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"mr. kid kellogg" Discussed on WGN Radio

"You know it's just a magical place to be in the island is very busy because you not. Only have the Chicago to mackinac race you had her port Huron, to now outrace leaves from port Huron Michigan and goes up. Lake Huron to the That's cool People. Do, both yeah that's that's that's quite an. Adventure though, I mean you're prepping prepping almost all year. For this, I mean really as soon as the season starts shore and you know when when the season, goes away I know in fall time you are thinking ahead next year getting a crew together and that sort. Of, thing. Yes absolutely some, other history, one hundred ten years for that eighteen ninety eight of will Kellogg. Invented cornflakes that was like really one of the. Earliest cereals I think it was. An accident When he. Created, right so it goes back to the. Late nineteenth, century Seventh Day Adventists began to develop a. New food, adhere to the vegetarian diet recommended by the church and members of the group experimented with a, number of different grains including wheats oats rice barley and corn in eighteen ninety four Dr John Harvey Kellogg superintendent. Of, the. Battle creek sanitarium, yeah in, Michigan and Adventists uses recipes as part is a strict regiment which. Also included no alcohol no tobacco no how would. You survive a no alcohol tobacco In this country Caffeine right in. Front. Of me yeah This idea for cornflakes began by Kellogg's and his younger brother will Kellogg left some cooked wheat to sit while the attended to some pressing. Matters of the sanitarium when they returned they, found that the wheat had gone stale but being on a strict budget and they decided to continue to process it by forcing through the rollers to Flathead hoping to obtain long sheets, of like like doughy sheets of it and they let. It dry in and what they, found instead once they ran a roller these crunchy flakes and this was in eighteen ninety four and then a patented really the very next. Year and took it to the public what was the name, of, the movie where? The, Kellogg people. Roger are you there yes I am and I was just thinking of it, when when day was talking about it and I remember it was, because they were on such a healthcare bright that the cornflakes was not really what they were, into was like an extra side thing but. It Was a a cleansing, place that they are really very strict cleansing you went body cleansing, issues yes where you took the cure is yeah how about a classic cornflakes commercial stop by, for breakfast Excuse me food superman Hey Mr. kid Kellogg's, cornflakes let, me, cover Early The third place we've got to get to the, office there's no. Time what do you think I am? Superman, no. No I don't think Kelloggs? Cornflakes, foreign. Host he is Superman did deliver Kelloggs cornflakes he'd, have a tough time keeping everybody happy more people run out of them. Every morning than any, other stereo.

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