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"mr. browner" Discussed on Sherlock Holmes Adventures

"He paused and i was surprised on glancing round to see that he was staring with singular intensiveness at the latest profile surprise and satisfaction with both for an instant to be read upon his ego face though when she glanced round to find out the cause of silence he had become as demure as ever. I stared hard myself at her flat. Grizzled hair her trim cap her little guilt earrings her placid features but i could see nothing which could account for my companions evident excitement. There were one or two questions. Oh i am weary of questions cried. Miss cushing impatiently. You have two sisters. I believe how could you know that. I observed the very instant that i entered the room that you have a portrait group of three ladies upon the mantelpiece one of whom is undoubtedly or self while the others also exceedingly like you that there could be no doubt if they relationship. Yes you are quite right. Those on my sisters sarah and mary and here at my elbow is another portrait taken at liverpool of your younger sister in the company of a man who appears to be a steward by his uniform. I observed that she was unmarried at the time. You out very quick observing. That is my trade. Well you're quite right. But she was married to mr browner a few days afterwards. He was on the south american line when that was taken but he was so fond of her that he couldn't abide to leave her for so long. And he got into the liverpool and london boats the conqueror perhaps no the may day. When last i heard jim came down here to see me once that was before. He broke the pledge but afterwards he would always take drink when he was a shore and a little drink would send him stocks tearing mad It was a bad day that ever took a glass in his hand again. I he dropped me then. He quarrelled with sarah now that mary has stopped writing. We don't know how things are going with them. It was evident that miss cushing had come upon a subject on which she felt very deeply like most people who lead lonely life. She was shy at first but ended by becoming extremely communicative. She told us many details about her brother-in-law steward and then wandering off on the subject of her former lodges the medical students. She gave us a long account of their delinquencies with their names. And those.

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