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"mr. gonzaga" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

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"mr. gonzaga" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"I'm Paul Stevens. Jacksonville. Florida. Police investigating a multiple shooting just a half mile away from TIAA Bank field on Sunday. This point we're investigating what may have led up to the shooting, including the possibility that this may be gang related based on information obtained in the early stages of the investigation ASO director of investigations and homeland security rod Lendvai five men and one women woman were wounded members of congress not buying an official explanation of how Saudi journalist Shimon kashogi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul Turkey earlier this month. So ridiculous that eighteen people would go to Turkey to kill kill, Mr. Gonzaga. And nobody in the government know about it. That would be brazen abuse of authority, South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham appearing on FOX's Sunday morning futures. And this is Fox News. Storm team ten forecast powered by Dunkin donuts, try any Dunkin iced coffee, only two dollars from two to six PM. Increasing clouds tonight a few showers from mid evening till midnight, some stars overnight breezy forty five to fifty morning rain on Sunday up 'til mid morning clearing from west to east than sunny, gusty and chilly. Highs mid to upper forties. Clear. Colder Sunday night, low twenty five thirty low thirties along the coast in islands, Monday sun and clouds cooler than average highs in the low fifties. I'm storm team ten meteorologist RJ high a NewsRadio nine twenty and one four seven FM NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM..

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