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"mr mr pan" Discussed on Shut Up I Love It

"Love best. This just still like a good number of songs that I would skip if I listened to that. My brain is not there like you know. I don't WanNa like analyze those taxed. I just want to enjoy the songs that I enjoy and and that's about it by UCON so I you know like I mentioned earlier. It was not at all what I was prepared to listen to. You Know God weaned Satan kind of starts off with these like huge guitar ribs in like screaming like the first track is screaming and I was like Oh okay. This is cool this. This is not what I was expecting at. All that whole first album is very eclectic. You know it's jumping around all over the place. There's one song that is like an rem song yet. I liked it a lot. I really enjoyed it. I would say the more I listened to it like as I listen to further albums. I got a little less enamored with it but probably 'cause. That's not maybe how you're supposed to listen to them. You know like four albums in a row for the first time you know. Maybe not like guy said the you know for me. I really start to enjoy music. When I'm listening to the same songs repeating you know so. I think there's potential for me to really come to like this band if I were to continue listening to them. I think I would like to go to like thirty minutes of a concert a lot. Were you yeah I do think that you know I'm not totally surprised that they were on an episode of South Park because I kind of see a connection between them and Trey Parker Matt stone and how like the kind of present themselves is like kind of too cool l. and maybe like like the the stupidest thing you could do care about something you know. That's kind of the vibe of South Park to me is that carrying is not cool. It's look how cool it is to think carrying a stupid and for some of this that is the vibe is getting from Wean which I don't like Mike. I don't like South Park for that reason and I wasn't enjoying that part of the experience. I'm going to say I give this a rating. I'M GONNA give it Jay. I'M GONNA give it a six but there's potential Akira. There's a potential for it to go higher in the future future brainwashing. You know one point that got me. Seven six is better than five. Hey you know and we can bring you up ten. Just like eventually Sasha will be the ten to well. It took eleven years to get to a seven so back to zero and she went to seven. That's moving mountains. It's pretty good rate so J I mean I. I feel like it's probably a done deal. But what would your rating be mean on eleven. I I mean come on a couple of things that I wanNA talk. No no no no no no. I want to mention a couple of things. You're absolutely right. South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone and the weaned brothers have worked several times together. They've done tracks for orgasm. Oh some of their films Trey Parker and Matt Stone's band. DVD has opened up for Wean. Their big green heads like their cut from similar cloth. The other thing I would like to say is their influence. Silence is widespread. The one thing I wanted to bring up was spongebob squarepants. Are you familiar with spongebob squarepants so spongebob squarepants. Mr Mr Pan the creator of Spongebob squarepants who just passed away. I don't know his name in this today today. When you're listening he just passed hours ago. He has said publicly that spongebob squarepants would not exist had it not up in for wean the album the mollusc inspired this guy to make the original matic's and to create the world of Spongebob Weiner has done several songs for spongebob squarepants ocean man I in particular with great song. One of the greatest songs of all time is the central inspiration four spongebob squarepants.

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