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"mr chris goldman" Discussed on Cheers To Business

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"mr chris goldman" Discussed on Cheers To Business

"The project is the foundation where that's because that's the most important part and once they do that then everything you also season from them so start what you can on day one but also focused on. Hey if you really wanna do something be is gonna take a long time to do it at foundation so you can be able to handle that grow over time. So it doesn't crumble. Once you start you know really make progress. Just simple things like your profit at cash flow and sale. You know focus. Internet won't be able to the foundation when you look at a p s the first to last on a piano see no revenue and a profit but about the long term. And it's not about the overnight success. it's just the compound interest of putting in the work and being strategic in attention to what you're doing focusing on that won't be able to foundation haven budding. Welcome to the show. Today we're gonna be talking with christopher coleman. He doesn't look at business and business decisions as good or bad but in terms of healthy or unhealthy he advocates for the importance of entrepreneur. Choices and business growth models always be sustainable healthy and with your heart. Mind and soul plus. We're gonna talk about his upcoming panel discussion at this controversial entrepreneur. Made hope called fucked up nights mobile. This is an event series that uses the public sharing professional failures as a tool for business. Growth personal inspiration and easing the digman favor screwing up big time. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Mr chris goldman thank you so much for being on show pleasure to be here. How do we make To be a part of the event. I guess just being in the downtown community. Doing podcasts. early on started. Health is wealth nation in two thousand fifteen really focused on growing from mobile. Just being a health is wealth guy and just seeing you in the community so that you know you know of mine goa coast bitcon together so good out. One day at the guy just keeps fitness in each other's pass. I'm not sure whether you got good deed you and you know we had a connection. It's a friendly. Warm thing is just great energy. We both tell it like it is really transparent so of course we we connected on that love at your book and a holly suggest everybody going again. It because the entrepreneurship of instagram is well life I think that you represent what to live really is and that is the struggle you know i did everything right. Why is thanks now. Working out for me. As she didn't everybody gets a trophy than a missing. Like just doesn't work that way said. Why don't you tell your story. Real quick must starts walking away in mobile alabama Went to mcgill catholic. High school had a full academic scholarship. They're being graduated from the tuskegee university and therefore four year attended their activity one year by lifting declares semester. In the second semester. I decided like leica. Some is now for me. You know colleges for me. I was always smart always intelligible by this new light. What i wanna do in life like. I'm not gonna learn here. He no no. Somebody's industry a professional aspirations. That may be the case it him but for me i decided extinct feeling added whether to me so innocent. You know dropped out had a bunch of jobs on time. I was working like ninety hours a week at a gas station at night. The grocery store during the day so head of crazy really transition and it's also like that sports strangers group and so that like that. The transition for me was really hard. Like i got to nasty Got the got the competitive edge. But i don't have anywhere to really steer it in no i do. I like what's next so but all started twenty thirteen. You're homeless just okay. Something's going change my life. I need to change. Like i gotta stop blaming. People stop you know looking for a handout is so many so many excuses than that was a strange decision. I may look. Let me be homeless. Cut my safety. Net really masturbate. Myself in that year was or a few months. But in april that year I got recruited for sales job. And then from that. It is really. That's like just states skyrockets. And that's what the book about. When i got the sales job able to thirteen and then just went from there. Are you where you want to be now or where you want to be for. The long term needs to be right now. I'm just going to start like a mullet thirty. So i i still see myself as a baby especially in business i guess crazy like when i was twenty. I went also on this. I was twenty two. But i thought i'd be like halfway day about thirty like thirty or so old people just so all by the town thirty but i feel like i'm just gonna start it. Specialists health is wealth guy being well in this plan some no one hundred thirty and even powerlifter s something where i'm transitioning Old athletic drive of start. My powerlifting career in people reach their peak until like me. Forty sometimes fifty like they're still breaking records as power that for so so i just how lifting it might be in a business that we thought about the long term. And it's not about the overnight. Says it's just the the compound interest of putting in a work and being strategic potential. What you're doing now just going out loud at the There in a moment people format so get started. I'm wearing needs to be now. But i got so much more to do. Hey i haven't had it for your powerlifting. Your business how it correlates a really like that. Do some with that to me. I can't go and pick up four hundred pounds. How right now. I probably can't pick up. Forty the work at takes going into it Yeah and more mentally too. That's what i love about it. S a net step from lights. Who in its Being a hormone expert in always know neuroscience alabama power lift light. Point is not how strong you always your your mental capacity. You know blocking out distractions. Not way sabotage. I haven't limiting beliefs like at some point. Nami like right now. One eighty five five at some of my biggest lives like benching. I haven't competed yet. So i'm pretty sure a massive on bigger Route three fifteen bench. Just some of these numbers in like at some point. It's not about how strong you are like. Ago's pants at it's about you know your focus. An an pecan apple form. So i love that part of it like at some point. It's more mental. You mean you can pick up to me basically. Yeah off all right so tell how you you would drunk someone to start powerlifting. Let's correlate that with starting business. Yeah so i. I just just thought where you can don't have too big of aspiration that do too much distort light. They warn you just. You can build a strong foundation. Something always still people by even a construction light when you see a construction site being done alight. The longest part of the project is foundation. Like sometimes i can take a half a year you know just to get the foundation laid down what acts and sometimes it may be a couple of months. You pass the site again when they you know. They got walls They willing to know the story is like just all ourselves. The foundation couple weeks ago would ask Part and once they do that in everything else is easy from there and also People is at the higher. They want a bill the longer they have to focus on foundation. If you just building a one story building it'll take that long to build fm It's gonna take some time to build a foundation but it's gonna take longer to build a foundation for fifty eight seventy a hundred story building so start where you can. They one but also focused on. Hey if you really wanna do something it is on a long time to build foundations so you can be able to handle it at growth over time. So it doesn't crumble once.

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