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"mr hayman" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Gingrich. River Vale Bridge River Veil. I'm sorry. That's my bad It was it was river veil on the computer, and I said River Dale, I sorry. Okay, What's up? I gotta tell you, Blair is one of my favorite callers. He has, like a really joy again. And he's a very I assume he's a little bit older, but he's such a gentleman. Yeah, I hope Stephen King is having a nice Sunday night if I had Stephen King's book, sales and money, I think I'd have a nice Sunday night. So you got to get a little darker and spookier. I guess so. Yeah, come. I'm kind of cozy frame of mind these days, but go ahead. What's up? No, I I I have the biggest man crush on Dominic Smith. This guy does nothing but hit line drives. You think there's a way that they could Reconfigure. I have nothing that I know, but I think his days are past Is there some way we could reconfigure his line up to get Common expression there somehow, and keep McNeil and Davis. And, um Some of the others. I mean, Dario See, here's the problem and you could do what you could do. Is have McNeil Place second You could have J. D. Davis play third, and you could have Dominick Smith play left field. But defensively on the left side there, I mean, J. D. Davis is not a great third baseman Dominic Smith is not a great left fielder. So you've given up a lot defensively. But offensively you're a better team that way, So pick your poison. Yeah, I I rather go with that and can always not really showing too well, a second base. I think McNeil's better defensively. It's second degree. I agree. I agree. Yeah, that's that's the That's the decision that a manager's got to make. You know, you gotta figure Do you go for the defense and how many runs is that porous, More porous defense. Going to give up first is how many more runs will those two guys in that position to hit? We'll give you by the way MLB is reporting that Verlander is not out for the season, but they're going to shut him down for two weeks and then they're going to re evaluate him then. Now it could be that because the elbow is bad that the smart thing to do, especially in a short season is to shut him down. But as of now, they're just saying they're going to wait a couple of weeks and then re evaluate Then Jon Heyman up next, and we'll talk Verlander and baseball in general with Mr Hayman up. Next baseball was back, and.

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