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"mr moussavi" Discussed on RunPod

"I know a lot of people when you go on holiday. They think that's the time to put your to mm-kay away but for me see for me. I mean if we if we get a holiday this summer. My gym k. Is like the first thing in the in the suitcase. Because i just love going abroad and going for run some were whole it gives me a chance to explore but also i just love every morning. Starting by ben it gives me a bit more confidence to kind of wear my bikini as well and just i okay. Feel like have erin the right to be here. I mean i think once you can do when you go on holidays that you can again moderators and said you can take days off. You can go. listen. I'm going to train every monday. Wednesday and friday Today's is when i'm going to not do any activity. That's good because giving your body. Arrest is actually quite good. Because when you do get back into fulltime running what will happen is that you now feel recharge. You've missed it a little bit. It's a bit like if you like steak and have it every day after while it gets boring but if you only have the other day you kind of look forward to if you only have once a week you definitely look for far more On so i do that. All the while intensive treats the way. I treat myself things i like. I have only occasionally and that way look forward to it. Feel like you're kind of like the agony and the academical fitness here as well with mr bush mr motivator come from by the way i mean the name because i mean it's is very good on a well chose name who thought it was a year. I personally think of it first but it's just one day. I was actually in a shopping center during a live. Broadcast and judy finnegan was into studio in the boon and she threw to mention says. I'm going to call it something. Like i'm going to call the motivator when i heard it being. There's a light bulb moment. I'm definitely going to adopt that. And that's what. I did and saw a registered mr motivator an ever since nineteen eighty eight of the mr motivated. You know. that's it any kind of fits in with what i'm about. Yeah absolutely well mr moussavi. If you don't mind if i put a few questions to maybe you could be like at the person that comes up with the solution so many many people have worked hard in the last year. Some of lost weight some of gained weight. Most of us have done booth a seven point. We've all you now. I guess never kind of at the other side looks like you know. There's late at the end of the tunnel and is taken to be disciplined and get into a rhythm with the day's getting longer higher. Can you do that when suddenly you're going back to work. You're going back to the way things used to be. I mean what we've got to remember is unnecessary earlier. It it takes at least twenty one repetitions something become habits so we've got into the habit now of working from home so we're going to have to reteach every recovery train our mind but we have learned so many positive things for the lockdown. The learnt was really important. We've learned that's some of the things that we used to spend a lot of time outside doing. We don't any longer lead to do it with the benefits of a hug. We've learned benefits of actually the common touch. We've learned that. In fact to spending a bit more time when the.

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