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"mr eric twigs eric" Discussed on The Productive Podcaster

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"mr eric twigs eric" Discussed on The Productive Podcaster

"You hear what I hear. The sound of your tribes, your audience, your people that's the sound of your nation. People who love to hear the sound of your voice as you bring your special message to them in years Berry podcasts how did you get it to them? Let us handle that we're podcast nation. We make sure they hear your voice podcast mission is a full service podcasting firm. The does all of the hard work boreal. Talent and get your message to your people just takes podcasts two, nine, two, nine, two, four, four, four, three, two. Talk to one of our south on how you can get started with your very own done podcasts or go to podcasts megyn dot com get started today. That's he od KS. NATION DOT COM for people are waiting on, you make them hear your voice. PODCASTS MSCI. Well. We're back here on the productive podcasts ter-. Did I tell you or did I tell you? Mr. Myron. Golden is nothing but the truth I am so glad he was gracious enough to join us on the show. Demand is a multimillionaire business. He's created other multimillionaires in business and we were honored to have him to be a part of the productive podcasts. Thank you myron appreciate a man. So guess what guys it is time now for pod quest pod quest. Hike with all of your loved the segment, some of you always have questions for pod question I. Appreciate you so much podcast is basically the segment will allow you podcast and our audience to ask questions from our guests and for me about podcasting about what you may be looking to do some of the issues that you may be facing. We let you bring them up on pod quest here so podcast today, it's a question for Mr Eric Twigs Eric with one of our guests and he talked about productivity. He does pipe a COUPLA. He does podcast himself and he'll he'll just pop up on on any time. He wants to go podcasts I love Eric, and he's also a graduate of Hampton University like myself would a question for Eric, and five is how do you maintain work schedule with the PODCAST? And, that's a great question. So we put it to Airi`Q. And one of Eric's answers is that You have to plan it. We have to schedule IT and I. Agree with you you have to put it down, write it on paper and stick to it yet schedule it. Of course, if you have a nine to five, you know when you have to be at your nine to five, you don't have to do a daily podcast. You don't even have to do a weekly podcast you can do a monthly podcast want to but. Of course, the more consistent you are the better. So people know it's coming once a month you better build up so that they know that once a month they wanNA listen to your podcast. If coming once a week same thing if it's coming barely you still want to promote that podcast but you have to schedule it may show your schedule your work at around your podcast and your podcast around your work you can do both. But you have to schedule a lot of people are trying to fly seat of their pants and do it, and by doing that, that's when they run into the problem I don't have time bull you have the time you just haven't made the time to do the podcast and to do the work, make the time trust me you have the time when your day your podcast does not have to be an hour long. It doesn't even have to be twenty minutes long. It could be a ten minute podcast a good friend. Shave. Brown who who's been show Shave Brown used to do a ten minute podcast. Before he became having nor he was doing a ten minute podcast every day it was building and he had people tuning in every day. So you can do the same thing I went to this to focus on together schedule and sticking to that schedule. Thank you, Eric, and thank you for the question. We appreciate that it's now time for the podcast profile. This is what we profile someone out there who's doing the dog on thing in podcasting and today we're going to showcase Amy Walker and Dr Monica Ogongo. Amy's a good friend of mine. I haven't seen her in years but hey, amy, I know you're always doing great thanks and she has a podcast now with Dr. Monica Gundel called your circle of influence check it out. Go check out your circle of influence with Amy Walker and Dr Monica Ovando. They're basically bringing in people who are centers of influence to talk to them to find out what they know and how you can blame something from them to grow yourself in business in in your professional life. So check out the PODCAST, your circle of influence with Amy Walker and Dr Monica Again Bill It's a great podcast. I. Want You guys to make sure you listen to it and support them right now it's time for one of my favorite parts. That's right. It's the give away the giveaway like to give away to a Lotta People Bear how can I get into gift why it's easier to get into? Give what? You have to subscribe to podcast and share. Of course, everybody's not gonNA GONNA get selected but we have people that do get selected and they get a prize today we are giving away those people who podcast you get this you get this you get this and hope you guys can see clearly it is the recording in progress on, you can put on your door when you're doing your pipe Catholic. Reds don't class, but you're going to get you're gonNA, get that sent to you and who is getting it today who who can I be? It is stacey shifted stacey shifted. She is getting that as well. So thank you Stacey for listening to productive podcast. Thank you for subscribing and thank you for sharing it with people because that's what you had to. Share it with people so that you too can get entered into the drawing to win a prize. Now come to one of my favorite parts of the show y'all know what it is. It is time for the productivity quote, right? The productivity quote today's quote come from Charles Caleb Colton Charles of quoted in reads time tons of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds appears or is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storm who read that again ties with great. Confusion have been productive for the greatest minds the purest or is produced from the hottest furnace and the brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storm from Charles Caleb Colton. What does that say to me? Well, that says to me. That, it's in those dark times is when times are rough and some of you may be experiencing some rough times right now. When you can be the most productive some of the greatest inventions, some of the greatest creations came out of. Recessions depressions dark time. Could guess what it creates voids it creates needs you can fill those voids..

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