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Cant Cotton To Misrepresentation  (feat. Charlotte Clymer)

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Cant Cotton To Misrepresentation (feat. Charlotte Clymer)

"As the demand for telemedicine grows so does the need for connectivity. five g. meets that need qualcomm remains focused on giving doctors and patients superior security rich five g connectivity. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age Hello and welcome to the daily beans for monday. January twenty fifth. Twenty twenty one. Today trump attempted to install an ally as attorney general to overturn the results of the election. Seven senators have filed an ethics complaint. Against ted cruz and josh hawley. As we learn the trump campaign funded leaders of the insurrection. Majority leader chuck schumer agrees to postpone the senate impeachment trial to february eighth. The biden administration is prepared to overturn trump abortion rules and reinstate transgender people serving openly in the military and the house ways and means committee re ups the trump tax subpoenaed. I made and i'm dana. Goldberg how was your weekend. Oh it was you know it was fine. Everything's every weekend just seems to be better now. I don't have that impending doom feeling informing that the president's gonna kill us over the weekend. You know get killed so it's good. I mean i i. There's a lot of work to do. But i still feel pretty positive. So how about yours. Good yeah first weekend without the orange menace in the white house was nice was relaxing. I've seen you know like Kong godzilla vs kong tweets. There's been some cat videos posted talking about football. It's just sort of seems like we've all taken a collective sigh and an things are moving forward. And there's lots of news to cover and you and i now are going to be doing a live. Show alive cuna interactive sort of thing and Are we going to do that. How are we moving to thursdays at five. I think happy hour thursdays We can get some feedback from the listeners. To think happy hour at five and people are done with work is a little easier than two o'clock on friday so if you disagree with that or if you do agree with that i don't give a little thumbs up on twitter or something with it but every i think every thursday at five we should get people home and have a drink Yep and that's what. We're gonna do thursdays at five pacific time and then tuesdays at five pacific time. I do the same thing with andrew torres. So tuesdays we do criminal justice thursdays. We do social justice and cocktail. Follow us both on the stereo app. Download it it's you know they're gonna want your firstborn child you don't have to give it to them just know that we had some fantastic listeners and questions last week that just gave me so much joy people that just did not want us to stop the show. We'll be doing that for an hour and dana says interactive. So you can record questions. We'll answer them In stereo app is free. Yes they'll ask you for like give us your social security. No they don't ask for that but you you don't have to. You can say no and still be part of the of the thing and it's it's really fun you fill it out. they say. Can we have this and then you go and then they let you in any way. It's pretty amazing. Yep i concur all the guests this week. I don't mean to jump. i'm so excited. She's one of my favorite. She's one of my favorite people on this planet. She is incredible. I'm going to be talking to charlotte climber for two bucks to this. Show the first black her. She and i are going to discuss tom. Cotton and his Disgusting lie about having served as an army ranger and she's going to talk about the differences between graduating from army ranger school and actually being one and That you can't just say you are one and then Second half of that interview we're gonna talk about How the biden administration is going to Tackle issues for the lgbtq plus community going forward. And we've got some really big news that has dropped since i recorded. That interview and dana is going to go over that later in the hot notes So why don't we do it. Why don't we get to dot notes. Hot notes lead story. Today comes from the new york times and they say quote. The justice department's top leaders listened in stunned silence this month. One of their peers. They were told had devised a plan. Along with trump to oust. Jeffrey rosen as acting attorney. General and we'll the department's power to force georgia state. Lawmakers to overturn the presidential election results. This unassuming lawyer. Who worked on the plans names. Jeffrey clarke had been devising ways to cast doubt on the election results to bolster trump's continuing legal battles and the pressure on georgia politicians. Because mr jeffrey rosen had refused the president's entreaties to carry out those plans mr trump was about to decide whether to fire. Mr rosen and replace him with mr kark danial remember. We were talking about like. who's this. Jeffrey rosen person. And i was like well his career official. I don't think he's going to go along with the bullshit. Turns out we were right. He did not go along with the bullshit. The department officials convened on a conference. Call then ask each other. what would you do. If mr rosen was dismissed and the answer was unanimous. they would all resign in protest They're informed packed. Ultimately persuaded trump. To keep rosen in place calculating that a furor over mass resignations at the top of the justice department would eclipse any attention on his baseless accusations. Voter fraud so he didn't he didn't do it for the right reasons. He said If you everyone resigned and mass it would take. He wouldn't say and mass if everyone was designed all at once. Take away attention from my lies. And so he didn't and trump's decision came only after rosen and clark made their competing cases to him in a bizarre white house meeting to officials compared with an episode of the apprentice albeit one that could prompt a constitutional crisis. This should be looked at and light of the impeachment article that will be sent to the senate as majority leader. Chuck schumer has agreed to delay the impeachment trial until february eighth. Some people think that this shows weakness. I do not. I think this was a calculated political shrewd. Move by chuck schumer. I think it allows more evidence to come out about the insurrection which will make it more difficult for republicans to acquit. And i wanna be clear here not because they have morals but because voters do and voters will be holding them responsible It's going to be more morally difficult for them to acquit. And a lot of people say well. We had the momentum. Right after the insurrection to get this vote to acquit and then additional vote to prevent it from running for office again. But that's not the case they wouldn't have had seventeen republicans and they still don't today but as we start to learn more we may be able to push more republicans over the edge and again not because they have morals but because the people who vote them into office do and some of that evidence came to light this weekend including the arrest of a man who had plans to assassinate alexandria. Ocasio cortez self-styled militia members from virginia ohio and states also made plans to storm the capital days in advance and then communicated in real time as they breached the building on both sides and talked about hunting for lawmakers and that's according to court documents filed tuesday while authorities have charged more than one hundred individuals in the riott details in the new allegations against three. Us military veterans offer a very disturbing look at what they allegedly said to one another before during and after the attack statements that indicate a degree of preparation determination to rush deep into the halls and tons of congress to make citizens arrests of elected officials and they even mentioned sealed sealing off the tunnels and and putting gas in them. Us authorities charged the apparent leader of the oath keepers That's an extremist group. Thomas caldwell sixty six of virginia. They're all from virginia in the attack. Alleging that the navy veteran helped organize a ring of dozens who coordinated their movements as they quote stormed the castle to disrupt the confirmation of biden's electoral college victory. Despite this current department of justice officials and federal law enforcement officials are privately debating whether they should declined to charge some of the individuals who stormed the capital so politically loaded proposition. But one alert to the practical concern that hundreds of such cases cases could swamp the local courthouse. You know tough shit. Internal discussions are in the early stages. No decisions have been reached whether to forego charging some of these folks and that's according to multiple people familiar with the discussions and we also learned that trump's campaign paid more than two point seven million dollars over two years to individuals and firms that organized the january sixth rally that led to the riot And that's according to the center for responsive politics and these payments which span trump's reelection campaign. Show an ongoing financial relationship between rally organizers and trump's political operation they were all made through november twenty third the most recent date covered by the federal election commission filings. Which is before the rally was publicly announced. I'm sure we'll see more in the next. Fcc filing so. That's where we are. And i i want them to collect as much evidence as possible for a second. I was like how does this have anything to do with the direction but people we have to realize that any sort of fuel about the election Should be overturned that it was not a fair free election that we should throw vote. All of that added to this disinformation campaign. That led to the insurrection. So all that can be used as evidence in the trial which is a beautiful thing. One of the beautiful things that feel this new president. President biden is preparing to reverse a trump administration policy that prohibits us funding for non-governmental groups that provide or refer patients for abortions now the first of several moves reproductive rights advocates are hoping to see from this administration prepared remarks released by the white house on thursday. The dream dr. Anthony fauci tells the world health organization executive board. That biden will soon revoke the mexico city policy quote as part of his broader commitment to protect women's health in advance gender equality at home and around the world so this policy was actually i instituted by the reagan administration which has a lot to do with the religious right because i think if we all recall even senior bush senior up until the reagan administration was actually pro choice anyway. Let's continue administered the policy his ping pong to on and off between republican democrat presidents. Ever since as we've seen trump reinstituted and expanded the policy which critics described as a gag rule within days of taking office an analysis published in two thousand nineteen in the medical journal. The lancet found that the mexico city policy actually in this has been proven several times increase the abortion rate in at least some affected countries likely because also reduced access to contraception. We have seen the abortion rate drop under every democratic president because we can have access to contraception. It's not that hard so it's not that hey. Ag stop it now. Okay trump later cut off funding through the federal title. Ten family planning program to domestic healthcare providers that perform or refer patients for abortion prompting nations including planned parenthood to withdrawal from the program so both trump administration actions were allowed by abortion rights groups which object to public funding organizations that are in any way involved in abortion or abortion referrals. Anyway because we all know that planned parenthood takes how many dollars from the federal government to abortions zero zero zero and we have to remember places like planned parenthood but we we have to defend their breast exam exactly and cervical cancer screenings. Those are definitely not good for the public. Oh and transgender health. Care also not good for the patriots. Yeah okay well. Fortunately that's going away now. this is something else. We've found out since the interaction between the insurrection and impeachment trez trump pushed the department of justice to directly asked the supreme court to invalidate joe. Biden's election win. This is according to people familiar with the matter who spoke to the wall street journal. This effort was part of trump's massive pressure campaign on the justice department in his final weeks to overturn his election loss which also included as we talked about plans to fire. Jeffrey rosen acting attorney general and replace him with the relatively unknown justice department lawyer who was willing to use the department to support trump's lies about about the election. The effort ultimately failed again as as we talked about. Everyone threatened to resign. Everyone threatened to resign. Rosen along the former attorney general bar former acting solicitor general. Jeffrey wall refused to file a supreme court case Citing that there was no basis to challenge the election outcome and the federal government had no legal interest in whether trump or biden won the presidency. So this is probably one of the reasons rosen. He wanted to yank rosen And and and install that geoffrey. Clark dude of course he does this everywhere and also Senators whitehouse widened. Smith blumenthal geraldo kane and brown have filed a complaint with the senate ethics committee against ted cruz and josh hawley over their role in the capital insurrection and the senators said they want a thorough and fair investigation so that is also going on Ethics senate ethics committee. We might be hearing a lot from from them this this session so ag. Quick question before. Forget to the last very positive story. Any of the stuff that we've talked about today. Can there be charges federally. Since trump didn't pardon himself there anything. Here that's illegal or that could be deemed illegal in these. I mean just a quick just a quick beans on it. Is there anything that they can do. Y- i mean these you know that's kind why they're trying to do it through impeachment but they can also is a federal crime to interfere in an election like that and right and especially if he or if funded the insurrection of yes you know there. There's all sorts of federal crimes there. Of course we need to wait until merrick garland is confirmed to see if biden's justice department has an appetite to go after those things but these can also be gone. After in local jurisdictions for example we talked about the fulton georgia fulton county georgia district attorney. Perhaps looking into election interference krause with the president. And this would fall under that jurisdiction. Wonderful thank you. I just wanted to get a little bit of hope. I guess for the listeners of like something can be done well. This brings me great joy. This story because of the affected negatively a lot of my trans friends at the beginning of the trump administration but joe's fixing it. The administration is expected to repeal the ban on transgender americans from serving in the military. This multiple people informed of the decision told. Cbs news the announcements expected. As soon as monday. Today as you're listening to this one senior defense official and four outside advocates of the repealing. The ban told cbs now. The senior defense official told the news. The repeal will be through executive order signed by president. Joe biden they announcement is expected to take place at a ceremony with newly confirmed defense secretary. Lloyd austin who will order the pentagon to go back to the policy enacted in two thousand and sixteen by former defense secretary ash carter that allowed transgender americans to serve openly the argument against this. That was so absolutely ridiculous is the cost of medical care for our trans troops as they go through transition or anything involved with that which is a minute fraction of any other cost a with the is to take care of our troops not to mention they don't even talk about all of the Medical mental health help that goes to our sys troops that apparently they're not taking into consideration with that so this makes me very happy. Charlotte is gonna talk more about it in the show and i think you're gonna learn a lot. I think you will learn a lot about this The subject in this episode of the beans and You know. I helped work on developing health programs for for openly transgender people for transgender people serving openly in the military. I saw the white papers. I saw the studies i saw the the the congressional testimony. It's awesome it's great. No one's mad. We're moving forward. Love it and And so now we're going back to that and also something today. Lloyd austin did which. I tweeted out multiple times. Is that his first official. Act as secretary of defense is to get all the information and studies that he can on the current programs to prevent sexual assault and harassment in the military. And that is something that needs to be addressed swiftly. It's been ignored for the last four years. They were just starting to work on it before and So that's that's also being brought back. And so that was his first official request as secretary of defense so Good day It's been a good weekend and will continue to see good news like this and we'll continue to bring it to you and we'll be right back with that discussion that you mentioned with activist and army veteran charlotte climber about tom. Cotton's false claim that he was an army ranger in the future of lgbtq plus rights and the biden administration. So stay with us all right everybody. Welcome back joining me. Today is a friend of mine. She's a writer Army veteran activist. Please welcome charlotte climber charlotte. Welcome hello friend how you doing. I'm doing so much better this week than i was last week. How about you my goodness night and day. Yeah it's still like wake up and think about the projects. I'm working on or where we're gonna go from here. What needs to be done or how we're going to get the work done instead of waking up and just like fearing for the safety of the country you know. It's been very nice. And i wanted to talk to you about two things today in this first little segment. You wrote a piece on your sub stack about tom. Cotton and something that tom cotton did. Can you tell us first of all who was brought to your attention. Who who is tom. Cotton and what did he say so tom. Cotton is the senator or one of the senators from arkansas. Republican senator If he is he's made it a lot of news the last couple of years but notably he was the one who wrote a new york times op-ed defending the use of military force against black lives matter protesters last summer in washington. Dc during that heinous period in which police Were were attacking protesters and which you know. Trump tried to mobilize the military against protestors. he was a he was an ardent defender of that. Now it comes from this bombast very aggressive view of patriotism which i would really call white supremacists nationalism and patriotism ann's on sunday salon. Came out with a story describing ing. How tom cod lied about his service record during his first congressional campaign and subsequently alluded to the sly. Now here's light. He said he deployed to iraq and afghanistan as an army ranger now. He did graduate ranger school and he did. Floyd to both iraq and afghanistan but he did not do so as an army ranger. This can be confusing for Civilians in so in my article. What i tried to do was described the difference between the two and it's kind of like the difference between perhaps graduating from harvard law school and and eragny asleep claiming that you earned a supreme court clerkship right. It's fair i mean it's it's very. It's an honorable Accomplishment to graduate from harvard law school of course. But it's not nearly the same ballpark as getting a clerkship at the supreme court. Now for him He graduated raiders. Goal which courses great accomplishment but the seventy fifth ranger regiments which is One of the most elite fighting forces in the world and certainly the premier light infantry unit in the united states is a far cry from ranger school not the same at all and by framing it the way he did h- implied to the public and specifically the citizens of arkansas that he served with this elite special forces unit when he did knocked. Now you can actually serve with this elite special forces unit without having graduated from ranger school. Is that correct did i. Did i read that right. Yes the of is absolutely correct Now the way it usually happens is a brand new. Private Will graduate from Infantry basic training you go through their advanced training which is part of the same course. And then they'll go to rasp which is ranger assessment and selection program Which is the intrigue. The entry way into the seventy fifth ranger regiment because it is the only unit Well the only mainline unit. I would say where you have to interest election program in order to get into it That is not that is not specifically. Us special forces right so little little little in the weeds there but essentially it's very hardy and it's this unit are very hard so a brand new private get into it by doing that And they don't have to ranger school before they go in. But once they get into that unit seventy fifth ranger regiment. There looked down upon most certainly because they have not graduated ranger school quite yet. Now they could deploy with the seventy fifth ranger regiment if they do It changes quite a bit for them now. The reason i'm saying all this is because as you pointed out there can be members of the seventy fifth ranger regiment who are quite literally army rangers and who are respected as army rangers without having yet graduated ranger school. Tom cotton is not that. And the soldiers in the seventy fifth ranger regiment who have not yet graduated ranger. School have have far more of a claim to call. Themselves are rangers than tom. Cotton ever will and so. Do we know if tom cotton tried to apply for the seventy fifth regiment. I have no idea He may have he may have not. We do know he for served in the one hundred first airborne he did a combat toward to either iraq or afghanistan and then a second toward to the theater did not participate fully in combat in the second one. But but here's the thing. Tom cotton's service. Record is quite admirable right. That's what i was thinking like. Why would you even lie about that. You know it just. It seems odd to have such a good service record and still try to embellish it. That's right it's very strange. It's very very odd. I mean he. He did a combat tour as a platoon leader He earned the combat badge. Which which is which is which is a high honor for an infantryman or member of the us infantry and he did so as a platoon leader which is even more difficult but for some reason he found it necessary to blatantly lie about his service record. And i even embellish it. I mean this was a blatant lie. He he knew what he was telling the public any public would believe and he certainly knew the difference between the two and why it's important not to lie about that So i just. I don't understand the man I guess he is suffering from this need to. I guess court john wayne vote in this country. for for for twenty twenty four. Perhaps that's an interesting way to put it. The john wayne vote because he's not the only one right. I mean now. This specifically different circumstances but there is a representative and congress named cawthorn. Who has indicated that he is a military veteran. And that isn't the case either. I think his situation Was that he claimed he had been accepted to the academy and then it turned out. He hadn't and i don't know if there are other details to this but he did claim that he had been accepted. The naval academy May absurd I don't wanna say he said he served or that. He matriculated there but he definitely said he was accepted any was not and then he said that he was training as a us olympic paralympian and he did not let me point out folks if if a democrat did any of this if a democrat said they had been accepted the able bare minimum except to the naval academy when they hadn't or god forbid if they said they had deployed as an army ranger. When they hadn't their career would be over. That's a being called rat. Yeah you're right. And then there's this further problem That that we have as a kind of veterans i at least. It's something that i face. Because i was never a combat veteran just wasn't alive at the correct time or we didn't get called in. I mean we all signed up thinking we might like that was a distinct possibility and that sort of where a little bit of the honor comes from. But even if you you're in a support position inability that is non combat but and it's only like two or three percent or something very low of veterans who who can have the distinction of combat veteran. But somehow you are somehow less of a veteran if you did not serve in combat and i think that that is also something that needs to change and this live by tom cotton even though he was he did two tours Sort of lends to that. That kinda ugly sort of stereotype. That that a lot of most veterans have an and they did sign up and they did serve honorably there. There's this stigmatization to what we call support. Billets of for those who don't know support builds can be anything from something like a signal person who does who works technologies satellites etc to intelligence Someone who gathers the intel that helps our front line units The people who Perhaps feed imagery units You know there. There are so many roles in the military that are honorable hardworking and absolutely brave. Who put themselves in harm's way even if they're not directly engaged in a battle concentrates us by the way i was never come veteran. You know. I served in the infantry combat arms But i did not deploy as infantry. And i do not it all in so you know the reason i bring that up is because there have been times when my service record has been mr misrepresented by journalists store by someone just an honest good faith mistake and i have been intentional to point out that. Hey no no. I easy to get right i did not deploy and i need folks to know that because you know. I don't lay claim something. I haven't done even if even if it's a a mistake on the part of someone else it's incumbent upon a service members to ensure that i record is represented accurately in to ensure that we're not getting credit for things we did not do right and also that it's okay. It's okay that you didn't do that. I i'm most of the navy is is going to be support because you know we all work on a boat trying to make the boat go forward and you know we don't really run into other navies that could even possibly want to come within any you know reasonable distance of our navy of just because they're totally outgunned but i went to nuclear power training command and that is an extremely difficult school and made it through high school. I graduated Nuke power school was on my way to see school and then was discharged for medical reasons. So i never was a combat veteran. Either but there's a lot of you know a lot of those of us who have. Ptsd from other things that can happen to you while you're in the military and you know it you have to live with sort of this impostor syndrome that that that that things and and stuff like what tom cotton does. It makes it that much more difficult. It's i don't understand the concept of the republicans owning patriotism and being the ones who support veterans when they so rarely do. That's exactly right and you know just a just a cotton on what you said right there. I think there is intrinsic high of combat service in misogyny so often with those in this is certainly not everyone There there are so many great men in the military who would never make a link between combat service and masculinity But there is this sense that if you do not serve in combat arms And then you know if you don't like servants special forces or even get your ranger tab in your somehow not a real man and that goes to this very deep well of how women are perceived by some of the military that even to this day women are disrespected for their service by their ostensible brothers-in-arms. And i know so many combat veterans. They're not the type to want to go out. And put on a brochure or what they did or brag about it or you know it was just kind of they just as their job and they're very humble and cool about it and i. It's it's i have found that it's mostly for a while before i started. Podcasting i would go stolen valor hunting on social media. There would be people who were trump supporters. And i was in served served tours and i was in combat and f you. You're dumb and all this other stuff. And i'd be like all right. Show me your show me a photo of you at at basic or no f. You don't have to You know and you're just totally making everything and you can sort of feel it and you can tell when this sort toxic masculinity comes out. They wanna be more than they are and they just they didn't. They didn't actually do the work. It's it's kind of goes with the says the apathy of a trump supporter. It does it does. And if you look at these i answer crowds of Of white supremacists that you know whether it be state capitals or the attack on the capital january sex. The us capitol these folks. Are you look at them. And they've clearly bought all this military gear online and it's not even god. I don't even know it. Explain this without getting too much in the weeds but you know even an infantry units we mock the dude who buys too much gear. Because he's being a dork. Why do you year. it's it's. It's frowned upon their are birds right. That's gaza their pretended absolute pretending. And it goes that you know somebody these folks they don't feel like real men Unless they are actively engaged in a some kind of weird military coast playing. It's so tragic and sad. It is Hey i wanna talk to you a little bit more while. I have you because i want to talk to you about the future of the work that we need to do in the lgbtq plus community with the biden administration. Will you stay with me until after this break. Of course thank you so much. Everybody will be right back. Hey everybody welcome back. We are talking with charlotte. Climber activists army veteran all around wonderful person. And i i wanted to talk to you a little bit. You did another piece and this one was for. I believe independent in came and this was about the the first week and again the future of the biden administration and lgbtq plus rights. So can you talk a little bit about what you said in your piece. Sure will the first day of biden's term. He signed a number of executive orders and one of them was a federal wide ban. On discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. The reason that's important is because the past for years we have seen trump in pins to implement these horrific policies that enable or encourage discrimination against lgbtq people under the federal government's purview while this past summer the supreme court in this case called Bostock be clayton county Which was a conglomerate case was three cases decided as one about whether lgbtq people can be discriminated against by their employers whether they can be fired or denied hiring etc and supreme court in a surprising six three majority with in the bag even when even when rpg rest her soul was part of the supreme court and it was a five four conservative majority. Six three went ahead and said that. Lgbtq people are protected in in the workplace from skirmish in which is amazing. Though at the biden administration essentially dead was that they thought this the supreme court's decision on employment rights and expanded it to every other policy area under federal purview. Now this is amazing like this is a this is an iconic milestone moment for lgbtq quality. You cannot under stay understate how great it is but it does not go nearly far enough And we know that and and certainly the biden administration was that get to that second because in most of the united states right now. Lgbtq people are still vulnerable to discrimination in housing public accommodations. Jury service credit You know so. Many areas of the public square because either stay jurisdictions lack protections against discrimination for lgbtq people or discrimination is specifically permitted in so many of these states. Yeah and and i know that In fact this is actually you know. I've worked department of veterans affairs for over a decade. And we actually had that before trump we were. They had that language for for the department of veterans affairs. I'm not sure if there were other agencies that were involved in this but because you know. The department of veterans affairs has been serving. Lgbtq folks for decades and so they're like look we can't not have this language in there and they also actually had something in their. This all came out under obama And secretary Schulkin i think even a little bit before that maybe even shinseki but they also put That you couldn't discriminate for familial situation meaning. There were a lot of people who are being discriminated against. Because they had kids or because they didn't have kids. And i thought that that was a really incredible important distinction and then when this administration came in they wiped that all out and just did the old standard you know from from before and so you know it was it was actually there and then taken away and so it's been restored and that's beautiful incredible and i'm so happy about that and a now you say we have more work to do. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about how we're going to kind of correct the patchwork now of states that have different equality rights and things like that. We have something in congress right now that could pass and and let's talk about that. You're absolutely right that up. It's called equality. Acts in basically this legislation would ban all discrimination against lgbtq people at the federal level and really throughout the united states. A so you know. You couldn't discriminate against algebra people in any areas of the public square with this with the passage of this legislation. Here's the great news is widely popular This morning abc put out a poll asking about Different policy areas as they relate to biden and his signing of this executive order on the twentieth was supported by eighty three percent of respondents including wanna say fifty four fifty five percent of republicans. And that's actually a high number but it tracks with previous polling even during the trump administration when equality act was first passed in the last congressional session. I think something like eight or nine. Republicans came over and voted for it. it enjoyed something in the area of seventy percent of support from americans polling There were large groups of clergy members and business leaders who came out and supported equality. Act so this is an enormously popular piece of legislation. And the only reason it didn't become law is become is because mitch mcconnell refuse to bring it to the floor of the us senate for consideration because he knew that there would be republican senators who had had vote for or though would be vulnerable to be defeated for reelection campaigns. And also. there's some other things that i think that you know that will be able to push the biden administration to do That you mention in your in your in the piece that you wrote for sub stack or excuse me for the independent. You talk about Maybe per perhaps assembling commission a task force to deal with violence against transgender people particularly transgender women of color. Can you talk a little bit about that sure. Well there's an ongoing epidemic of violence against trans not binary people in in particularly black and brown women last year. Forty four trans non binary people were murdered of the year before that. I think it was thirty. One or thirty two Last deadly year on record This year could also be the deadliest year on record in actually tragically break that number from last year. There's this ongoing just onslaught of violence discrimination against trans people that has to be addressed and you know there are. There are many reasons for the what is the are are the high rates of homelessness unemployment Certainly other areas of Discrimination enabled policy areas for trans. Nonbinary people that put us And specifically more vulnerable trans folks into bonner in even more vulnerable positions where They can be killed and the only way this is going to be sufficiently addressed is looking at these policy areas in seeing what can be done and there's so many things that can be done so what activists are urging the biden administration do is built this task. Force could i. I certainly expected will be done. 'cause taskforce is one of the things that it just it's one of the easiest things in the world to do your knife. You're and i worked in the federal government. Yeah we we many of these. In fact just this week The biden administration put together a task force to assess the impact of domestic violent extremism So that and this is how it works right. You put together a task force. You put a bunch of subcommittees together. You assess the issue you do studies in white papers. Then you based on the what you find. And those data you put together and create policy and implement policy to combat. Whatever the issue is that you were studying and it he just did it with the domestic violent extremism and they can do it here as well and interested in. Interestingly it's the best of both worlds because you know not only the way that technically the federal government should work. Is you bring together. A bunch of experts Said to get something done and advise the government but it's also a great way of dragging your feet a little bit now. That's not what's happening in here. Of course but you know for example. There's a controversial issue faced by a presidential administration or By some other agency what they can do is put together a group that will study the chew quote unquote side of the issue for six to twelve months and then come up with recommendation. I don't think it's going to happen here. I mean they're this'll be much quicker maddest. Did this with transgender people. In the military he put together a task force. I i helped part of this My sort of niche was to develop health programs in the department of defense medical health services. to serve transgender communities of of transgender people serving. You know probably. That's but that's what we did. We just wrapping up and we had done all these white papers and it was one on. Is it going to impact morale. Is it going to do this. Is it going to do that. Is it going to cost and mattis was like no. Everything's fine let's go ahead and then bam that tweet came out. Can i go this. I mean i you know what's so interesting about this. Is that you know as you know but some of your listeners may not sit. There was a period of three years literally. Three years were trans. People can serve openly in the military and nothing happened. Nothing happened the heads of every service. testified before the senate armed services committee. And they were asked by senator. Kirsten gillibrand have there been any issues like any issues with unit readiness. Morale anything like that. Any of them said no now. The trans people have served honorably in we. We have not seen any deleterious effects on how our services are able to function with the Open service transgender people and so there is that three year period. And then as you said you know the dod. I think released a cost assessment. I think ran also did one or maybe there was it was it was in conjunction with each other and then yeah. Trump trump weaponized This horrific right wing extremist right wing policy position just for its political efficacy and it was really dark day I remember it well. And but that is something else that that this administration can address And i i have a lot of confidence that they will They've got a lot on their plates. as you said but there are some other things to the you had mentioned In your piece. I think you talked about A radical hiv. There's just so much that that we can do now that we have the majority in the senate and we have in all of our agencies More social conscience. People right. When i would say for some of the policy folks were listening to your very popular. Podcast is that. I would urge them to get the ways that trained people treated in federal agencies to of the recommendations that activists like myself in pushing is to number one insured that trans people who are incarcerated are done so in facilities that align with their gender identity. Now that has been done for years prior to trump Both under both under bush and obama a trans people were treated according to their gender identity. And it wasn't it wasn't a perfect policy. But at least it was the federal government recognizing gender identity and responding in a responsible way and then trump rolled back implemented policy. Is that you know. Put people in harm's way by placing them in extremely dangerous positions which they can be harmed Because they're transgender The second thing you know or those trans folks were undocumented and held in custody of ice or cpi they need to be released immediately You know so. Many trans people come to this country for silom From environments in which they are attacked by the state in their home countries for being transgender or non binary and it's essential that we release You know universally trans binary people from custody of these agencies and you know permit them to live openly as undocumented While not undocumented. Certainly as as folks heuristic of amnesty in our country and give them all the resources they need. Yeah agreed. I really appreciate your time today on. I'm i'm thankful that you're here to break this down for us I was hoping you could tell a listeners where they can find your work and and where they can follow you on social media. Of course well. I just started a sub stack. I'm one of the latest insufferable riders to get You can find it at charlotte climber dot substance dot com and you can also follow my work on twitter at c. m. clamor in i would you know i'm very engaging i loved Talk with folks on through email or on twitter severe remedy questions. Reach out to me. And i'm happy to chat about the open door policy awesome. Thank you so much charlotte for your time today. I really appreciate it. Thank you and thank you for your work for the past four years. I cannot thank you enough for everything. you've done. Same right back out you seriously. I think we've all kind of helped. Keep each other afloat through this and now it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Amran everybody stick around. We'll be right back with a good news. Everybody welcome back. It's time for the good news if you have any good news stories personal or political or if you have any confessions or if you have a dispute at home you would like settled in amy's court on fridays. Please send them into or corrections to we take correction sentiment to us at daily beans pod dot com and click on contact dana. I'm very excited about today's good news. We have some amazing submissions. I can't wait to get to them. And you want to kick us off your kick us off. This first one comes from lizzy pronouns. She and her. This is cat my mom who hates cats and pets. General is cats mama. My dad was out on the farm and found a litter of kittens. Somebody dropped off on the highway. People do this. They dumped pets in the middle of nowhere. It's awful. I want to kick those people in bad places i know in these baby. Cats met the fate. Most pets do now. Coyotes got them except for one who was scrambling up. My dad's pant leg in terror before he'd process what had happened so cat got brought home to the city. He's deeply traumatized won't go outside heights from visitors but this is a good news story. Cat attached himself to my mom the cat hater. of course. that's what cats do. He spends his days in her lap getting petted while mom dotes on him. It's good for both of them. Code has been tough on mom cashiers. Her this cat is adorable. And beautiful. And i think everyone listening knows if you're allergic or you hate cats they will want to be your best friend. They will rub up under face. They will put their little but in your nose and they just want you touch them. If you're allergic or you hate him they will try and convince you. Otherwise look acid in the face and like your fucking. And i don't need to see your third eye mr keep moving movement. I think wonderful. I'm glad that you know you change one one person at a time. That's what we get. This next emissions is from an panda pronounce. She and her and we are clearing that she does that was caked at the corners of our is. This is more of a comment than good news or confession. One of your commenters. The other day mentioned that they found it both weird and wonderful that they felt this real connection with other people that the interacted with here. I'm going on record to say that it's not imagine and it is real and it is good and i connected with other panted lovers on facebook and on twitter went to my first panic convention in two thousand thirteen in san diego to see the baby mr wu when he was a toddler i think he spent most of the visit in a panda shaped ball in a tree. But some of the people i met there have become true and that goes for some who i have never met but interact with almost daily on hashtag panda twitter communities where you find it and you have to build a lovely community here. My panic community has saved my sanity. These last four years as have the podcast. I found that. Inform me and get me through the day. The swears are much appreciate it. I'm afraid i'll i have for pod pet taxes a painting. I did of my beloved makita. Bill that's close. Yeah yeah. I've never seen that before. So he'd abell some years back. She departed around inauguration. Day of two thousand seventeen. She knew it was time to skedaddle. But i had almost twenty one years with her. She lives in my cartoons with discreet. Little halo around her head. I know i have some photos of her somewhere. But i can't find them at the moment Speaking of which zoo news z. O. n. o. z. Has an exclusive image of the letter. Cheeto left president biden is great to be able to use the board president. And minute i add that below with my pet pod tax now. This painting is horrible. First of all second of all panda bears are like drunk in panda costumes. And they're my favorite. Gd thing on planet. I love panda bear. Zoo news i'm a san diego's remember. We get the zoo news. I think this is the same. And this is incredible san diego's famous for their pandas. I'm also a red panda fan. But this is this is great. We'll put this Cartoon in in the newsletter for everyone But the the letter is dear loser to write this. Even though i totally one you have not seen the last of mittens j. cat really good really cute. Thank you for that. And you're right community is where we find it. It's where we make. It's where we build it and it's where we hang out and i'm happy to have this one very very happy to have this one next up from a nancy pronouns. She and her. I was just listening to the podcast. About how hard time people are having signing their parents up to get the vaccine what next. Tvd with the vaccine website. Suck and i decided to write in with some good news. I almost in a couple of weeks ago. My mother got a call schedule. Her vaccination without having to do anything. She got her first dose on the twelfth. And get your second one on my sixty four th birthday. She's eighty eight and lives in a senior independent living apartment building so no group. Vaccinations of everyone living there. I don't know much about how the rollout of the vaccine is being handled here in colorado overall. But from where i sit it seems pretty good. Our insurance emailed and texted my husband to sign up to get in line for our doses. So we did not know when they'll get to us. But i feel confident that they'll let us know soon as we're eligible for pod tax. I'm including a picture of our three cats oliver on the back of the chair. His brother simon on the of a chair an aerial in the in their usual spot. When it's nice and sunny outside it's so sweet of cancer on the here. I am so allergic to that chair. Thank you so much. I'm so glad that people you know there's such horrible rollout stories in so many places so it's nice to get good news on some of them. So thank you for that very much. This next one is from phil pronouncing him seriously. Baby being here found new from open arcades already in love like my first episode was the day before biden's and ration- you were a baby baby being so quick background and why. This is good news to me. I am an infection control nurse with background in new. Thank you by the way. I'm exhausted because i have been picking up. Icu shifts anywhere. That will have me because well. We need a lot more nurses right now. I live in a very conservative area of the country. And i have a lot of very conservative family. Today it's been a battle to get them to understand. The bill via baltimore is a complete dumb ass and never never to be trusted. Also this is relevant. I m gay. Ultra liberal and an atheist so you can just hear the arguments about how none of my education matters. Because i must be stupid. And i'm going to hell anyway. Well i'm trying hard to keep my aunt the oldest living on my dad's side alive and she's really adamant that i am going to hell but somehow i still love her. Well here's the good news part. She started wearing a mask and has agreed to get the vaccine. Seriously i cried. I can't tell you what a step forward this is. Now that she's doing it. A lot of that side of the family will start to as well. This is huge for me. Thanks for the great show for tax. Fine my attached pictures. I is a little black and white. This is tucker. He is a three year old papillon and his sister. The second is my old girl. The ten year old longhaired wiener dog named razzie. They keep me sane on long days and nights and my goodness they all durable at the razzle-dazzle dog. There's so much emotion like there's so many things happening in this sweep pups. Is i know so cute. I'm going to do the next to here. Because one of them super short do x. not from joan pronouns. She and her daughter. Sandy gutman pronouns. She and her is an assistant curator at the hirschhorn museum in washington. Dc and we'll be hosting a virtual artists talk featuring the guerrilla girls on january twenty seventh. That's at home on art and behaving badly. It's from seven to eight. Pm eastern standard time again. that's the guerrilla girls on january twenty seventh at home on art and behaving badly from seven pm to eight. Pm eastern standard time and again. We'll share that link on the socials in the newsletter. And then up. Next from greg robin he him pronounced. Greg garabwan greg grabbing okay greek robin unto the lions unto the lions of the ghouma. The duma getty. Oh seren getty but for beans. Oh i like it. I'm a proud patron and sponsor weeper at the poem by amanda gorman same and just seeing good government return longtime listener appraiser of your solid work in defense of sanity and sas. Hello and Thank you for reporting for the reporting and humanity. Welcome thanks greg robin good news. Where my quote. Essential union job has continued throughout this pandemic my part time performance gigs. One away. I've managed. Okay but ms sharing my music passion writing cetera inspired by the beans. I started a patriot on account. Where i post my music videos on. Its sci fi stories and music collaborations etc. It was simply. I was simply happy that most of my stuff was just out there. Free for anyone to see when wham. I got my first patron. It was a shock a month later. I have six. And i've used the income to do more collaborations with artists from san francisco to singapore and spain to uruguay and iowa. I included a certain sample video link from youtube and the patriot account. I hope it brings a happy moment or two in your day. Peace-loving subpoenas patriot. Dot com slash. Greg robin g. r. e. g. r. o. b. i n. Or search youtube for greg. Robin smith attached pod pet tax to the animals in my life gusts brindle pit. Who i know loves me because he could eat my hand and doesn't and chunk of a cat who is named i kid you not being. She came to us with that name. Love them both. Love you what you do and who you are. I love that sign off from this cat. Kitty bean other dog brindell. Doc look at your dog. Look just now knows it okay. Let's now that was in the face. And he's got a little tiny smile. You have to look at this now because you can't see anything else. Look at us now. i love it. Well i hope you get much more many more mitch. Much more eager. I hope you get many more patrons. So thank you so much greg. Next submission comes from gen pronouns. She and her forgive me. Luminosity for i have sinned. We live in a wooded area with lots of sign neighbors so my husband installed a bird feeder on a pulley sitri to try and make sure the birds get the first in line at the buffet during the lean winter months when songbirds need extra food assistance. The song birds are free. Food insecure during the winter. We buy treated with kept cya sin kept saying. Thank you discourage squirrel. Like i'm on the electric company or like sesame street having break a mental breakdown. We like english is brought to you by sign. Okay great we have some bird identification books. Good can you send them to me please. We have some bird identification books and benach lives in the kitchen so that we can learn about them with our twelve year old son and the cats have a great view of their favorite tv channel during the day like our last weekend. My husband was outside with me as i was filling our bird feeders usual. I grabbed the rope to hold the field with one hand. While unwound the other side from where it secured on tree. I feel the fear weekly and should know better but this particular time i managed to grab the wrong side of the rope when detached from the tree instead of letting the feeder down gently i managed to send it crashing back to earth right into my husband's skull. It left him reeling with hot pepper. Dust all over his head. The cling of empty feeder on. His head was remarkable is instantly as instantly teared up doubled over in managed to go sit. Is this a good news story. Still i can't remember confessions Over and managed to go sit on our patio a right. forgive me for. I've sent sit on his patio. To catch his breath from the agony today. Clamored my apologies. Over and over and over. Then he went inside so loudly too loudly announce to our son that his mom just attempted to kill his dad. It takes his neighbor group to tell them off my. Tell them all of my transgression my neighborhood. Bff responded that she'd actually drugged her husband. Once when he was driving shit happens accidentally and then today he talked an on a further penalty. He tacked on a further penalty of writing to you to admit i accidentally brained my husband and one of my patented lucille ball moments. That's a steer this punishment. She had to write in and tell us that she did it. Oh my god as pentax attaching and picture said feeder and one of my son's favorite birds at downy woodpecker and a photo of my co worker. Hagrid using my desk lamp as a salamander heater and generally making me need to call. Hr on this work from home menace. Okay so there's the scene of the crime that is a long way down. Holy shit. I can understand why he thought she was trying to kill him okay. This cat is a human with the cat costume. Yeah it has little beard and mustache and a lot to say. He's so cute and then the close up of the downy woodpecker look jeopardy. Oh so so pretty. That is so funny. Thank you for these stories. I'm sorry i get caught up on the words. I mean they're honestly the vocabulary from parts of life that i have no experience with so i get to learn all kinds of new things on the beans. I appreciate it submitters. Thank you very much for educating me. Well jen it seems that you've paid your pennants for this by having to write in. That is so funny. I once accidentally drugged my husband. While he was stupid shit happens shit happens and then today. He tacked on for further penalty of writing to you to admit. I accidentally brain my husband in one of my patented lucille ball. Moment thank you so much and this is great. So now you can. You can have your spouse partner. Roommate child right us to admit to their wrongdoing as penalty. That is amazing. We have opened up a new door for confession submissions. I absolutely love it. If you lose a bet perhaps you have to write in and say really wonderful things about somebody else's football team or you know Just person in general. I like this. I think this is great. But it doesn't absolve you. If it's a bad thing like dopey susan collins and be like right into the daily beans off forgiven up now browse. But i appreciate this i. That's very creative. This is the first submission we've had where someone had to write in as punishment. That is amazing absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. If you have something to submit you can do so. Daily beans pot dot com and click on contact. And then of course it check dana. An eye out. Thursday live thursday at five. Pm pacific time on the stereo app. Download it. It's free. It's awesome a. g. What's your handle on there so people can find you easily. I think it's alison gill. I think my handle is alison. Gill and mine is digi comedy or you can just look dana. Goldberg so go on. Follow us do it. And we'll be putting putting out links to that In on patriots on In we'll email it to patrons we'll email to our whole email list will put it out on twitter. Facebook the facebook group and everywhere on the public feeds as well for daily beans and and everything else so check it out. I look forward to it any final thoughts before we get out of here. Dana have a wonderful wonderful evening Do something nice for someone. Just a stranger. Well you can't smile at people right now. 'cause you should be wearing masks outside but you know. Just leave a note by ten dollar starbucks gift card and leave it on their windshield. Just do something nice Absolutely and until then until tomorrow everyone please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Take care of the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been g and i've been digi them. Sabin's the daily beans is directed written and hosted by executive producer alison gill and engineered and edited by mackenzie mozelle and stubborn audio. 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