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"mr muller white house" Discussed on Mueller, She Wrote

Mueller, She Wrote

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"mr muller white house" Discussed on Mueller, She Wrote

"So to be clear. Mr Trump has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarchs got. That's what he said. That's what that's obviously with. Our position is. I'm not aware all any of those activities. I I have been called a surrogate time material and that campaign and I didn't have not have communications with the Russians to get involved with Putin have nothing to do with Putin. I've never spoken open to him. I don't know anything about him other than he will respect me Russia. If you're listening I hope you're able to find the thirty thousand emails emails that are missing so it is political your communist know Mr Green Communism is just a red herring all members of the oldest profession capitalist hello and welcome to Miller she wrote and our special coverage of the redacted report. I'm your host. Ag and with me as always always jealous Johnson and Jordan Coburn new. Hey guys doing good good good sweet. Yes all right today. We're GONNA cover volume two sections. I and J pages just one hundred thirteen to one thirty three suppository. Okay welcome back so section I covers trump ordering mcgann to deny that he tried to fire Mueller Muller and section Jay is about trump's conduct toward Flynn manafort and a redacted name which I believe to be Roger Stone because it's redacted for harm to an ongoing matter and stones trial doesn't begin until November member fifth and right now we're in the September twelfth timeframe of twenty nineteen so just so you know when you're listening twenty years from now and when we're on some MSNBC documentary you have have the dates yes. We're two months away from his trial. Yes so let's kick this off with the evidence that trump directed mcgann to lie about his attempts to fire Mueller with section I I of the evidence on page one thirteen beginning with the press reporting that you know trump tried to fire the special counsel that subsection one and on January twenty fifth twenty eighteen the New York Times reported that in June twenty seventeen the president ordered mcgann to have the Department of Justice Fire Muller according to the article quote amid mid the first wave of news media reports that Mr Mueller was examining the possible obstruction case the president began to argue that Mr Mueller had three conflicts of interest that disqualified him from overseeing the investigation Shen unquote the article further reported that after receiving the president's order to fire Mr Muller White House Counsel Don mcgann refused to ask the Justice Department to dismiss the special council saying he would quit instead the article stated that the president ultimately back down after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the directive and trump dismissed that dot news as fake then that's one way to put it trump dismissal. I Love Muller. He's like I take your question. Trump said it was fake. The next day the Washington Post reported on the same stuff but they added that mcgann had not told the president directly that he intended to resign rather than carry out the directive to have special counsel terminated aided in that respect the post story clarified the time story which could be read to suggest that mcgann had told the president of his intention to quit causing the president to back down from the order to have special counsel fired tired so those are the two conflicting stories from times in the post onto subsection to about trump trying to have mcgann publicly dispute the press reports both of them on January twenty sixth two thousand eighteen the president's personal lawyer called mcgann's attorney and said that the president wanted mcgann to put out a statement denying he had been asked to fire Mueller and that he threatened to quit in protest mcgann's attorney spoke to mcgann and then called trump's lawyer back to say he wasn't going to do that because the time story was accurate why God Hicks Hicks recalled telling trump that one of his attorneys at spoken to mcgann's attorney about the issue so hope picks back that up that you know they've spoken about the reporting and mcgann told her the article was was accurate and he was going to refute it so now we've got a couple of people saying that mcgann said the New York Times article was correct the following week previous appeared on meet the press and said he didn't recall trump overseeing he wanted to fire Mueller trump called him up and told him good job and then I never said any of those things about special counsel on February Fifth Breath Twenty eighteen trump complained about the times article to Rob Porter saying the article was bullshit. trump said that mcgann it says that in the report Bullshit that's not my a little flair trump said that mcgann leaked to the media to make himself look good the president then directed porter to tell mcgann to create a record to make it clear that the president never directed mcgann onto fire the special counsel porter thought the matter should be handled by the White House Communications Office. The president said he wanted mcgann to write a letter to the file for our records and end wanted something beyond a press statement to demonstrate that the reporting was inaccurate. President referred to mcgann is a lying bastard and said that he wanted a record from him reporter recalled trump saying something to the effect if he doesn't write the letter. Maybe I have to let him go. Oh my God at this point in the report of course it's been confirmed he one hundred hundred percent asked him again to fire Mueller yes but he didn't use the word fire and we'll get into that the next day February sixth Kelly scheduled time from again to meet with him and the President in the Oval Office to discuss the Times Article the morning of the meeting. The president's personal council called mcgann's attorney said the president was going to be speaking with mcgann mcgann could did not resign no matter what happened in the meeting weird and then the president began the Oval Office meeting by telling mcgann That The New York Times story didn't look good now that it was fake. It just didn't look like I'm not a frigging reported. Take it up with them and mcgann needed to corrected mcgann called the recall. The president said I never said to fire Mueller. Yeah I never said fire. The story doesn't look good. You need to correct this. You're the White House counsel and in response mcgann acknowledged that he had not told trump directly that he planned to resign but that the story was otherwise accurate so now mcgann is refuting the New York Times report that he told trump directly he was going to resign but he didn't tell him that directly the president but the president did say a have his lawyer Com against no matter what he can't resigned during this meeting so the president asked me again. Did I say the word fire and mcgann responded. What you said was call? Rod Rosenstein Tell Rod that Muller has conflicts and can't be special counsel. The president responded. I never said that trump said he merely wanted began began to raise the conflicts issues with Rosenstein. Leave it to him to decide what to do. mcgann told the president he did not understand the conversation that way and instead he heard call Rod. There's conflicts conflicts muller has to go the president asked mcgann whether he would do a correction and mcgann said no thought the president was testing his medal to see how you know committed mcgann was has to what happened Kelly described the meeting as a little tents. Oh yeah there's a little tense. The president also asked mcgann sorry I just just had a little tense view of my head. You know how to pitch a tent. All like camping is intensely yeah that kind of cute little the president also asked him why he told Muller's team that the president had told him to have the special counsel removed mcgann responded he had two and that his conversations the president were not protected by attorney client privilege the president then asked what about these notes. Why do you take notes lawyers? Don't take notes. I've never had a lawyer who took notes. Let's Shady Shadier. Fuck voice recordings in McGee. Totally mcgann responded that he keeps notes because he's a real lawyer explained that notes create a record and they're not a bad thing. The President President then said I've got a lot of great lawyers Roy Cohn he didn't take notes and he was totally disbarred. After after the Oval Office meeting concluded Kelly recalled called mcgann telling him that he and trump did have that conversation mcgann recalled that Kelly's he said that he pointed out to that to the president after the Oval Office that mcgann had hadn't backed down and would not budge following the meeting and trump's lawyer then right after the meeting called mcgann's lawyer trump's lawyer called mcgann's lawyer and related the president was fine uh-huh with mcgann so that is sort of the the evidence about this whole creating a false document you know pressuring mcgann and mcgann Dan was going to quit and but apparently what he's establishing here is that mcgann didn't directly tell the president he was going to resign because of this the president knew and I think we'll find that out out when we go over the analysis of the evidence as soon as we're back from a quick word from our sponsor whether you're getting ready to move spring cleaning or Marie Condo in your life which I'm doing because summer is now over Europe probably a lot like me. 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