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"mr. glenn hughes" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

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"mr. glenn hughes" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

"And I'm doing my show this I'm I'm sitting in the studio, and I'm interviewing Taylor Mommsen from the pretty reckless, and she doesn't know anything about she's even know who shouldn't even realize who he was. But I'm in there. And I'm in the middle of this pretty intense. I forget we're getting into some heavy subject matter, and we're talking and I have no idea he's even in the building. And then all of a sudden in the middle of conversation like a blur. He comes running through while we're live on the air. Punches me hardest. How right in the shoulder turns around and runs back out of the studio. And she, you know, she's like thirty years younger than us. And she just looks. She goes, whoa. What was that? She goes that looked like some sort of like, really weird friendship or something or something like that. And I was like pretty much was that's how we express ourselves. I yelled into your mic, like you're listening to you on a radio is like sniffing, really bad fart. Yeah. Yeah. Ran out. And then just held on my shoulder with the look of her. She was horrified like security like what just happened because it was in and out like that. It was amazing. If you ever see there's an old skid row. Video was it. Roadkill guys are in the airports, and you're. Well, it's it's never ending hijinks. Catching any of that is the new guy in the band on dishing out? Look for you. I had to figure out is very quick ITO beaten meeting. Oh, my. You may want to invest in an athletic Cup too. Because they've been doing. On your outlook any other which are no fun at all. All right. Well, listen, we gotta end on the second here on time. So I appreciate you guys. You're by I'm looking forward to seeing you sing for the first time. And it's thanks. Great songs. Can't wait to hear him one of my favorite bands. Everybody knows that skid row, and they'll be performing tonight on the monsters of rock cruise. Hey, it's Eddie trunk and this is the trunk podcast in. That was snake in z p from skid row from the monsters of rock cruise this past February good to visit with those guys. Good to meet z p. And of course, always great to bus some chops and talk to my old friend snake Sabo of skid row. Take a break. We'll come back interview. Number two on this week's any trunk podcast. Is with Glenn Hughes newer interview, talking about his current touring playing deep purple and some other stuff you'll find interesting as well, Glenn is up next on the trunk podcast. Gassed? Hey, if you like my show checkout to producers guide Todd garner and the Hollywood elite on podcast one. And this summer things are heating up as Todd sits down with podcast, darling. Anna Farris and the director of the ventures endgame Joe Russo download new episodes of the producers guide every week on apple podcasts. And of course, podcast one. This is the Eddie trunk podcast. Welcome back any trunk here. As promised Glenn Hughes took some time out to give me a call a couple of weeks ago as he was getting ready to do some US dates for the current touring. He is doing still doing the all deep purple show a phenomenal show if you had a chance to see it I have, and it's really pretty amazing. So Glenn wanted to call in with a little bit of an update. And here is what he had to say. He is a rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Mr. Glenn Hughes. How are you? Glenn on great hope everyone out spending wonderful very sunny day in New York. You are on Long Island. You're playing the paramount in Huntington tonight, I've never been there. But I hear it's a great venue. Everybody tells played California tweet about four or five years ago. I'm looking at someone Eddie, I'm very good. Glenn busiest. Hell like you. You know in a million directions. Like, I know you are as well. But no complaints when you're living the dream plane rock and roll, right? You know, crazy that. I think I'm busy now than I've ever been made is seventy key..

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