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"mr. alex mercedes" Discussed on Remso Republic

"Com. You wanna know what you need more of in your life, Allah ticks? Yeah. Nobody ever said that. But if you've got to go ahead and spend money on the one nonfiction book. It's gotta be the ultimate clash of wisdom. Awesomeness? And then obviously the politics a little bit of comedy. Why? Now a little bit of a memoir, why not something that's going to make you say, hey, I actually enjoyed reading this. I laughed. I learned something in the process checkout. My book, it's an Amazon bestseller. You may have heard of it. It's stay away from the libertarians it talks about all the things you think you might know about libertarians. Plus a lot of things that I bet dollars doughnuts. You don't know about you can get on Amazon and Barnes and noble online. So go on right now. You can get imprint prince e book or kindle, or whatever you call it. Just go out and get it on Amazon and Barnes and noble online today. It's stay away from the libertarians by. Renzo w Martinez affects amid me. All right, everybody. Welcome back. This is the row somewhere. It's experienced humane favor. Follow me on Twitter at Remm. So for VA. That's now ourselves REM SO after. Var? And this week. We've got a pretty interesting episode. I mean every episode is, but we're going to be jumping on lot of the government shutdown craziness that we've been covering on the show recently on Monday. Yeah. I think it was Monday. We covered the fake BuzzFeed article talking about the deaths at national parks that were not result of the government shutdown and just yesterday. What we did was we talked a little bit about say a worker sewer just deciding not to show up to work. So we'll cover a little bit of that. And so much more this week. We have our awesome guests friend of about three years now, Mr. Alex Mercedes, Alex what's going on, man. The show man how the bins been good. It's it's been real as real as life gets folks. Those vita don't know Alex is. He he's ran for so many public offices. I tend to lose track base currently the vice chair of the libertarian party and not to play identity politics. But he's probably the most influential let's libertarian and the country because of this, and that's right for like, no one who really gives a crap about Marco Rubio. Who really gives a crap about Marco Rubio? He hasn't done anything since he's walked in the Senate. So you could take his spot and Ted Cruz Canadian. So I guess you. I guess you're Alex, I guess those are the that's quite via role. I gotta play. But what I do. So each just recently came out with a book profits or generosity. What what why do you think? This was something you had to come out with now because with the title that it seems like, you know, everyone's jumping on the whole socialism train evil profits are what caused everything bad in the world to happen. What's what's going on? Why? Now, why this book? It's something that I think about for a while like the term profits generosity was something. I coined about a little bit over a year ago when the whole rent, this theft thing was come around, and I did this whole video, but how rent is not. And I thought about how profits generosity onto preneurs ship is philanthropy and kind of laboratory on that. But I felt that seeing that was such important point that I wanted to make sure I got it down. But also one of the kind of put it in a very condensed format that, you know, someone who made honestly be warm to libertarian ideas or fee market, ideas may not necessarily spend time reading eighty pages hundred pages two hundred I wanted something that was really conduct that you can read like them. It's really breaks all the ideas doesn't necessarily kind tell you what your conclusion should be. But explains it in a way that says this is what it is in a way that people can get it and then come to their own conclusions. I'm sorry. Explain to me, the whole Rentis theft thing. I'm still trying to like eat don't get that around my head who was saying that..

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