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"mr robert blizzard" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"Are you going to stay like arms around grip? Grip on Coutts. I can't talk to blizzard. So John blizzard shows up and kens like how young man than buzzes off Vander pumps like she says, I one hundred percent sure nothing to do with anything. And then. On the computer printouts. She was texting blizzard and letting me get hammered and didn't anything that whole time. So this is like now John blizzard. I know I don't know you very about can you confirm for America that I don't know you Mr Robert blizzard tone, hurricane I know the term. No, you've Jon snow's. All right nor'easter. Jones sprinkling outside. Oh, are you from game of thrones? Jon snow. Britney matz. And he's like, yes. Do not know you girl gas Queen chick. Now, you're not that kind of gay today. Switched onto employees gay. He's like, I guess it wasn't really right. Lisa. What I did shit. I'm not laughing. Really, I'm not now we both know that you work at the center. And before we started me thing. I appreciate everything you do for those dogs those dogs who don't have opposable thumbs to open call doors and escape when they're being kidnapped to Orange County to be put out. I'm so sorry that your good work at the shelter is being overshadowed by these offer women implicating that you a person who I don't know had something to do with this situation. I know nothing about so then back with teddy Nerissa Teddy's. They they wanted me to say pump dogs, but it couldn't go through with that. And Erica goes through with baby. She goes they wanted me to tell everybody about the dog and Erica goes. Yeah. Teddy's like Lisa was really adamant about not talking about the dog which made me realized she wants me to talk about the dog. Instead, and I could just tell she was gonna flip the truth. Yeah. I guess when I realized I was set up. Yeah. Yeah. I guess she thinks now she knows now that I'm sorry. It's more like that's when she realizes should being set up. And then when she showed Lisa the text messages. She's like it's only matter of time before now leases start flipping goes messages around on teddy. Yes. But she's not flipping them. You did do that. So unless you've got a call or text from Lisa's saying, let's bring it up, which you're not even claiming you did. Yeah. You're claiming that some twenty year old at the center told you to do. So you did which he didn't because we saw the tax, and okay, I just want to clarify. So what happened with text? Because now we've seen a larger thing is that is that teddy and John blizzard. We're gossiping about the situation with the dog, which I think is totally fine a normal. I don't think there's actually anything wrong with that. And she asked. Did Lisa like Lisa tell you to tell me no matter what this is going to come out. And then right after that. She texted Lisa tell you to tell me he said, yes. Yes. One tax in the very next sexy. Ide- k which means. How is saying that the yes was in response to the first text message that teddy is going to come out and at the I dunno is saying, let's Lisa. Either way teddy is going around, and again, I like teddy, but she's going around saying like I have definite proof and. As far as we can tell right now. Her proof is based off with this twenty year old like twenty two year old issues from spin class. I'm not least. The kid, but if you're friends with Lisa Vander prompt, and you're going to go out on this huge limb to defend Lisa Vander pump to take down to read. But Lisa never said anything to you talk to you about it texted you about it nothing. So and also what's come out? Is that Hannah the girl who raised this dog and trae dog is married or engaged too much, if they're married or engaged to Teddy's, brother? So that's how she knew she knows someone right at the center who raises actual dog..

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