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"mr robert watson" Discussed on X96

"Demoain man is accused of having child pornography on his computer police say Mr Robert Watson took his computer to a repair shop because where employees found the explicit images. According to court documents Watson brought the computer into the repair shop because he had spilled gravy all over it gravy, specifically gravy. That's awful. All over it. Yes. Sure. Gravy. I was I was thinking of maybe a joke in the title about that. But I decided not do. Yeah. It was unused country gravy with like chunks, a soft. Listen, I'm not asking for was. I don't wanna know. He purchased a new computer and asked employees to transfer his old files to his new computer. The people who get caught with this stuff, really really bright. Usually are during the process employs found multiple image that they believe were would fit the definition of child pornography. And they reported it to the police gravy. Voter candidate number one. Voter candidate number two. I told her it's not Ricky. It's wreck wreck, dammit. Rick schroder. I'm not gonna make this mistake is in jail after an early morning bus for allegedly hitting his girlfriend any of these the second time in like a month of Haldeman for domestic violence. Yeah. Second time in thirty days at a bit of a temper does he know it's her fault? He saying. They don't say what they were finding out. But I think that's it. Pops got a call around twelve forty three in the morning for domestic incidents at the NYPD blue and silver spoon stars own when they arrive they spoke to him and his girlfriend Shirley after that. Mr schroder. Rick. Was arrested for felony domestic violence Cording to law enforcement sources. The fact he was booked off or felony. Typically means the victim had visible marks. If the if it were sometimes just do a misdemeanor if you know, but his his girlfriend apparently refused medical treatment at the scene. Turns out the LA county sheriff's department made almost the exact same call thirty days ago. Same arrest Schroeder taken into custody, then for felony domestic violence, somebody help her leave Rick Schroder. Yes, he punched her in LA, then he punched her in New York. Bona candidate number two, I told her it's not Ricky as Rick Rick, dammit. Coming up in a moment. Boehner candidate number three. Well without seeing it. It's hard to say, but it must've been embarrassing. All right Boehner candidate number three around one right after this big, boy, news and opinion. Wendo brought to you. By celebrate the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the connection of the transcontinental railroad may ninth or the eleventh that Ogden Union Station and historic twenty fifth street. Details at visit Ogden dot com..

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