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"mr john samson" Discussed on Silver & Black Pride

"Do Weekly podcast here in the season. Happy CINCO DE everybody. Kinda you a theme. This week is GonNa be Clemson Week. Why clemson come on you know? Why clemson five clemson players in the last two drafts? It's almost ten percent of the Raiders. Dra- roster coming from one school in back to back years. It's pretty amazing. I got a lot of CL- glimpse in coverage this week. I talked to drew Snyder. Vespas nations shake in the south when he was going to be honest show but he had some technical difficulties so he couldn't make it but we had a good talk. And you know they're expecting these. Clemson guys become raiders now and when when these draft picks are happening. Yeah Ten Amuse Raider John Simpson Raider. 'cause fit. What the raiders are looking for big performers at huge programs and high character. Guys all five of these clean feral first round pick last year number four Trayvon Molin second round pick last year. Cornerback in probably start this year. Slot Receiver Hunter Renfrew. Who really came on the last year? All of those college performers and big programs who are just like Muse. And Mr John Samson you know through gave me some interesting inside and all these guys. Most the most of those five guys weren't the greatest the biggest recruits to Clemson. And you know this is Clemson. This is top of the cream of the crop so they came in with Western expectations other players. And they all rose to the top of that program. Johnson is the exception. He was all American Charleston South Carolina. But you know we all know. Hundred was walk on end up being an iconic player. In that school's History Clinton Ferro had a injury in high. School wasn't a huge recruit came in and became a four year player. Didn't play much redshirt freshman. Mona so-so tanner amusement. There's a baseball football player. He's a better baseball recruit from glimpsing. So these guys were all self made guys guys at Mike Mayock once guys Adampur. Sweeney says hey this is the type of guy that made this program what it is. That's what they want these guys to be raised. They WANNA take the raiders to the next level with these type of guys. Feral beasts superstar. I have my doubts. I think he will improve. I don't know he'll be a great pass rusher but I would probably be a solid d and maybe never a pro bowler but a solid guy. Good in the locker room But you know you want more of them at more from the number four. Pick of course but we'll see he's never going to be giving them a lot of problems and he can't improve. I think it'll be a solid quarterback him and Damon are net. Could really grow into a nice pair a cornerbacks and then you have A Meek Robertson Jonathan Abram bracket this could be a really a defensive secondary that can grow together Hunter Win. Renfro had thirty five catches in his last seven games last year. That's a lot. I can see this guy having hundred catches out of the slot within two years. Why can't he go from forty nine to eighty this year? I know win bone is GonNa take some of his reps from the slot but there's still plenty of unity for Renfro in this offense and then Tara muses probably going to be a special teams come stuff. What the specialties. Were Daddy Pie. A special team guys first. And then let's see if you can play linebacker. He played safety linebacker in the for the Clemson Tigers. Right now the rarest thing he's going to be more linebacker but he's special teams guy. He probably be a special teams ace. Before we know it John Simpson is a guy who will probably vied to be a starter and your second year. So yeah I talk to drew. Got Really good stuff from him. I said this is Clemson Week. I talked to woody mccorvey. A huge part of the CLEMSON program a huge part. He basically runs the show. He's dabbled Sweeney's right hand man. He's top liaison to the NFL from the program. And I had a nice chat with him today and I have a story on silver and black pride all the players and the connections. How they've got to know the raiders people. Mike may make Mike mayock spent a day with with Dabo Sweeney in the club last year. During the Season Jon. Gruden was going to be the keynote speaker to the football clinic this year but it was cut short because it was cancelled because of the corona violent virus which. I'm getting sick of. I'm sure you guys are to be safe out there. Everybody You know that. Crockett former Raider player Scout. He's big part of what the scouting at Clemson. So it's really fun connection. I had a lot of fun right in. The story is checking it out today tomorrow. I'm GONNA do something talking to Jim. Nagy from director the senior bowl on John Simpson and he thinks John Simpson's the best Griman Clemson has produced in the twenty years that he's St scouted that program. Wow Wow. He thinks he could start very soon then. We're going to a watch party tomorrow. Night of the Clemson Alabama two thousand eighteen championship game. Where Mike Mayock was there and scouting all these guys know. They got eight guys in that game. Eight guys the five Clemson guys that we've been talking about today. Josh Jacobs Henry Rugs and Lester cotton a backup undrafted free agent from Alabama Guard. He probably won't make the team so you you're GonNa have seven guys when that team that game on this roster this year so do a phone little watch party with that so it's just hey it's may after the season it's an unusual connection five players from one program so let's take advantage of it. It's Clemson Week here so I hope you enjoy that getting to know these guys a little bit more again. This off season just doing short cast news today. The raiders cut does Shawn Kaiser. Moving away from comes in here. People thought he was going to challenge. Derek Carr he wasn't GonNa Challenge Derek Carr. That wasn't going to happen so he's gone. Komi the LINEBACKER Nuradaim has gone. He's a undrafted free agent from last year. There are a lot of people thought had a chance to do some things. Well he never developed. That's okay it happens but they cut some some guys. They signed Samyong a ten year veteran tackle ten years. He's played sixty eight games. So he doesn't have a a for sure path to the roster. He played four games with the forty niners. He's a backup just veteran backup. We'll see if you can make the team. He signed some undrafted free agents against sign. Some more undrafted free agents just a busy day for the Raider nation again in in in kind of a slow time. You know. There's not a whole lot going on but we're going to do a show once a week and again. Just get to know you guys better. You know I've done raider podcast. Three different places I've been SP nation since February. And I love it. I'm very happy to be here. Hey Proud to be here and I don't want to be anywhere else. So that's her twit show just to get to know some of these clemson guys have some fun. This is Bill Williamson. This is silver and black pride. Take Care we'll talk to you next week. Be Safe have fun talk to you..

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