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"mr richard hart" Discussed on CRYPTO 101


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"mr richard hart" Discussed on CRYPTO 101

"I mean, you'll you'll have the start of the process today on the end of the process from eighteen months from now who's going to have the memory to keep that in mind. If the media doesn't do that properly. I mean, I kind of think that the reason that all of this looks so much like a poorly thought through media spectacle is because I think it is thought through major spectacle interesting thought so what Brock or anyone is getting from. This is PR is certainly is stomach does not even dispute. I mean, he's clearly getting a massive amount of positive meteoroid. Ignition for it. Well, I don't know about one hundred percent positive while I would say there's probably more negative than positive. Let's just say that. He he gets his side of the story out first and that can be worth about. Okay. Fair enough before we go. I want to say thank you very much for coming on. And I know it's super late in Japan right now. I think it's like five or six AM in you state up. You said your night owl. But you stayed up all night to talk to us ensure this story, so thank you very much. You're welcome. It was nice coming out. But before we go I want to ask you one last question for somebody that has been following the space ever since the early days. Are you bullish on the future of chain? Crypto currency the short simple. Yeah. The technologies hair is not going away. It's already visualized the world. It's going to keep doing that. Perhaps not as explosively some people would like to see it. But it's changed the way we look at finance for for better or worse, and it's going to keep doing them. So am I bullish in the Suns that bitcoin will never go down to zero 'cause it's never going to have zero value again? So in that sense, I think is more likely to go up than down right on Kim. Thank you very much for coming on to win one. Thank you. Thank you very much for listening to this episode of crypto one Kim if you're listening. Thank you very much for coming on the show is a pleasure to meet you, sir. I hope you Japan or at a bitcoin conference somewhere around the world in this next episode. We talked to Mr Richard Hart about bitcoin Hex and how bitcoin he feels failed as a crypto currency. This episode is an edited version of the live video that Richard. And I did last week. So if you wanna see the live video, you can go to Richard's YouTube channel, Richard Hart and watch it there or listen to this next episode, which is edited and much more concise like always apogee crypto dot com. APO G E crypto dot com. The best place for your real time prices, and I'm gonna say thank you very much to Mr. j Lobello for editing. This episode was see you in future episodes of crypto one. Oh one.

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