produce we. We can pull the curtain back on the future just a little bit today about what's going to happen so much banter coming up from Florida and being experts. You are talked a little bit about the process you've been going through and how did you get to this place other than being wgst rockstar years ago you're back to land. The. Well. Michael Thank you. Thank you. So it's a pleasure to be here. We are sitting in the future of speaking in these studios were sitting in a beautiful podcasts theater. There's a podcast studio. There's another studio that has multifunctional ability for video for live streaming. That's the future of speaking speaking on a stage getting on an airplane going gig to Gig while that will still be part of our future. It will not be in my opinion, the predominant part of our future it's going to. Be, a hybrid because one of the things that happened is this format has allowed us to create value without having to have physical presence. Now a bit about how I got here. I, I grew up in rural. Georgia went to college in Georgia, very fortunate to get involved in running a business early in life and had success in that, and then in Florida in that business being able to transition into a community leader serve time a college president I served three governors served Tom how'd That may be a story we don't want to go into. Every college president listening to this is saying yes. I know exactly what he's. So here's the key when when a person becomes a new college president, you're taught that you prepare three envelopes and you tell your successor. When you hit your first difficult spot open the first envelope you opened the first envelope and it says blame the academic dean. When you get your next tough spot, you open the second envelope blame the board of directors. When you hit your third tough spot open the third envelope in it reads prepare three envelopes. House. So, and then I served in administration of three governors as their appointed oversee private higher education in Florida and I was elected three terms as chairman of the Board for twenty, five years..

Florida president Michael Michael Moore chairman President Michael Board Tom Georgia NSA Barry community leader
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"Ruth Bader Ginsburg, if you're recovering tonight and watching seriously, I would do anything for you. I would I would literally donate a rib for you. Although by ribs and white not be might say. Up your whole body. I'm just saying he's really on a roll. I mean, the jokes just one after another that we've got a lot of things in front of us here a lot on our plate Lawrence. But the people are going to be heard and they're not going away just because they won on Tuesday night. All right. So what he said was nothing absolutely nothing. But yet they keep up. Did at the end will you can keep going. But he says we gotta keep going for twenty twenty. They're gonna be heard even though we won what he says the people are going to be hurt. Even though we one is that I mean, you'd say that would be the again, this is cognitive. Listen to the end again. What is it? What is it? You want? But you're used to. But you get the trophy dissect we've got a lot of things in front of us here a lot on our plate Lawrence. But the people are going to be heard and they're not going away just because they won on Tuesday night. They're not going away. Just because they won. I understand your confusion, but it gets better in the civics lesson. If there was a way to do the map where we actually built the map and showed by population. How large this area of the country by population? You would see the bluest of blue hill. Need sunglasses are so much blue on the screen on the map. Now you need to blue blocker glasses. If we actually. By the size of its population. Not the size of how many acres state has to. He believes that the Senate. Somehow is the Termine by the acres acres. They have this was an election. This is people are oh got the Senate. Yes, they have to set it. But that's because that's that's not a democratic election. One person one goal now because we're also not a democracy, you do where a constitutional Republic. True democracy. No doesn't mean that Delaware gets the same number votes. In the Senate as California with forty billion people live there. If it was a true democracy. The Senate would be proportional to the actual numbers of of the country. So says two houses for they'll. But he just he just skipped over that. He feels the Senate should be the same as the house. You take the Senate throw them away. That's the way to solve this just dissolve the Senate to fix that. We have to the electoral college, we need to have preferential voting systems where you vote your first choice or secondary. So we'll get a more. I've never heard of this the preferential voting system where you get to do. Well, if this is not this guy, I wanted to be this lady's implemented that years ago, you have to do a one two and three is that a good system. Well, ends up with for example. Dianne Feinstein a democrat running against the democrat. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Well. We'll be hearing more from Mr Michael Moore. But the series of clips I really want to get to. We don't want the. This is the you don't want a democracy pure democracy because it always results in a majority rule. Mob. Rules. Yeah. It's very bad. Very that's why the Republic works. So. Well. Away at it says Senate, Delaware. I find that. Actually, that's kind of treasonous in a way, you can say whatever you want. But the keep saying that it's, you know, we're not a democracy. We'll no we're not. But make it sound. Like, it's such a stupid ideas. We're pretty well. And then all this. This is the same group of people like the woman who's now the congresswoman from Michigan. Or congressional Representative which is the way that like to sit if. From Michigan standing up have you ever read the constitution getting thrown out of a meeting? She group to tell you read the constitution, you understand why they doing it this way. And to have you read the constitution, Michael Moore that would be that would be the question..

Senate Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mr Michael Moore twenty twenty Delaware Michigan Dianne Feinstein Representative California
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"How freedom feels on the Phil Valentine show has a YouTube feel to it doesn't it though? I know I look I love the beginning. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Starts off kind of Jimi Hendrix yet. It goes into you too. Yeah. It's y'all too. Yeah. It was really strange. I got home. You know, what I'm doing show prep this morning, and my wife loves to write on when she's trying to remember something. And I look, and I see that when way freedom feels oh she must have listened to the show. I told her I said did you listen to the show yesterday? Does. She know she said, no, Dan Demet sent that to me and wanted you to hear it. And I said, well we played it yesterday. Yes. Small world is a very small world. Well, they need to release that they do it could be a big hit especially right now. Yeah. Absolutely right now, it's perfect time for I don't even know. I didn't ask Dan win. They recorded that you know, when they record. I am. I don't have a clue. Okay. Darryl worley. Boy, got a great voice. Jimmy, man. He does how freedom feels and girls. Love it. I remember standing outside a restaurant it right here in New York City not far from here. And there was here. And we were standing at talking, and he said man, I gotta get back, Tennessee. Time we were up there for the convention when that's exactly right. I said man, I'm the same way. It just, you know, Washington I love, but New York is just so crowded with those people are listening to sh- which know I love New Yorkers though. Because like every time I call Westwood One. I have more fun talking to these guys because they're funny, and they also like if things break down, I'm notorious for getting really upset because I just I like everything to run smoothly. And if it doesn't, and they don't take it personally if I do they're used to it. Yelling screaming stuff. Again, they say, oh, man. Don't worry about it. We're we're right with you. New yorkers. Exactly. No. I loved the folks. I mean, I think it's, but it's just too many of them. Yeah. I love about my my wife is spoiled me because we now live out in the country. And I I make people upset that come to visit because I don't want to drive in Nashville and deal with the traffic and deal with all the people, I usually will take them somewhere out in the country to eat, and it was just more. I'm more attuned to that right now. We're country boys. John. Yes, we are. And we can survive we were talking about capitalism in the pope, and this kind of stuff. What is interesting is Michael Moore who has done movies about how horrible capitalism is well his ex wife who by the way. Here's a fellow filmmaker she's been with him since the beginning. When Roger and me she worked on that too. And then they ended up getting married and they've been married for twenty three years and they've split in two thousand fourteen or they were married for twenty three years. And now she's suing him saying that he screwed her over on the on the movie profits. Now. How's that for a guy who talks about capitalism, and here he is he's making all this money me screwing his ex wife over on the money. Her name is Kathleen Glenn. And she and the Farren height nine eleven director split in two thousand fourteen she was the driving force in the making of many of his films and other ventures in which Mr. Moore was the featured personality dating back to their first big success. Roger and me in nineteen eighty nine. Her attorney bunny, raven says in the new Manhattan supreme court suit. Glenn also produced the Academy Award winning bowling for Columbine about the Columbine high school massacre and Fahrenheit nine eleven. That was the highest grossing documentary film of all time, by the way, believe it or not the suit claims that Moore has walked away from a binding arbitration that was required to flesh out the terms of an important provision in their property settlement. This all according to page six today Glenn claims that Moore's trying to obtain all the benefits of their two thousand fourteen settlement in which she signed over sensually Oliver interest in the fruits of the party's joint efforts as filmmakers in exchange for a promise of future revenue sharing by more. He was supposed to be your four percent of the total revenue from his creative works, but he gave her just five hundred forty one dollars in two thousand fourteen. Now, here's a guy who is always bashing capitalism and says social, and here's a capitalist himself, and he screws his wife over he's supposed to give her four percent of the total revenue. From his movies. He gives her five hundred and forty one dollars. That means he would have pulled in just thirteen thousand dollars during a seven month period. And you know, he's making more than that these movies and she's not buying the amount of income. He reported to the IRS. Yeah. You want to know what he reported the IRS negative three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in two thousand fourteen and negative two hundred and twenty one thousand in two thousand sixteen so the guy is screwing the taxpayers. He's Tom the rich need to pay their fear sheer this guy claiming that he lost three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in two thousand fourteen and at a negative income of two hundred twenty one thousand in two thousand sixteen is anybody believe this from this guy? And I've often said to about these folks that say we we need to be paying more in taxes. Do you itemize? Will you know? Apparently, he is because he's writing off. Why don't know what it must be as food Bill? I mean that I could see. Yeah. He's literally. Eating the prophets this guy, and he's left his wife or his ex wife with nothing when he promised her four percent of the total revenue now, this is gross revenue. So you get total revenue that comes in. And then she you know, that's part of the expenses. She gets four percent off the top. Then he pays expensive and he's trying to tell her. He hasn't made any money in the last two to three years. So what happens now with this new movie coming out because it's coming out soon? Isn't it? I think so it's supposed to be coming on October. It's bound to be October because he's doing it right before the midterm elections. That's why does this stuff is to try to sway the voters and a very rarely has any impact. But it's coming out. So he's got another movie coming out, and she'll probably get screwed on that by Mr Michael Moore who talks about how horrible capitalism is yet. He's screwing his ex wife, and and one of the creative forces of his movies. It's pretty typical though. Isn't it reprehensible, but typical we have now, ladies and gentlemen,.

Mr Michael Moore Kathleen Glenn Dan Demet IRS Jimi Hendrix Phil Valentine YouTube Darryl worley New York City Tennessee Roger Nashville New York Jimmy Columbine high school Westwood Academy Award John director
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"All about Toronto where where does Toronto's stand in the ranking of important festivals? I think Toronto in my humble opinion. I think Toronto is absolutely crucial. I just think it occupied. It's come to occupy the place in the fall season that really does kind of kick off award season, which is code for movies for the rest of us. You know, the movies that a lot of live for all year long and it comes on the heels of Venice and tell you ride, and a lot of the movies that have premiered at Denison telluride then come here and all of the talent comes. And I was just looking at my Chris screening scheduled for the next few days and absolutely floored by how many really promising films there are here. I mean, it's absolutely just dust with incredible looking stuff. I'm already getting a five that a star. Born is getting the Royal treatment up there and that Bradley Cooper and the stars or coming. And is that your sense. Yes. I think that has a lot of eager anticipation. I man is another one. The Ryan Gosling, Neil Armstrong movie directed by Damian. Chazelle has a lot of wind at its back coming from Venice and tell you telluride. We have new movies from Barry Jenkins Beale street could talk. We have Steve mcqueen's new movie, widows, viola Davis. We have a hassle of political documentaries. I'm actually going to go to dinner late with Mr. Michael Moore Moore. We're gonna be seeing his new movie about Trump era politics, and there's a Steve Bannon documentary from Earl Morris. We have f Lonzo Koran. My all time save has Rolla..

Toronto Venice Mr. Michael Moore Moore Denison telluride Steve mcqueen Steve Bannon Barry Jenkins Ryan Gosling Bradley Cooper viola Davis Rolla Earl Morris Chazelle Neil Armstrong Damian
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"And i said you know what i said you really lucky legit buehler's not here right now so do you remember play baseball jb owner he's like yeah could play bates volvo which pyotr last summer you were there right at us some celebrity baseball thing and they were deford desperate before a celebrity so they called us much son when opening took my turn it with four pitches gotta hinting he actually won the game i said of chief euro zero for the mayor he beat so upset with you because you you you're my son are dis respecting the game in you or disrespecting the game of baseball baseball has great traditions don't disrespect the game gulf disrespect the baseball bat in dole group disrespect the game of baseball and the other players yours understand me put daddy does that mean i can't take a baseball bat beating the ground anymore ron and don techs lines always open keith them cannon at nine eight nine seven three they're the mvp awards at three mackel more added inside the park home run right in an amazing catching the field did and your son who uh had a a single the thinning made it around in sao word he took a picture with michael moore and then he went up to him afterwards in the dugout said mr michael moore i just want you to know that you're songs have all lauda dirty word of mouth and what do you say aw i think well wron you know him has been now reich has use your teammates yeah i introduced myself as rani said hi i'm ben van was great and he said you know what are they can make a good point so if you listen to his album this time around not as many dirty word genetic be my son inspire he's very athletic he is great use is really grave meal ballplayer hitting really nice to really really dons his relationship with his daughter reminds me a lot of noise senior found very cute y'all very can't anyway back again a baseball fright we got up this morning so what soured him on that i'm just going to work on not disrespecting the game a baseball my good go to tailor the guard shooting home tonight though you do the drive and should do.

buehler pyotr baseball ron mr michael moore reich ben van dole mvp
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"And thank you so much so donald trump jr is not happy with mr michael moore who questioned why trump's florida state resort wasn't open as a shelter trump junior wrote this it's on an island on both the ocean intercoastal and in a mandatory evacuation zone probably not the best idea you know narrative and then you light dinner by pointing or old word old word owelry gear and don't know whether or not mr more has responded but if he does will let you know samuel l jackson have referred to president trump as a supremicist so don't you think it was just a little cheeky for jackson to go bmw by the way those of you noodle aerial the show bmw stand for bitch modern y to go bmw on hollywood for hiring black british actress to play black americans jackson said and i'm quoting there are a lot of black british actors in these movies i tend to wonder what that movie referring to the movie called get out we started british actor playing an american black man who fell victim to white liberal racism call get out there are a lot of black british actors in these movies i tend to wonder what that movie get out would have been within the american brother who really feels that daniel referring to the british actor who plays this man daniel grew up in a country where they've been interracial dating for 100 years what would a brother from america have made of that role some things that universal but not everything how is that any different from donald trump talking about foreigners coming here taking american jobs.

donald trump jr mr michael moore trump samuel l jackson bmw hollywood daniel america donald trump florida president 100 years
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"Thank you so much so donald trump jr is not happy with mr michael moore who questioned why trump's florida state resort wasn't opened as a shelter trump junior wrote this it's on an island on both the ocean intercoastal and in a mandatory evacuation zone probably not the best idea you know narrative and then you rule late dinner break pointing r old word old were all gary and don't know whether or not mr more has responded but if he does will let you know samuel l jackson have referred to president trump as a supremicist so don't you think it was just a little cheeky for jackson to go bmw by the way those of you noodle aerial the show bmw stanford bitch modern y to goal bmw on hollywood for hiring black british actress to play black americans jackson said in i'm quoting there are a lot of black british actors in these movies i tend to wonder what that movie referring to the movie called get out we started british actor playing an american black man who fell victim to white liberal racism it's called get out there are a lot of black british actors in these movies i tend to wonder what that movie can out would have been with an american brother who really feels that daniel referring to the british actor who plays this man daniel grew up in a country where they've been interracial dating for 100 years what would a brother from america have made of that role some things that universal but not everything how is that any different from donald trump talking about foreigners coming here taking american chops.

donald trump jr mr michael moore trump samuel l jackson bmw hollywood daniel america donald trump florida gary president 100 years
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"Being told that you could make any immediate oprah winfrey low wealthy have off scot regardless of kabul have a far better chance of overcoming whatever unfair this happens to them then people that are not wealthy this man giving spray painted on his flood door did he never saw his staff cleaned up infant inconvenience if not the lobbing is not in writing gordon is he reach out and said you know what this was terrible whoever these individuals were it was stillbirth put the people did really are impacted by this are the poor people about what a what raise discovered why now now if i repeat of fateh ethnic with door olympic here on gaping with locks peak pain not only vandalism not only good a terrible inconvenience it's also fetching yes lebron james is rich in someone's repacement in word on his mansion that breakthrough the you know what let me shut up i told you all that i'm not engaging with your can woodlock until you lose georgia pounds but that doesn't mean i can't use my platform the let other people engage with him because we can't let that kind of rhetoric fit out there because it's people out there we don't know any better we'll believe the knock if that comes out of jail and what locks mouse do i have my old you on the phone someone who was way more smarter your meet come what i love to hear from mr michael moore guy dyson good morning how are you sir i'm doing fine thank you uh you know i lived in the gave the whittling like i mean you all the brilliant then insightful and you were equally capable of i am a responding but let me bear the burden this morning uh jason wilcox argument uh tries to pin racism on a victim not its perpetrator so that if a not the knee are a given here are a white supremacist uh or a ku klux klan member happens to burn the house of a person making what then fourteen thousand valid for five people a year the mr whitworth the jeff fetch racism but at the person happens to make more than two three four five six ten million a year the the and parents of the ku klux klan or if nullified.

winfrey scot kabul gordon vandalism lebron james the house ku klux klan georgia mr michael moore jason wilcox