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"mr snuffle" Discussed on Dennis Prager Podcasts

"Into the following program. May contain prerecorded material. But it doesn't just for the record. I am live the entire time. And i try to catch that just as you hear it less. You think you're going to get a pre-recorded show. It's a useless message. And this is my daily announcement of its uselessness. i'd just want to hear that Okay welcome to the show. I'm dennis prager news. What do you think of that. I told it to the living martyr. Who like oscar. The grouch does not thrive on good news by the way oscar. The grouch was my favorite sesame street. Character the another one. I was in graduate school. I watched sesame street before going to school every day. I can tell you all the characters. Even mr snuffle lopez whom only big bird new right just for the record folks of that comes as somewhat as a surprise. I felt i felt the program was hilarious and the best sense not not in a mocking way at any rate here. It is from the daily mail. Number of children being home-schooled doubles to five million since the beginning of the penick with eleven percent families now teaching at home that that is really really good news. The only excuse you can have for sending your child to a regular private or public school in in mo- most of this country is that you your family would enter poverty or quays i- poverty if if you did so i got. There is one other to be honest. There is one other excuse. You want your child to learn that. America is essentially rotten country. You want your child to learn that there's no such thing as a boy or girl okay. Then then there's every good reason for you to send your child to school. You don't want your child to learn a damn thing of than left wing propaganda then very reason to send your children to a regular school in this country. The number of us being home-schooled has doubled since the start of the pandemic from roughly two and a half to five million representing eleven percent of households. Nationwide now home schooling their children. The reasons are varied researchers say but overall. The shift represents a loss of faith in america's public school system by the way i don't know why they say that it's also private school system. It's an odd thing people. Obviously if had faith in private schools they send them to private schools. The leap private schools are are are at least as bad as the public schools. At least as bad they're taught by by anti american anti truth. Teachers led by anti truth. Principles that i tell ya. Did i told you yesterday. Things that the head of the Of the teacher's union in los angeles says salim crews and this is from los angeles magazine was what was the precious quote that we got from her from this very very long article. I mean the woman is a is essentially though she would not use the term cheese she would be indistinguishable from what was known in. The old days is a communist. The the stuff that that she advocates teaching the woman. The woman hates this country. The union hates this country. They're ruining your children and people do it. Hail oh yeah. Oh that's right. This is really something Our kids didn't lose anything. It's okay that are babies may not have learned all their times tables. They learned resilience. They learn survival. They learned critical thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and to protest. They know the words insurrection. And cou so. That's what they want. They don't care if your child knows times table time stable. That's that's white supremacy to insist on mathematical basic math knowledge. But to know the difference between a riot and a protest and to know the words insurrection coup. That's what we want your children to know. And you keep sending your chiltern there now. I love clarity and honesty. So if you say i love that. My children are being referred to students and not in boys boys and girls. I love the fact that they are asked what their preferred pronoun is. I love the fact that they are taught sex at a very early age. I love the fact that they have a drag queen. Study our story hour at the at the library or at the school. I love the fact that they are taught that america was founded in order to create a more slaves and preserve slavery. If you say that that i have no argument with you but if you don't love it then. I'm sorry i really am sorry. It's not easy to transfer over to homeschooling or to find a piece in school. Which believes in truth. It's not easy however. The price paid for sending your child to that to a regular school. Private or public is it is may very well end up in elite nation of your child from his or her country his or her family and not to mention from god and religion which may not matter to most of you but none most of you most americans overall. The shift represents a loss of faith in america's public school system but the challenges presented during the corona virus pandemic black families represent the largest group moving to homeschooling. That's fascinating isn't that. I didn't know that did you. Sixteen percent of households now teaching at home. That is a great move. You really do have an option. Black families there. it is for you. This compared to twelve percent hispanic families now home schooling up from six point two percent before the pandemic nine percent nine point seven percent of white families up from five point seven percent last year around eight point eight percent. Asian families are home-schooling up from four point. Nine percent in spring twenty twenty. Wow this is a big deal comes. As an unprecedented number of parents have been able to see how their children are being educated up close and remote learning amid remote learning. Oh isn't that awesome. You never you never know when there's a silver lining in a dark time to you. Parents have tuned in to see the The twisted no should've education. That's has taken over our schools. Many are finding they want more individualized learning options. Alex spurrier one of the authors of the bellwether to study told axios now. This is amazing.

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"Gatiss g. e. d. i. s. Can you describe what it looks like for us so it's a sort of four-legged creature The front legs are longer than the back legs. He's kind of in a sitting position and has a very big smiley face on him. Kind of a little a little bear like a little maybe walk like green is to in e walk. Bare says nate. a warthog. Gremlin says. I ben gatiss is obviously a combination of alf from the show. Alf name is l. Mr snuffle up against from sesame street and snarf from the show thunder. Cats basically just amalgamated pop culture references from my childhood. I'm really pushing this snarf comparison but nobody else is old enough. I i know snarf keita's definitely has very snarf like qualities. Thank god okay. The point is at first glance. Keita's looks kinda dopey but there's also something captivating about him. He's a little mischievous like maybe his big goofy smile is all a ruse. Nate needed to know more in my head. My first reaction was like oh gita spin. Cool as like wait. What is jesus. So i typed it into google and not a single result came up. Forget us nothing on the internet which never happens also nothing on the internet about a character as weird and oddly nostalgic is this one. I couldn't stop thinking about jesus because just such a. It's such a stark image looking at it. Just those the is they. Just go right through you. So obviously nate bought the gita spin for about six bucks. And then after i bought it the user put another one on ebay and then i bought that one too and then i i message them and i asked him if he knew what us was anti said he had no idea and then i asked him if he had any more gita spins he said he had about i. Think like seventy five or eighty of them and I don't know why. But i requested the. Buy them in bulk trying to corner the gita market i get it you know for some reason. I thought that. If i bought them it would help me find answers but it didn't the ebay seller was just selling a bunch of stuff they'd acquired from someone. They didn't really know who died. A couple of other gita spins popped up and nate bought those two but got no answers finally started yelling into the void so i just posted on twitter. A picture of the pen and said what the f. word is gatiss and then my my wife has changed from there. Yelling into the void also. Didn't get answers at first. At first it did something more important. It got nate. Some fellow questors. His maddening search went viral. And this is the strange part. There is nothing that makes the discovery of the origins of jesus a pressing issue. S- won't save the world keita's isn't an unsolved murder. But it's weird that the internet can't solve this mystery which makes this whole thing a little disturbing and enticing to a large and growing community of investigators thousands and thousands of people including us who are also mesmerized by the strange gaze of jesus. And you'll be too seriously. Google it google image search. Keita's right now look into his. Bb is. We'll wait now. Aren't you willing to aid us in our quest to try and solve the mystery that has gathered thousands of internet strangers. All working together to answer the question. What is gatiss. I.

Gatiss g nate ben gatiss Mr snuffle snarf keita Gremlin Keita Alf Bare ebay Nate gatiss Google keita twitter
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"No no no. No no this is going to be the players in some cases the reactions to the the nonsense that this is and i don't think anybody in major league baseball thought that the reaction would be what we saw last night from. Roma probably not but go to. It happened in washington. You know what it comes down to how it's handled if you're going to have a manager that's going to be calling the pitcher out and you've already got testy situation. I don't know how you could expect anything else. The thing with romo dropping his draws and listen. He didn't take them down on his ankles. Don't get me wrong but he did. Unbuckle unsnapped and then shoot them down to his thighs. Well that's kind of like what shares was look like do it now. They stopped him from it and he didn't do it right. It's such a weird look for the game though you know what i think You know how they have. Mlb as the players association. They need to have m. l. b. p. a. I guess h. And then mlb p. a. p. p. a. for the for the pitchers you want to different unions. Yeah because they're basically fighting amongst themselves. Yeah i know. Josh josh donaldson fault. All josh donaldson did though was tell you. What's going on. Garrett cole is cheated and i'm telling you that this is what's happening and then basically major league baseball one haywire. Do you not think though that there's a line that's been crossed. You mean with the sticky stuff. Yeah because she also said jerry blevins. The former met pitcher said this. You give guys an inch. they're gonna take how exactly the way it goes back and that goes just in general in life in baseball sure and every coach is looking to push the envelope. I think when you're coming off of what happened with the astros. Because that's still i mean. Even though reaction has really been tempered now if you go back to you know when we first had fans in the member of yankee stadium they only had what five thousand fans there and it sounded like fifty thousand. It seems really quiet down not to mention they don't lose anymore the astros and they're on a nine or a ten game winning streak so they're basically shutting people up by winning again. The game was so scarred by that that it's as if they have taken to the nth degree the other way now the where they've created a complete mess by handling this the wrong way and you use the right word twenty thirty minutes ago. They've overreacted in a way that is going to cause outrage by pitchers managers and probably fans at some point. When when you have a look like this you know. I didn't think about it until you just brought it up. Because she did make a very good point it is in reaction to what the astros went through and winning the world series. There's no question about it. No question about it has to be part of it. Yeah i mean. So i dunno i actually kinda like it makes for great theater in a sense that there's going to be all this conflict. Sure i don't like it. Because i think it makes the game. Look at look stupid right. I agree but i do like it for conflict. I've been watching sherzer and gerardi go through this thing last night. If i rewind one year until you a year from now to pitcher different stadiums and can take the pants down. I mean think about that and now it's almost if we see it. We're say oh he did that. Okay well what. I would have told you that you are at sydney's wedding and the guy's gonna take their pants down and take their shirts off. I thought that was ridiculous. And and that happened yes right but waiting not involve finds you. Bite their of women that seemed to enjoy that. Who wouldn't allen and so that your dad. Why wouldn't you and it was interesting. The the end of the night and guns wedding. They did the same thing with the wedding party. I think sydney was the impetus thal this to make sure everyone did the same thing right. Why wasn't undo that. Because i don't wear underwear to weddings. What but right you say that wall because they were trying to get me to do it. I'm like i'm not doing it so commando at wedding. Hey just weddings. I dunno. she's like a thing. So because when you dance. You wanna be flop. Not that it's just it's just the thing how about when you're on the set of the nfl today wearing a suit. Nah i gotta wear something here. Why because mr snuffle august would be just like i have. I just fill being in the room or something. I'm just a whole. How strange. yeah now. it's a little. It's a little wacky. There's no question about that. I met that. I'd so adoum goes to a wedding. Keep his pants on. Buddy flynn. let's go away flan. Relax gone down each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg nadi boomer and geo have out last night with the forecast so my baseball team. We got a game in last night with that driving rain we had eleven year olds out there playing through the rain on turf hield. It was awesome. It's dangerous especially when there's mining in the area jerry might be a little bit more. There was no lightning. There was no way under okay so you played in the rain. We started in a pouring rain. Yeah but there were no lights on this field. We were in holmdel new jersey. There were no lights. We had a game before eight ten right so we started in. The rain am by. I would say the second inning cleared up beautiful nice oh turf fields. The lightning thunderstorm. We were not out there and lightning and thunder. For god's sakes anyhow so i get to pop in and out sometimes when you guys like to take a day off and g might be on his boat or wherever he is today so here. I am like that phone with the guys inside. Because i find them fascinating with what they know what they don't know hell. Allah had no idea who was in the eastern conference finals. Which starts tonight aside from trae young in the hawks nor did he know who the suns beat last night. But if i ask about eighty sports he generally knows almost everything. Then you've got eddie. We call the king of. What do you call the king. Fukada football for kochta football. Yeah now this isn't for football figures a fun name for eddie. So we're going to use them against one another with their own expertise and we're gonna see now. My money's going to be on how you can go with me if you'd like to getty so but this is staying in the realm of sports doing you know odds mix no no no no. This isn't gonna be science. Ought to be with. Eddie on this one i just i just i know eddie has a general knowledge of sports and likes some sports. I i don't i. Alex is so busy making sure. Everybody's safe down in bradley beach that his in swine. I'm not going to ask him about the twenty twenty one royal asking about sports. That happened forty years eighties okay. Because he's got the mind for it and the royals did beat the yankees resigns. So while thank you sir. So why. don't we hit the music. And i've got here. We go six questions for you. Eighties allegance fukada eddie. That's what we'll call it. We're gonna flip a coin right now. Coin has put my phone. My top part is all-star flip phone. I don't have the coin inc. Got coin heads will be eddie. Tails will be. That's who gets to choose if they want to be home or flip a hyundai car already the whole team or go first whatever that is all right so you ought to be visiting team. Go out question at six questions for each year and a bonus question if we're tired and don't they thank you question.

josh donaldson fifty thousand six questions Garrett cole Alex eddie washington jerry blevins greg nadi boomer Josh josh donaldson five thousand fans tonight bradley beach romo last night boomer nine today Eddie first
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"You're knocking on death's door. Weiner thank goodness. Look a you. you don't do that stuff too. That's the thing so if someone wants to be self deprecating with themselves that's one thing but then the other person can't come in and then hammer on top. That's that's just the way. I feel like i get stockholm syndrome over the last three four years here sitting with you and that's like it was open open season to talk about but i i'm sorry i take that back win anyway. Like your the unnecessary. You're just fat fat. It's unnecessary you know. It's like me saying like man. You know i'm i'm thirty nine like i feel like you're really old but like i kind of feel old see. I wouldn't do that. Yeah you guys did do that. Just did right now sample. Oh i see. But i would feel bad. Doing that. wouldn't hurt my feelings. I know you'd be joking around with me. It's like a locker room. You know i understand. I listen i own me. I at this point overly. I'm not. I am not affected by this point. Because you're right. I'm just saying i was just pointing offer. Did not offer to come out and ride bikes with you. Get some i just. Don't want your blood to stop. You know flowing. The getting fatter than i don't know it's my blood is going to continue to flow right. It is flowing fine. My hopes and dreams here with this whole thing is the kind of do like a reset just a little reset. That's all it. is you reset. you know. i've already lost some weight. And i'll lose some more. I'm trying to get down to my at least my playing weight. Just i think these things because fetish kind of rushed right but did you get to go right back to your old habits. No i don't think so. Yes you are no. I don't think so what you're going to continue to eat oily bars and drink on caffeinated tea. No you're not. You're going to do the things that you do or you joy doing them. The why deny yourself. I'm not challenging. You i'm just being realistic. Why deny yourself the things that you like when you're not in some sort of health crisis you only the only thing that i don't like about this particular thing and said i really can't. I'm not supposed to be overly active. So it will end on friday like food and drink it do and i'll continue to do that just in moderation that's all. Yeah i mean. I just to me. You're no sort of health crisis. You are at a weight. That was fine. Compared to your playing wait. You're gonna fit into your suit for gunners wedding you're gonna be fine so it was like doing this. Totally unnecessary know that. Because i put on my pants. I'm wearing today. Yeah they're very flattering. There you especially when yeah when lose a little weight okay. You know what i'm saying. So you're telling me that it's a good. This is like the ups outline pants. Is that what you put on today. Well i mean now. Mr snuffle luck forgets is out for everybody back. Talking about the practice is not the frontside. Yeah yeah no i understand. It was hard to notice the backside. When you know mr for like all right we get it right right. Absolutely no no. I'd so but no. I put the pants on. They feel they fit perfect. Okay news after like one day. Now you're gonna make me look. Aren't you next time you get up. I'm going to have to sneak a peek amazing buns. Thank you. But i don't wanna see you have to go through this thing you know. That's the only thing. I'm i have no issues. I'm feeling good. I if i thought you were in some sort of health crisis situation and say this is good for you. you're not. I'm not in health crisis situation now..

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"You don't do that stuff too. That's the thing so if someone wants to be self deprecating with themselves that's one thing but then the other person can't come in and then hammer on top of them. That's that's just the way i like. I get stockholm syndrome over the last four years here sitting with you and i must have felt like it was open open season to talk about but i. I'm sorry i take that back gives you an adequate like you're you're unnecessary. You're just fat fat. It's unnecessary you know. It's like it's like me saying like man you know i'm i'm gonna be thirty nine like i feel like you're really old but like i kind of feel old. See i wouldn't do that. Yeah but you guys did do that by just did it. Right now example. Oh i see. But i would feel bad doing with that. Wouldn't hurt my feelings. I know he'd be joking around with me. It's like a locker room. You know i understand. I listen i me. I at this point overly like that. I'm not. I am not affected by this point. Because you're right. I'm just saying i was just pointing i not offer. Did i not offer to come out and ride bikes with you. Just so you get some i. I just don't want your blood to stop flowing getting fatter than no no. It's my blood is going to continue to flow all right. It is flowing fine so my hopes and dreams here with this whole thing right. It's the kind of do like a reset. Just a little reset told us you reset have already lost some weight and i'll lose some more. I'm trying to get down to my at least my playing weight. Just i think these things because faddish kind of rushed did go right back to your old habits. No i don't know. I don't think so. You're going to continue to eat. Oily bars and drink caffeinated tea. No you're not. You're going to do the things that you do or you joy doing them. Why deny yourself. I'm not challenging you. I'm just being realistic. Why deny yourself the things that you like when you're not in some sort of health crisis the only the only thing that i don't like about this particular thing that i've really can't i'm not supposed to be overly active so it will end on friday food and drink. I do and i'll continue to do that just in moderation that's all. Yeah i mean. I just to me. You're no sort of health crisis. You are at a weight. That was fine. Compared to you're playing wait you're gonna fit into your suit for gunners wedding you're gonna be fine so it was doing. This is totally unnecessary. Because i put on my pants. And i'm wearing today yeah. They're very flattering there. Yeah especially when you lose a little weight okay. You know what i'm saying. So you're telling me that it's a good. This is like the new penis outlined pants. Is that what you put on today. Well i mean mr snuffle. Ah for everybody.

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"But honey it's art. We are bad to the DAD. We are the podcast that celebrates suburban dad life along with coach Randy. My name is Adam de and we thank you the listener for sticking with us. This is our sixth episode of season. Three we are calling it. Daddy Warhol why are we calling a daddy warhol coach? Randy my friend. That's a good question has anything to do with art. Ona's everything to do with art everything to do with everything to do with art because it has everything to do with our guest. Whose name is Brian Connery. Who goes by the stage name or Gnome to art? Yes Buoy mcmorris buoy MiG bourse. He's GonNa explain it all when he comes here. He signs all of his Art Buoy. Mcpherson jazz mature. That's the name he uses when he is his art when he signs his name on the art. That's what he's going with. And we're sticking to it and that's all it is right. I think you're gonNA find him to be a very fascinating. What you find these guests. It's incredible these. Are The people in your neighborhood neighborhood? My neighborhood and your name. Oh who are the beep in your neighborhood well buoy we McPherson is. They're the people that you meet in your neighborhood when you're walking down the story. Now this is we're going to do all the lyrics can help it. It was just very reminiscent and buoy. It sounds like a sesame street. Sounds like I'm up. But he's not a he's a he's an artist and dad as a very loving DADS. So we're going to learn a little bit about the art. We're going to learn a little bit about what he does with his with his wonderful family soon. Daddy Warhol Yeah. That's what we've got going on here. Is You know what else we have what we have. We have sponsor yes. We do our good friend. She's an artiste in her own right. And all right becky. Burma Nikki Berman. Berman DOT COM. You want graphic design. She got you got it. You want website. Scott you want any kind of digital or offline marketing got it. That's Becky Berman. GotTa go there. Give a shout. Why haven't she's GonNa there before I have I have? Oh you're not talking to me and I'm talking to our listeners. Now Berman C S DOT COM amazing. And of course we have media partners happened to dot net news network. And we WanNa Thank Jessica and Danielle. We're GONNA have them as well as the CEO of tap into dot net. Somewhere down the line you go on tap into dot net you go to the drop down you look for your town and you're you're gonNA find local news. It's relevant news associates so simple. It is news for the people by the people in your neighborhood and they say now. That's going to be singing along. I in my head day long Mr snuffle up how we'll see an elephant but nobody saw him resolve except for big bird. Puzzling is very frustrating. She wonder what was going on with big bird. He's been tipping rally. It was a big bird has nothing to do with anything. We do the social media thing because I feel like you have to endure social media thing. We have instagram. Our handle is bad to the DAD. Yes we've got facebook forward slash bed to the DAD and our website is bad to the dad dot com where you can see not only pictures of US Chilin with Buoy Mabuza to update that stuff. It's a get on it man on top of the brother first of all thanks for great Great Social Media Post You do a great job with all of our we have. Our President are finished in our facebook. Keep it up. I'm not. I'm not crossing the line to tick Tock Although I think maybe the time to talk about of the dead could be the next INSTA- it could be. People have been asking us. We're going to get the mail bag back. People have been asking us. When are you going to do a facebook live at Youtube? And would you tell them? I said why why why would take off on the because you'd see as a couple of days and that's a great idea and I turn and walk away. It just takes the mystery out with like really thought. The dead was Muslim Linda. Roaming the there was this exotic place at bone died. Just two guys sitting on a green cow. We have a pet BOA constrictor hanging from a branch which way the mystery at. Yeah it was just an extra special guest your dream guest. Is Jim Breuer Bro? Yeah J. Jim- here. We'll we'll do. Video will scramble to Youtube the whole thing so speaking of questions people ask questions mazing. They can email us right. Contact us at the Dad. It's great people are actually emailed amazing. Lis- just WanNa let you know. We got to two miles to email all right. We got nothing last week but two more. Check it out so folks please contact us at Batu. That here goes. This is Kinda funny. You know this last week we had My kid there who's now no longer kid. He's an adult. He's adapted Jordan captured. Cap'n rights social. Commercial litigator MERCIA litigator. Who IS Maybe feel old says dear coach. Randy Adamjee that would be the toe. He's addressing us. Yeah this is not a question okay. but a comment and thanks. Oh all right okay. Thanks for having a professional down the show when you had Jordan Kaplan on your most recent episode right. Here's this I'm a young dead to yeah and it's good to see new dad balancing life and being successful. Hi this is a great yours in Badness Pete. I liked that I love that that exit. Absolutely thank you all I can say is. You're welcome. You're welcome. What else love free. Praise that was thanking us for having Jordan and I didn't know we had dad's it's nice to know all kinds of debt. We have MOMS to be to have some months. The moms are listening to advice to get it back to back and say you know what I heard when I heard on the. That's who was that from. Pete's all right Pete. Thank you what this next one is going to get. I don't know I don't understand the name but This next this next email is again. Hey coach Randy Andy which is to you and me you and may it says that the key chain slash bottle opener you keep talking about sounds amazing it is it is right to things opens bottles. Yes endorsed people keys. Absolutely I would open doors bottles of mines Someone's listening absolutely. How can I pick what up? Thanks BIBS NIBS I've never. I've never had never met anybody. Nibs I would need a frame. I would love them. It's not like Ned and it was spelled wrong. It could be but I really based on hymns. Yes yes well thank you. That's not an unfortunate thing. It's probably an inappropriate nickname. Lissette NABS levels would ever could be first of all. Thank you for listening. It could be it. Could BE MOM. Be Who knows. That's also true nibs. Yeah okay. Maybe it's short for something with a Lotta syllables in it. I don't want to just keep talking about this guy's name but but see here. I'm torn because we know the guys listening. Yes because he referenced. Opening the bottle hearts and minds. And that's what we say all the time absolutely. But if you've been listening to you know that if you WANNA keychain you send three dollars to to us just have to email us you as you have and how we can get it to you. Send US three bucks. We'll do a van Mo and just know that that three dollars will go to a charity. Charity let us nips. Oh I think it's your them. Yeah I think it's nips were you can call a guy wrote nibs zips. That was bill bank. Thank you to pita nibs coach. Tell me about your your week from runs dead at instant. How'd you do? Listen another Big Time it's we have four kids. Anything can happen although this week. Yeah if you call my youngest. Bree had this big toe surgery not on her. Big Big surgery was paid. The surgery is big and she calls it her pointer to- that's the second consecutive digit. Yeah and the big toe is often called the thumped by kids. Yes but I'm too and the hard part was the surgery. Was you know a week and a half ago two weeks ago now and we were told the biopsy. They took out the sell this tumor out of her toe and they send biopsies Tomar Tomer. That's very funny. I just came up with that on your own by myself. Yes That would find out the week We didn't find out within a week It was eight day nine and ten and again recalling our our guest Gregg Feick Who really went through some serious challenge with his own daughter With leukemia my Jackson. I kept freaking out because you just just tell us. Just tell us tell us. The doctor was nice listening. We went on for additional for additional test. Oh and you're like well nervous here. You're like what do you mean additional testing? Yeah Long Story Short. We found out Couple of days ago no cancer. It's just some kind of Tosic. Mass Tosa some kind of. Here's that toasted toast right so that it was benign and there is now a cancer. I was I was looking yes. So we're very excited and She's a true per she's got Some some stitches which will fall out but As a parent that was pretty that was pretty scrapes. As far as I'm concerned five. Dads for five runs. That was good. Yeah I I that lousy this week because I was traveling again. It was at a conference in. Dc The talk about the the ride home and just a bit and then I'm about to embark on another business trip doing some facilitation of Leadership Training and some strategic planning meetings which is Great. That's that's my briar patch. Happy Place but you know it keeps me away from the home and they're they're long trip so unfortunately I was away from the kids but You know when I came back from. Dc first of all. I took the ACELA faster. So it's supposed to be really sad. It's supposed to be right supposed to be now. It does get you from DC to Newark New Jersey in about two and a half hours a couple of stops. I thought I would feel the rush and the throttle of a bullet train like in Japan. Ed I'm sitting next to a buddy of mine who I took the Trivia and I find myself like a kid rocking back and forth trying to make the thing move faster as feels like a regular trains is too regular employment. But it's still got me to see the kids. Yes and with little time..

DAD Daddy Warhol Becky Berman US Randy Youtube Jordan Kaplan facebook Brian Connery Ona Adam de Buoy Mabuza Burma Nikki Berman Randy Adamjee McPherson Tosic Japan Jim Breuer Bro
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"mr snuffle" Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"Jockey snuff her uh Mr snuffle up I guess when Big Bird was mocked for believers openly moderate. Now I don't think they also like big bird just I had an invisible friend right measure essentially this whole story. Of course is he's massive always disappears right before he would always like like lumber off before anybody would get there was. I guess it was a big deal in the eighties where a lot of kids were having imaginary friends like a big deal for kids. We haven't mentioned your friend like my niece right. Now has an imaginary friend based on her watching show where the main character has an imaginary friend so now the main character's imaginary friend has her imaginary friends. Whatever your niece that I know who's like Michaela the good cause a sixteen or seventeen year old a friend that's Drop Dead Fred. Come on okay so So either way it was Kinda like this time where a lot of kids in the eighties had imaginary friends a lot of parents really. How do we deal with imaginary friend? What's going on and so this was a story arc in sesame street so yes? Big Bird was openly ridiculed and mocked. Yes and then finally one in like an every kid was like no. He's real because he would just disappear right before like Gordon. Emory was show like big bird. What the fuck are you talking talking about? They would never see dropped thirty now. They're on HBO..

Big Bird HBO Michaela Emory Gordon
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"mr snuffle" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"To recreate unsurrendered. Man I enroll Yvonne the failing on your seniority and happy New Year. And all things for you and good tidings a shopping new marco thanks for calling in got got an awesome here. Thank you sir. Later and money money in television. That is a television. That's where that's where the money and you know what where there's a lot of people out there you have said it. You know a lot of people have said that twenty twenty is You know I'm just going to listen to to the good board because if the good Lord is is is talking through you guys and other people. I know that I'm just 'cause if you sit there and be like all that's not GonNa happen for me or all. It's like all right. You sound like Mr snuffle forgets for fucking issues bird spinney soul. But you know it's like you know so you ever give her like someone's going to be like like like say getting a conversation with your girlfriend right. Oh you're so handsome you're like no babe non right it's the mentality mentality especially the decades people say if people say hey you know. There's a lot of blessings are gonNA come your way. Hey brother in a lot of buses about this. Because I'm in conundrum when it comes to that another big word you WANNA pick up engage. MOM learn some stuff. I'm GonNa Cassandra the Tomoko Taboo this. This is Ryan.

Mr snuffle Yvonne Ryan twenty twenty
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"mr snuffle" Discussed on The Finding My Psych Podcast

"Hello and welcome to the PODCAST. This is your host. Jared Killick if this is the first time that you are joining us today well I thank you and this is a great place for you to deepen your engagement with the funding my psyche team. This is a great place for you to get deeper dive into some of the material that we produce and on the finding my psych website. So if you're interested in health psychology or behavioral medicine then there's no doubt you are in the absolute right place so before we get started. I just WANNA say sorry for my cold. So I'm coming onto the show because it's been a really long time since we've done a podcast episode but the tail end. Of course I'm going to sound a little bit. Leica MR SNUFFLE UP. Agus I suppose and So you know just hang with me. I'm today's content is about health and how we take care of ourselves and me knowing that this is like my third cold in a row. I think I probably need to pay attention to some of the advice. I'm going to be giving today before. We dive into quickly. I want to talk with you really quickly about how you can include of deepen your engagement even more with the f. n. p. f. m. p. team finding my psych team. And I certainly invite you to head on over to our website at finding my psych dot com and on the very very top. You'RE GONNA see a tab up there but says community so this is our community for that we're starting to build slowly but surely For people that come to our website and what engage with other readers and listeners so we would love it if you would Participate in that and we throw up all kinds of topics and if you've got topics that once you registered yourself when she got topic if you topics that you're interested in you can post your own material and topics on there so we talk about everything from physical health emotional health. We have a little section for you to go and introduce yourself. We have content area in addictions and content Aryan mental health and we'll just keep adding various content areas based on the participants in the feedback. That you give us. Oh yeah our community form. Just Hound over to the.

Sesame Street to launch Arabic-language show for refugee children to help them deal with trauma

People of the Pod

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Sesame Street to launch Arabic-language show for refugee children to help them deal with trauma

"When you're talking with your family and friends at your table this weekend. What are you GONNA be talking? Yeah well I have a three year old daughter and a five year old son and so we will be talking a lot about sesame street this week which celebrated its golden anniversary anniversary. Did you watch this mystery as a kid I did. Yeah Jessica what about you absolutely. And who are your favorite characters. I was always partial to Mr snuffle up this big bird's imaginary best friend and go what about you. I did love big bird a lot. And Ernie and Bert really really were probably my favorites. Though actually wonderful and I was dismayed to find out recently watching it with my children that Mr Smith Aleph guess is no longer I quote unquote quote figment of big birds imagination. Everyone sees him. It was very disappointing to the ranks of the real monsters. Wow that's like saying the tooth fairy doesn't exist well. My favorite character was kermit the frog especially his portrayal of TV news reporter which should come as no surprise But I might soon have a new favorite character and his name is John. John has been introduced to children will be introduced to children in Syrian refugee camps as has one of them he is the Star of Alan Simpson or welcome sesame an Arabic language version of sesame street that has been co produced by sesame workshop and the the International Rescue Committee it teaches letters and numbers. Yes but it also teaches emotional coping measures for the millions. Yes millions of children who have been traumatically they displaced from their homes and may remain displaced for decades especially as countries like the United States. Continue to cut the number of refugees at allows in twelve million Elian refugees. Twelve million six million of them are children and those are the stats get this only two percent of humanitarian aid for education in For refugees two percent and so once again sesame street has come to the rescue just as it did in the late nineteen sixty s when it first debuted John his friend Bosma and Friendly Goat Maza debut in twenty countries across the Middle East in February twenty twenty via satellite dishes in the refugee camps. And from time to time there will be guest appearances by Cookie Monster Grover and elmo. I have to say cookie monster was one of my favorites as well. The project is funded with a one hundred million dollar grant from the Macarthur Foundation and the grant also covers direct services to the families whose children have never been outside the camps and therefore they don't know fundamentals that we take for granted such as imagination or basic information like fish. Come from the sea while the focus will be more on emotional tools these fundamentals annals will also be covered as well and I really do applaud sesame workshop for taking this project on and I say. AJC is also exploring new ways to reach out to The era world in the Arabic language. And we'll be hearing more about that in the months to come but this project in particular is just really fascinating to me. And that's what we'll be talking about at our Table

John Mr Smith Ernie Macarthur Foundation United States Jessica International Rescue Committee Reporter Middle East Alan Simpson Bert Two Percent One Hundred Million Dollar Three Year Five Year
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Podcast 42

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"mr snuffle" Discussed on Podcast 42

"So don't spend all day in the bath interrupts my best. That's quite an interesting choice of musicals. Guys burping did I wanted to see rent Bob. Pep Diptych Diptych guys. It's the these guys. Make me happy not be PII. Deep Deep Gephardt he happy anymore. Yeah like anyone else knows that these buildings are not really building. They're just fronts. Oh they be fronton over there. It's Big Bird Mr snuffle up again so so now we're just J. O.. Jail we get Mr Steph against that high. I have to know you tear so big. How do you work? You can't ask that yeah jail. That's rude how would you like it. A big bird asks you how you work well. Jail doesn't have a hand up as but so Non until I'm dead well. Big Bird also doesn't have a hand up his butt so it's okay. I'm eight foot to Soma. Pretty impressive. Passive muppet now. You are but the first season year feathers looked a little rough. Yes but everyone has an origin story. Big Bird was based off of fire-breathing air-breathing dry again for the company Letroy. I'm a woolly. Mammoth by the way not that you asked. You probably can't see me. That was my bit adults. Can't see me unless they're drunk for years. Everyone thought I was just big. Bird's imaginary friend used to have yellow eyes to. We can see you snuffy. Are you drunk Sabrina. That's a loaded question there but No not yet. We're still looking for that beer. But but remember you were seeing not only the cast but by Phil Donahue and George Stephanopoulos US sesame street after awhile thought that sent the wrong message about big bird telling the truth about his friend and and so. This was the teach children to to always tell adults everything especially serious incidents so Mr stuff up this was revealed to be real. Oh yes okay. Hey Craig but how does big bird work strings. Wires robot parts which is duct tape which is the only thing that can explain this. I think so too. Sounds pretty good. Actually the puppeteer puts on pants. That look like my legs and then my massive massive heads jail are you happy now. Get a messy of hoods I am Annie Way. My body is it over the puppeteer and his strapped into a supportive harness. His right hand then reaches into my head and controls my mouth now. A small trigger is connected to the pinky finger on his right hand to control. Big Birds. Eyelids my left. Arm is a large glove controlled by the operators left left term to move my right arm. There's a small monofilament wire that runs through an across my body and attached to my other arm I once read on the back of a coupon vicks vapor rub that there's a monitor strapped to the puppeteer to help him see. That's impressive thanks. No thank of label is.

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"mr snuffle" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"I'm sorry, not sorry. Sorry shows that Karen down in you, you would be very impressed with yourself data that I could use in live around the world, are you a citizen or are you a subject because I'm a citizen and I'll ask whatever question. I want to win ever. I want to if you're subject, you go on and UBS subject. I'm a citizen Dino show. It's actually ironically old Soviet technique called what about is. It's about distracting and deflecting and making it about something irrelevant. Christopher Steele, dick, all the FBI and Kane. Well, time for that argument. Cert- argument. Are also to give people viewers ways to shut it down if they are by that argument because. Make it so offers for steel is not a country. Check the match. As a foreign agent. But it doesn't fit our narrative foreigners that are on the payroll, by the way of the DNC pay Sally, looking for dirt on a candidate last one, you heard they're making that proclamation that it as she said it is our job. She said Alison Cammarata over at CNN embarrassing what's happened to that guy used to, like CNN years ago. I kid you not in my twenty five years of broadcasting and talk radio News Radio. Here on the border, Texas. I one time I thought it might be nice to go work as a reporter, producer. I like CNN. Years ago. Remember when it was live from Baghdad right? There were first on the ground during the, the first Gulf war with daddy Bush, remember, the missiles, went flying were on the ground used to be a great news organization, and, and they made an effort in many times, exceeded, and just, providing you straight-forward reports news. But Alison Cammarata at CNN said it best. That's what she said. She said it is our job to teach viewers, the shutdown conservative arguments. No, it's not. Is your job is as a Cable News Network? To report the news and it is news. The fact that you got a foreigner foreign agent, that is on the payroll democrat party paying how many millions of dollars looking for what looking for dirt actually paid for they're looking for dirt. Take down Donald Trump. If ever there was any doubt CNN bias. Was that? Panel of dim wits just talked right there with, with Allison Cammarata. The agenda CNN undeniably anti-trump the agenda at CNN sadly only leftist, and they'll do the sign of the cross. Pretending. Oh, we're, we're a news network news organization, ain't nothing but liberal talk shows man, all day long show after show nothing. But liberal talk shows just. Just proclaim what you are. You're a leftist information organization, the point of view now, now granted, not all articles at CNN. Or left. I it's kind of difficult to take a report about NASA space exploration or a some. Some marking on, on Mars that looks like the like the Star Trek him. It's hard to put a left to spin on that are blamed Trump for, for all that, not, not everything. But the political stuff, the governments of political stuff economics is left is the prism through which they've you life is all left us. And I'm very sad to see that. I wish. That they did provide more news, real news of people need to know. How much? How how desperately we need? The national media more than just Fox News. And by the way, Fox News. I'd like to anyone working at FOX and friends, by the way, I should say, I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Sergio Sanchez. And for our friend Dana lash, and today show broadcasting from southern command the Dana show from mcallen, Texas. I like to extend a thank you to the gangs at FOX and friends up in up in New York and say that, because the velo capsule, FOX friends, that's different from the other shows every single shot learned this talking as an affiliate talking with friends up in New York. It seems like every single show is own unique incubator team and the kind of competing with each other. It's a friendly rivalry and we're gonna fight for this gas and all that. That's great. What I've noticed from FOX and friends, they have gone above and beyond the call. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for bringing the cameras to the border and showing the American public was taking place. I wish everyone else would honestly talk with border patrol. Talk with customs talk with the leaders that are having to absorb this wave of humanity come here we need to. CNN for our country sake. We need you. We need to change your mind. We need to fire those leftists that are ignoring real news. And I'm going to share some of those headlines. It's happening every single day people I got a little stack of some of the headlines that are happening on the border that I bet you have heard zero coverage on, if you're constantly watching the dinosaur networks. NBC ABC CBS got Mr. Snuffle up against Mr. Stephanopolous, concentrating on other crap instead of asking the president about how you going to improvise solution for the border. You're this wave of humanity. Come here, the real problem. How about the overspending that your party is conducting right now up in Washington DC, Mr President. No, he has to ask a question about, you know what if somebody calls you from foreign government or 'cause overseas with some dirt on a candidate can take. That's, that's, that's the extent of journalism right now. And that's ABC g Wallace. Come on people. We got bigger Fritz to fry in this country. Just on the spending side, just on the illegal immigration side, if there was ever any doubt of the bias over at CNN. Allison cammarata. She nailed it saying that she sees it. That's life mission. She sees it as her job. Their job overseeing the teach viewers, the shutdown conservative arguments. The final counterpoint. The try to shut down through the try to cover the sun with her finger. Like it or not Allison. We have an emergency on the US Mexican border is bad down here. Ask border patrol. Now, let me put it into proper perspective because I know this national broadcast. You're listening to the Danish show today from the US Mexican border again. And I want to tell you. I'm very happy to live here. This, this is my birth town mccown. I'm a Texas boy reared here. I grew up a few years in Mexico, Houston, as well. But we're fine. I'm we're wearing two boys in here. In the cities. We're good. It's the board or right at the river border patrol family. They are over, well, with humanity coming they're trying to process all these people kids coming across on their own by the thousands every single week. And irresponsibly Alison Cammarata CNN, all these people that dinosaur networks are ignoring the big news on the US Mexico border. If you claimed just change, your moniker, meant change, the acronym, from CNN. Should be the cable propaganda network. CPN. That's what you are CPN leftist propaganda. Suppress the truth. Try to hide the truth from the American people. That's what you are. Used to be great news organization at one time there. There's a real problem on the border and you're not helping CNN. You're not helping to save our famous or Boorda, Joel helping to save our country. If you and I'll tell you what Democrats earlier, you don't wish to do it for them for our country for border patrol and border fficials at the very least do it for. That are being set on their own and this madness past the stop. And, you know, the solution the solution is for congress, and this is not coming from me friend. This comes from my border patrol fam- my border patrol chiefs. They said over and over again. They have yelled to congress change the asylum law. You must disincentivize these folks coming to us from Central America. This incentivize them from sending children on their own gotta change that law congress, Democrats, you hold the house. Now you gotta change. You guys have to change it in the house will waiting because the Republicans they stunk at it when they had. Now, if you wanna do it for the country, you don't do it for board of at least for the kids, stop this mass migration, this human of kids being sent on their own and people game in the system, the assignments. You tell people you change the law. You tell people you come here to this country, you put a foot on USO you want asylum. We're gonna send you back to the country of origin. You can process your Sodom claim and Central America. So, don't you leave? You're, you're not getting in it must change. Now people. This is why we need. Okay. Thank you. Steve. I got your message. Yeah. Buddy, play the valley. Texas mayor go ahead but we're not. I mean you volunteers trying to take them to, to help them as much as they can. But I mean this is been going on now for an ego passion del Rio pie for sixty days by thirty days. Now in Ugalde, we're not a quick. It it's not that we don't want to help people, but we're not a quick to hamlet in the problem that we're doing where we're acting like we're doing these people favor, and we're setting them up to fail. They don't they don't. They're not even allowed to work there being released in the United States to fifty thousand people have been released in the United States in the last two months, those people by law are not allowed to get a job. The backlog of individuals who are gaming, the asylum system during the Clinton, I'm sorry, during the Obama years, where we started this coverage years ago, five going on six years now, during the Obama years, the backlog back. Then was around. What was it like six hundred thousand we are approaching a million people now backlog in immigration courts hoping to game the asylum system to stay in this country permanently. The boredom is catching individuals. They claim asylum by law. They must be released because there's nowhere to put them they try to get as much data from them. And that's why thousands and thousands of people are coming in. And when you've got people like Allison Cammarata up and CNN I'm reminded why we need a strong press person at the west, I was thinking a lot about this man. I hope we get a great replacement for Sarah Huckabee Sanders up to the White House 'cause we need somebody to push back hard and shove facts in the face of these dimwit reporters, many of them know nothings. Give them facts. Give them numbers, give them truth, whether they wanna hear it or not let them ignore it like they've done so far. But we need someone strong. Who would be a great replacement for Sarah Huckabee. We can talk about that a little later on..

CNN Texas Allison Cammarata Alison Cammarata United States Donald Trump FOX Fox News Central America Karen FBI DNC congress NASA daddy Bush Sally Obama White House Christopher Steele democrat party
"mr  snuffle" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

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"mr snuffle" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

"Straight is a good one anyway. So talk to me about the Bruins in what their chances are in the favorite. Yeah. Without question they would tie with Calgary for the second best record in the regular season Tampa Bay had the most points. They got eliminated in the first round by Columbus. The Bruins just been on this incredible role, they'd be Toronto in the first round seven games, they'd be Columbus and six and they just finished off the hurricanes and four to get to the Stanley Cup finals is the first time I've been in the final since two thousand and thirteen the last twelve games there. Ten and two. And they've outscored their opponents forty-three the nineteen, I've just been dominant the last while games really well, constructed team, and they're gonna play either San Jose or Saint Louis in the Stanley Cup finals. I'm hoping for San Jose because before the playoffs started. That's what I picked, and San Jose would be an interesting match up because Joe Thornton who was here for half a dozen years got traded to San Jose back in the mid two thousand five six season. He would come back with San Jose is one of their best players. I think it'd be a fascinating series, if it is San Jose. But right now, if they don't win the Cup is going to be looked at as a disappointment, especially when you look at what all the teams have accomplished in the area the last team, I, I had no idea in obviously I you. Christian. It is. I just want to know if Tom's our go to guy here at the herald with the eighty two Red Sox when covering championships around bucks going, exactly what with to Super Bowl. So I'm guessing you'll be going on the San Jose St Louis. Yeah. Win the series. Goes out there. And he'll he'll leave in the middle of the second period of the game game seven would be here. But gave full and they sweep. Yeah. When they sweep or winning six you're right Christian. So I don't I'm going to tell you that this isn't your father's Bruins team. No, no. This is people. This is the big bad Bruins. This is a high skill a finance team. Yup. Exactly. Shattuck does is hockey although they know Charro didn't play last night. Six nine to sixty the largest human to ever play in the NHL. He was out last night precautionary because of his he was hitting the ankle early in the series. And I think they just wanted to give them rest. Get my crucial ski on the you got to play with Wayne Gretzky, the second greatest player of all time, fast gator to Mike. Yup. My crucial. Naski was. Yeah. He was eighties. Bruins which they had some good teams but they couldn't crack through peanut McNabb, Peter McNab, who when I was in high school all the kids used to say, I looked a little like him which must have the shag here do back then. But here's the interesting thing if the Bruins win, you'll have the reigning Super Bowl champ. Reigning World Series champ, and the newly minted Stanley Cup champs. So you'd have three or four times, only right now and it's raining, right? It's raining right now. And it is titled town, the last time one city had three championships simultaneously was thirty five thirty sixty trait. Correct. The Red Wings lions and Tigers denoting that was well before Denny MacLaine Kirk Gibson. Well before Kirk Gibson, Toby harra, Toby harra, one of the few players in the history of baseball who you could spell his name forwards and backwards in the same Clift Montgomery. Clift play baseball. Just throw names at me. I'm ready to defend myself. The most underrated accident in the history of doing it all. Most underrated actors in the history of Hollywood Montgomery. Are we? Sure, I'm well, that's my opinion. He was the one that you like him because he actually went to the same acting coaches Brando and their overall. Well, of course, not tiny not to not to downplay Brando's actors coach. Right. Yeah. Because actually saying this is imaginary friend. They believe was able to spit ball with Snuffy pants. It's like dissing Tom Brady because he got the play for the best coach in league history and Bill Belichick trunk seed terrible. John, Wayne, sorry. John Wayne didn't even serve in the military, right? I don't know. Let's yes, let's torpedo more, John Wayne Zang's, actually a coward. I found she She was. was a conscientious objector. He and Richard Dreyfuss from both continents is focused on conservation. Yes that he ever was fighting. You don't wanna despise him. He's been dead now for two years. So I should probably go there. But John Wayne, yes. Frank Lilly, livered Frank Capra. Frank Capra one of the great directors and easier, Hollywood. He hated Frank Capra for whatever reason because Frank Capra had more talented pinkie finger than John Wade down his body jealous. But he said, I would like to send that. The use the derogatory term. Okay. Talion beginning with D. O dago big. Oh, yeah. I can say that. I'd like to send that go back in time. I'd like to send that day go back to Sicily in bits and pieces, so. Right. They aside my disdain for John Wayne. Also, the fact that get on black. There you wouldn't get on without a cookie. Little saw his little, too. She was so sensitive, he didn't want people to know this little tissue, so sensitive, he's a little wussy girl. Well, this is such the. Pseudo, intellectual crowd knowing that knowing about his among gal. Lectu back. He was very dainty. Yes. I didn't actually. Wind comes. Author because of course he killed elephants with. You know he did. Indeed, and having a temper tantrum with his imaginary friend, Mr., Mr. Snuffle pants was also as acting coach indeed. I you know that if, if you want to say killed off than indeed, he, he other my other issue too, is he off? He won is one Oscar feet. See that he won his Oscar for true grit. Very overrated performance. I sound like Trump now very different in the real world, grit. I thought it was true grits which would have been better because those are good. But that year Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight in midnight cowboy where so much better God. It's so self-indulgent self indoors. Boomers, I go in, I set up. I'm walking here. I put Jon Voight near who's on your side of the aisle. Now shouting I know. But I ain't never was comfortable with how his face looked Jon Voight. Yeah. I never around it. And also Hilary Zeus the lovely daughter. Michael Mike, Michael York. I don't know who that is. Yes. No. Yes. It was a Michael Moriarty, who looked like John, Michael York. The guy who played the guy who was played the Austin powers boss. All right. Okay. Is this? Michael your, I'm not sure that guy he was he was an English actor in was famous in the sixties. Michael no here and there in the seventies, he was left famous my can you would know him in a second. He played the basil in Austin powers. Okay. But he had already had a career in the seventies. Right. See how he got the conversation off John Wayne, but his face, but I can't stand it known for his animal conservation. And you didn't know when John John vane, John Wayne, he came to the Mass General and he had colon cancer. And I guess when they did an autopsy he literally had twenty pounds of crap and it's colon. So he said, if you don't sound like a hater at all. Not at all. I look, I mean, look at all the actors that actually serves Mary. Jettison son to Jimmy Stewart served in the military, how many pounds of crap to be evidence, call them. I don't know. We didn't do an autopsy but Jimmy Stewart Henry Fonda Eddie, Albert, they were actually war heroes. They actually went and served and they're all around the same age. So. War. Mike this he does the other issue I had this alone. He wanted to fight the world. And somehow he was making adult films in Switzerland, during girl, gray. Well, they done by them in the late sixties Stallone was the late sixties. No Stallone was the perfect age to have gone. The seventy two seventy but Eddie Albert that was good Guadalcanal's a real battle. And I'll give Jimmy Stewart maybe some credit for flying the Henry Fonda. What did he do? He served in World War, Two real thing. Eddie was Katherine Hepburn, the volume. Worth. I can tell you that. Your buddy, Jane Fonda, see, Jane Fonda with a normal, Donald. No. Are they an item essentially man? You should really normally plant Reverend her, she's still looks great. She she's like eighty two. He actually does like smoking. Yeah. She does a great any no McConnell, the ladies man. Okay. He's super cute question number down. But he's always also he's, he's big and tall. He's an alpha he used to punch people casually because he's from. He's from farm is connecting is on now. Do we thick, but he but he made it known early on SNL with the writers of the Harvard resident cetera that he would clock when the sent it to them because they didn't go to college. And he's from one to this grew up on a farm, you know. And he sounds funny, but he's not McDonald. He without it was like Christy Turlington there. Somebody was all over him. Until he was he was super smart, regardless of what I mean you could see is, like, when he was on the update, re like just reading the class in the crowd sorry. A there was just so much going on back there when he was performing on Saturday Night Live. Yeah. There is Dayton. There was I had a huge crush on him. I approve the that question for yours. Hillary, it very much. So I think that's a good thing for the world that young ladies like you like men like that because they should be rewarded. Now, I also think that you're right. Turn Ferguson there when he played. Oh my God. It was amazing. Of course Burt Reynolds. Yes. Chewing gum. Funny stupid. Big hat. That was. I mean. Era there. They deserve several I'm sorry. I, I realized that having the girl outcry at the piano, Hillary is performance art, but nothing was good at sovereignty jeopardy, unforgiveness and is very good. All right. Why don't we hit a break? We will be right back with got a few different. It's really a potpourri today. No one big is sort of the bottom bottom line, but we've got a bunch of different things we can we can chat about, including apparently, well, I don't know. I was going to go into a local store. They found it's really not all that controversial though. But, but I'll find I'll find some controversial things to get you guys mad about. All right. We will be back in just a minute. Keep it here. Boston Herald radio from manteca island in the Atlantic to rattlesnake island in the club in Austin herald radio is there..

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"Quick real quick mail. There you go. Oh, boy, this one sticks out coming off of the college. Pop culture knowledge subject line king Friday, this from Cody no way. Does anyone know that king Friday was actually king Friday, the thirteenth did they ever actually referenced him as that name? I don't think so Cody continues this is where it gets personal and maybe pre frigging accurate. Ryan probably just found a Wikipedia page that has his official name as he is too young to know that the show never said that better. Yeah. Ryan do better. Yes. You don't right? Did. You know, the guy who does I it's a female. He has an office in Maryland. We don't know each other on a first name basis. I get the emails, you know, once a month. But that's the curriculum for the day. Also, get an Email from Margaret yesterday. Our question was what's on your embarrassingly jam out to that was our confession question. Somebody said I really liked your segment on the songs you jam to one caller called in about a song. By Mariana trench. I never heard of them. So I put them up on YouTube. I love every song of their I suggest that you do that segment every now, and then it was fun. There were a couple of the who last night lady woman in her sixties who said she secretly champs out to ludicrous fantasies. Very lyrically suggestive. I love that. It's fine. I don't. Yeah. We music on this show. We do enjoy a segment on music. We got a world world-class DJ this guy could do wedding DJ DJ porp- work. So we use them by the way, Ryan what I mean, technically Snuffle up guess is not an acceptable answer going by your standards because his name is Mr. Snuffle up, a guess, and he does have a first name, which is a lawyer mom. Oh well. Bro. Ryan you're gonna have to contract that woman in Maryland. I think it was the royalty factor because there are several king. Friday's before king Friday the third. Las vegas. Dot it's well onward. We go boys time for a tip. Pittance. Tipsy? Everybody. Bam. Bam. Bam. Zoster lists on MSN about this. We'll get through as many as we can there's a list of things that parents need to a race from their vocabulary. When it comes to parenting, there can't be good. Where's George Carlin? When you need them on to my left. Okay. This. Shrout in a twenty five year old's body. It starts with this. You should not say to your kids. Parents. That's not how you do it. Let me show you why not is because they say that automatically taking the rains will not actually help them to learn. So you need to let them Waddell in that uncertainty a little bit and let them figure it out and feel that satisfaction. I think we'd all be on board with that. I think I'm okay with that one. Yeah. What's wrong with you? Parents should not say that according to this list to their kids. What's wrong with you? What's the matter with you? Okay. I don't know how we're gonna pay the bills this mono, you let that come out at the dinner table. That's a bad thing. You cannot say do get very like. Yeah. Nervous about that kind of stuff. They say don't give them too much financial information. We can't involve them in things. They're powerless to do anything about laying that load on child her anxious, and like it how about this one. You'll never be any different. See I could see Ryan saying all these. I think as the dad from a Christmas story. Oh, totally. You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. You want the leg lamp for the whole thing. But they say the parents should never say, you'll never be any all the naysayers thing is not really helped for does that even mean well ever be any different. You know, let's say that you're just working some job that you feel as a dead end. And then you come home one night and say, you'll never be any different worlds out. They get slurring they say in general, you should avoid using words like always and never when speaking to your child. Yeah. That's a big one. When I was growing up. Zuma. Yeah. Things like what are you just go play in traffic? Or you know, you don't have a pot to bleep in the big. He's a big one. Made me tough friend's mom who if we got hurt she'd say, you'll survive till you're married. Don't say this. Parents don't say this to your kids. Practice makes perfect. It sends the message that if you make mistakes you didn't train hard enough. I've seen kids this according to a counselor. I've seen kids beat themselves up wondering what's wrong with me. I practice practice practice. And I'm still not the best. I'm still not personal and perfection is unattainable. So. That's probably smart. Oh, jeez. I say this one. You're okay. Here. Okay. When a child was upset don't be too quick to immediate Lee pointing out that everything was okay. I make sure that they know their feelings are valid. So your critics your kid is crying because he or she is not okay. Your job is to help him understand and deal with his emotions not to discount them. So instead, they say try giving them a hug acknowledging what he's feeling by saying something like, oh that was a scary fall, then asked whether he'd like a bandage or a kiss, you know, what's going to suit. Whatever you do don't freak out. I think it's about tone with this one a year. Okay. He can be comforting. When someone says, you're okay, you're okay. You're okay. Tone there like sometimes I've had kids like fall down a few steps or something like that. And they're like suddenly inconsolable. And so there are a few times that I've done that where I say all body. That's that's scary. When that happens to that make yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Oh sweet. Man. Reputation on. Also in like toddlers fall down and they get startled. Yeah. Yeah. You know that you have to just be like whoopsie your, oh, that's good. They fall and there were like. Said they know it's not nothing to be cry about these don't say this to your kids. You could be anything you want to be. Yeah. I like that one. All right here, we go. Do anything whether fueled by imagination or hard work obscures, the critical role of chance in success not every child who wants to be a surgeon or a sports star can become one. Even if they work hard at the same time in every success story. There is the grace of good fortune as Nobel laureate. Daniel Katamon puts it Lord success equals talent. Plus luck. Great success equals, a little more talent. Plus a lot of luck a lot of luck. Yeah. It is. No. But that's true. I mean, I if I wanted to be a brain surgeon. Yeah, that's not. That's not attainable. You're being too sensitive. Don't say that to your kids. Common behavior among unloving on attuned parents since it effectively shifts the responsibility and blame from their behavior to the child's supposed- inadequacies young child doesn't have the self confidence to counter this assertion. And we'll assume that she's done something wrong. However now there are moments when kids just work themselves into a tizzy, and we have a teacher who helped them in kindergarten articulate is this a big deal or little deal little deals like I bumped my knee big deals. I can't find my arm. Right. Right. That could be troublesome. So anyway, does sound like what they do in the hospital where they have all the faces pain, which you're paying like where are you at? I'm just gonna leave you here. Then leave me alone. I do everything for you. You did great on your task. But why can't you do that all the time? Be is fine. But as better. You make me so mad brave. The only data. You're get fat. Don't say that. To this place. He's scared me there when we come back. Let's talk about movies. What might have been? We'll tell you about that. And the trailer for Toy Story fours. So cute you guys. It's all.

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"Thank goodness, right. Perlas five eyewitness news forecast. All guys is going to be a beautiful week high forty five today down to twenty eight mostly cloudy today right now, it's thirty four. Information, please. A cop dirt alert update, a quick look at what's happening in entertainment. I'm gonna need everything. On mytalk. We are very talk show host James corden, he has been tapped to host the Tony awards for a second time. This is the seventy third annual installment of the award show. It's going to be presented at Radio City Music hall in New York City on June ninth, and it will air live on CBS. He's the perfect person for because he's a theater vet triple quadruple threat. Whatever they call it. You could do it all so this is he should eat you. He's also he's on CBS which network. So he should just do whatever year his gig the loose, right? And he was so good at it actually in two thousand sixteen that the Tony awards the seventieth annual Tony awards won an EMMY award per outstanding special class program. So what better person to do it? Yes. Okay. Let's see more on the Laurie Laughlin scandal. Getting her daughter Olivia into USC allegedly whenever she got the news in an Email bearing the subject line. Congratulations. The Harry her daughter got into USC. She said, this is wonderful news and put a high five emoji. And then this is all coming out and core documents, and then he replied, this is Mr. singer who used to be the head of USC said please continue to keep hush-hush until March. And she said, yes, of course, it's just also, you know. And it all comes out when you have to go to court. They dig into everything don't say you. Yes, doc, okay? Let's see here Sesame Street asked which character would be best to be stuck on a deserted island with Grover Oscar cookie monster or Elmo, they got some interesting answers, including people who picked to Elmo because he'd be the easiest to kill and eat. Well taken. Oh my God. Oh my gosh. I don't know. That'd be great so much energy, and he'd be willing to help. And would just work it out together. That's so Calcutta like Grover Jason who would you pick Grover Oscar cookie monster Elmo, Mr. Snuffle. I think an Oscar choice, but no Oscar probably gross. He's a grouch. But he does have a lot of things in his can that you might be able to use. You know, all you can up cycle that stuff. That's a good point. All right on TV tonight. We have the series premiere of something called the act on Hulu. It's true crime anthology. It's the first season starts Joey king as gypsy Blanchard resorted to murder to escape her abusive overprotective mother, this happened in Springfield, Missouri. My hometown. So I'm very I met this woman and her daughter through children's miracle network. So that's that's going to be brought to life them Hulu by Patricia Arquette, isn't it? Empire. Riverdale on tonight. And then Jason you'll like this boob lay is on NBC. I saw that seriously. I saw I I'm very excited. He's he's the.

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"To slay New England's Darth Vader, Bella chase going to have his wrinkle. He's going to force you to go to plan B. He's gonna take away your best player. And then he's gonna look at you and say what you're gonna do. Now, Sean McVay first time in this situation. There's a our pre-game festivities halftime is longer. There's so many adjustments to make beyond the game of football. I just think the patriots they're experienced and the way that they're playing right now they're going to be able to win this game. We got some disagreement here. I'm on the Rams myself says on the patriots that flop Okla Jimmy what's your take? Messed up my whole weekend. How you're you're out on sit here and done told you all week long. The Rams was going jump Tom Brady into the Crips. The bloods the gangster disciples hails angels. I told you that the Rams going to be Tom Brady back into the suburbs. And now, you don't blown it with Joe patented Jason Whitlock jinx. So next plane to me why you gotta jump on my band wagon. Hold up. We're not jinx. It was only for the chiefs KC. That's it. Yeah. Mark ellis. Jason jinx anything anytime. Jason kidd. True story. True story Jason cost me a date with Shirley Hindley. Beautiful young actress, oh my Sarah late. She played the waitress, Shirley. What was that was what was that? And I can't get all into it right now. But Jason messed that up for me with his big mouth. Jake, come up, caller caller. How you doing MS nail Carter. Thought-through for me west in the south. How you get all the way to Kelly back in the lie. Why? Hey, man back in the day before it was even fashionable of Jimmy had one in every area code. You understand what I'm saying ludicrous. Here's there's a man if the greyhound later stopping your city shares a very very great that Jimmy was making stop somewhere one of your auntie's house. I was more prolific than hanging. You know, the phrase a head cold just touch him all my love life. Hey, man, get back on top. So so you're picking the patriots. Now, I guess hail to the now Mr. Snuffle love forgets. Marcus Peters team could lead t. Ain't gonna let me down. You know, I call them boys met, Maxine and do obscene. Okay. There. You know, they might wear sock connection. Boy. You remember connection? Doom. Malaysian kingston. What walkers Peter's team leave in their updating a little bit? It's going to be banging going on. Going home. Brought him. Listen, you do go. They blah blah this game. Rod here is really rough them Rams out there about the bus, though, patriots is afraid of us. We have no fear afraid of what? And on Sunday way. Calm in up runs his mouth. But don't run up early. Come through. He runs it up. We come in through don't push. Doc is the west. A few. Oh my God. That's the damn star treks. You don't embarrass cases contracts him. Hey, man, could I get approval rating talk nine he's on the phone. Let me get to the approval rating Star Trek, I got him in a hundred twenty five categories hundred. I'm not I'm not second guessing Bill bubbling, I think they're gonna lose. But I'm not second third four her businesses character. You be involved with man. I love Bill Bill chick amazing coach has issues their authenticity reason. I have them down so low. He is a real funny do with personality a real life. And he shows none of that. So he's not authentic when he's at the podium mumbling. Mumbling like that. So no, it's not a perfect coach. He's a coach he beat up. My. Now Monday, I may have a whole different story. We day. I got him at twenty five perfect at all categories of the Democrats.

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