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"mr leto essar" Discussed on About to Review

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"mr leto essar" Discussed on About to Review

"So that was incredible jared leto is in this and by i've that is one of my problems i feel like and i i kinda said this term i feel like you've got suicide squatted and i feel like shot a lot for this movie and claim he might not be in it as much as maybe he thought he was raring uh for those of you who did not know it has kind of become one of those true hollywood stores are you know gossip things jared leto for suicide squad there is maybe an hour's worth of footage that we will never surrender they cut out and he was into his that's why for about ten to fifteen minutes which i oscar winning suicide squad oscar awardwinning opulent i didn't even at the thing with jared ledell is i do think jaylen was an excellent absolutely staggering that but i think he's one of those actors that he needs a really good director who knows how to direct jay leno if that ansett it does he i mean 'cause i actually didn't think that he was at bad joker i think he was an directed well 'cause i think at that point the joker or the director that was just like just okay mr leto essar uds you do yeah babies into made by him but like jae lentils nyk in out ira jlo's i thought the role that he played in the movie was really good but at the same time it was like rising and apparently and of this i think has been substantiated that rules initially supposed to be david bowie but david boy past.

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