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"mr. ibox" Discussed on News Radio 690 KTSM

"Of it. And I mean, if it's like the next room, that's not terribly remote. So it's an experiment or an application where the target that is being looked at. And once they looked at it's not just visual information. It can be auditory. It can be other kinds of information that the viewer might pick up on. And they're just pulling that information somehow out of psychically from that location. There's uring in on that specific location and bringing it back. All right. Let's go to some of our calls. Let's start by going to Randy in Dickinson, North Dakota. Welcome to the program. Hi, randy. Well, hi, George end of Mr. Bob. Thank you for taking my call. Very welcome. I have a story that I just outlined for Tom. And I'll tell you what it is and get Mr. ibox to comment on it. But like tell you the story, and then give you my reasoning as to why I believe that that this process of survival. Rationally approached you know, we're not using the same standards that we use when we of you do experiments on nuclear celebrate or anything like that. But I the story I lost my father many years ago, he passed away, and as Mr. mentioned in up read, psychic researchers talk about that one or two or three day period after someone passes away where there is more likely attention than than long long after that. Sure enough within within a couple of days, and it was late at night the entire house lit up. And I I was up I gotten up actually I was going through the house to host on try to catch Ted Koppel's Nightline. We'll before I even turned on any lights the entire house lit up. Well, I turned around normal reaction and as soon as I turned around completely dark again. So I started reality testing looking out the window. Car shined bright lights, which was impossible because. That didn't they can't do that. And they can't shine a light through the curtains. Well, I started looking around every window to trying to find some normal explanation. And and there's simply wasn't one. So. I've already told you people, but that that changes tonight, you know, it's big-time. But but here's here's the thing. Here's my thinking on it. I studied a great deal of science. And I'd read a book by Horace Westwood called. There's a psychic world he was an investigator back in the twenties and thirties, and it taught me to to be very careful in thinking about something like this. So what I did. And this is this is the the take on it. But I'm injured. I I looked every conceivable possible so-called normal explanation. You know aliens playing tricks on me? Just to rule rule things out. Exactly, the the electric company decided to, you know, do some some experiment or something. Yeah. Just at the right time, you know, somehow lit up the house or your guest mentioned, a vile photons, you know, somehow the grief process in me caused my body to emit a bunch of photons lit up you say each one of these silly, okay? They're just on the face. They're silly. And there's no evidence for them. And so when you as as Colin Doyle. Told us his character. Sherlock, Holmes eliminates the impossible. What's with must be the truth? Here's the thing. My father when I was growing up. My father told me about stunts things that had happened to him going up in rural Kentucky where occasionally late at night. Your health lit up. There were you could be the magnet. Yes. Yes. Well, it may be that we only we'll get confirmation on something like survival on an individual basis, Lloyd, let's get your take on this. What do you think she's going on with him? Well, you know, I I want to say that there are some cases on record. And the Ryan center has been collecting some over the years of at the moment or right after someone's death. There's a physical thing that happens. They don't speak. Don't see the apparition or there's no voice or anything like that. But there's something physical that connects right back to the person who died so the experience, although I haven't heard of the house entire house lighting up as the experience an experience like this. But this is not an unexpected experience. Let's put it that way. And it really is that I think you're right that it's an individual thing that, unfortunately, because we can't even at this point figure out what consciousnesses let alone say that it can definitely survived it after the body that this may be an individual proof peace for everybody. But they certainly are enough of those and coupled with the evidence for psychic phenomena in general that support the concept that we are more than we think we are that science tells us we are at this point, Lloyd, what do you think of pre cognitive dreams? Well, that's probably the most common kind of dream that is psychic and is also probably the state in which we have more precondition than any other. So the dream state is one in which our biases are normal biases in defense. Mechanisms are down anything can happen in a dream. So psychic information can come through a little bit stronger. And some of my colleagues seem to think they have a model that they've developed the precondition mission explains all of ESP. Not just just recognition it actually relates to telepathy and everything else. So from that perspective, pre cognitive dreams may be one form of the only form of ESP. Well, let's go to Virginia Beach Virginia. Michael's back with us. I'm michael. Hi, george. Thank you so much for having Lloyd on Lloyd. Do you spell your name like Red Auerbach last name is spelled like, right? Our back. My dad actually knew him. Oh, wow. Wow. I I tell you that was one guy. I'm really admired. Listen. You've talked to many medium spend the ones that you consider to be the best. Unfortunately, we don't have out here. A sure the author dots mediums or a first church of the world's mediums. They they all operate on an individual basis, and if they were delivering a good product that that's the rest of the world should know about you would think they would get together again organiz setup Dacians and do like churches. Do they'll hospitals schools all kinds of things that help society? But every time I hear a navien come on your show, and they appeared about fifty to one compared to creek yours. They're talking about having somebody call them go to their website. So that they can make a buck. So I'm wondering you as a scientist. Why would you put so much of your time and energy? And you're looking for a group that is actually I mean looking into and investigating group that has done absolutely nothing for the world. Well, first of all I want to say that the world has also done. That's very little for mediums psychics for that matter. There's a great bias against them. But that aside, and I can't begrudge them making a living because people have to make a living even preachers ministers. Get paid. And of course, televangelist get paid. Really? Well. So there are beatings that have gotten together with the forever family foundation has mediums listed on our website. They've gone through a thirty day gone through certification process and to keep their certification. They must volunteer. Their time. Time for this nonprofit organization, all volunteer organization. The mediums who work with the with the wind bridge research center have gone through a very lengthy process to.

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