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Cabinet reshuffle: Chancellor Sajid Javid resigns –

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Cabinet reshuffle: Chancellor Sajid Javid resigns –

"In Britain a cabinet reshuffle. When the prime minister reorganizes the key figures around him or herself can be dramatic messy even humiliating but most expected. Boris Johnson's first major reorganization. Yesterday would be modest. The economists prediction the night of the short knives. Instead there was an unexpected moment of high drama from such Javid the Chancellor of the Exchequer the Treasury Secretary and Keeper of the National Budget. He resigned coming out. Mr Java might have stayed but he would have had to fire all of his own advisers and replace them with a team appointed by prime minister. Boris Johnson and his chief aide Dominic. Cummings I don't believe any self respected minister would accept such conditions and so therefore I thought the best thing to do was to go in addition to a shakeup in other departments yesterday's people represents a significant erosion of the Treasury's independence. A cabinet reshuffle starts with those ministers. Who are going to be ousted being told by the prime minister that their services may not be required and mckelway a senior editor of the Economist and frequent hunter of Westminster's halls of power. And then those who will get the jobs Invited in one by one and if you remember the fear of being cooled into the head study when you were school I think it feels a bit like that even for seasoned menaces that walk of delight or shame up Downing Street who Press Bank of cameras watching. You can't be an easy one and Mr Java's walkout of that look Saya Javard. The now ex chancellor looked actually pretty confident. Think he was making a point that he was not prepared to take the deal on the terms that was offered by the prime minister. This was such a clash and seems to have taken place will come to a head so quickly that he was. I'm out of here and that was the walk. So the deal that was on offer was that she could stick around only if he basically got rid of his whole team. Why why was that? The deal that was on the table. Boris Johnson elected with a big majority very frustrated. I think in the last parliament by not being able to get on with the business of government as he wants to shape. It fell the Chancellor and the chancellor's team was somewhat in the way so having guaranteed to Mr Jovi that he would keep his job very publicly The end of last year he said well you can keep it. But you can't have this team of advisers around you and I think the underlying tension there is that they had different views about spending. They had different views about some curious of economic policy and that Boris Johnson was affectively. Trying to grab hold of the decision making process. If you don't have your advisers is very hard to put together a strong policy. Perspective could differ from number TANS. Mr Javert Simi said no you lost one adviser on the whim of Downing Street's he wasn't going to lose anymore and I think that will as the store that goes back as he say. So you say this. This was openly down to differences overspending economic policy. How so sergey of it comes from traditional you might call austerity light. He would accept some listening of the course on spending but he would still. I think want some constraint and you would see some risk in splurging splashing the cash. I think Boris Johnson thinks that everything is really changed. He's got this big majority. He can take more risks and the austerity years really needs to be put behind him and he wants to spend money particularly on the north of England in in the places where the Conservatives have made gains because he thinks that will nail down those gains and keep him in power for longer. Vaz's being around that is bubbled between the two of them. The danger here is that the treasury and number ten being too closely aligned has some risks of its own in prime ministers are more interested in short-term political goals rather than longterm fiscal ones and that balances often being a bit up and down in British Political System. And there's often been a bit of a competition but in this example it's happened. Very brutally very swiftly. The power has moved to one end of the soul to Boris. Johnson's view as has happened before with Mister Johnson. There's a lot of talk about the the power dynamic between him and his chief. Aides Dominic Cummings the Some would say power behind the throne. What does this episode to tell you about that dominate Cummings sometimes called the dark Lord around Westminster only home for Jokes? I think is very powerful. Figure had also clashed with Mr. Jarve it I think this decision to be so tough on the chance. That was primarily the prime minister's probably driven on Egged on by his adviser. They've been other arguments. That Dominic Cummings has lost recently so as power is not absolute. But I think if. Boris Johnson Dominic Cummings have a vision of direction? They want government to go. You put yourself in great dangerous administer. If you lie down in the road they will seem irrelevant. You so is that to say then that will end up with the government that is entirely made up of of loyalists of of yes. Men of people living in fear. I'm not sure that will also be yes. Men and women. But it's very clear that you kind of have to get behind the Boris vision of what is important and what is less important. Has He left enough room for independent advice. And for those who think of it differently. Omay send up a warning message. Things that could go wrong. I think that is the great risk. That he's taken here with essentials ation of power over the key decisions which brings us neatly onto Mr Chavez. Replacement. Help Tony me more about him. Richie soon act mid thirty s very trusted by Boris Johnson. Dominic Cummings but also the very interesting backstory is. He has also got a absolutely classic Oxford to banking seavy but as a small boy. He helped his mother who run a pharmacy to to do the adding open and the accounts. He's very good and gifted with numbers that you could say is pretty good going for chancellor always the case it would be. I think unfair to say to someone who's very far already in life and politics. He's only there is a naughty dog. The difference is the constraints are drawn. A kind of course it has been placed the work that he can do the budget's due in four weeks time. We don't know whether it's going to go ahead. But the country needs stability and I think number ten will not want to do it for very long. I think you will differ in some ways from the budget that Mr Javid would have given and in effect it will have to authors one will be the chancellor but the signature very prominently underneath. It will be the big spoiling hand of Boris Johnson. And all of the attention has gone on to to this this this debacle with Mr David and not so much on all of the other Reshufflings within the cabinet. Take a whole. What does that that whole story? Tell you about what Mr Johnson and indeed. Mister Cummings was for Britain. The overall message of the reshuffle is that Brexit is done that those wounds can be healed and that Britain get on selling itself as global Britain in the world. That's confidence not front foot feeling that. Boris Johnson often does exude isn't really particularly balanced left and right cabinet and conservative terms. And that's probably a bit of a difference. He has the majority. He's got the team. He's got the power and now he really wants to go. And that's the feeling it's been put behind this. Let's see where that ends up. And thank you very much for joining us visa.

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