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"William SEWARD secretary stand I'm still at what do you just because you secured me. A new office doesn't mean that has to change congratulations congratulations. You goo- toll all this is for you. It's a it's a Pi Pi dapple dough cherry. Actually I don't remember which you made me Apollo Mrs Stagnant. I commissioned it. Though as a way of saying thank you I wouldn't have this office word for your favorable apple recommendation to President Lincoln that is unusually kind and how other children as young fanning well. What do you want. Arden wouldn't and all the years. We've known each other. You've never once asked about my children. Much less made me a pie what you want. We on the issue of Arman captured slaves so that's what you want to know where them if we arm captured slaves the border states will turn their back on us and without their support. We cannot win the war our numbers. There's are dwindling. We need more troops. Don't forget this subject is a reason Mr Cameron. Your predecessor was asked to resign. The president has made his views on this issue issue. Abundantly clear abundantly clear about the president's views on this issue is that he has no spine. It's your first day. Don't don't make enemies so sue politics. More friends are better than no have no friends. I'm your friend. I only one. I don't know how I ended up settled with you irritating man. Who are you want me to stay away from. Armin captured slaves fine when I want something in return turn I had major record conduct a survey of our current military inventory the majority of our supplies come from our friends in Europe up clothing arms medicine and the light. Yes that's correct. Those items should be manufactured and purchased here on American soil not overseas. I only need European no are it's a statement of support. I don't have to remind you. I don't think of the thin line we're walking here. Domestically and abroad God France and England watch our every move. I'm doing everything I can to negotiate a lasting alliance spitting in the face of our allies on a divisive issue and it will not help the president's call neither will losing the war. We are flat broke. William cannot win a war without money. Let's put put our factories back to work. The flow of gold abroad will pour back into our economy and northern industry will be ignited from this depression. This initiative will exasperate of friends across the pond as much as it will exasperate our enemies below the Potomac Lincoln will never agree to a few support me he will. I don't know do you you want me to take on enslaves off the table or not at the sound of capitulation. I'm signing this supporting you in an effort that might anger England and France France because I don't want you anywhere near the issue of arming slaves not one word about that subject from you or your office. You understand yes. Do you need independent. You're a very difficult man to be friends with. Do you know that Edwin good afternoon to noon Major. Yes close the door behind you. What can I do for you. Sir Grab a pen and paper take this down of course to General Hunter from the Office of the war department message general enroll you are hereby ordered to proceed with the arming of captured slaves sincerely at Wenham Stanton Secretary of war <music> in eighteen sixty five eighteen sixty five is sponsored by Madison Addison Reed in eighteen fifty six the young British chemist William Henry Perkin was trying to synthesize a treatment for malaria in his lab he failed has bakersfield not with Quinine but with a thick dark sludge shoulders slumped and defeat he set to start again and began cleaning the beakers with alcohol miraculously. 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There are so many stories stories to tell from seventeen sixty five to two thousand sixty five and your support is critical to our success so please go to eighteen sixty five podcast ask dot com and become a patron help us continue our work bringing history alive by going to eighteen sixty five podcast DOT COM EH. Mrs Thank you all Swear Secretary seward upstairs. Would you like a glass walk. I'm fine. I'm fine. I need a moment alone with of course but iron away any in August till I'm gone. He is already entertaining guests. President Johnson and secretary <hes> wills with net on the dog is <music>. I'm Mad I'm mad cer- President Wells Mosley's to stanton. Do not expect to find you to here yet here. We are interrupting no no it was just regaling us with the heroin tale his attack hell of a story. Ray seward tells me you are with him. Stanton just moments before pay not done the door sir. You know lucky you left when you did. Would you be given that fellow more favorable target. Do you mean his beard verse. Belly uh-huh damn good to have you back soon a damn good indeed secretary wills was just filling me in on the details of President Johnson's Johnson's amnesty propose. Is that right yes. I've not read it. Of course I'm still feeling entirely myself after to what you can do it. WHO CAN BLAME YOU MR President. I'm surprised this proposal is being discussed at all especially given the nature of our last conversation yes tale was to seward needs time to recover gentlemen. Let's not thrust him into the middle of a contentious debate so soon it's fine Edwin. I'm fine. I sent for the the president directly did you yes. I'm only here to pay my respects. You brought along your amnesty proposal. I'm afraid I'm the culprit here Mr Steph. It was my suggestion. President Humid me after everything. Mr Sue has been through. He's and a chance to make his views known. I appreciate that Mr President if I recall Mr Stanton that is precisely what we discussed in our private conference last is. I suppose you're right South Mississippi. What are you all right. Yes I am. I Shall I send for a man downstairs. No no need I'm. I'm just a little over well gentlemen. If you don't mind of course you need your rest. You're speedy. Recovery is what matters most. We'll get out of your head. Gentlemen showing this stay of course take care of yourself sued good glad to see those eyes open again. Thank you thank you Gentlemen Mad Mad mad you. My friend look terrible so do you how you feeling better family. It's a difficult. When will you return to your duties tune enough being very taciturn. I'm always very test your the one that doesn't know when to keep his mouth close you send for the President I did. You should have sent for me. I because you're worried about me. You're worried what I might say. I am worried what you might say. It should be people find out denied Lincoln security. It'll would not to mention the work. You're doing reconstruction. William if I had any idea what was going to happened that night. I'd never know. I don't blame you. I blame John Wilkes booth yes but this investigation is about more than indeed when I heard about your military tribunal. Do you really think now is the best time to be suspending. Civil Liberties as president signed off on the treadmill. Did you leave him a choice. Did you discover some means of forcing his AD. Why don't you ask him. Brian mistrial is about reporter John Wilkes litigating the future of this country. If the facts don't play in your favorite will but if they don't TRIPP lite telegram may seventh eighteen sixty five from the executive chamber Washington City the persons implicated in the murder of the late president Abraham Lincoln and the attempted assassination of the honorable William H seward secretary of state are subject to the jurisdiction of unlawfully triable before a Military Commission President President Andrew Johnson Congressman Bingham well well well. It isn't little stamped little stanton. Everyone calls him that back home not anymore they you don't. I'd love to hear the story behind. Look at a major. The story lies in these proportions. He's as short and disagreeable today as he was when I first met him back in Ohio on the debate stage yeah stand on a stool so that his head might be seen over the podium. That's just false as the spurious passage you quoted from the constitution in our first debate. You wanted to lecture me on the Constitution <music> after you yourself intentionally skipped passage to bolster your argument. You've been peddling not lie about me for twenty years. I beat you on the merits of my disputation and that's the end of was it. You'll never own up to what you did. Will you little stanton. Should I excuse myself yes. I'll take my leave mister secretary. I never thought I'd see the day when a wig the Democrat would sit down and solidarity buying the legacy of a Republican. He's a strange times. We live appaling even yet here here we are we are indeed well. I'd like to go first if that's all right by. You fine provided you don't skip anything to important. Thank you for agreeing to support my reconstruction plan. I appreciate your loyalty. I'm here out of loyalty to Senator Hale. Not The absence of the Negro vote in the Friedman's bill is a bitter pill to swallow for you and the rest of the party. Incremental progress is better than none at all tobacco. Republicans understand this then. I hope you'll understand. We have more immediate problems. The Negro suffrage Johnson wants to give the south amnesty that would kill Lincoln's reconstruction plan. Yes it's the Friedman who will suffer most if Johnson pardons the south the war department will be forced to take back the land. We've given to the Friedman and return them to the plantation. Owners bomber's not to mention if the southern states were admitted to the Union we'd lose all power to override Johnson's veto he can block Negro suffrage which is why we have have to block his efforts. There's no legislative solution I can offer you stanton congresses and recess means you have plenty of free time on your hands free time for what Lincoln appointed the Judge Advocate of the Union army years back did he not he has. I told him he was out of his mind. Knew nothing about military law at the at the time yes but what about now well well. My Wife says I'm quick study. I want you to prosecute my military. Tribunal Miss Debenham with John Wilkes booth dead. Our only only hope approving the southern conspiracy lies with this tribunal. You'll be working alongside judge advocate hold but you'll be my eyes and ears inside the courtroom. If we prove Jefferson Davis and the confederate leadership responsible for the murder of Abraham Lincoln the path to amnesty will be blocked. Johnson won't be able to part <music> south now without making himself trader or an accomplice. This is all assuming you can prove it and assuming I'm willing to help you <unk>. I skip the line Bingham in our debate. It hurt my argument so I skipped over it so as not to weaken my thesis finally admitting to cheating after all these years admitting that you are better lawyer than help me all right. We'll stat of course in eighteen sixty five five is sponsored by Bama's. No one thinks about socks often and why should they. 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I remain eager to get back to the business of the state. I look forward to our meeting this afternoon. In deeply appreciate your accommodating my condition by bringing ringing the Cabinet Secretary of State for the Shooting Death Stanton Mr President I believe it is high nighttime resolved the issue of amnesty once and for all so we can move on to more important issue those lands belong to the Friedman's bureau. That's tantamount to saying they belong to you. Promises have been and Mr Wells promises must be kept secretary seward. What is your opinion well? I've reviewed the amnesty proposal and it's an excellent compromise. Mr President William it's time to reunite the country and when amnesty is the best path for Amnesty is the best pet that are you out of your mind me finish. I've also finished reviewing the evidence. Mrs. Stanton has compiled it gave me pause Mr the president well. I'd like to hear the evidence so would I wouldn't after we put the Negroes into the fight. The rebels began to see the writing on the wall. They didn't have the strength to best us on the field of battle so they took the fight to another front clandestine warfare Mr President Clandestine Warfare Yes sir last February Jefferson Davis and the confederate Congress established a million dollar fund bankroll the C._S._S. S. The confederate secret service aspiring operating out of Canada. What in Tom Nation does Canada have to do with this? The Union has no jurisdiction this diction over Canadian banks confederate money flows in and out undetected Mr President the C._S._S. launched multiple incursions over the last year most notably the rate. It's dogs. They started the fires in New York. During the elections last fall they even tried to assassinate president can with pestilence <music> by infecting blankets with smallpox Hashed Almighty. You knew these attacks taking place of course we knew how our agents penetrated the C._S._S.. As a result we were able to thwart a majority of their plots. This was known secret in certain circles of President Lincoln's administration Mister. Lincoln himself was where the C._S._S. activities yet. No one in the cabinet chose to inform me the Navy secretary certain circles as Mr Seward said for obvious reasons since we felt secrecy was paramount. Tell them the rest were these operations all follow the same pattern money from the confederate fund is deposited into Canadian banks. Thanks C._S._S.. Agents withdraw the money in Canada and crossed the border from the north he attacks April fourteenth or no different. We have a letter that proves booth both met regularly with contacts in the confederate government. We also know missed booth made multiple trips to Canada in the weeks leading up to the attack at the same. Nothing boost conspirators here it is Johnny Sarah whom we believe is the architect of booths operations is known C._S._S.. Operative Lewis Pain Powell on the man who attacked Secretary seward word is a former confederate soldier and a suspected C._S._S.. Agent additionally Canadian Bankbook and Mr Boothe name was found in the hotel room of a man named George at axelrod the German fallow the one who has meant to kill me. Yes Mr President if the true depth of this conspiracy is under to the public you cannot pardon Jefferson Davis or his cabinet. You cannot pardon the confederate generals who presided over the bloody insurgency and you cannot pardon the wealthy plantation owners owners who funded this in cities rebellious my suet it must be said the president's executive order does not guarantee amnesty to any of the classes of individuals you just mentioned yes Mr Mr Wells which is why I am implying towards the compromise however politically it is prudent. We wait for the tribunal to conclude before announcing anything public once we've seen the full facts we evaluate position Mr Stanton I defer to Secretary seward trust his judgment dwells. I have no objections. Only one caveat President Johnson should select the tribunal tribunal jurors to avoid the perception of buys. I suggest an even split of Republicans to Democrats excellent suggestions all right then should it seems is your druthers or my brothers. We wait for the tribunal before moving forward. Come as dwells. Let's leave Suid to his rich of course sir good luck with your tribunal stem. This is a mistake. I'm giving you a chance to prove your conspiracy. If you're successful you'll have my support and if I'm not Johnson's amnesty order is a reasonable path that piece awesome sound like Gideon well. It's a good compromise. I won't needlessly throw away everything we've done over one issue. This is the reason for everything we've you've done. This is the reason President Lincoln is buried in the ground or is it because you denied him secure. If it didn't happen that night at the Ford would have happened somewhere else. You may be right then and what do you want from me. I want you to stop this subterfuge what we're calling it now. Detaining of innocence suspension of civil liberties liberties military occupation of the south. What term would you prefer us on your first day in office? You made me a promise God's sake and the very very next thing you did is stabbed me in the lest you forget William arm and captured slaves is what turned the tide of the war but it wasn't enough was it wasn't meant to patient you had to to push Lincoln on citizenship to and when he heeded your advice when he spoke the words in public for the first time that people think in with a bullet to the back of the head and there's a cost to your changed after everything if you don't realize that by now I fear for what will become a there's something you need to know about President Johnson about who he was with the night of the assassin stop whatever he's done. It doesn't doesn't matter he's the Do I have your word yes. That's another promise you've made me see that you don't break this one. <hes> telegram may eighth eighteen sixty five the trial conspirators will be commenced before military commission on. May ninth and if the same facts are brought out that have been disclosed in the preliminary examinations the magnitude of the plot will astonish Donald the whole country. There is no doubt if Jefferson Davis last act was the murder of the president it will fix very accurately the place which the rebellion will occupy in History Edwin M Stanton Secretary of war. How's the case coming along Mr Bingham. That's actually why I'm here to finish a preliminary review of the the evidence and I have my doubts quite a bit of conflicting testimony. The biggest challenge is far as I see it is making the tribunal jurors understand the complexities cities confederate clandestine operations next to say nothing of the particulars of John Wilkes booth and his team of shadowing figures. It's a tall order stand Mr Bingham. It is critical improve. The southern conspiracy I understand means for the avoidance of doubt we need guilty verdicts booth conspirators across the board. That's not all we need in addition into guilty verdicts. We need to draw a direct line from John. Wilkes booth to Jefferson Davis and the C._S._S. like I said it's a tall order. President Johnson wants to list of tribunal jurors by the end of the day. Now I would like your input. Take friendly jurors. That's my input of course but I was thinking. I want you to select them. I'm I'm the prosecuting attorney. You want me to handpick the jury. Yes I do as Johnson going to have an opinion on this jazz. He'll want the members of the jury to be impartial which which is a euphemism for Democrat now for obvious reasons. We cannot let that happen. He's going to reject the list Stanton. I don't think so but if he does it won't matter you can why not because before I give it to him. I'm going to leak it to the press if he tries to win a fear of force me to add more. Democrats will look like he's politicizing the tribunal. Aren't you concerned. This is a bit unethical on ethical Mr Bingham. If you want to win. Sometimes you have to stack the deck or or skip a line in a public debate. Now you don't forget you won the debate but your candidate than bureau and lost the election. That's because Van Buren didn't have you in his corner. Now deliver me list. Mr When Lincoln floated you as a replacement for Cameron he came to me. I suppose because you and I both come up at the same time in Ohio. Ohio wanted to know what kind of man you would. What did you tell him. I told him I didn't care for you. The feeling was mutual at the time. I mean I also told him. You were the sort of man who knew how to get things done and that above all no. I didn't always agree with you. I believed you were a patriot. Two years later. Lincoln attributed your hiring to my council. Thank because he said he couldn't have survived the war without being more. You're trying to take credit for work. No but I am taking credit for putting you where you are today. Don't make me regret <music> <music> Mars President Lincoln just spoken to major relate to a message did he. He says you disagree with my recommendation for a military strategy vehemently disagree. He also says that you told him him to tell me that I am damned fool though he would repeat the words out loud he had he had to write them down on scrap of paper and handed to me Mr Lincoln Damn Fool Mars no sir that's a really but if you proceed with this course of action there will be strong evidence to the contrary as as I told the major when it comes to matters governing Mr Stanton is nearly always right and generally the sort of man who says what he means. Thank you Sir though I have my doubts this time round. I believe a change to our current strategies president so I would like you to write down your thoughts on the matter Sir to to help me understand your position. When would you like me to deliver the report now now. Sir Yes our yes Mr Mr President by the Way Marco. May I speak while you're writing distract you sponsor doc. I want you to know give some thought to our conversation last what conversation we were talking about. Using the supreme for you are the rock on which the waves of this conflict beating I honestly do not know how no you are not crushed beneath their wings. I can think of no man more deserving of the honor of a Lifetime appointment than you Mr Stanton and so after the war time comes. I'll be nominate don't want to say thank you. Thank thank you Mr President. I know it's been a livestream. Yes Sir but that's not why I'm doing. I'm doing this for one reason. One reason only because you've burned now when you finished with that report what up that piece of paper and pleased positive in the nearest wastebasket serve then ordered the generals to perceive with my strategy as I instructed you to do what was the point of me writing it. I always feel better after I've written out. My thoughts dented is my frustrations have been hope you will to send the order Mr Stanton right away. Take him you are very important to me and this country country will not disappoint. I know you won't in in eighteen sixty. 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