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"mr adam god" Discussed on Gangland Wire

"The. You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former Kansas City police intelligence unit detective, Gary gca. That evening. Average out there. Welcome to another little short bonus episode of gang-land wire. This is kind of a just an interesting, though story I stumbled across an old newspaper clipping then really have anything to do with the mob. But it has everything to do with the the times of nineteen o eight in the Kansas City police. Don't forget that. If you have the VIN MOAB, that's B M O or you wanna get it. It's kind of a handy way to like, you got kids you want to transfer in five bucks or ten bucks things. Like that my granddaughters. Use it all the time. My son's always transferring money when they need money. You can transfer gangland wires money yet them in mo- Eappen by a Cup of coffee. Send me a couple of bucks. I'll go down. Get me a Cup of coffee. I appreciate it. We have over two hundred and some free episodes out there. This is gonna be just one more. So sit back and listen to this really crazy story that I found. The headline and old newspaper. Clipping was five other persons wounded to fatally when Kansas City police fight religious ban that caught my attention like what the hell fighting a religious ban. And again like I said this is nineteen eight. Chase a fugitives in in the shooting of girl who tries to cross the Missouri river nece gift when that really got my attention shooting a girl in a boat out in the Missouri river now, you're not from Kansas City. You don't really know how big the Missouri river is you've been to the Mississippi River, it's about three quarters. As far crossed the Mississippi. River may be ninety percent at some places depends here in right here at Kansas City. It's channelize. So it's not by half. As far crosses the Mississippi River is in many places, but it's they've to say, it's a huge big river. So I had to go look and see what was the deal here. The articles starts off with the battle began in a crowded street causing the panic among hundreds of passer bys the battle began in a crowded street causing panic among hundreds of passer bys it ended in a sensational. Chase of a woman fanatic and child who had taken to a skiff, Missouri. River after they had been chased from a houseboat. What's police stormed in the face of armed resistance? I oh my God. They shot a kid in a boat out in the middle of the river. Which means there was no talk about don't shoot hands up man today. You would be kerchief for that. And rightfully so I would imagine the battle began in a crowded street causing a panic among hundreds of passers-by it ended in a sensational. Chase of a woman fanatic child who had taken to skip the Missouri. River after they had been chased from houseboat, which the police stormed in the face of armed resistance, man. I read that I thought what the how did this happen? Shoot a thirteen year old girl in a boat out in the middle Missouri river now, the Missouri river is a good size river. If you haven't seen it, it's at least three quarters of seventy five to eighty percent as far cross and his big as it Mississippi River, which is the biggest river, we've got the during the battle in the streets. More than one hundred shots were exchanged the combatants went several blocks back and forth while hundreds of shoppers Katter invade the bullets. Can you imagine? If this were happening downtown, Chicago or New York or Kansas City or Saint Louis or any large city today. Religious fanatics having a gun battle with the police. The person's killed were a o down. Bo who was a can't city patrolman. He was killed instantly by the first shot from the rioters the girl that was killed was thirteen years old was Lola prot. Now winded was James sharp. But he ended up dying later, and he was also known as Adam God, he was a leader of the religious fanatics who I guess he was a little bit like that guy out there that had a small cult mainly his family members that can napped Elizabeth smart. I wanna call here investigate one time as one guy and he had about four or five people that follow him around. And they didn't believe that they should bow to the laws of man. So they didn't have driver's licenses. They didn't have. License plates on their cars, and when you'd stop them and write them tickets for that, then they would say, you know, you're not right. And you know, don't really didn't go into big protracted investigation of them. They're pretty smaller little bit like the others right wing group out there. That's that does not believe that the federal government has right to tax. You has the right to to. Make you by license. Plate says a right to make you have driver's licenses, and then have any any real of authority over y'all only the states in the city's doing on those that the the normal right wing. These were these were some Comrie legis fanatic that believe that an incorporated those anti-government dealings into outright remember much more about it. Let me tell you a little more about this. This trouble began when a probation officer from the juvenile court man named George m Holt who was described as a pioneer in the work of saving boys from the streets of this city. It was down around fifth and main which at that point in time fifth and main was the city center all the government buildings all the stores and everything is right next to the Missouri rivers fifth street, the first first-rate starts rat along the river. So you're at fifth and main Mr. hope the juvenile officer was walking in the area of of fifth and main he saw a man that he knew was James sharp who was also known as Adam God street preacher with him was another man named Luis Pratt. Never is a woman and five children. The children range from ages fourteen down to three years old the officer's suspicions were aroused by the manner in which the woman attempted to secure money contributions. They were begging. From the crowd, and he decided in his mind as a juvenile officer that she and her male companions were not the proper persons to have custody of all these young children. So I tried to intervene. The man George Sharp known as Adam God who had was described as having a long flowing white beard and hair that gave him the appearance of Moses or God or something the patriarch of this little family. He threatened the officer officer hope with physical violence and confronted him. Alster hulk was not armed and he stood back up to Mr Adam God who was carrying some kind of a big stick. And he struck him a heavy blow behind the ear was said. Whole took off toward the closest police station, which was only a block or so away. And as he moved away from the preacher. The preacher pulled a gun at God pulled a gun and shot

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