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"mr donaldson ron" Discussed on Dan Barreiro

Dan Barreiro

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"mr donaldson ron" Discussed on Dan Barreiro

"To bumper is the name of the program it is live and local, and it's a three and a half hour tour on a pretty nice Friday afternoon here in the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint. Paul my name is Dan Barreiro host, the program and Mr Donaldson Ron. Ron Johnson is in today, guards has today and I believe Sunday off as well. Welcome back to the preceding skippy here. It's been a while been a long time very good to to see you in person once again. We've got a lot planned on today's show I mentioned very nice weather. Do Point down from what we've been experiencing, and that in of itself is I, think refreshing. Even though in the sun it's still pretty warm today. Temperatures getting up there pretty good eighty three right now, three forty eight percent humidity. Yeah, now that that's That's real nice, but we've been told before. We really want to understand how humid it is. We need to do point. Do. No longer in the we've had do points in the seventies forever sixty one degrees. That's just magical. De I wish we were doing the show outside. Kind of a summer stock, series or outside at Maynard, or any other any of several other locations, but we are in Saint Louis Park in the safety, and the sanctity of the a caffeine studios were delighted to chose to join today. Bradshaw Brian Box. Is being well. I'm doctor rebooted. Maybe you can explain this. This came in from Sweeney's guy. At two forty five subject line. Please make peace. Hi Dan. It's Friday afternoon with a hot weekend coming up. The bickering and fighting is kind of traumatizing. Could you just agree to disagree and get back to making fun of meat, sauce or something? was there some? Altercation on air between Rosen and common so I was in the score, which has a nice window in studio. Yes, that's true and I see common demonstrative. Stand up out of his, and he's just screaming at Rosie and Rosie's fire, and right back at calm and they. They got into it a little bit. Thinking for was it all for show honestly. I think he got a little bit heated a little bit real there for a minute. Do we know what it was about it? So when I heard it was about the way. Trump buyers handled the strike zone. was saying you know they need to basically. Make it consistent well. Rosie was make it consistent guy. All common was. There shouldn't be anything about making it consistent. There's just be right on Detroit's on the strike zone. Yeah Rosen was saying well. Everybody you know has a little bit different version of what a strike zone is, and as long as they're consistent. They're good, and it could not agree on the to the the glad that the eye opening subject today. I mentioned that we are indeed your I would never say I told you so, but if I did, I did I told I told you so leader because it is related to that and I'm assuming they were playing off of the stuff that was in the Star Tribune today about the use of a row, apparently robot umpires. That's exactly where home plate. and. I, I kinda I. completely disagree on this I think I. Don't know if I'm exactly on inside, but. The the notion in theory that makes sense that will strike those strikes on the ideal of mine's a little high minds, a little low whatever leaves out the reality in life which is. If you take ten people. And put behind home plate. For whatever reason what? They see what they think they see getting fooled by where the catcher is where the glove is. They're not all going to call it the same because they're going to bring. Even if it sub-conscious in, it's not conscious, they're. They're gonNA. They're gonNA. Look at it differently. So I've never been offended that there are different strike zones to an extent. As as common has been, but for me, the I told you so part of this, and this is what made it so delicious for me when I read it? This morning is if you read, this is a film. Miller story. and. The ball Dolly Wallace quoted. We're just trying it. We're giving the guys a taste of it instead of anonymous umpire strapping on the gear and going back there or someone standing in the middle of the Infield, we figured. We would give it a try. So. Here's the call. Here's a Nelson. Cruz quote from my standpoint was very awkward, going back up at one point. Alex Avila stood up, pointed, pivoted around and threw the ball into the screen in front of suggs in mock anger. That's advance Scout Colby suggs. And there were occasional yelps about borderline pitches from my standpoint, said Nelson Cruz. It was very awkward, Marlin. He was complaining about the strike zone to typical Marlin. Radars letter. The law zone seems more narrow than umpire call it players said, but extends a bit higher and lower than there used to as well, and there's no nuance to it then. There's a quote from Dodd Nak believe yeah. Randy Dot Nak. Early he said I don I don't think the players would like it that much. In general, Baseball's a game adjustments overtime. Guys would probably just I don't know how long it would take safe. A pitcher spots up inside under guys, hands and the catcher and move his glove. You think it's paint or just over the plate dot next said, but the ball was off the plate by a millimeter ball. Let's call. Balls called almost hundred percent of the time when umpires are going to that call because you hit your spot and it looked good. Here's a quote from another quote from dot. Guys that have the huge curveball guys like Clayton Kershaw. If, the ball clips the front of the zone. You can basically bounce. The ball on radar is going to say it's a strike. You can literally bounce balls and get a strike called. That would definitely cause some problems with hitters. the beauty of this. Is it's it? It proves what I said forever about. The dufuses who are obsessed with with the whole idea of having laser umpires and robot umpires because there's so much inconsistency and. Looking, for is the same call over and over again and the right call over and over and again and I've tried to tell people. There is no such thing as the perfect call, and what this proves is it ain't you're going to have? Just as much bellyaching the same frustration, perhaps for different reasons. Over robot up that you would. If there's a real lump there because human nature being what it is, you're gonNA, convince yourselves. Even if it's not true, you're gonNA. You'RE GONNA. Say Well that that was there was no consistency between what was called by the robot I and the fourth inning might not even be true, but your head is GonNa Convince yourself that because you're not going to want to admit perhaps your own contributions to the blender about where you put the pitch or didn't put the pitch and so the idea that. All our fears are going to be put to rest. Are All going to be happy about it? McNamee more. Controversy anymore complaining. There's more complaining and bellyaching in this single story than I generally see over two or three weeks and a major league baseball season with human empires. There is no way out of this box so to pretend that there's this perfect solution is nonsense and think about it. I think from what I understand. They're just doing this kind of as a for fun or just to Kinda see out there at target field right now. Is that accurate? It's not like they're actually doing any competition. That's true, so that's that's. Exactly the Doesn't even real and there's. This yeah yeah, make it up now. I understand that you have. Technology available that you didn't use to have in theory. That sounds good. We've talked about this related relation to replay forever. There's just no this perfection that we we pretend to.

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