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"mr. dave schramm" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

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"mr. dave schramm" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"In light of the news that the upcoming season of amazing race Canada will be allowing you to vote in a previous contestant we have one such previous contestant here to talk us through the upcoming vote and relive some of these experiences of please welcome one half of the dynamic duo of and Dave from season one of amazing race Canada. Mr. Dave Schramm. Hello, dave. Hi, thank you so much for having me. Mean we're so excited to talk to you. It's really such a fun time. We've never gotten to podcast about season one before because we weren't recording a podcast then. But the recollection was that you you jet basically stole the entire season out from under everybody and on our shortlist of people to come back. It's always you're always at number one on the list for me, the you. I mean. Yeah. Like, I don't know. I think honestly, the reason I think we kinda resonated with a lot of people was just the fact that we were genuinely having fun. And I think people tune in every week, you know, they wanna see candidate they wanna see entertainment. But I think like at the end of the day, they they wanna see people having fun and really kind of enjoying it because especially the race. Like it such a full especially stressful environment. And it's such a, you know, you do like I it is very hard store. When you can you know when you can do win still kinda make jokes and have fun in. You know, take it, you know, not not life or death. I think I think that's why you know, people kind of, you know, excited about us. And it was crazy. It was crazy. So how long have you known that you're going to be part of this vote? So not long may just kinda sprung it on us and. In. So, you know, they they were which you wanna be part of this foe. You know instantly said yes. And you know, I often got off like do you? You know, is there going to be in all star? Like if you if there's an all stars, you guys would you do in? We're always like, yeah. Of course, like if there's an all-star if they asked us than for sure we'd love to do it again. So this vote thing is a big curveball in just kind of came out of nowhere. So yeah, we're just kinda I dunno where rolling with roll with the punches. And I'm I'm stressed. It's stressful. I'm like, you know, because it's it's not like, you're you're just on or you're not. It's like it's this vote killing hanging over my head. So we'll off the see have have you had any they talked to you in the past about whether you were interested because I know a lot of reality shows are constantly asking people. Hey, would you like to come back some point in the future? Have you guys talked with that much about that said season one? No, no. And now we've always come in. Kept in touch with the producers in and stuff in. There were other opportunities. We'd kind of worked on some stuff for, but they're never had been big never kind of like given us on optional or or really asked as much about the race other than you know, they they enjoyed having us. We obviously love working with them on. So no, it was like it was totally out of the blue totally unexpected really tight turnaround to have basically two weeks to get your name back out. There is that what was your strategy? Ben for that. Yeah. Like, I mean, honestly, I'm I like I had to reactivate my Twitter account. I had to you know, since I used I used to call it the Facebook. Now, it's just Facebook. I season one's a long time ago. Right. So all joking aside. I mean, it's it's seven. Years. Right. So I I kinda like all people are gonna remember us, you know, 'cause the other teams I think are from season three season four stole. You know, that was kind of our fear was like, we're not really top of mind anymore. And and so, yeah, our strategy is just trying to like you to say coming get our name out there again. And I don't know what you're pretty fortunate. We have a lot of people tweeting on sending Facebook messages..

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