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"mr duck sandler" Discussed on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

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"mr duck sandler" Discussed on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

"Go figure now it's time for Nice Guys Fuck Ary with the kings a fuck ary themselves, Doug Sandler, and Strickland Bonner. Hit record hit record we're talking about dental work and of course, what better noise than to have like the. Damn too damn. So you an interview. So you guys WanNa, tune in for that that's going to be damned interesting. Well, you know what you're saying you gotta tune in for that that'll be airing in February. because. Well No it's best publishing which means we're going to get a pushed up right Oh that is very true. So so I would say Nice Guy, community I of on strict wanted to get us into the episode properly because we'll go so deep into this. Back welcome back my name's stricken about on the other side of my Mr Duck Sandler, and we got like Jillian voicemails from charities, and we have a special bonus from from jared also, which we're going to tease in the beginning here. So get set because I'm sure that will be played at any moment now. Lonely played when when you start rambling too much. I. Get bored and. Okay. Well, let me get to my rambling. Then let me get quickly. Let me get to my rambling semi rambling can be finished. So I sent a text message to strickland saying, Hey, can you do an interview on Tuesday I've had to reschedule it already and I don't want to reschedule a second time, which is why I'm asking to do this. It had I. Not just rescheduled an appointment with this client that I would not be asking this but I said, strickland, you've got to do this interview. So Strickland, we'll be doing an interview. Tuesday that sometime in the next three weeks, it's going to be airing. So just listen to every episode. Okay that's. The other thing the reason just tell them. It's interviews with and then they could you know look for it. Okay. Good luck with that. So you're saying just go ahead and tell them now the name and they'll just mark it on their calendar. Just Knows, the client who am I interviewing? Jeez new throw a curve ball at me like that whole. Located drew calls on hold on Let's see the. That you just told me. I. Needed to move because. Now know actually it's not..

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