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"mr reliable zeke" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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"mr reliable zeke" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"Than Dagger Bill Do my right Oh right but I'll tell you what's going on. It's my turn I. I hate to say I told you so but I've been telling you so for about two years. I love Zeke but my quarterback is more valuable than my running back in this proves it north seven for all because my cowboys are going to go this year as my quarterback goes and the point here is that as much as I love Zeke. Why does he get downgraded in this system it's because he has so few missed tackles? What do I always tell you about Ezekiel run the contact back skewed runs through brick walls and I've never seen anybody at running through brick wall? If it's third and one in the wall is just bricked. I know my guy is gonNA fight in squirm in push and shove in body lean his way to a yard and he might only get barely the first down but he keeps getting coming in and giving up his body to do so because on guts and desire into sheer physicality. It's just like share physicality. It's like it's a man who is like I'm GONNA show you. I'm GONNA prove to you at the line line of scrimmage. I'm just tougher than you are Mr Defensive tackle or Mr Linebacker or Mr Safety whoever wants to come and smack me in the mouth. I'm GONNA smack you back harder. That's the way he runs. He does run to sometimes I think he he runs and out of desire he looks for contact you about the mistake that people make they look at Zeke in his stature and there's like well while he's a short back but Zeke ways to twenty five to thirty he does so he's not Alvin. Camara is what to ten Christian McCaffrey two. Oh five to ten there more shifting not saquon to be as big as he is. He has he had really really shifted and that's why you see him. He'll step up inside. He'll get lateral. He'll get down. You criticized for that. Oh he just had one run for sixty y'all well I could show you. I'll give you fifteen carries in a game for a total of twenty one yards and then I'll give you a seventy year. Okay okay. My God doesn't give you a seventy well he just he just gave the three five three eight seven what you want you say you don't like saquon style to Homerun you like Yoga. Mr Reliable Zeke go get the first down. I like my team because I love my quarterback. We'll talk about later in the classic. Classic case of this happened in the playoff game. My team lost right here in Los Angeles in the call crime against the rams who came very close to winning the whole thing last year right in what happened Rams Cowboys Jenny. was there in the stains. You told you told you go back to watching the glue my whole year. Stay genes that night. Z. Tried Twenty Times to run into Wade Phillips Defense and it was hilarious good less. You guys you know what it did to Tom. Brady and company in the Super Bowl right it gave them fits in oil right. It's given Tom Brady fits. His whole career Wade can do to Tom Brady so it was giving Zeke fits because he tried twenty times to run for a grand total of forty seven yards. That's two point four Kerry but guess what one of those was fifteen yards so if I take that out it's nineteen carries for thirty two yards. That's one point seven yard. Normally what way does and I know wait till the very well..

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