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"mr. combo san lucas" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Their questions, not go on and try to cover this on some late night comedians talk show. Trying to cover all this all up. Tony Baba Alinsky wasn't eyewitness. He, he said himself. The big guy is a reference to Joe Biden. He was part of this arrangement when it started saw where it was headed and got out. So you have an eyewitness to it all. And still, the mainstream press refuses to cover that. That to me is so so wrong. And so Mrs s so wrong for the American people not to be able to have the information and for the press not to cover real stories, whose son is being investigated for trading on his name. And if he becomes president next month, he's got the opportunity replaced all those U. S attorneys to replace the Great General. There couldn't be a bigger conflict of interest. Yeah, I like him and I have a lot of respect for him, but I find it hard to believe that if you're in charge Of overseeing corruption in the Ukraine as vice president under the Obama administration, you didn't know your own son was on the board of Marie's MMA, one of the most corrupt gas companies in the Ukraine. There you go. There's this investigation should continue, man. It's this is gonna uncover a lot of money and oh, by the way. If Trump's kids have done the same thing, I'd want the same kind of investigation well, and you know that. If this is Donald Trump Jr were talking about the narrative would be very different, You know, coming out of all the reports? Yeah, it would be very much already convicting him in the court of public opinion. I mean, that's just my assumption is the ultimate form of gas lighting is what it is. Hey, let's see her getting Ah, Traffic update collars, The reporting that 71 eastbound right before 1 30 eyes backing up. That's kind of a common area. Actually, I mean, yeah, big time, but and see Highway 71 eastbound just before 1 30 is backed up big time. I'm not 100% sure how you could get around that mess coming in town from from the bass Drop area. If you're out there in that area, please. You got an eyewitness reports We'd love to hear from you. At 51283605 90 pretty interesting stories. We got some business news coming up. But later today, there's gonna be a major press conference involving crime that has escalated right here in this area of Austin. And this is a big joint task force involving the Feds and state. What do we expect to hear today? Well, the details very slim about this right now. All we know is that United States Attorney Greg So for will be holding a press conference 11 o'clock this morning, with dozens of federal state local enforcement law enforcement officials announcing a new initiative to address the rise in violent crimes in Austin. Wow and the surrounding area. Wow, this the same guy who all the press comment a couple weeks ago, talking about the 13 people charged with all the major drug bust that was focused on the U. T campus and West campus. It's right lots of drug Sees there That was, it wasn't a time they were also talking about an organized crime ring that was breaking into vehicles and things like that could be part of that as well. Yeah, well, you know, the governor has said that he's starting to. He's gonna have to take matters into his own hands. So whether or not maybe this is some some part of that, you know, it remains to be seen like this. The details really haven't been shared very much. So it's but I expect a big announcement. It's a joint press conference, the FBI in the states, FBI, the state you and Ernie's offer us Stern's office and local probably Austin and Travis County law enforcement as well, That's a big deal. Yeah, yeah, And and as we've been reporting all year, the rising crime has is very much been seen. Think, November. October is the last. I remember the report that I think 56% rise in the murder rate. Yeah, well, listen, Mayor Steve Adler. Mr. Combo San Lucas. He still says you're safe enough. Marry. Austin is still one of the safest cities in America. So he his safe is enough policy is not working 512836059. We'll tell you more about that coming up to the top of the hour after local news at 705. Let's see. Listen, I'll take that call right there from an eyewitness report we got Let's see eastbound 71 just before 1 30 got a major accident out there, and we've gotten reports that there could be a school bus involved. We have no indication of kids on the bus or anything like that. I'm not even sure if kids air on Busses this time of day with so many kids were, you know, getting educated from home, But don't let that scare you because, you know, we often hear that just a school bus tied up in the traffic at the very least. Let's see. Justin, are you out there in that area? Yes, They're good morning. I just came through actually headed westbound. Uh, there was it appears to be a pedestrian has been struck. It's in a pretty bad spot there. He's bound. It's kind of where those, uh, the exits have been closed. So if you can avoid it avoided have the, uh Guy covered up, but I didn't look like the investigation Crews were there yet. So it'll be a while. Justin, is there a construction crew in that area? Ah, I'm not that I could tell. There's there's just a lot of flashing light. They've got the right hand lane closed down. It looks like but the body was in the middle of the highway, so it's not a good situation. Thank you, Justin. Appreciate that update, man. Even though it was bad news. I appreciate you chime in here. You're listening to the best of Todd and don On news, radio, K O B. J So my friends at the range they want me to remind you about a big event coming up on December. The 18th it zone.

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