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"mr guppy" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"mr guppy" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"President. Take your fucking mask off. You want people to get vaccinated. Don't walk around outdoors with your mask elbow bumping other dignitaries when you've all been vaccinated call tallest fucking laris was kissing her mask vaccinated husband on a tarmac through a mask a month and a half ago. Jesus something like that right there. So you're telling me that you guys like like. What are you doing at home. See right so like i'm like hold on a second. So you gotta wear masks to kiss him. You're being your social distance from your your your your your spouse share that you probably banging tonight right. Yeah they hopefully. I mean as well with a strap on. I know the to sense it. To point is her thing is like the reason. I'm kissing my husband through a surgical mask on a tarmac after we both been vaccinated. Because i'm sending a message but the message is you're lying fucking retard dumb message and i don't know who it appeals. Dumb people like you want people to get vaccinated tell mcnutt vaccinated. Then they can go on your nearest to get vaccinated i- again. All this thing is sort of like well. We're putting the tape around this or we're not letting the guy kayak in the bay alone because it's a message but what is this message thing. Don't you don't govern that way. Do things that make sense. Don't worry about sending the messages while the who. What level of the aiming at like okay. Who has to see that message to figure out that that's not dumb. Who are we pandering towards her in that situation like i'm not a child. It's kind of like you know. I gotta be home at ten so you tell you well. No at nine thirty. Assuming i'm gonna screw up and be late by certain amount of time. Who are you in government to go ahead. Make those judgment calls for me that you assume that i'm an idiot and then i have to be lied to because okay well. This isn't what's best for you but but because we know you're gonna to screw this up we're going to go ahead and over exaggerate certain aspects of this mean how it is man. Yeah well maybe. Maybe i doubt we've learned a lesson but all right. Let's see one more. Gina grant right city officials in burnsville. Minnesota would love people to stop putting their gold fish in the lake and there are big reasons. Why these pet goldfish. we have. Pictures are becoming these giant like goldfish goldfish bowl. They're becoming these monitors. The goldfish grows to the size of the wall alley. Cat is a goldfish. we're looking at. How many pounds would you say that is a couple of pounds. Yeah i mean it. Looks like a nice sized trout. But it's bizarre as it. Looks like a goldfish. Yes i wonder what the taste tasteless during water quality survey of this lake. Keller laker month. The associated press reports that ten goldfish were discovered on monday. An additional eighteen were found. Some were eighteen inches long weighed four pounds. The city's official twitter account said. Please don't release your pet goldfish into ponds and lakes. They grow bigger than you think and contribute to poor water quality mucking up the bottom sediments and uprooting plants. Wash him down the toilet when you're done with them or just when they die. That's they die humane to do you flush them are. They're still going to end up in the bay and a filter somewhere probably in minnesota. I don't know. I kind of liked the fella that goes. I'm go to liberate my goldfish. My daughter went off to college. Mr guppy snack gone with her of feed him enough of this shit going down to the lake investment times. Personally i i am. I'll be getting your car and drive it all into the lake. You pretty humane human being. I guess trying it sad that it works out not in the benefit. But you're trying to the intentions there. Your heart was in the right place at the right place and you just start thing would be eaten by car by this. Afternoon is a species. Yeah yeah right. It's minnesota the land of ten thousand lakes. Couldn't find a smaller liked to put it in the yeah or now that we know this is how they roll koi are pretty expensive. Yeah a lot of money on a koi thanh going. that's smart. Save yourself box. That is crazy. Expensive twenty grand unacquainted. I might wait. Say that again. Yeah that that fisher. There's twenty five thousand dollars. It's a fish you get for free. The county fair baggy bring it home. You stock your koi pond big enough tank in the same color. yeah man. that's why i put on my okay as a hoax version of koi fish or something. There's no way that goldfish get that. Big also four pound life. The reality show for goldfish. Yeah america even our goldfish. I could not go. You got it. I'm gina grad and. That's the.

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