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"mr hip" Discussed on The Tech Guy

"Guy. Scott wilkinson next. Hp doesn't use Standard pc parts. So you can't just get a third party replacement you're going to have to go out and get One that's That's an hp one. Oh i forgot the microsoft event. I know i'll talk about that later. There's a lot going on in there. And honestly i don't really need another ipad but this is so cute. This would be a good travel ipad. And just so little tied. My wife's face though. I don't like that and i love it that this touch. Id it's not this face. Id junk which is no good these days because face id With a mask ain't so good notice. It uses the apple pencil to just kind of fun. I can even do this. Note thing that they do which is really cool. This bugs the heck outta me though see these widgets. These black widgets. I don't know what's going on with that. That's ridiculous that's ridiculous. some of the widgets work. And then sometimes they do work. You can kind of see. They're sorta there. I don't know what's going on there. It is the came back why is delayed aging. Maybe it's because it's new. I don't know i know i know. I like the samsung having both face in touch these days I think that's a nice thing. So it's just perfectly right into the screen there and you know what because it's so small. It's really good for vertical like this is a read it apollo and it's a perfect. Read it thing you know. It's just right Let's see what else would be good. It would be good. There's doing that again. see. I don't know why i don't know. Why for books kindle books okay okay okay so when you turn like. This is just right okay. Tap the middle of the page radio. So that's kind of. It's kind of nice for books. You could do it this way. I mean i guess that's preference I just i just like it's just see the big one. You don't turn sideways because it's just too big. It's like this is driving me crazy. Driving me crazy. It was not iowa's fifteen when it came updated it immediately. Of course this is iowa's fifteen. Yeah i think maybe eleven. Am one is probably a good good choice. This is what's interesting is a fifteen. This is the same processor is in the new iphone. So this is and i love that it's type c which to me is fantastic. Hey talking about Good audio these days You know with people coming back to work in going in the you know the Conference room and then having these conference calls. What have you done to solve the audio problem. I mean you have a couple of choices. I guess you could go get a pro av system especially if it's a big room right little room I guess you don't anything but it's nice. I you know. I'm free audio sensitive. So maybe it's just me but if you've got a mid sized large room you go out and get a pro av system. You're gonna have a bunch of different components right. You're gonna mike's gonna have speakers. You're going to have a box somewhere. He's gonna have to install them in the ceiling. Spread the mike's on the table. There's a lot of cables gotta trim hideaways people don't trip and fall then you're going to need specialized technicians to install it to spec it to calibrate it takes days for installations could cost you. Tens of thousands of dollars per for purchasing installation. I don't have to tell you this because a lot of businesses gone through this. There's a better alternative i love. It's called neuralgia and u. r. e. v. a. nazarova audio. You can install it yourself. Takes about thirty minutes to screws one cable. It's if you can install a sound bar. It's basically just a a speaker but it has the microphone. It has very these are patented. They call it the microphone ms technology. And you're gonna get exceptional audio for a room for twenty five by twenty-five five room pretty big. You got a bigger thirty to fifty feet. You can have two bars and they'll cover the you know one any chanter. Yeah cover the whole room. You can do it yourself. No technician involved no calibration. No wiping down of microphones. The pro av system is gonna use fancy. Mike's to be calibrated. People have to stand as specific spot. It'll be x. On the floor. Stand here or sit here within the raven. The microphone missed fills the room. With a thousand virtual microphones. You could face any way you want. And it just adjusts automatically you can socially distance and it just adjusts automatically continuously auto calibrating. You're always ready true fulcrum coverage no matter where speakers are in the room no matter which way they're facing you don't need a training either. You get the new rave console with your system. It's easy to use. It's intuitive lets. You monitor manage adjust and scale your fleet of systems from anywhere from one room. Two hundred. it's amazing and there's no training required us go. Wow this is great. Are you gonna go with the expensive one or are you going to go with the one that really works patented technology very cool nazarova and you r. e. v. a. dot com slash twit. Please address so they know you saw it on the tech show new raven designed to simplify and these days. The last thing we need is more complicated technology ravea and you are. V dot com slash. Twit thanks so much for the tech guy support and thank you for supporting the show by using that special address nora dot com slash twit. He is mr hip himself. Scott wilkinson home theater geek. Contributor tech hive dot com and our regular home theater guru talking about big screen. Tv's and surround. Sound hello scott. Hey leo how's it going for a school great. How are you great man right all right you sit and watch a lotta tv last night. Well talk about your home theater. Yeah i sat last night and watched both episodes that are currently available of foundation This is the new apple. Tv show series based on the classic. Isaac asimov from the fifties right science fiction fifties. Yeah pretty old. I remember reading it when i was in high school I think most most people did and it's a science fiction classic. Many many volume. The original was a trilogy three books which themselves or at least the first one was composed basically put together from a series of short stories like i robot. Isaac likes that. He likes to do that right exactly. So he ended up writing the first three books and then he wrote some sequels ensign prequels Some of which were published after his death but But the premise of it. It's distant future and fifty thousand years into the future. I don't think it's a spoiler to say it's about a psycho historian named harry selden. Who uses math to predict the future right to predict the behavior of very large groups of people large population so this is not about reinforced concrete. It's not that kind of foundation. just one everybody no. It's not a book about building houses. it's about sifi. are there some basing an sorry. Are there space rockets and spaceships and plan. There is.

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"He had that strange I think he he liked having the reputation of being like America's dad mikla huxtable that kind of stuff but on the same fatherly rapist. And that's you know we all need to dream. But i remember when he would guest host the tonight show and he would come on pretty drunk any smoking a cigar with a drink and just like casual. But you knew at the time. He was a swinger he had this. You know this persona as like you know mr hip and cool and all that kind of stuff didn't give a shit about anything and then a change in the eighties to that. Dr huxtable type of thing. This weird Let's go course being the second but one more thing about. And when i think when he got convicted didn't come out and go. Hey hey only taps current that would be really funny for me. I think they some. I'm sure there's a news footage of him doing it somewhere in one of these cases different level of not giving a shit own now self-awareness at all of the actual situation. You're in there buddy. I'm wondering what jail was actually like for him. Did he get special treatment in jail. Yeah yeah i think he. I think he's a billionaire sunny. He had all these. God's paid off that'd be twenty grand going in and around my family's house. Of course he has special treatment. He's putting that telling jokes Let's talk your podcast. Because i'm interested in the first one. It seems to be. You've been doing it for a while. The gentle arrogance. What is that about. I'll tell you. I've actually got three and two which neglected stuff because alive ship are. They're about something cool. Happen gentler guarantees my friend som- who i became friends with him because i used to work with his wife and she died. Tragically young without too much of a downer. So i met him through that thing to decided to stop off and on the first episode. Actually we talk about him fucking in hospice having college. Yeah yeah oh yeah so we get into the details when we listen early on we go into this house as we go through life now will like god we should. Maybe we should say that. But we're trying to..

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"Because you know the app you can wars or whatever. Girona shut invested humid shit. You got some shit show now jokes every aggie but the same way. Waxing kohl's view line to eighty say. This is the first time saying about bunch call. That's looking at each other. it's always he say a cold. Sore damn gets monthly. Tolstoy says beach mayor. Liar you're alive. This is murder your last time. I got one. Yes that last year. We're right before colby. Where on your mouth where you'll know where for rights looked at deep. He's gonna cost. You ain't never seen wacko exactly you happy. They win still wearing a matter of a damn guessing coming around this time of year right after his birthday komarom third and before halloween she coming. That's it because you were mass for halloween. Pumpkin bro is it all right. Listen this the aerobic one. Regret this shit to pop it. man taylor. What has a sore up here on my lip my fucking and my skin on my lip but you mean you caught me only on see what the fuck fuck do. Some ciccio won't bother it up. Sorry guys this is going to have to be a short podcast because you know. Listen busy making money sean. They gotta show out about how much i want to hear from us ally talking got to stand up. Yeah okay talk. Shows coming next week right. Yeah no apricot forbid they wanna listen. God funny we had money your whole life exactly. We had this conversation because there's a level of elitism in podcast game. There is a level of elitism. We've had a lot of success for a long time. And you know. Sometimes you don't realize that like if you get in two thousand listeners. Enough on your podcast. You in the top three percent of podcasts. Right the fact. That's more indicative. How many podcasts are. Maybe maybe maybe a lot. There's a lot of guys you're doing. You're doing over ten thousand a month. You cooking advertisers. Come you know what i'm saying but you know we spoil it over here. I'm sorry don't you talk to an elite podcast on. Oh my god a listener. China say like trash anyway while blah with us micronutrient numbers. Whatever we get it. But that's not true though you can be trashed with big numbers could definitely be trashing. Big numbers everybody. I i hate to you. That argument people say like oh. I sold a bunch of the albums wet. You know what i mean. You had a great standup dog. But he's been threatened with this way. I mean like i like that. I don't like that. Yeah i did that earlier to somebody because they really did hurt. My feelings on the radio with most landed at breakfast club and this woman call. She say you need to go to college. You need to somebody's classroom. I'm tired of hearing you on the radio asking questions that everybody knows the answer to what the fuck that got everybody else. If i ask a why for something by defended off say you say me. No because she said to me. Have you ever heard yourself sheets. She me a little bit like your own medicine. That's literally how you talk to me on her a little bit. I say i'm doing better than you doing. I don't that can be done a little bit to college. Got them college. Nobody cares about your honorary degree. Gogo real your haters would know everything about you. Know this. Last night i met comedy last night and this comic like oggi. Wildly successful will remain nameless but like a wildly successful. I don't you know he comes up. He's a couple of home as a hanging out. Ricky you know ricky he did man we gotta pump that we got to have him on here but Shots working giulio. Dan soda were just hanging. And there's kind of comes out. He's us all hanging out is a You guys just gonna hug all night or something like that. I'm like i come here man. I'll give you a hug. He's older guy. Og like wait a minute. Why got why. I want to say and he comes on. I give you a hug living. He he goes. He goes he goes. Oh hey mr hip hop oh grew up in the village and i'm like okay he goes. Hey mister hip hop. I took it up. Were a group in his village and my mom's a ballet dancer and i'm like who day out. I just kind of laughing. His name's clarissa laverov. Because this is like a braille. Like this guy. I like ghosts not not go like in goals in success. And it's not and egos in room. And i'm talking about on that way at all. It was like passive aggression. Right and brazi like i'm in my head so he's coming on stage so i'm just like now i got talks back because i'm going up next. It comes off. And what's up man. He goes eight. Yeah where'd you go to school. He tried to do it again. I just go out. And i'm like how'd you know what my mom did attention. That's not regular like you. Listen to podcasts. On a deep dot something triggered good. It was something i can tell you. What triggered you yes. Excess like what talks with these sky. Legal see what they rolled. I'm not a lot. I love that bro. Supposed to have women. Writers feel pain is why this why defect must circle is like ninety percent women because women will always get the real into not that women come to me and literally say to me. This person asked. Why do people like him. So what i do not like. Hey what are you i like. What do you mean like. They have a real back and forth conversation. Do with funny. And i asked him i thought would the the host is bringing me on stage. But i'm just talking to him and like you get shots. But i'm just like i need to know like why i must watch an interview or something like that and i have a good day..

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"mr hip" Discussed on The Economist: Editor's Picks

"Next on hallowed halls hong kong's universities on summer holiday among the few students who remain on campuses the mood as gloomy on july sixteenth police raided the offices of the student union at the university of hong kong. The city's police chief said some of the union's leaders may have breached the national security law that china imposed on the territory in twenty twenty. Following months of student led unrest in the previous year. After britain ceded control of hong kong nearly a quarter of a century ago. It's universities remained free spirited bastions of liberalism now they are gripped by fear the pretext for the raid was a resolution issued by the union expressing gratitude for the sacrifice of a man who had stopped a police officer before killing himself. The government said the statement was no different from supporting and encouraging terrorism. The union apologized and it's leaders resigned but the authorities did not let the matter rest. Police seized files from the union building and banned some of the formal leaders from leaving the territory student groups in hong kong were at the full front the upheaval in two thousand nineteen. They are in the communist party sites. During the protests mainland officials visited hong kong to conduct extensive interviews with academics and other residents. They asked questions about how student unions were funded. How their leaders were elected and their connections with the unrest. The mainland's state controlled media accused union offices of supporting independence for hongkong a crime that later became punishable by life in prison under the security law and spreading anti party sentiment to avoid arrest many students. Now stay clear on campus politics. During the just completed academic year most universities in hongkong did not hold student union elections because of a death of candidates. Campus authorities are also treating the unions warily in february. The chinese university of hong kong severed ties with its union because of concerns that the manifestos some candidates for posts in the student body may have breached the vaguely-worded national security belt academic freedom had started to suffer. Well before the law was enacted just over a year ago in two thousand ten hong. Kong's universities were rated a meaning. They were among the freest on the academic freedom index ranking developed by several universities and think tanks in europe by two thousand eighteen. They had fallen to the middle band. See they are now in the category only slightly better than mainland china's which have the lowest grade e in the past five years. The decline in hong kong has been shopper than in most other countries. One reason for this east self-censorship some lecturers now avoid sensitive topics worrying that their colleagues students will report on what he said in the classroom scholars. Who teach and write about subjects such as hong kong china civil disobedience and democracy are particularly cautious. It's impossible to guess where the red line is anyway because that is no clear. One says an academic who teaches modern chinese history. She says the security law has created a problem for those who specialize in such as roma's how to encourage objective study of sensitive issues while protecting students in other faculty members from becoming victims of the security law. University administrators are also responsible for hong kong's plummeting ratings. Many reports ten love outspoken academics being denied tenure refused promotion on able to get their contracts renewed. They never say it is political. Says ipe amt chong who taught at ling nine university for eighteen years before its management rejected his application for tenure in twenty twenty despite support from his department and refuse to renew his contract which expires in august. Mr hip believes. His difficulties are related to his forthright political views. He founded a pro democracy news. Platform in media h k johannes chan prominent supporter of pro-democracy causes recently seized fulltime work at the university of hong kong. Where he had served as a law professor a two year extension of his contract beyond retirement age sixty had expired. in the past a five-year extension would have been routine. He's application for one was turned down in two thousand eighteen mini academics would disheartened lusty owen. Five university presidents signed a letter expressing support for academic freedom but saying they could understand the need for national security law. It's recording will not yet public. It is upsetting to be part of an institution proactively. Participating in stifling dissent laments one academic referring to the repressive climate at her university. She says she hadn't many colleagues looking for jobs. In other countries. Some belief that the chill on campuses is a sign that the communist party which does not operate openly in. Hong kong has infiltrated academia. Party members have long been secretly gathering information about activities on campuses says john burns of the university of hong kong lost the university's governing body sacked. Benny tai a- tenured law lecturer who had encouraged student protests in twenty fourteen. Mr tie who is now in jail said before his imprisonment that the decision was not made by the board but by authority beyond the university. There is another threat to academic freedom that is not directly related to the security law. Mr byrne says the central government in beijing as well as the authorities in hong kong have put huge pressure on universities two open campuses on the mainland such ventures often involve compromises the subsidiary. Compasses must observe china's political taboos in recent years at least two universities in hong kong have opened mainland campuses another fi you've including the university of hong kong say they will follow suit. The territory's universities risks becoming increasingly similar.

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"Like you can come out here and explain to me why you tip me the way you tip me because I need to explain to you how far I had to come to drop your food off. I mean, she's implying it. Like you have no idea how far I had to drive. And if you did know how far I had to drive and you don't want to talk about this now, if you knew you would have given me a much better tip. She literally right from the jump is on this guy. That's a great start. But then it gets better. Thank your 30 minutes. I go 40 minutes and it was really far and I got a stupor lady, So I don't think you realize where you work from. I don't understand you. Well, didn't from where from the restaurant and you order some your father. You really brought it back and you're in Smithtown. That's a that's a 15 20 minute drive. It's not, you know, try to drive it. I just read the bit. It's 40 minutes. It's closed and a half miles Help presses this gal. You want to talk about some go nad like she's right there screaming into his doorbell. This is real life Is that delivery driver really scolding a customer? And telling him how far the restaurant Woz and demanding to speak to him about it. Face to face. Yes, yes, and yes, she is. Unfortunately, Unfortunately for her, we live in the age of information meeting. It's not that hard for anybody with an Internet connection to connect the dots and check the fax. Yes. You just heard her claim that she drove 12.5 miles and that it took her 40 minutes. First off. That is not the customer's problem at all. Secondly, Commack, New York. To Smithtown, New York. Is it? Look, I've got friends in New York. I've got people who work on this show in New York. They could tell you much better than I could. I just looked it up myself, but they could tell you that's not a 5.5 mile drive. I mean, it's not 12.5. It's 5.5. That's a 5.5 mile drive, not the 12.5 mile drive that, she said. And while she says it takes 40 minutes, Google maps says it takes 14. I don't know. Maybe she had traffic or maybe she walked. Or maybe she took the back roads Either way. None of this is on the customer. It's not his fault. She sucks at her job. However, she's upset. Now she's upset that he had the audacity to order food off of an app that she works for. And that she accepted that job when it popped up on her phone. She's not done. Oh, no, There's more things you have to pick off. If you think it's that far, I don't know how far So she kind of talks over him at the beginning, But if you listen, the customer asks. Why did you accept the pick up? If you think it's so far, I'm in such a good question, right? And she answers with quote door Dash doesn't let us know how far the deliveries are before accepting them. If you think it's that far I don't know how fast again and easy thing to fact check and again. She was lying because door dash does let every driver know how far delivery is before accepting it. S o. P S o. P. Standard operating procedure. Strike two, ma'am, and now she's Oh, too. She's in trouble. And for the grand finale, Mr Hip You make it right? How much of the dead? Get it and keep our tip. What the hell are you looking for? E gave it a shot. I'm gonna bring the folks that I'm going to be back, okay? Strike. Three g T F O H. She said. You need to give me a bigger tip. He said. What the hell for I gave you eight bucks. The entire impetus for this woman's anger is that the customers tip was not good enough for the job that she just completed a job that you lied about, but a job that she just completed. Never mind that the job's the job. And the job was not nearly half his grueling and she made it out to be, but she's bent over an $8 tip. I don't not to be fair. I don't know what to Bill Wasp, but do some math right here. Eight bucks. Sounds like a pretty good tip. I mean, I I generally over tip because there are enough people taking enough runs in me that I don't wanna be called a cheapskate. So I always over tip because I appreciate the service industry. So I probably would have given her what she wanted, and that she gave me that attitude. And probably not. But in this case, eight bucks is pretty good tip right, especially for a six mile drive. Not the greatest hip ever. That's not one of those celebrities that in the year 2020 drops $2020 on some waitress who was just grinding out. But eight bucks for that woman to do what she did is not a bad tip it all remember she's got a server. She's driving a bag from point A to Point B. She got eight bucks for it on top of her wages run from door dash. Listen to get us. The guy laughs when she reminds him. The tip itself. How much of the dead? You get it and keep our tip. What the hell do you looking for? I gave it a thought like that. I'm going to be back, okay? So we're missing one really important part of this right? So he literally laughs at her Like, what the hell are you looking for? It's a bucks, man. What you want 80? What do you want? 800? But then then she dips. She literally reposed the food and it's all on video. You heard her, she said. Alright, Alright, right. I'm gonna take the food back. She takes prepaid, not pre made prepaid food he paid for the food. Already, he tipped afford already. And she takes the food. Food that was pretty paid for food that she got tipped on and she walked right back to her car. And you heard her threaten to take it back to the restaurant. Play that out for a second. Imagine her walking that food back into the restaurant, but that were they going to do with it? What are they going toe Want with that food? Hey, yo, I drove this back to you because the guy who ordered it did not believe me that my 15 minutes six mile drive was a 40 minute 13 mile drive, and he tried to give me eight bucks. I mean, who is going to have her back on that?.

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