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ET - Skid Row // Glenn Hughes

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ET - Skid Row // Glenn Hughes

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Thank you. For listening. Downloading streaming all that good stuff. It is greatly appreciated as you probably hear from the audio quality. I am on the road this week coming to you from Los Angeles for my monthly visit here at the rainbow where I perform or I should say. I host. I guess there's some performance in all this. Well, but I host something called the trunk nation, LA invasion, and that happens with a bunch of great guests. And at the time you hearing this open. I'm getting ready to do that. And that's going to be happening. This time around with Sammy Hagar and his band the circle record coming out as well as Duff MacKay gin who's going to be joining me with shooter Jennings. So that should be a lot of fun. And that's what I'm in LA for also had a chance to host the latest DO cancer fund event for the ride for Ronnie that went real well nice surprise when Dave Grohl came down and joined us in jammed a little bit was a big big cool moment that nobody expected Dave lives in Encino, which is close to where which is in the in the place where we do the right for Ronnie for the deal cancer fund. And he literally was walking by earlier in the day. Saw the stage salt was going on came back and played a couple of songs with the all star band. And that was assembled and it was really really cool. They did jailbreak by thin Lizzy, and they did bomber by Motorhead. So is a great day for a great cause for the deal. Cancer fund. The latest event is in the books. Thanks to everybody who came out. I'm here in L A as I said, I'm recording this on the Monday prior to the Thursday that it debuts. So getting ready for the pod for the L A invasion show from the rainbow and then Tuesday, which will have been this past Tuesday. When you hear this, I've hosted Sammy Hagar showed the troubadour here in L A and fly back Wednesday. And then Thursday, I am off to North Carolina Rockingham to be exact where I will be at the epicentre festival this weekend, which I will be doing a side stage performance with my that metal show partners. Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine if you're attending epicenter. We will be on the village stage. I believe it's called whatever the sides, stay. Ages. We will be there on Friday and Saturday only at five forty five is when our performance time is so come by Donald Jim we'll be doing a little comedy. I'll be doing some storytelling while the good time. There if you are attending the epicenter festival in North Carolina this weekend, then from there. I go to hang out in Alabama. That is for a TV shoot for trunk fester access TV and then from there it's to Tulsa for Rockwell Homa, which is here already memorial weekend. So jam packed may around all of that. Of course, daily radio shows on Sirius XM volume one oh six live two to four pm eastern time replay nine to eleven eastern and on demand on the Sirius XM up. And that's where all the interviews. You here on the Eddie trunk podcast originate from that being said, I'll keep things short here at the top. Because we do have two interviews for you this week. And I also like I said as you can hear pretty busy running and gun. In a lot of different directions. So interview number one we go back to the monsters of rock cruise which sailed this past February. And an interview with snake Sabo from skid row who also brought his new lead singer or the new lead singer for skid row, z P T shirt. I think that's how you say his name first time, I had a chance to meet C P and snake, of course, is an old friend for decades now, and this interview happened onboard the monsters of rock cruise is the Bammer getting ready for their performance, which they did an amazing job on this this year. They really did. I mean, they played only one time, but they brought the house down packed the theater, and it was the first time I had a chance to see the band with z p their current lead singer. So you get a little sense of what he's about and get a little update on skid row, and what they're doing again this originated live on board the monsters of rock cruise in February. And then the second interview a little more recent recent call in than it had with Glenn Hughes, of course of deep purple fame. Glenn is currently touring doing a deep purple set around the world talk a little bit about that his future plans and some other stuff as well. So little check in with Glenn Hughes and sit down with snake and z p from skid row that'll come first followed by Glenn Hughes for this week's Eddie trunk podcast, keep up with everything going on because there's a lot going on Twitter Instagram Facebook at Eddie trunk Twitter where I most active most up to the second. And you can always check out my official online home, which is Eddie trunk dot com. So we'll get to it starting with skid row coming up, right? After this on this week's Eddie trunk podcast. Drunk gassed. Sixty seconds. That's exactly how long this commercial last. You know, what else you can do in about a minute. You can get an offer for your car with truecar. That's right in the amount of time. It takes to floss your teeth pet. Your dog do few sit ups or just listen to my voice. You can get a true cash offer. Best of all you can do it from your smartphone or home, just go to truecar and simply enter your license plate number and watch. How your car's details? 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Don't feel compelled to clap is really not warranted. And meeting meeting for the first time I met for the first time yesterday, and I'll cease perform and sing for skid row for the first time ever on this cruise tonight GP tear in my saying that right close enough. We'll take that close enough. I'll take that c p welcome in nice to meet you. How many gigs are you into how much time or do you have logged in skid row at the moment? Have you done a year yet? What are we looking at three years three years? Yeah. Oh my gosh. And you're still doing it and wave you've been you haven't had enough of this guy by now. Well, he's grading a little. I gotta be nice. Well, I got to be nice little as we'll talk a little bit about your your how you got into the band, and how this came about for you. Well, this is gay chat line online. Eddie trunk. Dot com. I've known Rachel for awhile. And when the opportunity arise he give me a shout. And we just took it from there. Where was your first gig with skid row was in Mohegan sun? Connecticut. Yeah. And how was that for you? It was great. It was about five thousand people. We get the fire. He'd always interesting is that when when we started going through this search and things fell apart with with Tony Tony hornell had been in the ban. What six months, maybe ten ten months. I saw one of his early show in Vegas. So things fell apart as they do and. Rachel z said, Rachel z known each other and see it actually in one of his previous pants hit done a UK tour with US Open up for us in a band called IM. I it's so Rachel said why don't we fly Z over and jam with him. And see what happens and we were like I personally was like. Okay, cool. You know, anything's going to be better than what the situation that we had and he shows up, and he knew more of our catalog that we knew you like new late twenty songs route that he's we're like, what are you going Jim on thinking, maybe two or three songs? He's like, hey, go, man. I know all this. So whatever you wanna do I got and we went through a bunch of stuff, and I was really really blown away by just the the work that he put into it and knowledge of the songs and also the respect that he showed those songs from the past doing them Justice and and serving. You know, the legacy that they have Surinam being respectful of were those songs came from. And and how they were recorded previously and stuff and yet, but yet still taking ownership of them as well, there's epee where did you grow up so Africa, South Africa network skid row, a big deal in south out? We're still not. No, I got hold of the records. You know? It was the soundtrack of many crazy adventure my childhood. So I knew the lyrics just it was playing non stop, and you know. Had to do it. It was there. Any reservations for you going into a look we just had before you came on this show. We just had queen's Reich on right? And you've got a guy in queen's Reich in toddler, Tori, who had to step into what some people felt were irreplaceable shoes with Geoff Tate. He's grape and has been unbelievably embraced by the fans. And I think a part of it to not only his Todd done such a great job. But he also took the whole band shifted back towards where fans wanted him to go which was in more harder heavier direction. But for you was there any reservations, you know. You're no dummy you're coming in. Now. There's two guys before you that may be softened the blows a little bit. A lot actually. L? But so it's not an immediate thing. But, you know, you're no, dummy, you know, that that things always going to be hanging over you that comparison to to Sebastian what he did in the ban on those records. So was there any hesitation for you coming into this thing? Now, I don't even know if I want to be dealing with that it's not at all not at did you embrace it. I do I've got so much respect for the band and the music. And I didn't care. I needed to do is get in there. Do my best. And dude, do it the way that if I was stood in the crowd. I begun. Fuck can deal with that, you know, and just do that. And what everyone there's no shoes to fill. I don't step in other people's shoes. Just go to do what I gotta do. And if I'm happy with it. I don't care what anyone else thinks. That's what happened. And that's kind of what when we jammed for the first time it felt like really easy. It wasn't difficult at all. And I had my guard up, you know, and I was I was ready for a fight and almost just waiting for some sort of confrontation to occur because I was just I was pissed at what we had been through up to that point. And he made it so easy, man. Just think things unraveled so badly with Tony. Why do you think things didn't work out with Tony? We didn't know him from a work standpoint. Like, we didn't. We were never see we were friends outside of bans never worked with before. And just we have our way of doing things for better or worse. We just have you know, we started the band in eighty six and we have a way that we run our business, and it just didn't jibe with how he runs his life. It just didn't work. How close were you after the departure or dismissal of Tony to doing a reunion pretty close? I imagine the pressure had to be pretty big from every quarter at that point to go. We're going to go to a fourth singer. We're going to go. I said pretty close. That's actually, not true. And I'm thinking about it because we didn't get beyond text messaging each other to be quite honest. And again, it was it was for whatever reason there was all this stuff. I think I just lost you when Mike's up your mic out. Anyway. So this is where everybody wants to hear for Christ sakes. What are you talking about the Mike you hear us back there? Yeah. Mike in the room went out. Okay. The PA was to win out. So good continue. So we we didn't get beyond the text messaging phase. And it was same old stuff just seem to exist. Where there was you know, this confrontational sorta demeanor going back and forth between myself and Sebastian, and so it got to the point where I I'm I'm so proud of what we were able to create throughout the entire history of this band, and that will never change, but some things just don't work anymore and people go their separate ways. And it's just you can't get back together. I'm fine with that. 'cause I play music to be happy. I don't play music for paycheck. It's great to get paid to do what you love. But I don't I never done it for the money. It's always been about my love of music. And that's what it still is at my old crusty age. It's still because I love the Qatar. I love creating and I love the responsible being able to. Connected. Some way with an audience. That's why I started playing music. It was because I didn't know how to communicate. So it it came out through music through song and playing with Z in the band is brought a real joyous. This back to our lives. You could see it. It's not it's not faked or phony you can see it when we play. And that's what I live for. I live for those moments of just absolute joy. A reunion would have been great from a from a for a lot of other people who want who wanted to see that happen. But for us. It was not it would not have been pleasurable three quite honest last thing on that. Did you read? Did you read Sebastian's book? No, you have no interest in reading it. I you know, what I don't. I don't I have. I have you there. I looked I buy friends that I have read yet. So I might want to get to those first or do you want to do a book one day now, no interest? Now, I tell stories to you. That's more fun for me. He ripped my nostrils out last night. I did my head. There's a there's a series of photos ice simple photo op. Snake and Steve Brown as I was saying earlier this show turned into an all out assault sauce varies literally, aren't you show you on my phone literally took photos about a string of like forty and it literally looks like an assault. Someone's pulling hair out snake literally has his fingers in my nostril. Yeah. And it's just like, and then he walks up to me, just how'd you sleep last night? Purchased. Great a thousand beers, my hair and nose out. It was wonderful. Oh my God. It was a good time. We're watching faster pussycat great. And and it was great to why we're now. And it's great to see how well it healthy Tamie is also man because he I mean, he I was saying earlier he was in rough shape for there for a while. He just flipped a switch one day and became a different guy. Well, you know, what the world needs guys like him. And and too many of our of our compadres on our brethren or by the wayside. So I personally didn't want to lose him. So I'm so happy that he's doing as well as he's doing absolutely C P. What did you grow up listening to in in in South Africa? What what kind of music was on was big. There was on your radar as a kid. What was on the spin grown up? There was always ready to radio plane was always music in the house. But it was more local artists Afrikaans sorta stuff that. By any big American rock acts or British rock acts there though that really resonated. Heck Queen was quite a big, you know, Jovi right job is huge. Yeah. That's huge. Yeah. Mcgregor now than they've been in forty years. And I kinda cut my teeth on the first on the job stuff and. Doing a couple of shows with punch Lovie, by the way, you are. Really? Yeah. In Europe in I think, it's July. Oh, wow. Now, Austria talk about full circle man because everybody knows the history will your friendship with. But also the history of the early days, the New Jersey and all that. I mean, my, wow, that's really cool. That's awesome. So so you were saying see so. Yeah. Like when I grew up my brother's five years older, and he brought music from school. You know, when I was a kid, and it was lettered German pop for some reason, a ha and. Wow. Sandra? And that sort of crap grant halacha just cover take on me, by the way by for in in concert. They played they played they played it as goofed because they were in the city where that band destroyed. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that's where all kind of started off and then. I got introduced a skit road and everything just went wrong. Wait, you you haven't even see the start of it? Yeah. Right. Remember, something I've done an interview like this three other times. That's the first rodeo here. I wish. Are you living in the US? Now, I'm between houses. I reckon. Yeah. Put your basement UK. I spent a lot of time here in the early history of you as the singer in this band. What's been a highlight? So far, I know it's been only been two three years. And I know you're working on a record which were talk about in a second. But for you, do you have a personal highlight. I mean, maybe it's coming up opening for Bon Jovi, I would think possibly. Yeah. But but so far is definitely being the first show. It was just there's the deep end boy, jump and swim. If you can that was it. Yeah. Definitely. And what do you have favorite songs that you like singing the things that you really get into that you wanted in the or wanted to be sure that we're in the sadder personal favorites to you. They're all there. And there's there's only a lot of amount of time which we could play more. But definitely quicksand Jesus probably one of my favorite. Yeah. It's a really deep track. Yeah. Early. Get stuck in with that. Yeah. I'm still work on him and Rachel hard on the sub human race album because I love it might be my favorite skid row record. They continue to shun it. They continue to Paco minds. Contain to continue to do you like that record Zee on of them all human race? I didn't frozen and fireside and my trying to get them jog his memory, the great. So we're talk and all I hear. Remember, I can turn your mic off. No, you're obviously when you do sets the the bulk of the sets coming from the first two records, and are you doing anything beyond that at all like the the United world rebellion or I think there's great stuff on thick skin listening to fix all the time to I think we're doing ghost rate song. Great song. Born a beggar great. Which goes back those on Monday. That's just remember yet. But so so much good stuff so much no shortage of great material. And we're gonna take a break we come back on the break. Let's talk about new material. That's coming and it'll be determined. If it's great or not. It's highly suspect he considers things. There will be a new skill a long-awaited skit row record. I'm assuming coming. I know you're working right now on it. 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So far is I knew the plan was with thirty P. Or now, if you change your going to do full, it's a full length. We did we've worked with Michael Wagner, again, which has been just absolute he's been. It's it's amazing. You meet people over the course of your life. That are just they're woven into the fabric of your life. And he's that guy. He disband what he sits with us. He brings something out of all of us as individuals, and as we should before you continue. We should just tell people aren't that well versed in making records, Michael Wagner is a producer. Who did verse to skid Row Records? And did he do it a rebellion? Eat one of the. Zoe. Oh revolution for many. Which was the second record, Johnny. Okay. So this'll be this'll be return to work with him. Yeah. And it's it's a it's a different set of circumstances. Obviously Z's I record with us. So that's exciting itself. But there's just like there's been this like amazing amount of positivity in our camp for last couple years since he's join abandoned we've been doing a lot of shows we've been fortunate enough to be able to tour consistently and the writing process was in the past. It's always been really really difficult, and for some reason Rachel I just you know, it worked it worked even back in the day. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I record second Eker difficult difficult. Why? I a lot of for me. It's very frustrating for me because I have a hard time. Extracting ideas. Like, I hear something in my head or feels inside. But articulating that properly it's always been difficult. Rachel forget it like he writes lyrics and comes up with so much more fluidly than I ever have. So I'm kind of the weak link of the of the pair to be in the balance of the writing and the history of skid row with you. And Rachel writing the bulk of the material, and there's been some exceptions over the you're obviously there's certain songs of other writers or song only you or song only him. But, but basically, the balance of the partnership of the two of you guys who who generally does more the lyrics versus. He he's he's more the lyric. Yes. Without the more the music. I I you know what? Lyrics. He's he's just better at it than I am like he's just more fluid, and he just knows how to be more poetic than I am capable of. I add or critique, whatever that's what we did. We just it's a back and forth, but you've out your moments like like, I was talking last night with somebody. We're talking about about just how much I love so human race. But there's a song that submarines breaking down what you wrote yourself. And I mean, it's a brilliant song lyrics. Well, so you have those moments where that comes to you like few and far between. The thing is is our our relationship. Obviously, we're best friends, but we we realized a long time ago that there's certain things that he does really well that I don't do well and vice versa. So we complement each other and were able to create skid row. And so with this record, though, the songs a lot of them. Is sounds very cliche. But a lot of them kinda wrote themselves. We're kind of just conduit if you will sitting there in the studio at his place in Nashville, and it's just command. I don't know where this is coming from just it's happening. The most prolific would you say is Risa writing for? I don't want to say that. Because it's like putting a jinx on something before anyone's heard it. But I think I'm not saying it's good. Prolific Cape from it. Biggest well of material to pick from to make I think so it's been quite a while since again, we just got in his own two of us. And we're able to just things just flowed, and it's a very positive record lyrically and vibe wise. It's up, you know, it's like it's got a great energy about it. We've finished bass drums already on the twelve songs that are going to hopefully, make it on the record. And once once we're done with vocals and whatnot. We'll we'll see what the record will be. We may have to write more songs who knows? But right now, we're really confident about about where it's at. What was the first song? You guys ever wrote together song called telephone that never made anywhere. Not even a demo. No odd. Maybe we might demo on in Rachel's. Parents house would a eight away drum sheen because use the program eight oh, wait and four track. So yeah, there's a possibility terrible. It was terrible. Absolutely awful. What like your show? Go ahead. Sorry. He forgets you bring it so quickly that I'm probably pretty much the only one on the planet. That's going to play this year. Especially on national radio show for tastes. Exactly. Right. So when you wrote when you wrote when you guys wrote eighteen in life youth, gone wild. I remember you did you know, when you were writing those songs that they were going to become sort of career defining songs now where they just songs for the record. Okay. No. My ego wouldn't have allowed me to think that way and still it's like, you guys aren't as truth, you just hope to be able to connect someway with people. And so when when eighteen life story, connecting we were get chills because I was blood still blown away when I see people singing those words back in a live setting. I'm like, I'm like, oh my God. Like, I was privileged to be part of something that is still resonating with people thirty years later. That's an amazing humbling thing for us. I remember you nearly didn't make the record. We wrote it Rachel I wrote it and we were like all right? And if had it not been for Scotty, Sebastian Scott McGhee or former manager being a rehearsal room in Tom's river, New Jersey and to garage going. That's got to be on a record. Rachel. All right. Do we didn't see it the way everybody else saw it? And thankfully, we put it on the record. And you know, it's become, you know, obviously, a main stay in our set and something that helped like define the band. Was there a song that you wrote you guys wrote back in the day that you thought was a slam dunk and didn't become one that when you finish shit. That's going to be huge. And it just didn't connect. Breaking down. Thought I felt breaking down was was going to. I thought it was I hope they would have done better than it did which is movie, right? Wasn't a movie soundtrack profits office. Right. Christopher Walken movie again from subhuman race Z for you, you know, into this ban. Now, a couple years bunch of life shows under your belt. It's got to be really exciting for you. I would think to now be able to really put your stamp on being a part of the ban by having a record. I mean, I think that's the real sort of sign that somebody's really made their Mark in a band. Yes. You can do all the life shows you want. But then you've got a piece of the catalog where you're actually on record. So for you. This has got to be an exciting time. Only dude as a kid we I'm going to be on the skid row rag. How many people can say that over the moon? I couldn't be happier. And if you got have you been brought into the process yet in terms of whatever. Oh, yeah. No. He's he's contributed to the songwriting as well. So wow. Okay. Yeah. It's been we've contrary to popular belief. We've always had a very open policy about songs. Best idea wins, regardless of where they come from. So other people could say what they wanna say about that process past and present members, but that's the truth best idea wins. And so we're we had this one track. It's it's almost eight minutes long believe it or not for us. That's that's crazy prog. Yeah. Right. Exactly. Run the wrong cruise. Right. Exactly. So, but and Z contribute to that. A lot of the lyrics and melodies and stuff like that as well. So the target target date for the record. I think this year, I hope so. All right, cool. All right. Listen, I've got about literally four five minutes before the show right to the second. Anybody got a question for the guys come on? Jay, great shirt draw the line shirt on. Great. I'm Jay exit three. Yes. Good, man. Thanks for a lot of your efforts. We've enjoyed usually should ask this out at the Cuna. But I asked you what state in the United States has the greatest ball busters. What would you say jersey question? Okay. Question about. The only state utilized jerk off. Jersey, right. Yes. Along those lines. We'll tell you a story that happened very recently snaking, I as I was saying last night, we were drinking hanging out. I said, I literally don't stay snake. Well, over thirty years, we grew up not far from each other. I saw skid row before Sebastian was in the in the clubs. I saw these songs being you know, Matt Fallon say studio one all that all the day's remember when they got signed everything. And so we've got this history. He's always been this. I mean, this has total compliment he's always been the same dickhead. Weather. On MTV every two seconds or whether he was broke playing a club. He's always been the same idiot. That's true. And and we were I'll never forget this for those that don't know snake. Also is believe it or not despite appearances actually successful manager. He manages artists through McGee entertainment, and I was when snakes and management mode. He'll wear like a button down. Real. So I'm I'm at siriusxm headquarters in New York. And I'm doing my show this I'm I'm sitting in the studio, and I'm interviewing Taylor Mommsen from the pretty reckless, and she doesn't know anything about she's even know who shouldn't even realize who he was. But I'm in there. And I'm in the middle of this pretty intense. I forget we're getting into some heavy subject matter, and we're talking and I have no idea he's even in the building. And then all of a sudden in the middle of conversation like a blur. He comes running through while we're live on the air. Punches me hardest. How right in the shoulder turns around and runs back out of the studio. And she, you know, she's like thirty years younger than us. And she just looks. She goes, whoa. What was that? She goes that looked like some sort of like, really weird friendship or something or something like that. And I was like pretty much was that's how we express ourselves. I yelled into your mic, like you're listening to you on a radio is like sniffing, really bad fart. Yeah. Yeah. Ran out. And then just held on my shoulder with the look of her. She was horrified like security like what just happened because it was in and out like that. It was amazing. If you ever see there's an old skid row. Video was it. Roadkill guys are in the airports, and you're. Well, it's it's never ending hijinks. Catching any of that is the new guy in the band on dishing out? Look for you. I had to figure out is very quick ITO beaten meeting. Oh, my. You may want to invest in an athletic Cup too. Because they've been doing. On your outlook any other which are no fun at all. All right. Well, listen, we gotta end on the second here on time. So I appreciate you guys. You're by I'm looking forward to seeing you sing for the first time. And it's thanks. Great songs. Can't wait to hear him one of my favorite bands. Everybody knows that skid row, and they'll be performing tonight on the monsters of rock cruise. Hey, it's Eddie trunk and this is the trunk podcast in. That was snake in z p from skid row from the monsters of rock cruise this past February good to visit with those guys. Good to meet z p. And of course, always great to bus some chops and talk to my old friend snake Sabo of skid row. Take a break. We'll come back interview. Number two on this week's any trunk podcast. Is with Glenn Hughes newer interview, talking about his current touring playing deep purple and some other stuff you'll find interesting as well, Glenn is up next on the trunk podcast. Gassed? Hey, if you like my show checkout to producers guide Todd garner and the Hollywood elite on podcast one. And this summer things are heating up as Todd sits down with podcast, darling. Anna Farris and the director of the ventures endgame Joe Russo download new episodes of the producers guide every week on apple podcasts. And of course, podcast one. This is the Eddie trunk podcast. Welcome back any trunk here. As promised Glenn Hughes took some time out to give me a call a couple of weeks ago as he was getting ready to do some US dates for the current touring. He is doing still doing the all deep purple show a phenomenal show if you had a chance to see it I have, and it's really pretty amazing. So Glenn wanted to call in with a little bit of an update. And here is what he had to say. He is a rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Mr. Glenn Hughes. How are you? Glenn on great hope everyone out spending wonderful very sunny day in New York. You are on Long Island. You're playing the paramount in Huntington tonight, I've never been there. But I hear it's a great venue. Everybody tells played California tweet about four or five years ago. I'm looking at someone Eddie, I'm very good. Glenn busiest. Hell like you. You know in a million directions. Like, I know you are as well. But no complaints when you're living the dream plane rock and roll, right? You know, crazy that. I think I'm busy now than I've ever been made is seventy key. But I've never been done. Visit really playful that he's incurring. How do you feel healthwise? I mean, you've been through a lot. Everybody knows you at heart surgery human you've been through a lot. And I saw you play last summer and it was stunning. And you look and sound as good as ever and I'm saying that sincerely. But how do you feel Glenn? How's your health everything? Good. You know, get my sleep been a lot of war. What's the Kathy exercise read books points? A twin say has called me many possible for someone like both pills. So I just twin and and say calm as possible to get again. Honestly. Yeah. That's what they tell you. What about why why is the caffeine is that because of the heart issue that you had to stay off of that? I you know, I felt for his stuff red bulls in the months to stuff. He's just me. I'm a lightweight regarding caffeine. So I just Kendrick keping after eleven o'clock in the morning. So, but that's really no issue for me. I'm just an a place in my life. Now at the very old where I'm going. And obviously about from from so all in a living in this moment is president. He's care about this moment right now. Hey, going are you a little off the phone because you sound a little distant as far as the phone is are you on a speaker, something, no? Yeah. Because we want to hear you a little bit better. If we can. Yeah. That'd be a little bit sounds a little better up. Yeah. Way way better. Thank you. So so all is good. And you're out still doing what you've been doing now for a little bit. Which is the deep purple stuff. Right. Yeah. You know, like I want to reach wait what Tokyo last year Eddie when we go to find three years ago this last month. I post all kinds of office and stuff to do that. Like, you see that? I did in the seventies. You know, I've never done a complete depot show before. And I thought he wouldn't be that much of a stretch to out a few extra Soames to do. And you know, the opportunity to travel around the world for the last almost two years now doing this show. And it's, you know, an amazing event for me to do and like its own of the legacy that I did back in the seventies. It is an incredible show. It's unbelievable. How great the band is. How great you are singing it playing it. I cannot recommend it more highly having seen it myself. And I gotta ask you along those lines since you're still doing the purple thing. Of course, the time you were in deep purple you were in the band with David Coverdale as well. And I just saw David recently. And I'm going to see him on Thursday. And I know you guys are still very close. David David make some news recently where he made some statements about you and him being inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame with purple and now he was not necessarily made to feel comfortable or welcoming environment. Can you speak on that? How how was it for you? I think in general most people a lot of people know, India's, maybe I think maybe some fun. You know that this this no relate like don't have a relationship with anyone else in. That's all although we did work with John Lewis Indian pace. We just don't have relationship. It's very difficult to being a bun with someone when you're nearly twin is all laid almost beauty converse. No doubt. So David had to sit down. And do, you know something we're gonna go get a war going to sit table and fun foamy, cheap, terrific, Sheryl Crowe? And Chicago at the end of the show. I really, you know is disappointing event. Most of those because it didn't feel a family, and as we all know out that people listen to this lovely show a lot of from the sixties and seventies and eighties. That'll retold to anyway. But he was so obvious that ninety his strange, but I will through it. Go wrong with it and David had a lot of fun, and we all very close. And I love them to pieces. So did you not have any interaction with the those other guys at all was there? A did you acknowledge each other was there anything? I you know, me I'll put my hand out into that. That's a that's why I've always done. There was a lack of communication. There was no it was very I know this is good copy at. Yeah. Know people probably loving to hear this stuff. The potato. I was a little bit. It was been heinous. I just thought it was very inappropriate. We're all in this stage as druthers I didn't feel a sense of summer, Audrey. I felt more closer to loss than anyone else. But again, David annoy accepted won't be Grayson, but very very excited by. What do you think that's about Glen? Do you just think it's you know, I I know that you don't ever relationship there anymore. But do you just think that it's about well, you guys are different era or I mean, obviously, it was a different lineup. But he and paces there he was in the band with you. I mean, you guys at that time. What do you think is at the core of that is a business thing is an ego thing? What do you think it is? I think a core of all the things you mentioned nothing gets business. I think it's personal. I think it's. I don't you know, I have scratching my head news and years ago asking that same question, I think it affected David little more than. So I don't know. He was very we won't sing with them. You know? And I think he spoke if he called England up I said, well, good luck didn't bother me. What so ever canoe full shape was going to sing at the end of the show. So we got to look for every couple small one two three four. I think everybody would have to burn. And you know, the fact is that I knew going into it. And you wouldn't happen. David on the let me in killing. Did Colin and I it didn't go. Well. So I only want to wish all men deep purple past present the very very desolate. Come from me. I have no fuss. I just had David on the show the other day, and I'm going to see him in Florida and a couple of days and the other thing that David is in a mode in his life. It seems where he really wants to. And I guess this comes with being older bury the hatchet with anyone. He had issues with just you know, wants to connect with everyone again. And to that end, you know, he said he's been trying to have in reaching out and having some dialogue with with Blackmore or his wife, and or his wife have you any dialogue with Ritchie and all you. And I haven't spoken about oh, maybe we have just gotten two years ago two years ago. I got a call from one of asking me if I'd like to be caught of what was now called rainbow as a singer. And I thought about it must be really great connected which have lunch with him on Long Island plane fly out, and I I'm saying this love and respect. I got a call the night before I was in high. This would have been eighteen months ago. And and. Said that a new single would be Rony Romero. And would I like to join the to say? You know, a background singing vice play on always sit to myself. Let me have one second thing about that. Look, you know, anyone wish Michio Lavori best all fun, but I have to decline that offer. Because I am thinking, I she know. I mean, come along way in the last four years to get where I am now is a singer. And I only feel comfortable doing what I think is appropriate. Again, I would have looked to done to hand with Ritchie and have some fun with a lot of fun here. Not. But it wasn't meant to be. So I don't I see no no one really get speak to cheat. I think they all speak, Carol. I have no almost any of the company to rainbow. But only one wish him only the very best. Let's talk about what you got going on. So you're playing in the at the paramount tonight, which is on Long Island. You've done you've been all over the world doing this deep purple show. And I'm looking at your dates your past dates and your your upcoming dates you've literally taken this all over the world. You have a stellar band that plays it with you? Again, I've seen it. And and your your voice is stunning as ever what is the reaction been? What did the highlights for? You Glen to revisit this material and to take it around the world like you just have. Well, I know, you know, this is a fact because any anytime from seven she's still going or anyone from still able to get up there. And do what they do. He'll she I look in the audience, and I see people of funds follow. Hey, flows of my age, then I see their kids, and there will be plenty mixed city on playing or you know in in Morgantown or Taiwan. And they're they're all singing the woods. All these teenage this thing in my words, you know. Oh my God. It's so overwhelming to see the audience in any country singing the songs, they may not speaking we can sing meaningless. So I'm overwhelmed with the fact that people come into see this, man. She's me do the legacies that created over those years ago. I'm humbled by it for breakfast. And it's almost like. I don't wanna stop this train is moving so quickly. But I have to censor myself. But enjoy it. I don't wanna think about some RO show or on thinking about is to night in Huntington of the comment. I can't wait to get there. Well, you're at the hunting. You're the paramount. Then you're at the Wall Street theater, Norwalk Connecticut, and that is tomorrow to shows that less Paul's legendary club, the rhythm in New York. That's coming up the twenty sixth and twenty seventh a very small intimate venue, which amazing to see you there. Eddie ammo gonna get my nice region. Then you go. Hi, oh, the empire theater. I'm looking at your website, Fort, Wayne, Indiana, the CLYDE theater and the Arcata theatre Saint Charles, Illinois, just outside Chicago. Then you've got Michigan. And then you're going go into your native land, you're going to the town. That's pretty much sold out. So a lot of these events are sold out selling out creek now. So, you know, again, I'm would Eddie I'm working my last show is. Funny. My last show in how how do we in Moscow? And then I'm going to no, I'm wrong. Again, this another English to happening at the end of November. So November twenty I'll be twenty nine I'll be sending home to LA where I'm gonna take them off. Can you believe I'm on the road from nine months again this year? How wonderful is that? You can find out all the information at Glenn Hughes dot com and find out if where Glenn is in the world where you get an opportunity to see him. And you know, what Glenn I got word on something you're already doing in twenty twenty which I've done and really enjoy. I'm sure I'll be a part of again. And that is the what's called the on the blue cruise which is with Justin Hayward. And that and that that's you're already booked on a cruise for twenty twenty enjoy doing a cruise. Yes. I see less you, you know, and just really the friend of mine thirty one Eddie, you know, this whole signed the moody boots label official in the seventies. Trapeze so of known just in for ever loving piece is not an opportunity to join this this cruise and do what I do. And I'm looking forward to it. Yeah. That's going out April one through eight of twenty twenty on the blue crew's headline by Justin Hayward, and and actually John lodge produce trap. He's. Right. He did. I recommend. I your veterans. Yeah. Well. Really good friends of mine who can imagine bond. Anybody could bring an unknown from from coal trapeze from the UK to Los Angeles and undo some shows about an album being out. He's incredible. So Glen when you're done doing this run of of these dates this year's doing the purple set that you're doing what are you plan to do beyond that are you going to continue doing purple or you're gonna change other solo album? What what are you thinking? I'm not sure about reporting to sell 'em right now. But I am going to do something else. Calendar. He's coming for me. I'll share would you little agent in Europe. Eddie, we'll come to you know, I always do that. But I will be doing the deep legacy show whenever I can. I just need brakes into this. It'd be to tune us full months of constant touring Anita. I need a breather. So, but I think of the things in the pipeline. I'm really excited about a challenge for me. I love a good challenge. And of course, he did a black country communion record. You did BCC four another record in the pipeline with that band you'd like to do. I spoke to Jason soda looks at Derek. And Joe that's probably about us. Ability doing more. Whether it's we know we're going to record an album of we're gonna play law. That's my home. You know, look Hetty, we'll note BCC's on rituals petitioning credible band. Or I wanted to do was this form of Joe facing and play these songs, it's been typical. I'm not upset for resentful over that. But I'm so done busy. Now. I'm just hoping we can get a window of opportunity to do what we do. Yeah. Everybody has so many different things going on at the same time. But it would be great. If you guys could make a make a carve out a month or something to be able to do a run a show because I've seen BCC live in it is it is also incredible. In the great to get people chance to take that out on the road and see it one more time. I just love. I just love all these guys in this. I mean Joe's pretty good family him so much and of Jason's he was in. Come down. I was staying Jones house in nineteen seventy to come down to says, I'm here. Jason. Unbelievable. Yeah. And of course, he's out there playing with Sammy Hagar now. And you know, I'll be seeing him soon as well. And he's seven a lot of fun doing that. I know one last thing I want to ask you going because I have when people ask me and we talk about singers. And I don't you know, I'll never forget. Kevin, Shirley, I think it was made a great point. He said, you know, so many people talk about Glenn's voice because it's so stunning that sometimes his his bass playing which is also phenomenal gets overlooked. Interestingly enough, you you you were on Joe saturation his last record and only play bass, not crazy. And when I when I had Joe on I said, how do you have gone us on your record and not at least sing a song? And he said everybody asked me that he goes. And that's exactly why didn't do it because everyone would have expected that because I wanted to show Kate Glenn's Glenn's showcase glints playing. I'll make it brief. Old time making the album, coding Soames. We coding live. Go to Jones say don't you feel vocal in there? Every song. I'm like don't you hear inflection on vocal there? But it was it was fun. I'd do it again. I just love playing basis. You know, everybody knows about my focus. But the only thing is I just love playing based on really. Joan. Yeah. So so what am I point was that whenever whenever we talk about singers? And the guys as they get older who's good still who who lost something. I mean, you're the benchmark. I mean, and I have no problem saying that you are the benchmark anybody that knows anything those you are the benchmark for greatness in singing. It's it's it is there's no other word for it. But stunning what you do. And we still got ask you a quick thing though, have you ever seen or heard or do, you know of the singer by the name of j Buchanan from the band, right? Son's close friend of mine, and I love what you're saying about him on the bond. I had my own show, you know, in in London plenty about seven years ago. And I remember meeting giant Scott associate party, John eight in Hollywood, I met these kids I'm thinking, I look like welcome owes. They hundred me out and called pressure on can you play. Yeah. Let me I didn't even listen to just put it on. And I'm going what is this? Of course, all these two very close friends that they caught producing them as you know. And he produced me when you have a look the fine. I think they all the great Joan talented ban in America for Schuur. And I only one of wish them all that follow. It was gr- just if you don't know who they often cut cold survival barrows one of the best because of in the last ten years old how it's you. And thank you so much for being so kind. Fundy? Well, I agree with everything you just said. And that's the only reason why do it because I feel that strongly, but I just saw them live and watching Jay Singh. He is the only guy of ever seen that has a power similar to yours. I mean, he has the mic down, by his way and vocal is ridiculous. And I'm like. This this guy Glenn Hughes? It's like, I mean, you guys have different ranges to your voice. But it's remarkable watching him sing just like it is watching you sing. Of course, you've got some years on them, which makes what you do even more insane. But it's just stunning to watch guys. Do what they do like that fucking shed this. Okay sends but he's very very, decent spiritual. I'm walking the same. We do we do about this. I just love the way he's chosen to what all those years ago. I was on nut passing fan now. But I just I just cooked up and chase them wonderful young guy. You know? Well, my thanks to Glenn Hughes right there and earlier in the podcast, my tizzy P and snake from skid row. Appreciate you. Guys, listening to the to the Eddie trunk podcast. It's new every Thursday, always free podcast, one dot com or items and be sure to check out my daily radio show if you live in the US and Canada on. 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