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"mr. brock pierce" Discussed on CRYPTO 101


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"mr. brock pierce" Discussed on CRYPTO 101

"We're going we're going to Paris for blockchain of there and some other places, and so we we tend to travel all over the place, and we have fun doing it. And we need a lot of amazing people that guys looking for two guys in Denver, and we're doing a meet up as well on the fifteenth gives you do in your life show on the sixteenth. I will be in the audience. I I'm looking forward to a sounds great. We look forward to meet nice to give you a shout out from the stage fancy really fancy. We might not that we might not. He might not be looking forward to disappointed. It's okay. That's it's okay. Gents? I wanna say thank you very much for coming on crypto one telling us your story, you know, bring that energy to crypto one guys are full of full of it of. Full of energy. You're full guys. You go with resources would you like on the crypto went to one spot? If I play this. Oh, that's a good question. And have we read your show notes in advance? We would have known that. That was coming. I will say this come together. Boom. It's on probably because Mr. Joel comm. He loves Frank Sinatra's. I would say fly me to the moon. I love Frank Sinatra and miss you just saw Helton John Elton, John. And I the song that would go along with the current state of the crypto market is I guess that's why they call it. The blues. Perfect song. Perfect on jen's. Thank you very much for coming to one and say that. Thank you very much for listening to this episode of crypto. Joel and Travis that you were coming on the show, and I will see you in theory Denver this weekend next episode of crypto wanna one we have on Mr. Brock Pierce BRAC has been in the news because he is reviving gods. And he's gonna tell us all about that. And patriots. The Brock Pierce episode is on the patriot page for you to listen now in its raw form, so you can hear straight from Brock Pierce all about Cox rising in another feature episodes. We have on Richard heart and Ari trope very excited here..

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