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"mr jamie glassman" Discussed on Men In Blazers

"This is Raj from New York City. Beautiful New York City at this time of surreal challenge when so much of what makes us who we are has been taken away from us. A work are sports really are outside life. That's not lived in sweatpants more than ever. In these times we turned. Today's we love to family colleagues friends and say I thought it was an APP time to bring onto this port a Gen. Who's been my best friend from the age of zero? We grew up in Liverpool together. Yes we survived out bizarro schooling level college together. When I moved to America he came over and live with me and Chicago for that first lure issue and when I liked it got married I had to best men my brother knowledge and they spoke and they finesse speech by explaining the choice was a neighboring. Ghana is in their words. No Ages my only brother on my guest. Today is my only friend that is as they say truth in. Huma a speak to this blake four or five times a week. I think the collective memories we Shan't together they really and they they send to me in a way. We learned yesterday that the late Great Kenny roaches pet goat used to send to him partially well. He's the funniest down. I am partially. Because he's if fellay lifelong Evertonian and say to talk all Liverpool Life Liverpool coolest city that is our Everton love and how we've experienced this poor season of Jurgen klopp wonder such complex feelings. A welcome to the port from his home. Now in Crouch and London my best in the world. Oh it's Mr Jamie glassman laugh. Eliah good now J. I really just hearing your voice in The Hague mission accomplished soothing. Because you have been my friend singer in his right. Since the years era believes there is a member of the you've got you remember us in a sample together age around to I tried to. I've tried to clear that one for memory but it's my earliest memory is a some books as you call them. In America of me. Being in a sun box wave Mike Asks Jamie and flinging sound into his face which made him cry. And your mother. This is my earliest memory. Mother coming over saying why are you crying? Jamie and she explained to. I've turned something you and she said well just going through some send in his parenting many states that she probably remembered that when those few years when she would try to keep me away from you and not a not hassle that the Times that you called. She was seen as a bad influence on me for a long time. When it's it's safe to say that you suffer the horror of no meat pre much better than anyone in the world and the joy of all is though I keep finding new things out about you because you and I. A lifelong lulling flung Evertonians. But this podcast was precipitated by chat. We had just this Monday in which you blew me away. Jamie last month because you told me how you became a blue in the first place. Well I remember I wasn't. I'm not likely I was undecided until the age of around six and a half and I've got a very strong memory of of being given a choice who were are you. Are you in Evin? Fan Rollo for fun. I didn't have a good answer. 'cause you were inevitable phone. A my dad was never been found but Atherton machine and and Liverpool had Kenny Dalglish and will winning the league every year. Marin Marine European Cup final it was and I I chose you and my Dad. Over decades of glory enjoy or a different a different form of glory. Enjoy I suppose. I won't break this down because this is an amazing story. We should say you dad the great earth. Ahl just an incredibly chill man of one that who died far too young using noble client brilliant. Genta valley had incredible panacea. Dad It was so like him. Not many parents would do this but it was so like him to not want to influence you and empower you at the age of six to me. Let's just say you don't like to be hyperbolic. But the most important decision that child can make solo that is parenting. Because he was one of those like when he was growing up him and his uncles and cousins used to sit. Apparently nine of them used to be season ticket holders and go to Goodison every single week and sit in a line was very much a hands off parents and waited for me to make the decision. I made the right one for him. But did you did you did you. Because as you say this Liverpool when we were kids we were born into an era in which Liverpool began to win everything. Everything I mean. It felt like every year they were driving through the city on the back of a birth before during thronging crowds. They went away. They went right down the bottom of my road. It was just every year they were rubbing my face. It would be a league trophy or a European cups or sometimes both flew flew through chewing gum off the back of that birth which people would fight for. I'd always get pack. Chew it guiltily home and the my own efforts and posters on my bed but they were winning everything and you. Won't you tell me on Monday? You'll never you've never been sure if this decision to support evidence was the best decision all the worst decision you've ever made any like. It was an inevitable decision. I couldn't I can't imagine what my life I can't imagine what my life would have been like. If I've been level fan. I know it would have been filled with a different type of joy a an unadulterated one not tinged with not finished with Sam want. We spoke Monday. You said to me which was lovely. You said you are so glad that you became inevitable. Because if you hadn't he said you and I would not have become such great friend I stay. That's probably true. I think you know definitely the time it was a big bonding funding Parvathi friendships. When we were kids I mean later on. We moved onto other things. But I think it's probably it's given us. I mean how have we found over the past twenty years and just talk about what's going on before the game during the game after the game? Sometimes we don't use. Words is just fifty minutes of sobbing. When I say sometimes I mean a weekly basis but I loved what you said that we wouldn't be such good friends because when I put the phone down to you at this thing called if you chosen Liverpool Jay. Maybe you'd have you'd have for the friends better friends who once you understand. Victory and joy as well. As I've brought to the table I could have lived a life of great joy and silverware but instead I got you and Swinson Roundabouts Left Roper Frost. The path taken. I recently made a film about Liverpool's history in the shadow of the cope and to make it. It was a person the grueling experience having to ask dozens of red spends to just describe their heroes because they have so bloody many Kevin Keegan King. Kenny Dalglish Uniroyal Robbie Fowler God Stevie j Nando Sodas just Louis swear res- Omaha. There were so many and I was just like a horrific three days of filming. I was just genuinely like make it. Stop make it so. It says something about evison that. Tony Abbott was Afo CARE OF EVERTONIANS. Because we just didn't have we didn't have decades of goalscorers winners to celebrate this bass. Fishing is worth a trophy. Do something about full in those days. That was the defined absent. And you know we like to think we we had a few GR- Gloria's are teenagers in our teenage years have innocent. Were were an incredible club to watch. And he think about that first eleven and they just they look like they were. GonNa win every game but because of the history user that didn't stop when they played against Liverpool and you would just terrified that you know every other week he could be everyone but when it came to playing Liverpool You.

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