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"mr. director chi" Discussed on Behind the Bets

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"mr. director chi" Discussed on Behind the Bets

"Into the game. You kind of your money. That's how you find out all my bets for safe that wouldn't be any juice, juice point, spreads the prop bets. But teasers the parlays from Vegas to you. These these behind the bad. Welcome in to a post Super Bowl behind the best podcast. I'm Doug kazarian. We're taping this on Wednesday. February six Mr. director. John Murray will be joining us to. Gather all thoughts pick up the pieces, and let us know how everyone did with the with the Super Bowl KAI? Did you see that crow on the desk? I left. Checking Jackie if you saw that I'm slow from that you hungry to eat that crow not hungry at all no touchdowns in the first half that feel you know, like I got to get your props man. No pun intended. That was awesome. Yeah. You know blind squirrel finds now we'll get into it with Mr. director. But look there's this the the value there. That's what we talked about it and say, it was definitely going to happen. Even pumped interrupted you to reinforce that. I didn't think was going to happen. But I felt like hundred one was ridiculous. And look these types of games occur. All the time. Usually it's a Jacksonville colts game six nothing or whatever that score was during the regular season. But there were a lot of things that suggested not only low scoring just it could happen like that. But anyways, I don't wanna pull muscle Pat myself on the back to our fleet. I was on the Rams as well. A lean at least, and then, you know. Some other props all head, but it was fun fun. The trash talk your almost almost as if like you predicted Rutgers to beat Michigan records won the game. Almost I mean being at the McCartney twins won the SuperBowl. That's almost like ruckers. There you go in my world as records of all of Scotto h earing, right? So big news in the NBA with some trades. And Anthony Davis mass will what will recap that? At the end looking forward to Mr. director Chi had what how did you take in the Super Bowl stay at home cooked for the family had some laws come over. Matt. It was I mean, it was not an entertaining game. I think half my house was watching the bachelor something come on now after on everybody kind of scattered. That's blasphemy. Well. Blame Bella check. Yeah. All right. That's fair. Well, man, the season is over. We'll get into it. By the way. There was not a record handle for the Super Bowl in Nevada Nevada gaming. It was lower than last year. It had the Nevada gaming had announced a record hand on for the last five years. So not this year, obviously, other states contributing so in terms of legal betting in the United States. It was a record hand when you add all the other states, and we'll get into that with Mr. director John Murray momentarily, but this is the final football podcast of the two thousand eighteen nineteen season. He started his ticket writer will handle a lot higher here in the last hour. Now, he's a racing sports. Book director of the guys at work. Your call me, Mr. director and not looking directly into my eyes people in new staff to sear kind of Seinfeld as move where we just rotate the guys the material doesn't get stale happened in between hot tub and. ESPN? Kicking is for losers and boy was that evident in the Super Bowl. Mr. director good to connect with you as we put a bow on this two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen NFL season. You can believe it at and I were sitting back there at the end of the game. And we actually agreed. With New England's decision to kick. The field goal to go up thirteen to three ending the game winning the Super Bowl that was one time where I actually thought kicking the field goal was the right? The right decision. Interesting. I did not give in Gus Cousy looked so shaky earlier in the the distance that was needed for first down. Well, we had some we had a little bias there. I gotta give you full disclosure. We really wanna kick the field goal if they if the game had landed between eight and fourteen points that would have been very very big loser for us that betting on that was available at five hundred to one here at the super book..

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