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"mr mr marilyn monroe" Discussed on The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

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"mr mr marilyn monroe" Discussed on The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

"So neither of US come here. You know they say that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. I WanNa cut you someday. You'RE GONNA make a man how wonderful annuity little her relationships. If you look at a lot of them they were very often with older men famous man's successful man she was looking looking for that one figure that she thought would mean protection and sanctuary a home girl goes to a party in his some guy. The great big log in a fancy striped this strutting around like Tiger giving you that I'm so handsome you can resist me look and from this. She supposed to fall flat on her face well. She doesn't fall on her face. Is another guy in the room. We me over in the corner. He was kind of nervous in shine perspiring. I you look past then you sort of sit. These these gentlemen kind in wearing he'll be tender with you we that's what's really exciting citing when she was a small child she liked to pretend that Clark Gable was her father. Obviously she had a great admiration for these big strong men manly men very smart man so the two husbands she chose herself Joe Maggio and Arthur Miller were American heroes hello and welcome to part five of the killing of Marilyn Monroe. I'm Jackie Moran in this episode. We're going to look at the significant men in Marilyn's life not only her three husbands but all her other love affairs including with the two most charismatic and powerful men in America and we will see how ultimately it was Maryland's dangerously tangled life that sealed her fate and resulted in her death breath. Everything associated with the life and death of Marilyn. Monroe is as murky as anything else. We've ever come across forces counter countermanding one another. Everybody had an angle. Everybody had something to protect the high and we will hear from Maryland herself as she opens her heart in the last interview she gave before her mysterious death here off on creatures. Thank God for people try and touch natural as we have already seen Maryland had learned from a very early age that her extraordinary beauty held a power over men sometimes with horrific rick consequences. Here's author and Hollywood historian Bill Burns before she even reach puberty before she was teenager. She was sexually actually molested by one of the foster parents that she had any sense for innocence was completely destroyed. She was turned into a sexual creature her before she was a teenager that meant psychologically that the only response she had any stimulation from men was sexual later as a young wannabe desperate to make it in Hollywood Maryland had suffered but also exploited the infamous casting couch in order to to attract the attention of the men who mattered what haven't Maryland had always been very promiscuous and very willing to sleep with Hollywood producers power people in Hollywood. Everybody was sleeping with her from her agents. Johnny Heidi William Morris from McKee Rooney also Louis Mayor was the head of metro-goldwyn-mayer gold mayor the head of MGM. She was in France with Maryland and she was passed around the entire studio in one thousand nine hundred fifty three. She was not only the biggest movie star in the world but also the most lusted after woman on the planet a year earlier she had started a high profile romance with New York Yankees Legend Joe Dimaggio and on January fourteenth nineteen fifty four Hollywood's hottest property baseball's greatest player made it official. Here's Marilyn herself speaking about Joe. Well I met him. The year human ties had already been time I saw him for a a year and a half two years and we married in San Francisco and his background. You know his family they they were in the grids advantage. Come time and humor young at the time they'll dig. He was one flexibly and you could use basically anything from history. Reggie can fifth so canned good some things about me and I understood posted something about Jimmy. They Kirs Dimaggio biographer Jerome Sharon when Joe Berry's man early desperately in love. She's gorgeous and she's Mrs Joe Chiro or we should say that Joe Dimaggio was Mr Mr Marilyn Monroe would suddenly find his chagrin that she was much more famous than he was news of the wedding had been leaked to the press some say by Marilyn herself and at the ceremony the happy couple were mobbed by reporters and fans the huge public fascination continued continued on their honeymoon in Japan Maryland even interrupted the trip to tour the Korean front lines entertaining the troops I G I had an affect on people and so I I think until really late talk. He thinks he's going to go on a honeymoon to Japan where he was known. As Dimaggio's son the great American Ball player well they get off the plane and eased himself as a founded because thousands of people around the plane and they're all cheering and later on she goes and it is for the soldiers in Korea and she says Joe you know you never heard such chairing well. Of course she's not not deeply upset. He did hear the cheering you know every time you play the native but suddenly she's much more popular if you live in and he's the kind of the Klein back in America however cracks soon began to show this own jody module are presently having domestic difficulties when we think of the problems that the marriage Chad imagined in his mind that she would quit making films they would send him from the television. TV dinner and make love spend maybe goats when the Talian restaurant and go and father own and of course she she was much more complex than he was. Ah She had a career and she wanted to remain a star after just nine months as man and wife Marilyn and Joe separated when she he married him everything changed what Joe Dimaggio wanted was from Maryland to leave show business and she was a big star and stay stay home and B's wife only and make no publicity. That's why they got divorced. The pair remained friends however and after Maryland's Maryland's death it was Joe Dimaggio who organized her funeral. He will mourn her for the rest of the law. He really genuinely genuinely loved her. Do you know on his deathbed. His last words were at least I'll get to see Marilyn again when we think of her in the twenty first century we we don't think of her with Arthur Miller. You don't think of her with Frank Sinatra we think of her with Joe match kind of enduring up self Toko her throughout his life long after she thought if you're always on the go like me you you need a way away knows that everyone has a different travel style. 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