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"mr alexis" Discussed on CRUSADE Channel Previews

"That's what socialism is now. Let me ask you this. This command controlled economy. Do you feel like maybe our economy is a little bit commanded and control. When they tell you can't eat out at restaurants you can't go to school. You can't thank you caps win for the donation awesome. I didn't even have to say donate to chat rooms. My did it Thank you can't go to schools. You can't Go shopping unless you have you stand six feet. Apart and don't sneezing anybody. You may got to be vaccinated before you come here or there. We're not gonna let you vote because you know we gotta make sure you're safe and now oh now listen which we're shutting a gasline off. Oh i know it was hacked and tanker problems. Yeah sure so so. Gas goes from being primarily the lowest prices been in forty years just a half a year ago to escalating in price and not even being available all by accident right. Or is that maybe command economy inaction by the way in the beacon of capitalist. I know i know but day they're not capping. that's that's a bad guy taken over capitalism. no well. that's your theory that your theory. My theory is one gross from the other. when you deny dispirit go back to my original definition of capitalism. It's that materialistic. Eliza deny the spirit if you deny god and all you focus on is money and the accumulation of riches then you will go down the same path as socialism okay. Let's let's let's your linen said. This is what we're kind of going to the horse's mouth here. Let's hear it vladimir. Lenin set in nineteen twenty one we must not count on going straight to communism we must build on the basis of peasants personal incentive. Look they're using the capitalist argument. Let's incentivize the peasant. He'll be happy to work. He won't know he's enslaving himself because he'll be prospering. We have to build on the basis of peasants personal incentive we must also give every an incentive to develop our industry. Get down to business all of you. You will have capitalist beside you including foreign capitalist concessionaires and leaseholders. They will squeeze profits out of you may amounting to hundreds percent they will enrich themselves operating alongside of you. Let them meanwhile you will learn from them. The business of running the economy. And only when you do that will you be able to build up a communist republic close quote that's linen mr alexis. Olenin could not have been more clear. He says he will use capitalism to achieve a communist republic he incorporated capitalism as an evolutionary stage in the development of the soviet union. Now i'm skip a few paragraphs but the essence of the next few few paragraphs are that joseph stalin and mao tse tung. Did they decided not to do that way. They wanted the revolutionary phase. So they got rid of economic policies and started trying to kill people to make them communist. Okay so that's what happened next. But china eventually turned so in. China backed mr there. It's leader ding. Xiaoping chose to grant a wider economic freedoms while absolutely holding onto political power. He chose a chinese version of lenin's new economic policy in a nineteen eighty six interview with mike wallace. Ding himself explained quote. There was a view that poor communism was preferable to rich capitalism. I criticized that view. This is the communist leader. China there is a view. That poor comment was preferable rich capitalism. I criticized that view. I said to them that there is no such thing as poor communism. According to marxism communist society is based on material abundance material abundance materialism now they never achieve it in lands. I get that you're going to. They don't they don't want that's not true..

joseph stalin mike wallace mao tse tung vladimir Eliza Lenin Xiaoping Ding six feet soviet union forty years hundreds percent Olenin China ding nineteen twenty one chinese half a year ago one china
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"I'm a Before I lived through inflation, the eighties. I know what it does it destroys well. And we're doing the perfect storm and Janet Yellen says, Don't worry about that. She liked Richard drivers in the Poseidon Adventure remake. When he walks out on top of the Poseidon he's going to jump up the rail because you broke up with his partner. And then he looks up and he sees a tidal wave. And then he decides. Okay. Maybe not. And in the movie begins, all right Birthday. Yes, There's my birthday, So I received a brand new key to my car. Now I have a 2010 Lexus. And I've never lost the key to it never lost the key ever. And I've had two keys to it forever. But I had to buy a new key yesterday. And if you buy a new key, you know that a new key to untold Lexus is not cheap $275, in fact, exactly what it cost $275 to get a new key to an old Lexus. And I had to do that because Alexis Ke was lost knows I'm not attributing guilt to anybody here. No guilt. No guilt at all. There was just no guilt. Actually Mr Shore, and I looked high and low. For three days. The second key to Alexis barely had any battery left and being a man, This is my car. Her car, of course, is maintained in wonderful shape in his clean my car's dirty and full of Of scraps of paper and old water bottles, and we looked in both cars. We looked on every surface and under every piece of furniture, and I know when I drove it last, so we knew it had to be in the house, right? We knew it had to be in the house because I drove it two days ago. Drove it two days ago. So it would be three days ago now and could not find back. He Gave up. After a day So since the other key was on death's door when it came to a battery. I call that Mr Alexis and I said, Can I bring the current and get it's got like 85,000 miles on it. 86,700 miles, and it's an 11 year old car 12 year old card now, and that's That's how I just don't drive very much. And so they said, Fine. Bring in and I took it in and turn up $225 for a key. Now, you know the next part of the story, right? As soon as they picked up the car with the new key. And the new battery batteries cost five bucks. New Keys cost you something On my birthday as soon as I drove it home. The key was found. Have a key was found. In the purse of the fetching misses you To which she said immediately. Well, you must have put it there. Now men. If you've been married one year, or 38. I asked you Have you ever put anything in your wife's purse? Anything at all. So then the story became well, then Generalisimo came by the house with radio stuff. So Generalisimo was with me. His first reaction, by the way. First reaction absolute out of the box reaction when he heard this is that's good material for the show because he's a producer. And and so That didn't sit well with the fetching Mr Schue it so she cast them a baleful glare. And he retreated faster than the Italian army. And he actually came up with the excuse that the fetching Mrs Hewitt is now attached herself to. Maybe you gave it to her to hold and she put it in the purse. So that is now become The story. You must have given it to me to hold Which I think I would remember. And in any event, why would I do that? When does anyone in their right mind give their spouse aqui toe hold? Because men and women I should give this to Prager from the man woman. Our Why do men and women store things differently? I've got I've got a George Costanza wallet. People make fun of it. That's how I stored things. George Costanza wallet. If I had it in the studio, I would show it to you it zits like carrying around a library book by that's how I carry stuff around and I carry keys in my pocket. And I put them on the bench of the door because keys and glasses and sunglasses should be left by the door. End of story not moved around. Now there's one rule for a happy marriage. One rule only one role. There might be two or three if you're a woman, but there's only one rule if you're a man. Don't touch my stuff. Right? This is just like the universal rule. Don't touch my stuff. My stuff is my pen. My glasses, my wallet. My keys. My son scream. My ChapStick my anything Because in my mind, I put it somewhere that the elevator eventually comes up. It might take in a while. The older you get the more floors. It has to come up, and then it eventually comes up with names and with locations of binary. But you know what you never knew? Never put something in your purse ever. So newlyweds out there. I'm just telling you Young ladies never touch her husband stuff. Never put it in your purse. Now, Dwight, Like I said he retreated faster than the Italian army because he was sitting there. He asked me what I want for my birthday. I asked him to get rid of the shorts he was wearing because honest to goodness it looked like You look like the worst version of an American tourist in Paris yesterday. He had been on his scooter and was writing around because it was hot in Southern California. And I'm here until I get the vaccine because all of my doctors for 40 years here and if anyone knows how to negotiate this lab, earnest and system they put together Sorry, pops by with radio stuff, and he's looking like Really everyone's nightmare of an American on a training parents. He is actually John candy and planes, trains and automobiles yesterday. Knocks on the door and comes in wearing a broad straw hat. Had a happy face, Smiley Face T shirt. And And shorts about have been banned from Public display. They're not even pajamas shorts. They're so bad. They should be illegal in the house and deadly outside out, And there's first reactions. That's good material that he gets A look from the fetching misses you and then he retreats really?.

Janet Yellen Paris Southern California $225 $275 85,000 miles 40 years George Costanza Alexis 86,700 miles five bucks Dwight 38 one year two three One rule one rule Hewitt yesterday
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"Marco woman, This is the world. It is good to be with you. We begin today with some good news on the pandemic front. The Massachusetts company Madonna is seeking emergency approval for its vaccine. Granted, the first shots could be given in just three weeks. Now the grim news the global death rate remains alarmingly high around 10,000 people are dying from covert 19 each day. The U. S. Has the highest number of deaths of any country and public health experts expect things to get worse. After millions of Americans traveled and gathered during Thanksgiving. Here's Deborah Burkes, the White House coronavirus response coordinator on CBS's Face The Nation yesterday If your family traveled, you have to assume that you were exposed and you became infected and you really need to get tested in the next week, and you need to avoid anyone in your family with Kovar abilities. Are are over. 65 assume you are exposed and infected over in Europe. Things appear to be improving a bit. Restrictions seemed to be working and Kobe cases are declining. But Europe is not out of the woods considered Greece ICUs are nearly at capacity and a lockdown remains in place. A renewed debate about the role of the Greek Orthodox Church is also flaring up there. Many Greeks have questions after the covert related death of a senior clergyman on the hospitalization of the head of the church, The world's Lydia man, a leader who has more from Athens. The story in Greece begins with a spoon of William Dawes sells him on on the in the Greek Orthodox Church. They use one single utensil to administer communion to the entire congregation, Churchgoers lineup and one by one. The priest spoon feeds them wine and bread, which represent the blood and body of Christ. The mixture all comes out of the same cup, which the priest dips in and out of with the same spoon. During a global health crisis. This might seem like a bad idea, but not according to the Greek Orthodox Church. You see it, you know, Nia in a car as the country was diagnosing its first covert 19 cases. In March, senior clergyman like Metropolitan Bishop Johannes of lack of us went on TV to tell the public Communion was safe then in phyllo Harumi Crow via the he said neither disease not even germs could be transmitted through this holy ritual that In the course of the church's 2000 year. History. No one has ever gotten sick from it was very that's the bishop wasn't going rogue. This rhetoric was coming straight from the top from the Holy Synod, the church's governing body. At the same time, Church leaders were also encouraging people to listen to medical experts and to take measures to stay safe. But communion they insisted, was safe. Heated debates broke out on TVs. Some publicly criticized the church for being careless. But many didn't want to antagonize what's ultimately an extremely powerful institution in Greece, one that's inseparable from the Greek identity. Today, the vast majority of Greeks identified his Orthodox even if they're not really religious. Spirit 11, I suppose, looking for you, a theologian and Athens says the church's initial response to the pandemic was unacceptable. It was a perfect chance to be proactive to give alternatives to find solutions to educate people in other parts of the Orthodox world. Churches did take extraordinary measures in response to the pandemic. The Archbishop of America, for example, instructed Greek Orthodox churches in the U. S to start giving people their own disposable spoon in Romania. They let people bring their own utensils from home in Ukraine. They started using a method called Intention where the priest hands out individual wine soaked pieces of bread to believers. Afghanis Apoula keeper You questions why the Greek church didn't go for one of those solutions if they had the down these Say, except to have plastic spoons. More people would go and have communion. Other theologians have been troubled by this. So there is Mr Alexis has written two books on the Orthodox Church and was also confused by its stance on communion because it made no sense on and on any level early on in the pandemic. The World Health Organization started listing saliva as a leading mode of transmission for the virus. So Church's claim was scientifically questionable. But it didn't make sense. Theologically as well. The promise as it were that there are no viral infections at play. Is nothing that all the books, theology ever promise. And not only that, but he felt like this whole discussion was missing the point. Even if the spoon hypothetically were not to be infectious in any way you're either way exposed to the possibility of infection by gathering in a closed space by kissing icons, etcetera, etcetera, so they were not actually discussing about the issue. Which is, you know, what are we going to do with the possibility of infection in the gathering that the churches are the Greek government did impose some precautionary measures. During the first national lockdown, churches at the temporarily shut their doors, and when they opened, there were attendance limits. But critics say it wasn't enough. At the end of last month, as covert cases in Greece were rising, hundreds.

Greek Orthodox Church Greece Athens Greek church Europe Orthodox Church Church Massachusetts Marco World Health Organization William Dawes CBS Deborah Burkes Bishop Johannes Kobe Holy Synod Ukraine
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"I've been thinking about you a lot at night time. I've been alone and lonely. Oh, my God. David! Knock much, David. Hi. Is he dressed? Yes. Okay, We're celebrating our anniversary. Can you give us some privacy, please? Kids just wanna let you know I'm taking the car this morning. You might want to say hi to Ted. He and Alexis were about to engage in cyber sex. Hi, Ted. Hi, Mr Alexis. What have I told you about putting your body on the internet? Never. Never, without proper lighting. Everyone get out, please. I haven't seen my boyfriend in, like, eight days. And I haven't seen my very gaze for weeks. Mrs. Rose. We're not engaging with them. Everybody out so I can finish off with Ted. Oh, goodbye. Please found them. Radio from hell on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook X 96. Alright A 22 right now. Time for around two of your boners. Here we go. Three new stories. These are examples of bad, stupid or funny human behavior. You will decide with your votes of these three candidates, which one is the worst, Which one deserves to go forward to Boehner fight, go up against the winner of round ones voting and possibly become boner of the day. Owner fight happens at 9 20 Just so, you know, Right now you're picking your champion for round to send one of these candidates forward. Here we go. Two candidates now then a third after the news. Once you've heard all three, then you will vote..

Ted David Mr Alexis Boehner Mrs. Rose Instagram Facebook Twitter
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"Nevada's caucuses the focus on election interference Russia is back to meddle with the twenty twenty election this time by way of Bernie Sanders the former Soviet Union betting that Sanders scoring the DNC nomination would splinter the party and pave the way for an easy trump when this from The Washington Post and also confirm by Bernie Sanders himself who has this message for Russia well I say to Mr Alexis president trust me you are not going to be interfering in American elections Sanders said he was briefed on the issue a month ago after back and forth with senator Elizabeth Warren at the last democratic debate on the issue Michael Bloomberg now says he will release several former Bloomberg employees from their non disclosure agreements ABC senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce Blumberg saying that after a lot of reflecting he recognizes non disclosure agreements promote a culture of silence in the workplace and contribute to a culture of women not feeling safe or supported he announced his company has identified three NDAs with women to address complaints about comments they said I had made and that those women would now be released from the agreements South Korea is reporting a jump in the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus one hundred and forty two more patients testing positive for total of three hundred and forty six in South Korea most of the cases traced back to members of a religious sect and also hospital thirties have surveyed over nine thousand members of the sect more than a thousand reply do they currently have suspected symptoms they're being tested and that means the number of confirmed cases are likely to rise in the coming days at the hospital designated as special care zone all patients and medical staff will be tested several nurses have been tested positive so far G. two A. B. C. news Seoul South Korea and the IRS is stepping up home visits for people who didn't fall in twenty eighteen and made over six figures you're listening to ABC news from the W. Y. O. D. twenty four hour traffic.

IRS W. Y. O. ABC Seoul Bloomberg president Mr Alexis DNC Nevada South Korea Mary Bruce Blumberg Michael Bloomberg senator Elizabeth Warren The Washington Post Soviet Union Bernie Sanders Russia
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"This talk to hear sneak peek of this week's episode. I'm going to tell you a story from two hundred years ago in eighteen twenty French astronomer. Mr Alexis bouvard almost became the second person in human history to discover a planet he'd been tracking the position of Uranus across the night sky using using old star catalogues and it didn't quite go around the sun the way that his predictions said it should sometimes it was a little too fast sometimes a little too slow Bavard knew that his predictions were perfect so it had to be that those old star catalogues were bad. He told astronomers of the day do better better measurements so they did. Astronomers spent the next two decades meticulously tracking the position of urine across the sky. But it still. You didn't fit boulevards predictions by eighteen. Forty it had become obvious the problem was not with those old star catalogues. The problem was with the predictions predictions and astronomers knew why they realized that there must be a distant giant planet just beyond the orbit of Uranus was tugging along that orbit sometimes pulling it along a little too fast sometimes holding it back must have been frustrating back in eighteen forty to see these gravitational effects of this this distant giant planet but not yet know how to actually find it trust me. It's really frustrating. But in eighteen forty six another another French astronomer or bay area worked through the math and figured out how to predict the location of the planet. He sent his prediction to the Berlin Observatory. They opened up up there telescope and in the very first night they found this faint point of light slowly moving across the sky and discovered Neptune. It was this close on the sky to Lavar areas predicted location. The Story of prediction and discrepancy and new theory and triumphant discoveries is so classic and Lavera became so famous from it that people try to get in on the act right away in the last one hundred sixty three years. Dozens of astronomers on emerge have used some sort of alleged orbital discrepancy to predict the existence of some new planet in the solar system. They have always always been wrong. The most famous of these predictions came from Percival Lowell. Who was convinced that there must be a planet just is beyond Neptune Messing with those orbits and so when Pluto was discovered in one thousand nine? Thirty at the Lowell Observatory. Everybody assumed that it must be the a planet that Lowell had predicted. They were wrong. It turns out you're innocent. Neptune are exactly where they're supposed to be took one hundred years But BAVARD was eventually right. Astronomers needed to do better measurements. And when they did those better measurements it turned out that take urine. There is no planet just beyond the orbit of Neptune and Pluto is thousands of times too small to have any effect on on those orbits at all so even though planet Pluto turned out not to be the planet was originally thought to be. It was the first discovery of what is now known to be foulland's of tiny icy objects in orbit beyond the planets. These icy bodies are pushed and pulled by the gravitational fields of the planets in entirely hire predictable ways. Everything goes around the sun exactly the way it is supposed to almost so in two thousand thousand three. I discovered what was at the time the most distant known object in the entire solar system. It's hard not to look at that lonely body out there and say Oh yeah sure so so low. What was wrong? There was no planet just beyond Neptune. But this this could be a new planet. The real question we had was. What kind of orbit does it have around? The Sun does does go in a circle around the sun like planet should or is it just a typical member of this icy belt of bodies that got a little bit tossed outward and is now on its. It's way back in. This is precisely the question that astronomers were trying to answer about urine US two hundred years ago they did it by using being overlooked observations of urine from ninety one years before its discovery to figure out its entire orbit. We couldn't go quite that far back but we did find observations survey shins of our object from thirteen years earlier. That allowed us to figure out how it went around the sun so the question is is in a circular orbit around the sun like a planet or or is on his way back in like one of these typical icy bodies and the answer is no it has a massively elongated orbit that takes ten in two thousand years to go around the sun. We named this object Sedna after the Inuit Goddess of the sea honor of the cold icy places where it spends all of its time. We now know that said about a third the size of Pluto and it's relatively typical member of those icy bodies out beyond Neptune relatively typical typical. Except for this bizarre orbit you might look at this. Urban say. That's bizarre ten thousand years. Go around the Sun. But that's not really the bizarre part. The bizarre part is that that in those ten thousand years said nut never comes close to anything else in the solar system even at its closest approach to the sun. Sedna is further from Neptune. Soon the Neptune is from the Earth if Saidan had an orbit kisses the orbit of Neptune once around the sun that would have actually been really easy to who explained that would have just been an object that had been in a circular orbit around the sun in that region of icy bodies had gotten a little bit too close to Neptune. One time and got slingshot Out and is now on its way back in but Sedna never comes close to anything known in the solar system that could have given it. That slingshot shot. Neptune can't be responsible but something had to be responsible. This was the first time since eighteen forty five that we saw the gravitational advocation Lafayette's of something in the outer solar system and didn't know what it was. I actually thought I knew what the answer was sure. It could have been some distant giant planet in the Outer Solar System. But by by this time that idea was so ridiculous and been so thoroughly discredited that I didn't take it very seriously. Four point five billion years ago when when the sun formed in a cocoon of hundreds of other stars any one of those stars could have gotten just a little bit too close to Sedna and perturbed it onto the orbit that it has today when that cluster of stars dissipated into Galaxy the orbit of said no would have been left as a fossil record of this earliest. History of the sun was so excited by this idea. The idea that we could look at the fossil history of the birth of the sun and spent the next decade looking for more objects with orbits like said in that ten year period. I found zero but my colleagues colleagues chatroom and Scott Shepherd did a better job and they have now found several objects with orbits like Saturday which is super exciting. But what's even more interesting is that they found that all these objects are not only on these distant elongated orbits they also share a common value of this obscure orbital orbital parameter that in celestial mechanics. We call argument of perihelion when they realized it was clustered an argument affair helium they immediately jumped up and down and said wow how it must be caused by a distant giant planet out there which is really exciting except it makes no sense at all. Let me try to explain to you. Why with an analogy imagine a person walking down plaza and looking forty five degrees to his right side? A lot of reasons I might happen super easy. explained no big deal. Imagine now many different people all walking in different directions across the plaza but all looking forty five degrees to the direction that they're moving. Think everybody's moving in different directions. Everybody's looking in different directions. But they're all looking forty five degrees to the direction of motion. What could cause something like that? I have no idea. It's very difficult to think of any reason that would happen. And this is essentially what that clustering bring in argument. A pair. He'll Ian was telling us. Scientists were generally baffled and they assumed it must just be a fluke and some bad observations. They told the astronomers do better measurements. I actually took a very careful. Look at those measurements though and they were right. These objects really did all share a common value. Oh you argument appear helium. And they shouldn't something had to be causing that the final piece of the puzzle came into place in in two thousand sixteen when my colleague Constantin Batigol who works three doors down from me and I realized that the reason that everybody was baffled was because Argument of perihelion was only part of the story. If you look at these objects the right way. They're all lined up in space in the same direction and they're all tilted in space in the same direction. It's as if all those people on the plaza are all walking in the same direction and they're all looking forty five degree to the right side. That's easy to explain. They're looking at something. These objects in the outer solar system are all reacting to something but what Constantine and I spent a year trying to come up with any explanation other than a distant giant Diane Planet in the Outer Solar System. We did not want to be the thirty third and thirty fourth people in history to propose this planet to yet again be told we were wrong but after a year was really no choice we could come up with no other explanation other than that. There is a distant massive planet Senate on an elongated orbit inclined to the rest of the solar system that is forcing these patterns for these objects in the solar system. Guess what else the planet like this. This does remember that strange orbit of Sedna how it was kind of pulled away from the sun in one direction planet like this would make orbits like that all day long. We knew you were on to something so this brings us to today. We are basically eighteen. Forty five Paris we see the effects of the gravitational effects of a distant giant planet. And we're trying to work out the calculations to tell us where to look to pointer Weiner telescopes to find this planet. We've done massive suites of computer simulations a massive months of analytic calculations. And here's what I can tell you so far. I first this planet which we call planet nine because because that's what it is planet nine six times the mass of the earth. This is no slightly smaller than Pluto. Let's argue about whether it's a planner to not think. This is the fifth largest planet in our entire solar system planet. Nine is big big planet nine so big should probably wonder. Why haven't we found it yet? Well putting is big but it's also really really far away something like fifteen times times further away than Neptune and that makes it about fifty thousand times fainter than Neptune and also the sky is a really big place. We've narrowed down down where we think it is to a relatively small area the sky but it would still take years to systematically cover that area this guy with the large telescopes that we need to see see something. That's this far away and this fate. Luckily we might not.

Diane Planet Mr Alexis bouvard Percival Lowell Lowell Observatory Berlin Observatory Bavard Saidan Lavar Scott Shepherd Lavera Constantin Batigol Ian Senate Weiner Paris Constantine
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"<hes>. I'm maria maria but i mean they all. I mean whatever you want is spoken about this. Who has a brain is the need for this medium mcgregor doping white lady to be equated to the best of her sport gender period. It's like they want us to think. Maria sharipova is like susan lucci like she keeps losing but on hoist. We're going to see her out. She's really good best arena this time now. Maria sharapova pope is not susan lucci susan lucci fodder bear and did she did. I needed also so susan. Lucci seems super nice yeah. She's very nice. I will also just give a shoutout to serena's husband. Alexis o'hanlon who allen stand fan number one stan and also very good at let's shade. He wore a dare shirt to the match. No that's what i want. This is what having cameron front of you is all clear direct messaging start based messages. Yes it's so amazing. He might what i just. I love that he knows how blessed he is to be with his wife and it's amazing but then we cut to him having jokes league right they are just in the house in florida uh having plans and plots i love that or you went to like. Some sort of an vintage shops like i really <hes>. Do you have any memorabilia right. I wonder how much planning i know is it. Was it spontaneous or was it like a long gone like these are the questions i have for. Mr alexis alexis was also like liked like a couple of tweets that were about <music>. How dare this rivalry still be going on. You know oh yeah so he knows a good secret laker to hidden twitter for the if the detective to locate the internet the secret place where you lay the subtle place i i think he he watches a black lady scott show. I see that for him. Yeah i mean serena. Would she's not going to be about her. Tennis business will be on season four five. I see that for her to yeah great anyway. That's our show. That was a whole lot of show so everybody for sticking around was a that was a super sized episode of keep it. It was a super chiller a fear street supercharge tom version. I'm here for you. It's been a long. It's been a long day joe elwyn. I support whoever you are well. Thanks again robyn. Thank you and thanks to re retaining guys. I love being here early. In the morning. Uh-huh keep it as a product of crooked media carolina reston is our a producer or editor is sarah barrett pile. Seguin is our sound engineer thanks to our digital team allies account and not a name melconian for filming and editing video content every week uh-huh..

susan lucci maria maria serena Mr alexis alexis Maria sharapova Maria sharipova Alexis o'hanlon twitter joe elwyn cameron Seguin sarah barrett Tennis stan florida tom producer editor