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"mr. kimes" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

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"mr. kimes" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

"Also. Aroused in the White House had talked about. So why not why would he holds it? Why would the president hold a rally when he can this is the state of the union? Why hold a rally when he can go and address the entire country mean, I guess the big question is what are you afraid of him saying, are you afraid of him quoting Democrats who have talked about how walls and barriers work. Are we afraid of talking about the number of illegal aliens who were stopped or drugs from coming in in places, like human Tucson in San Diego, and Tempe were walls have been have been erected successfully? Are they afraid of talking about the tax cut having led to eight million Americans having raises or bonuses are both in the repatriation dollars? What was everybody? So afraid of the president saying the state of the union that you would deny the country the ability to hear it's president ID Nancy Pelosi is worried that some chamber won't show up, and that's not an embarrassment to the president meant to her. They should be there. If you don't want to applaud, they don't wanna stand. They don't wanna smile it wanna wear color gay. But show the dignity and serve the people who elected you in your state in your district and show up. Are we going to deny seats to the first lady's guests? I certainly hope not. When I talk to people about President Obama, and how he was treated a lot of people in the left say that no president has ever been treated with this kind of disrespect. And I say, of course, tell me the most serious instance in which Obama was treated with disrespect. And if they can come up with an answer off in the camp. But if they come up with an answer, it usually as well remember that time Joe Wilson, the Republican congressman yelled out you lie during the state of the union speech. Never mind. You Wilson apologize day policy is the next day. I probably still apologizing for them some bars somewhere. Meanwhile. The president of the United States has been disinvited from giving the state of the union speech in the well of the house. Had bainer Paul Ryan disinvited Obama and claim the region they were doing it is because of security concerns. When the security agencies in charge of providing security for this event say no there's no problem. We have this covered. But Paul Ryan Steele disinvited the president or John bainer still disinvited the president. What do you think would happen? How many editorials would be written about this? How many attacks? Paul Ryan or John bainer. Would they be right? Of course, would be the obligatory accusations of racism. Has this ever happened? We're a invitation to give the state of the union speech has been extended and then retracted claiming security concerns, even though the people in charge of security say that they've got this covered. Are you kidding me? Kellyanne Conway says why aren't you talking about the fact that Nancy Pelosi lied? When she said that we're concerned about security because the agency say, otherwise that's part of it. Why aren't you talking about the phenomenon of the speaker because of political differences with the president inviting him from giving the state of the union speech? Joe Wilson said you lie. All my goodness. Racism. But Nancy Pelosi can disinvite the president from giving a state of the union speech. Citing a bogus reason in the media. Democrats don't want us there because they're too good. Good job. And I always talk about well now, that's one of the real hot beds for for the MS thirteen gangs. And I just see this morning where the really radical Democrats don't want them because they don't wanna do anything to disturb MS thirteen. And when you think about it, Mr. kimes about the most.

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