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"mr arnold schwarzenegger" Discussed on Doug Loves Movies

"Close. Yeah where to start l. o. It goes to. Sam will man levin i will do the Two thousand four best picture oscar winner million dollar baby you laughing at me because many years before that they made another movie called million dollar baby. And that's the one that i rockford. Yes they did. Did somebody just said million dollar baby not preempted with two four. I might have gotten the points. No you wouldn't have. Because i would asked i said be more. Well i did not know there was another one. So wow so you would've been stuck but you'll see the clint eastwood hilary swank. Logan freeman movie does not fit the theme. Okay even with jay. Bruce shell appearance in true. You'll see you'll see what the theme. Okay yeah million dollar a e is the next letter. It's back around to markelle fultz either. Ellis ellis and now the movie that somehow ties into this very very clandestine theme doug as concocted. He did say that there is a movie in texas and then we went around the world in eighty days. So maybe there's a state location geography sort of angle to this. So i'm gonna say enemy of the state the movie. Yeah that's terrific logic. Sure if cancer but not correct I said eraser man. Good movie came out around the same time. Clear is that the arnold schwarzenegger is still waiting on prequel pencil. Eraser starring mr arnold schwarzenegger. Yes okay to schwarzenegger movies the classic movie where he was three shoots in alligators and then says dear luggage yes and then. She asked him why he was late. And he says traffic and it's funny because users in a shootout in a car which means it was more than just your typical day on the four. Oh five right was a lie. The next letter. 'em and and as in nancy nancy the movie random in an era before or am street. All right so i will have. And if there's a if there's a forty you d take though way or do you know the counts account. Start with the letter audit. Then i will go with. Nebraska has a great gas yard following marks. The martin idea though eraser isn't estate The movie i will with is called night unto night night unto night. Rit is the next letter. And we're back to sam's right. Yeah and i mean christian did allude to what he thought might be a theme and i picked up on it too i. I'm still a little confused with the other movies. Although i think they may so i i'm going to say The arm schwarzenegger classic and there better not be more than one. True lies bill. Based on a french film called it true lies a i think they changed the name and i don't think it's a translation from the french title. But anyway you so you. That's your answer true lies that is a that is correct. You did it. you figured it out. You follow the clues. Are you unders ronald reagan. He's yes it's all films that starred governors of california for seven zero. I see Well done that's awesome. Yeah it was a pretty fun. Reveal at the show on saturday because they were even more confusing than you guys are and it's funny to they gone all the way i'll get true lies and so then i had to do a letter. Oh and i was like i'm sorry but The theme doesn't allow for a letter schwarzenegger and ronald reagan. Neither one of them has been in a movie. It begins with the letter. Oh wow yeah. And i couldn't find any other governor. That has like a cameo in a movie begins with like you know like maybe jerry brown or somebody so i just had to say to them. I just picked a random movie for all. And i just said you know so just say a movie begins with a low and i forget what they said but when i wrote down was a oh The otello redo. Yeah yeah. I always go. I always go to that with the letter. O comes up for titles. 'cause it's just so fine to just call there's only like What do you think like three or four movies. That are just the one letter. 'cause there's a movie accent was nominated for best picture one year and then there's oh and then squeezing b. movie or now all right so what we're gonna do is ask you to leave the zoom meeting for fifteen minutes and then you can come back mark. I'm just gonna leave the zoom meeting. And i'll start all the frame posters of ronald reagan films. I have my house reagan.

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