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"mr president j jones" Discussed on Slate's The Gist

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"mr president j jones" Discussed on Slate's The Gist

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Slash gist. And now the Beal, Jared, Kushner has been described as opaque inscrutable a cipher, and most importantly, to his current position in life, the son in law, Donald Trump in an interview with CNN today, he sought to disprove all those things except the last one which was so on the president, they should have hired Ron Howard as the narrator to remind viewers of it regularly. As with this question, how did you get this job? It's because his father in law is the president, but van Jones, the interviewer didn't wish to emphasize that point. He instead did one of those interviews where you try to establish rapport by being all casual and hope the subjects true nature will shine through, but I don't think it worked because I don't think Jared Kushner's casual. Listen to this question how you're a business guy. How did you wind up in this position? Again, his father in law is the president. He is related to the president. The word is nepotism van flat out nepotism. Now if the question is, how did Jared Kushner get the job of becoming? So very involved in prison reform, which was ostensibly the subject of this talk with CNN that came as part of a conference with thought leaders, including Jeff flake and Nancy Pelosi, and a whole bunch of other people starring and scary political ads near you. Well, the answer to how Jared became involved in prison reform is also a former. Of nepotism, it's that his father went to jail and his father in law maybe going to jail. So it's really a great fit van preceded what qualifies you to go and take on these tough issues like all around the world. I think that's one of the big questions people have, what? Why should we have confidence in you to do all this stuff? I think the first thing is that the president trust me wait. That's a qualifier. This president trusting you make you qualified. He trusted flinty trusted Manafort. He trusted Michael Cohen in a way he trusted stormy Daniels to stay silent. Okay. I could be unfair and make great sport of each of Jared's answers, but I want to give them a fair shot and I also want to be congratulated for not mocking his vocal fry up to this point. Here we go. This was Jarrett's answer to the to the last question about wise qualified. I think he knows that every task he's giving me from the start of the campaign through. I've been able to do it quietly. I've been able to defect, I've been able to deliver results. I don't make a lot of noise since noises sometimes made about me, but I try to keep my head down and and I think that he's a business man, and I'm a businessman, and the way I look at it is that it's all about accomplishing the objectives. You have to be very laser focused not get distracted by it. Laser focused and undistracted that is the Donald Trump I know or actually in, let's be, let's be complementary to, Jared. I think he correctly assesses that that is the Donald Trump as he would like to hear himself being described, and Jared is pretty skilled. It seemed this is what the interview showed me that he's skilled at satisfying. The constituency of one and van Jones was having none of it. Actually, he was having all of it here. He has Jared, how he navigates the tricky politics of getting prison reform passed. Nobody's been able to figure out how to do something that you figure out how to do. You have Trump and Pelosi on the same Bill briefly, how did you that? So it is answer. Kushner says, you know, it helps to have a really good Bill and then he goes onto credit some key backers. The next thing was I had a lot. Help I had to help from obviously came Jeffries and Doug Collins who both able to put the politics aside and focus on the substance. And there are a lot of Democrats who were saying to congressman Jeffries, will you know you're doing this? This is something that Trump says, he's four. How could you be working with him? Or this doesn't go far enough? And he said, no, no, this policies, virtuous this policy is right now. Here's the real answer. Qiao Jared, Kushner achieved what he has a chief d- in prison reform. It's that he has an achievement anything. This Bill got passed the house, and now it's sitting before the Senate and Mitch McConnell seems disinclined to take it up. There's been some talk a couple of months ago maybe during a lame duck session. The Senate Republicans will vote for the Bill, but let's just be clear because you do not get this impression at all from a lengthy interview with van Jones that this Bill is actually stalled in the Senate, and that's the politics of it. Also, Jared, talking about how he reached out across the aisle. Democrats Akeem Jeffries Nancy, Pelosi natch. Really inclined to favour prison reform. It's sensible, it's sympathetic to the prisoners. It doesn't rely on easy slogans. Like I dunno lock her up, lock her up, the house passed it, Mitch, McConnell's not that into it. Maybe we'll get some progress, but you know what? Let us not schedule the rose garden ceremony for getting halfway through our legislative branch. Now you might ask, well, why did van Jones not bring this up? Because van Jones is a prison reform advocate. He's also a journalist, but I think he's much more of an advocate and he showed his advocacy stripes in this interview, he's been a lot of time polishing, Jared tied tack. You do a rigorous assessment, then you find a partner or two that you can work with well, and then you move forward. Well van, that's true. But one of my partners is my father-in-law and that potasium of I mentioned that is huge benefit there. You know, I think my admitted genius can be scaled and replicated across all platforms. In every single case where once father-in-law's the president of the United States, it is really easy. If you stick to your business training, your Ivy league education. If you create win, wins, and accountability with laser focus, and if your father in law's the president. Next van went through Saudi Arabia and I was eager to hear about that Kushner deflected said, we need to let the investigation tickets chorus, which is fine. Of course, we do van asked, does it give you pause that NBS is the one running the investigation, which is a good question credit to him, but then he went with this. I think the core, the core of it like people, the people who are like mad at Jared Kushner right now is I think people feel like we got this, this American prince, he's making friends with the Saudi prince, but the Saudi prince like killed the dissident and it's your fault. Because if you end been friends with him, he wouldn't have thought like it can get away with it. How do you respond? Those kinds of critics. I'm not even sure where to start with that. How do you respond to the critics? These critics that I've invented who are issuing what is possibly these stupidest criticism possible in an area where almost every other criticism is actually apt Mr President, Mr President, Van Jones here you called stormy Daniels a horseface. Now how do you respond to critics who love horses and find that you are insulting the fine Ecuador form? You know, a lot of people are saying, but I like horses. How would you respond to that Mr President to me, this interview didn't diminish or elevate. Jared Kushner. It's good to hear a really important American policymaker talk ever for that alone. I'll take it, but it didn't elevate van Jones. In my mind, part of van Jones is activism is on the prison reform issue, and he clearly sees Kushner as a partner to work with in these efforts. And it clearly gets into the way of his journal. Them to the extent even identifies as journalist, I get an have used in my life. The, hey, we're pals, let's just wrap and then maybe the audience we'll get something out of it doesn't work with Jared in this, which was Jared Kushner is most formal interview to date. I would advise being formal and being pointed Lesley Stahl did a great job on sixty minutes with Donald Trump. That's the tone this interview should have taken. I'd have asked, Jared, Kushner. One should ex-felons be allowed to vote to if NBS gets away with murder. How do we ever rain him in down the road? Three should the kidnapping and reported beating light beating. But beating of the democratically elected prime minister of Lebanon less than a year ago. Should that have raised any red flags for if the kidnapping and reported beating of a democratically elected leader of Lebanon had been objected to do you think this with kashogi would have gone down and then maybe I'd end with what would you say if. If someone watching this said, I'd like an interview or has the right tough thoughtful questions as his top concern rather than having the subject like him enough to work together to pass legislation in the future. Cool, dude, totes, cool. And that's it for today show. I think of just producers Pierre BMA Daniel Shroeder as my run, pass option of the edit booth. TJ Rafael is the gist senior producer. She's been talking to an Irish setter who feared Mitt Romney in the past, but it's coming around to voting for him this time as Senator from Utah. The gist, you're super soaker of insight. You're slipping slide of analysis, your ice bucket challenge of intellect, improved appro-, do Peru, and thanks for listening.

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