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"mr. andy warhol" Discussed on Movie Crush

"It's a lot of politics. But it also. Goes into some real cool behind the scenes stuff about how fake reality shows are and the idea of like Franken biting where you can like cut up things. People say have a cut away where it's they're back and literally manufacturer a sentence by extreme together bits of other things. They've said, oh, yeah. Like anyone that still thinks reality shows are not completely holy manufactured are just living in a dream. They're they're basically in the same boat as people still think professional wrestling Israel. No one thinks that Andy Warhol was a big fan of WWF. Really? Yeah. I didn't. But that doesn't surprise me mean, gene, gene, the just passed away. There's incredible clip. I recommend everybody. Check it out where where he's like doing his post-match interview thing, and you see hulk HOGAN in the background and Cindy Lauper is there and then Andy Warhol comes up and means laser gentlemen, it real new New York luminary, Mr. Andy Warhol, have you ever seen so much bedlam in chaos in your life, sir? And he goes, I just can't even believe it. I just as exciting exciting. I don't even know what to say. Yeah. But the real answer is. Yes. Anywhere housing that much bedlam. No. Apparently, he was genuinely fan make sense considering what how fascinated he was by gross commercialism. So I I I was like that seems wrong. But then I was like no that seems absolutely. Like Salvador Dali if he was alive would probably be into WW just the way he responded is just so exciting. I can barely contain myself. Yeah. It shows Andy your magnanimous personality. He didn't strike me as someone who was a lot of fun to hang out with. I think he's kind of toyed with people a little bit. And it was of always had like recorder, and like camera was kind of like trying to like it out of my make people kind of like, you know, be his subjects all the time. I don't know. It's as an interesting fellow is a monument, not come too much. Go draw soup can draw at Diddy. It wasn't just kind of like Xerox through like, oh, did he just blow up like, I don't know. Did you call me on this? But a lot of what he did was definitely commodifying other images. And but I think he probably had some artistic shops as far as being able to draw, but I don't think of him as being a painter exactly I think more is being like graphic like a print maker something, you know. Hey, everyone wanna talk to you about a a great new show on a dull swim, gorgeous Lee animated brand new called Tig tone, TI GTO, any it's about a fantasy hero named tick down who goes on these quests where he has to kill lots and lots of people and has a little side kick name healthy, and it's really kind of great mostly sacrificing healthy while taking advantage of help. He's powers and rejuvenation. What's going on?.

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