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"mr st louis" Discussed on Bedtime Stories For Kids

"Welcome do bedtime stories for kids. My name is mike. I'm so excited that you're joining me today. Are you ready for today's adventure. Today we have a story for royal requested by his mom. And if you want me to create a story just for you than simply ask any grown up to get in touch. Speaking of grownups hate grownups. Did you know that the very best way to support this. Podcast is to simply request a story. You can visit bedtime stories for kids. Dot co two. Request your very own story and yes. That is a brand new website. Please go and check it out. And should you be listening through apple podcasts. Deliver five star review as well as it helps me out a tremendous amount and is such an easy thing to do. Now if you're ready then i'm ready broil. I hope that you're ready as well. Can we raise our left foot and a right arm as highness guys. We can count on with me in five four. Three two one go. It is a brave sunday. Royal walks through the garden at his house and at the very back of the yard. Mom has some of the most yummies strawberries and blueberry plants. Should we go and try. Some broil takes us small bucket and he starts picking some of those ripe and yummy strawberries and blueberries when suddenly his dad says hey royal can you come here for a second. Broil walks into the house where dad says. Hey royal look at this. As he stares at a flyer that came with the mill the fire reads find the golden strawberry and win a brand new motorcycle. What is this royal. Us is a competition. Dad says tomorrow at stuey strawberry farm. They have hidden one golden strawberry. And if you find it somewhere in the field you can win a brand new motorcycle. Do you want to enter the competition that ass. Of course royal says also that says you can bring one person to help you. Who do you think can help you the best to find that golden strawberry Broil says i'm going to bring romeo and romeo israel's dog of course the next day arrives and royal and romeo have arrived at steward strawberry farm. There are many other families. They're all wanting to find that golden strawberry and win the brand new motorcycle. Stuey who owns the farm welcomes two participants. Welcome everybody behind me. You can find the strawberry fields there are millions of delicious ripe red juicy. Yemi strawberries but one of them is different. One strawberry is made out of pure called. If you find it you will be the winner of this. Most amazing super awesome new motorcycle. Whoa let's do. Our best. Royal says to romeo. If you're already stuey says then countdown with me in three two on. May the best person find the golden strawberry broil and romeo run into the big strawberry field. There are surrounded by millions of strawberries. It's amazing but all the strawberries are red. How do we find the on one. Royal us himself. If i was golden strawberry. Where would i be as royal and romeo continued to walk through the strawberry fields following the rest of the crowd. Maybe royal says to himself if everyone goes that way. We should go this way as he makes a right. Turn a small field. Where most of the strawberries aren't yet. Yummy ripe in read. In fact most strawberries in in this part of the field are still yellowing green. This could be a perfect place for a golden straw. Mary don't you think. Romeo explore this field. Find the golden strawberry royal says to romeo the dog who then starts running through the field and smelly and exploring every part of this tiny newfield when suddenly romeo starts barking and barking and barking. Did you find it as royal runs across the field to romeo. Royal cannot believe his eyes hidden at the very very beck of this small strawberry field far from where everyone else is searching this field with green and yellow. Not yet ripe. Strawberries royal stares at a strawberry that is just reflecting in the sunshine. He takes a closer look and indeed. This is not a regular strawberry. This is the golden strawberry as he picks it up and he starts running back to the farm with romeo the dog right behind him. I found it. I found it. I found it. Royal is super excited. Back at the farm. He runs straight to stewing mr st louis. I found the polled and strawberry. Did you mr stuart says. Let me have a look as royal hens over the golden strawberry. Yes you did royal. Congratulations now i just have one question. For you royal. Do you like motorcycles. Because this one now officially belongs to you as he points at the brand new super awesome motorcycle royal couldn't be more happy. He had the best day ever romeo. The dog was the best teammate he could ever ask for and now he cannot wait to write his brand new super amazing motorcycle back home where his entire family will wait for him. And with that we're going to end today's at venture shirt with all your friends and your family. I hope you had fun. Join me in the next adventure. And don't forget if you want me to create a story for you. Then ask any grownup to get in touch so with that being said i wish you good night. Osu sweet dreams if you are not yet going to sleep. I wish you an amazing day. And i'll see you in the next adventure..

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