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Seattle Mariners' Kyle Lewis awarded American League Rookie of the Year in unanimous vote

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Seattle Mariners' Kyle Lewis awarded American League Rookie of the Year in unanimous vote

"Are are in in and and there's there's no no need need for for a a recount. recount. Baseball Baseball writers writers have chosen the 2020 American League Rookie of the Year. COMAS Bill Sports says a Seattle Mariner overcame many challenges to turn the coveted honor. He's the pride of snow Ville, Georgia, Kyle Lewis left basketball behind to become the Golden Spikes. Best college baseball player of 2016. Seattle made him a first round draft choice and he started his pro career with the everyday aqua socks. Then came Challenge number one. An A C L injury. That was definitely a lot of dark nice in their work. No, it was rough for you. Don't sit around it. Shot, right right in my journal. Whatever I can to keep my nose away. I needed to be with No, it's Emily. I think you just gotta take it. One day at a time Louis Ascension and the Mariners organization was delayed. He spent summers in Modesto, California and Arkansas. At those stops, though, he met other 20 somethings who become part of Seattle's building blocks for the future, You know, definitely super excited about the potential that we have so I think if we could recognize that potential and come into it now has the opportunity to be a strong group in something that we could develop moving forward, But we don't really talk about it all the time. Louis finally got to call up to the major leagues in 2019 using that experience as a springboard for success in the future. I want me a time it had me a time Jesus for his nerves. Faras. Ah, ability to slow the game down. The 25 Year old has what Baseball scouts called the five tools hit for average hit for power. Muscled out out to to left left center center field. field. This This is is back back carrying carrying how how about about a a 10 10 number number three three campaign campaign Lewis Lewis and and this this fall flashed the leather in center field, a unanimous selection Lewis joints Ichiro Suzuki, Kazuhiro Sasaki and Mr Marriner Alvin Davis as the only Mariners to win baseball writers of America A L Rookie of the year. His message to youngsters out there, You know, Usually I try to learn the game and I'm still learning. I'm still working every day and trying to write my story. So that's just what I say to the young guys. You know anything can happen. I bill Swerts Comeau news.

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