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"mr. keith golic" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"So go to biz Bates dot com in order. The best soft plastic baits on the market for yourself. Or is it gift, maybe you're fishing buddies this holiday season, get them at biz Bates dot com. My favorite soft plastic bait joint pheasants, forever and quail forever. National pheasant fasting Quayle classic in Chicago land, this February twenty-second through the twenty four in Schaumburg Il. Illinois. It's the largest of the country for upland bird honors wildlife conservationists from. Doc wild game cooking, even a youth village for the kids. It's national fasting Quayle. Classic shopper Gillan February twenty-second through the twenty fourth checkout fezzet fest dot org. Your Muskie season starts here. The Chicago Muskie expo is the premier Muskie event of the year. And it's all weekend January eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth at the resort and Saint Charles the Muskie expo is the largest consumer show in the mid west dedicated to the sport of musky fishing. Enjoy hundreds of exhibits, speakers and retailers all together for three days of networking and education for discount tickets to any aerial Riley's autoparts plus admission for kids under sixteen is musty expo Chicago's Friday. And runs through the twentieth. To learn more, go to Muskie expo dot com. John. Outdoor. Radio one thousand in Chicago. Hi, everybody. Welcome back to trustees great outdoors, and I am sitting in a nice comfortable boat because my feet hurt because I've been on my feet all day. Meeting people talking votes, talk and everything but with me is Mr. Keith Golic show manager of the Chicago land boat. What is the official title is her chart? The it is all the shows blend together, though, they sometimes it is the progressive Chicago boat RV sales show, I didn't want to miss progressive. That's what I stopped. Well, there are a little important to us. Our title sponsor. So it's nice thrown my friend. This is always the opening show of the Chicago land area tons of boats, tons of their sailing. There's vendors what what this there's all kinds of new stuff here. Well, the exciting thing is retail sales for recreational boating of gone up five consecutive years now. So it's back it's strong. It's healthy. This is a great resource Chicago land area in the midwest. And so boating is an incredible lifestyle. It's it's an incredible incredible option here this show represents everything recreational boating has to offer whether it's a small dinghy or a fifty two foot yacht or fifty one foot sailboat we've got all of that here. So the reality is is we've got something for everybody who wants to get out on the water, and we've got everything here to support those efforts, and that's happening. You've got RV's a few other things don't you? We absolutely do. So anyone that's in to being outdoors. Not being stuck inside watching a boob job there. No bears to watch sadly breaks all of our hearts, but the reality is is after the holidays dead of winter few months of cold weather ahead. This jumps starts the sensors, and it gets you excited and get your dreaming about being outdoors..

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