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"mr roper bure" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"mr roper bure" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Slash. Three's company the safest blink find by the time this podcast goes up is that link will go to if anybody wants to watch that not mandatory because we won't spend eight hundred time on Chrissy and the Guru. I don't understand nobody else. Besides me has the D._V._d.. Yes because I just pulled out my season three. D._V._D.'s well is a full box set or just you have to buy each season yeah. You have to buy each season wound. I I actually have a couple random seasons in and season three is one of them of Scott. How much travesty was it that the opening theme song to Three's company was not included in Chester's TV theme song bracket a major travesty that is yes? It's got to be the oversight the millennium I think so Akiva. Do you know the three's company theme song. I don't know it but I I really like it now. I was unaware of it. <hes> apparently it's famous. I'm winner got chosen at the live. Show people started seeing it right away so it's really well no okay. Let me let me play it for anybody who either has longed. I'm for it or it's never heard it before we go with an intro riding on the on the beach in Santa Monica on a bike as he did every day and then Jack Very Horny guy he's crashes bike as a cute lady walking by and you blaming certainly not the person on the show common dancing and starring as the roeper still weird and Audra Lindley aw back down at Arundel who little known fact <hes> guys that song written by Joe Re Poso who wrote many the of the classic songs from Sesame Street Rubber Ducky and <hes> or maybe not rubberduck you being green the sesame street being tons thus restrict songs and the three's company theme. I'd say that's a a career well-spent. Yes great great TV theme song. It's it's a solid one hundred seconds also the intro which is very nineteen seventy eight long instrumental there at the at the end of the episode so Scott. Could you just set this up. Three's company heirs in nineteen seventy six an instant hit or did it build up over time like Seinfeld that Akiva Akiva I covered. I believe well it it built but I believe it was fairly instant in that it was instantly a hit and then it just got bigger and bigger. I think it made its way up to number one or near there for a few years it was pretty huge and it was very controversial at the time it was one of those shows like you said that it people thought was too racy. Believe there were religious groups protesting you look at it now. There's nothing going on well. What were they protesting that there was a person that was pretending that they were gay or that they were? I thought it would be protested like for the opposite reasons today. I think it was just because it was there was a lot of innuendo about set and the girls were especially Christie was wearing a low cut tops. Yes jiggling around and the implication it was almost like it was a bunch of Mr Roper bure's protesting they the protests assumed that the three roommates would just be constantly at each other having sex every episode but that was never the case but jack was incredibly learning he wanted to he wanted to screw and you know any woman he met..

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